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5 things I wish I could tell my friends about anxiety

metro illustrations
Sometimes you don’t want to see anyone (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Talking about anxiety is something I’m normally quite comfortable with, but sometimes I have negative thoughts around my friends that I don’t share easily.

Call me old fashioned, but sometimes I prefer to bottle up my emotions and write them out in a passive aggressive blog post instead.

Maybe it’s because I’m a people pleaser, and one of my biggest fears is ending up old and alone, but I try to keep these thoughts about my anxiety to myself.

1. Sometimes I don’t want to see you

Sorry guys, but honestly sometimes the thought of having to talk to you… Read the full story

What happened when I called Samaritans for my mental health

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

For the first time ever, two nights ago, I called Samaritans.

I was having a bad time mentally, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get through the night without talking to someone.

I’ve lived with mental illness for years, but the past couple of weeks have been particularly bad. I have needed constant support from my mental health professionals and the Crisis team, an emergency mental health team that aims to keep you safe.

Most mental health professionals work nine to five, and the Crisis teams shut for calls at 9.30pm. From that time on I know that if I really need someone, it’s going… Read the full story

ASOS now sells flesh-coloured undies that actually match your flesh

The undies come in three shades (Picture: ASOS)

The trouble with flesh-coloured underwear is that despite there being no ‘one shade fits all’, many store only sell one colour.

It’s usually a shade of ivory, which is fine if you’re alabaster toned, but on darker skin? That’s not gonna fly.

The point of nude underwear is that it matches your skin, so it blends in like a dream when you’re wearing light-coloured or sheer clothing.

Which is why it’s great that ASOS is now selling three different shades of flesh, in fair, medium and dark.

The bras and pants are from lingerie brand Dorina, from their ‘tone on tone’ range.

Here’s a selection.

Dorina tone on… Read the full story

Sourtoe cocktail comes with an actual human toe floating in it

(Picture: Sourdough Saloon/TNI PRESS LTD)

If you’ve got a weak stomach, you probably won’t want to head over to the Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City, as they’ve just unveiled a new Sourtoe Cocktail – which comes served with an actual severed toe.

The cocktail is available nightly at the Saloon, in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

The idea was born in September 1973 when riverboat Captain Dick ‘River Rat’ Stevenson found a severed big toe preserved in a pickle jar in a cabin outside of town.

Captain Dick and seven other people participated in the first attempt with the toe in a beer glass full of campaign.

Nearly four decades later, the Sourtoe Cocktail Club has… Read the full story

New Poundland inspired cafe will sell fry-ups for 99p

What it’s like being a professional funeral singer

Penelope and Briony from The London Funeral Singers (Picture: The London Funeral Singers)

Penelope Shipley and business partner Briony Rawle were both struggling actors when they founded their funeral singing service in 2015.

‘We both have backgrounds in music, and I ended up singing at a lot of family member’s funerals in my mid-20s,’ Penelope tells Metro.co.uk.

‘It was at my grandmother’s funeral that I thought, “If I can get through it for this, maybe I can do it for other people?”

And so, The London Funeral Singers was born.

It began as a service that provided professional funeral singers for services in London, but now covers the whole of the UK.

But why?

‘It’s for practical… Read the full story

Someone’s turned Percy Pigs into beer and it’s as pink as you’d imagine


At some point or other, you’ve probably dropped a sweet into your pint of beer.

The result? Slightly sweet alcohol and a quickly dissolving lump of sugar.

A vlogger, however, has come up with a Percy Pigs beer that sounds like way more of a success – and they’re sharing how to make it at home.

The ‘Russian caviar of the UK sweet market’

Beer Uncapped has condensed a six-week production and fermentation process into a six-week tutorial, and the result is an ultra-pink bottle of booze that’s likely to get you ‘very’ drunk.

