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These pics of horses tossing their manes are giving us life

Shake it, baby (Picture: Wiebke Haas)

If you were looking for photos of horses tossing their manes then you’ve come to the right place.

German photographer Wiebke Haas takes photos of animals for a living and we can see why.

Her knack of capturing horses is incredible, but it’s her photo set of horses majestically throwing around their (sometimes) perfectly coiffed manes that has got our attention.

Called Horsestyle, the set has been shortlisted for a 2018 Sony World Photography award (winners announced on 19 April).

Set to a black background, her images are dramatic, yet beautiful.

All I’m saying is that I was one of these horses, I’d have changed my profile pic on all… Read the full story

How to compliment a woman without being a dick

How to compliment a woman without being a dick
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Have you ever wanted to compliment a woman but been worried that it won’t be received in the spirit you meant it?

Or received a less-than-ideal reaction to a compliment?

Do you give up and tell yourself: ‘I’m not good at compliments, so I won’t even try to compliment women?’

You’re not alone. Many men don’t know how to compliment a woman without being abrasive or somehow insulting her. Here, we lay out some foolproof tips that will help you compliment a woman without accidentally sounding like a dick.

Never neg

Negging – a favourite of pickup artists and other shady characters… Read the full story

Woman sculpts Barbie dolls into famous actresses

(Picture: Kamenetskaya/Caters News)

An artist has been turning generic Barbie dolls into a range of famous faces, which include dolls sculpted to look like Emma Watson, Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Lawrence.

Olga Kamenetskaya uses her skills to transform the generic toys into Hollywood stars.

The mum-of-two repainted her first doll in 2013 and now uses acrylics, dry pastels and varnishes to change the dolls.

Pic… <a href=Read the full story

You can now get glitter covered coffins so you can be gloriously extra even in death

Fancy spending the night at Kate Moss’s Cotswolds country pad? Well, you can

Kate Moss The Lakes by yoo Living Room _ credit Mel Yates www.thelakesbyyoo.com
(Picture: Mel Yates/Lakes by Yoo)

Kate Moss: British icon, supermodel and… interior designer?

Yes, that’s right. Kate Moss has added another string to her bow by collaborating on the design of a spectacular five bedroom countryside hideaway in the heart of the Cotswolds.

St Moritz, SwitzerlandSun, snow, nature and luxury: how to experience the heights of St Moritz without putting on a set of skis

‘We have created a luxurious haven in the woods,’ Moss said. ‘It’s the perfect place to escape with family and friends.’

And when Moss isn’t there… Read the full story

A beginner’s guide to finding a mistress: my joy comes from being in control

A beginners guide to orgasm control (Miranda Kane)
If you’re looking for a mistress, you’ve got to make yourself an attractive prospect
(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Looking for a mistress?

The first rule is, mistresses and dominatrices don’t just grow on trees, you have to make yourself an attractive option.

Whether you want to be a submissive as part of a relationship, or you’re just seeking relief, it’s important to understand that ‘I’ll do anything you want’ is something we hear everyday, especially from men.

First of all, decide on what it is you’re looking for.

If you want something based around your needs, your desires and your schedule, then I’d recommend putting… Read the full story

Chunky dog Hattie who couldn’t stop eating burgers raises enough money to have life-changing tummy tuck surgery

Hattie the fatty who lives at an animal rescue centre where staff are asking members of the public to donate money - so they can give Hattie a tummy tuck. See SWNS story SWDOG; Hattie the Fatty arrived at Gables Farm Dogs and Cats home in February weighing a staggering 36kg. The tri-coloured collie cross is also diabetic, needing insulin injections twice a day, and is nearly blind. Now, staff at the centre in Plymouth, Devon, are appealing for people to donate money so Hattie can have the life-saving operation.
(Picture: SWNS)

Sweet pooch Hattie put on huge amounts of weight thanks to a diet of daily burgers and not being… Read the full story

Turns out that if you squish a Reese’s peanut butter cup in just the right way, it looks a bit like a vagina

Picture: Getty Vagina peanut butter cup
(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

We all love an unintentional vagina.

ASOS’s accidental vagina dress is a thing of beauty. The same goes for one bakery’s geode cakes.

Now we discover that if you squish a Reese’s peanut butter cup in just the right way, it ends up looking quite a bit like a vagina (or vulva, if we’re being specific).

This life-changing bit of information comes courtesy of Reddit’s Sh*ttyFoodPorn section, although we’d actually say as food porn goes, this is pretty strong.

An avocado museum is opening and it’s going to have a ‘ripe room’

(Picture: thecado.co/Instagram)

Just when you thought our love for avocados was starting to wane, another guac-centred initiative opens.

Last month, a luxury hotel held a four-week avocado festival. This month, we bring you news that an avocado museum is opening.

The Cado is coming to San Diego in June, and will be celebrating all things avocado.

Yep, 6,700 square foot of pop-up, stony fruit madness.

It’ll be spread across 16 shipping containers and aims to capture every facet of the avocado and its place in contemporary society.

As you’d expect from a space dedicated to the millennial fruit of choice, it’ll be super-Instagrammable. Cado will have a 100-ft long ombre hallway designed to… Read the full story

Iceland is selling a dupe of Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake

Iceland elderflower and lemon cake
(Picture: Iceland Foods)

We know now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry won’t be going for a traditional fruitcake at their wedding.

Instead, they’ve asked Claire Ptak of Violet Bakery to make them a delicate lemon and elderflower cake covered in buttercream and fresh flowers.

If you fancy trying it out for yourself on the big day, but don’t fancy making your own or trekking down to Violet Bakery, don’t worry, you’ve got another option: Iceland is now selling a dupe of the royal wedding cake.

Iceland’s cake is £8 and looks almost identical to Claire Ptak’s, right… Read the full story

Puma threw a ‘council estate drug dealing’ inspired party and people aren’t happy

(Picture: visionarism/Instagram)

Puma is being taken to task for throwing a party inspired by council estate drug dealing.

The sports brand held a ‘House of Hustle’ party in Soho last week, where guests were sent Puma shoe boxes stuffed with fake £50 notes and dodgy-looking business cards telling them ‘turn on the trap line’.

(Trapping meaning selling and dealing drugs…trap line meaning your dealer phone).

They’d each been sent a ‘burner’ phone which came with a pre-uploaded message saying ‘Yo G what u sayin today? Pass tru the House of Hustle’.

The trap house, put together with the help of Urban Nerdz marketing agency, was covered in graffiti, blacked out windows and dirty mattresses strewn… Read the full story

Finally, someone’s made sanitary pads that come in smaller sizes for younger girls

An assortment of bettypads
bettypads come in four sizes (Picture: betty)

Period positive brand betty has launched sanitary pads for adolescents that fit them and their growing bodies.

They come in different sizes for girls ages 8-16, to accommodate different sized bodies, which means a girl aged eight won’t have to deal with a cumbersome adult-sized pad.

Bettypads come in four different sizes – 8-9, 10-11, 12-13 and 14+.

If you’re not sure which size you need, betty offers a free fit box so you can try them on. Winning.

Each pad has wings to keep them secured to underwear, and they’re made with a organic bamboo top layer and a super-absorbent organic cotton core.

Read the full story

Good Sex Bad Sex podcast: We talk ethical, erotic porn with Anna Richards


After last week’s frank discussion on surviving the dry patch with Maddy Anholt, this week the Good Sex Bad Sex podcast is diving into the ins and outs of ethical porn.

Good Sex Bad sex Blogs Bibi and Miranda Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler Metro.co.ukGood Sex Bad Sex podcast episode 1 with Annabelle Knight: ‘Do men name their Fleshlights?’

We had an amazing, and rather eye-opening chat with ‘porn’ producer Anna Richards, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

In 2015, Anna founded ‘FrolicMe’, an ‘English publishing house specialising in the creation of ‘exclusive’ (and very naughty!) erotic adult entertainment.’

In just three short years she has become Europe’s most prolific producer of high-end erotica, and has a growing list of awards to her name.

In the fight against free porn, Anna’s ethical, tasteful and elegant films are certainly worth… Read the full story

Nine ways to meet men that don’t involve online dating

metro illustrations
Fed-up of trying to find love online? Give these in real life alternatives a go (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

How can there be so many men on Tinder and yet finding a nice boyfriend is so hard? It is a common dilemma.

Online dating continues to be a popular way to meet people, but it can be a marathon mission, full of disappointment and boredom.

The only way to stay sane is to mix it up by getting out and about and seeing men, in the flesh. But where to find them?