This vlogger turned Percy Pigs into beer and it?s everything you dreamed it would beRead the full story

Boy born bent in half now models for Tommy Hilfiger while using a wheelchair


Colton Robinson, from New England in Massachusetts, was born bent in half thanks to one of the most severe spina bifida cases his doctor had seen.

Now, at just eight years old, he’s a model, using a wheelchair to go down the runway at New York Fashion Week and appearing in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger’s new collection.

When Colton was born, his legs were arched up towards his head. His spine protruded from his back.

He underwent surgery to repair his back… Read the full story

Some nine-year-old’s been writing genius captions on New Yorker cartoons

(Picture: Alice, Bess Kalb/Twitter)

After a few drinks, we all think we’re as sardonically witty as a page from Private Eye.

But it’s kids who are the real comedians – and they don’t even have to get pissed to let out their comedic flow.

The internet’s new favourite wit comes in the form of 9-year-old Alice, who’s been taking part in the New Yorker’s caption contest and absolutely slaying the competition.

Screen and comedy writer Bess Kalb has been sharing pictures of her cousin’s daughter’s attempts to caption the images on Twitter.

Her one-line quips have quickly gone viral and well, we can see why.

‘Everything is terrible but my cousin’s 9-year old daughter Alice… Read the full story

Trangender woman finds love with man who rejected her when she lived as a man

(Picture: Erin Anderson/Caters News)

A transgender woman has finally found love – with a man who once rejected her.

Erin Anderson, 22, from Owensboro, Kentucky, first approached Jared Norris, 28, on Facebook, when she was living as a man named Aaron.

Jared rejected Erin, but two years later, after liking a photo of her when she had come out as a woman, the romance rekindled.

The couple are now happily in love, ever since Jared transitioned.

Erin knew she was born in the wrong body from the age of three, wearing her mum’s shoes and always drawing herself as a girl in sketches.

At school, while living as Aaron, she was bullied by the boys… Read the full story

Sour Patch Kids ice cream exists and it looks incredible

(Picture: JunkFoodMom)

Sour Patch Kids ice cream is a thing and it looks incredible.

There’s no arguing about it, Sour Patch Kids are one of the most delicious sweets on the planet. And so, obviously, when we saw they’d be made into an ice cream, we were super excited.

The ice cream was discovered by Instagram blogger JunkFoodMom who shared an image of the ice cream, which is multicoloured and comes in a Sour Patch Kids themed tub, online.

The tub is made up of both lemon sorbet and vanilla ice cream. It has a redberry swirl, which is said to be like liquid Sour Patch Kids.

Read the full story

Model wants to be the first trans woman of colour to walk for Victoria’s Secret

Model wants to be the first trans woman of colour to walk for Victoria's Secret
(Picture: Instagram)

Victoria’s Secret still has a long way to go when it comes to diversity.

They still haven’t hired a single plus-size model for their runway show. Their angels are overwhelmingly white, slim, and cisgender.

Is it time for the lingerie brand to hire their first trans woman of colour?

Leyna Bloom thinks so.

The model tweeted out a campaign to land a gig with Victoria’s Secret, writing: ‘Trying to be the 1st trans model of colour [to] walk a #VictoriaSecret fashion show. #transisbeautiful #LeynaBloom.’

This company offers a naked cleaning service for £45/hour

Carrying out daily household chores like hoovering, dusting and cleaning can often seem like a tedious task. But one 24-year-old, from??Cardiff??, is stripping away the hassle - literally. Anna, who has asked that we keep her full name and identity a secret, has been working as a naturist cleaner for the last three months. Working in an office by day, Anna signed up to the UK-wide Naturist Cleaners service in an attempt to earn a bit more money on the side. Founded in 2017, Naturist Cleaners provides professional cleaners who visit clients' homes or offices to clean and do other household chores while completely nude. The company was founded by Laura Smith… <a href=Read the full story

What does pansexual mean?

Can pansexuality be bought in IKEA? Sadly not (Picture: IKEA)

Long gone are the days when men loved women and women loved men.

Now in this enlightened age, we know that we can all love pans.