Here are nine ways to meet men that don’t involve online dating.

1. Attend a trendy singles event

Hipster-approved singles events… Read the full story

Handicat Rexie is the latest feline celeb to win our hearts and our feeds

(Picture: rexiecat/Instagram)

Rexie is a handicat who only has two working feet.

But disability doesn’t mean inability; Rexie’s got a set of pink wheels which mean that he can get around as well as the next feline.

‘I’m living my life to the fullest and happiest because even the outdoors can’t stop me from wheeling ‘n’ walking,’ he says.

In fact, Rexie’s got a massive legion of fans – so big in fact, that he has his own range of accessories.

His collection includes handmade scarves, bow ties and bandanas, for which he’s the perfect ‘purrfessional meowdel’.

And when you’ve got nearly 200,000 Instagram followers, that’s just the kind of side hustle you’d be getting involved with.

Rexie… Read the full story

Stick a chain under your brows to break free from the eternal ennui of beauty trends

brow chain trend
(Picture: chunimakeup)

Another day, another strange and wonderful brow trend.

Anyone else wishing the next one will be purposefully straggly brows that require no plucking or grooming of any description?

In 2018 alone we’ve had garden brows, bow brows, halo brows, and heartbeat brows.

So really, chain brows aren’t too out of the ordinary.

Popularised by Chuni Zahedi, chain brows – or the brow chain, whatever you fancy calling this micro-trend – refers to sticking a fine chain underneath your eyebrows to accentuate the arch.

Think of it as applying highlighter under your arch to lift up your brows, but with a… Read the full story

Ruby chocolate KitKats are coming to the UK next week

Millennial pink kitkat
(Picture: KITKAT)

We reported on Saturday that Nestle was bringing out millennial pink KitKats.

And today, we can announce that they’re going to be available to buy in the UK as of next week.

The first to try them in Europe, chocolate-lovers in the UK will be able to buy the ruby pink chocolate bars exclusively at Tesco from 16 April.

In January, the chocolate firm teamed up with Swiss cacao processor Barry Callebaut to release the ‘Sublime Ruby’ KitKat, created by chef Yasumasa Takagi.

It was then sold exclusively in KitKat Chocolatroy boutiques in Korea and Japan – but this is going to be the… Read the full story

Has racism become a marketing tool for brands?

METROGRAB - TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION Big Uncle SS18 Collection Colonialism sweater Credit: Big Uncle
(Picture: Big Uncle)

Milan-based fashion brand Big Uncle has become the latest company called out for racism.

Its ‘colonialism’ collection, inspired (apparently) by the fashions of the colonial era complete with linen ‘rough like the faces consumed by the sun’, was found offensive by a lot of people.

After all… is colonisation anything to shout proudly about? Who wants to wear something that takes its inspiration from the forced labour of indigenous people?

But Big Uncle isn’t alone in this, brands are lining up at the moment to be accused of racial insensitivity one after another.

Read the full story

What to do if you get a condom stuck inside you

How to remove a stuck condom Picture: Getty Images/Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty Images/Metro.co.uk)

So you had a nice sex sesh, finished up, and then realised that somehow the condom your partner used managed to slip off and get wedged inside.

Oh, it’s really in there.

Oh, you’re struggling to get it out.

What do you do now?

First off, remain calm. If you’ve found this article in a desperate Googling spree, breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve put together a proper guide on what to do if a condom gets stuck in your vagina or anus.

1. Remain calm

This is good advice in general, but it does actually serve a purpose beyond making you feel less frazzled.

If… Read the full story

Behold these amazing flat drawings of 3D objects

Artist will fool your eye into thinking two-dimensional drawings are 3D objects picture: @miya_drawing/???? https://twitter.com/miya_drawing METROGRAB ASKED PERMISSION RISKING TWO GRABS AND EMBEDDING
(Picture: @miya_drawing)

This is a photo of a crumpled plastic bottle.

Or more specifically, it’s a photo of a drawing of a crumpled plastic bottle.

It’s the work of Japanese artist @miya_drawing, who specialises in recreating everyday items with coloured pencils.

And they’re so lifelike that you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re looking at the real thing.

It’s only when they pick up the paper that you realise you’re looking at a 2D drawing.

Amazing what you can achieve with a little perspective manipulation.

Although perspective seems like a concept that must… Read the full story

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