But that’s not what pansexual means. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

It is now well-established that we can be attracted to people of the same sex, and language is now just catching up to help us express different forms of sexual attraction.

So what category of sexual identity does the term pansexual denote?

Bathroom hand dryers are blowing poo particles all over you

Purple…poo? (Picture: Getty)

A new study has shown that hand dryers are spraying poo at us. Which isn’t ideal.

The paper – published in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology – studied hand dryers in public toilets at the University of Connecticut.

They wanted to find out whether hand dryers sucked in infectious microbes and redistributed them, which has already been noted in previous studies like this one, where those new-fangled Dyson hand dryers were found to spread germs more than any other hand dryer.

Researchers focused on lower power hand dryers, as previous research had suggested that these types were less likely to spray faeces at… Read the full story

Krispy Kreme launches a new range of cookie doughnuts

Caption: Krispy Kreme new cookie doughnuts Picture: Krispy Kreme METROGRAB http://krispykreme.com/
(Picture: Krispy Kreme)

Krispy Kreme has just launched some additions to its menu, and we’re craving a doughnut more than ever.

But just before you get excited: Like with all things truly delicious and amazing, these aren’t available in the UK yet.

We know. Krispy Kreme, what have we ever done to you?

The new Krispy Kreme doughnuts come combined with some of America’s most iconic cookies.

Instagram Photo

The doughnuts include the Nutter Butter Cookie Twist Doughnut, which is an Original Glazed Twist dipped in peanut butter icing, topped with Nutter Butter cookie pieces and drizzled… Read the full story

Woman thought IVF was causing her shakes – but she actually had Parkinson’s

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A woman who thought her shaky hands were a side effect of IVF drugs was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, just as her mother was succumbing to the final stages of the disease.

Donna Marshall, 49, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent – whose mum and gran both died from the progressive neurological condition – did not realise it could be genetic.

Now, Donna is determined to stay drug-free for as long as possible, fearing the side effects of Parkinson’s medication would ruin her time with her daughter, Beau, four.

She said: ‘With Mum, we felt the side effects were much worse than the disease itself.

‘The first side effects were hallucinations. She used… Read the full story

Chihuahua born with a cleft lip finally finds a loving home and family

(Picture: Joanna Rose/Fortitude Press)

A Chihuahua who struggled to find a home due to being born with a cleft lip has finally found his forever home with a new loving owner.

Bruno was born last September with the birth defect, along with his two siblings who unfortunately died as they struggled to eat.

However, the seven-month-old survived and was bottle-fed and monitored carefully for his first six weeks before getting out of the woods and being adopted.

Prepare yourself for sexy Shrek brows

sexy shrek brows
(Picture: audreyaddams)

Okay, so this is an eyebrow-focused look we actually hope becomes a trend.

The next big thing to do to your brows is turn them into Shrek.

But not just any Shrek. Sexy Shrek, lounging atop your brow bone in all his nude glory.

Shrek brows are the creation of Australian makeup artist Audrey Addams, who tells Teen Vogue she used the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to draw the initial shape on her brow bone (Audrey doesn’t have eyebrows, which means she has a clean canvas to work on), followed by creme eyeshadows applied with an eyeliner brush for a detailed finish.

The end result is green,… Read the full story

You could get a £600,000 four-bedroom house for £5 thanks to a raffle to fund dementia research

Front view of the property. A generous couple are raffling off their stunning ??600,000 four-bedroom property for just a FIVER in a bid to raise millions of pounds for charity. See NTI story NTIHOUSE. Marty Pumbien, 44, and Annie Brown, 46, have decided to flog their renovated semi-detached property after living in it for ten years as they want to downsize. But rather than simply sell the house they want one lucky ticket holder to have a chance to get hold of the keys ??? and raise more than ??1 million for charity in the process. The 100-year-old 2,500 sq ft home is based on Abington Park Crescent, Northampton, a residential street… <a href=Read the full story
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