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The power of altruism: supporting others helped these people recover from mental illness

talking therapy
Sharing your own experiences of recovery for the benefit of others could also help you (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Whether it’s volunteering at your local Samaritans, mentoring a troubled colleague or just taking part in random acts of kindness, we can all benefit from that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from helping those in need.

As a mental health writer, I’m in contact with people who need daily support.

Although I’m not qualified to offer medical advice, I’m always on hand to lend a sympathetic ear to people who are struggling mentally.

I love helping others, but I’ve only recently realised that it’s actually had a positive impact on… Read the full story

Meet Nyankichi, the most photogenic cat in the world

(Picture: Nyankichi Noraneko/Instagram)

Some of us seem to be physically unable to take a bad photo.

Nyankichi, a male tabby from Japan is most definitely one of those lucky beasts.

He’s been travelling around the country, taking all sorts of cool and candid photos along the way.

Unlike the rest of us, however, Nyankichi looks like a model in every shot. Not a thumb face or double chin in sight.

While most kitties would just run off into the sunset if they were plonked outdoors, Nyankichi is a professional – he knows which are his best sides, angles. He knows that his place is in front of the camera.

Casual picture in front of an… Read the full story

How the Bermondsey Beer Mile is changing the way we think about local produce

The Beer Mile could change our attitudes to local beer (Picture: UBREW, Brew by Numbers, Fourpure Brewing)

It’s 10 o’clock one Saturday morning and, bleary-eyed from a late night on Friday, (sans any booze), I find myself thinking, uncharacteristically for this time, about beer.

The blagger’s guide to craft beer

I’ve lived in Rotherhithe for over a year but somehow the knowledge that The Bermondsey Beer Mile both exists, and is near my house, has escaped me.

As I’m slowly getting to the age where a beer tasting night over a friend’s house seems more appealing to me than blowing £100 at a… Read the full story

Is it safe to travel to Cyprus in 2018 with conflict in Syria ongoing?

The stunning baths of Aphrodite Beach near Latchi on the Akamas Peninsula, north Paphos, Cyprus – a place which may or may not be safe to visit (Picture: Getty)

Considering the Syrian conflict is still raging on, tourists should carefully consider possible dangers before booking their 2018 holiday.

Many destinations are a no-go this year, and countries that border Syria are likely to be fraught with potential danger, high security and the ever-present threat of terror attacks.

But what about islands?

Cyprus is a very popular holiday destination, but there is only 110km or 68 miles of sea between it and Syria’s west coast. So is it safe to travel… Read the full story

Homophobic mum’s reason for daughter not being gay is weirdly empowering

(Picture: Gabrielle Korn/Twitter)

Homophobia is obviously not on.

But one homophobic mum’s argument against being gay is going viral because it’s sort of weirdly empowering.

Bear with us on this one.

Gabrielle Korn, editor-in-chief at Nylon magazine recently tweeted about a former girlfriend’s mum who tried to persuade her not to be gay (because that’s a thing…).

‘I dated a girl in college whose mum tried to talk her out of being gay by telling her she’d have to go through life w/out someone to open jars for her,’ she says.

‘At the time it was upsetting but in hindsight I kind of love that jar opening was the only use for men she could… Read the full story

Couple pose for wedding photos in New Street train station

It was a wedding train with a difference - when a couple of newlyweds posed for their marriage photos in the shopping centre above New Street station. See NTI story NTIWED. Alex and Luke Jarrett wanted to remember their big day with some pictures that were out of the ordinary. So they secured permission to use the giant Grand Central mall in Birmingham city centre as the backdrop for their snaps. The couple mingled with amazed shoppers and passengers as they became the first to use the showpiece centre for wedding photos. The photo shoot with a difference happened last Saturday, after Alex and Luke, from Stafford, married at the Burlington Hotel.… <a href=Read the full story

Strangers help devastated Oxford Uni student after she has two years of lecture notes stolen

Anne-Marie Downest was amazed by kindness of strangers after lecture notes stolen
(Picture: Anne-Marie Downes)

It’s the stuff of anxiety nightmares: having all your lecture notes stolen just weeks before finals are due to take place.

But that’s exactly what happened to Oxford University student Anne-Marie Downes.

She had her bag stolen, containing her laptop and two years’ worth of lecture notes.

Anne-Marie, 21, has a learning disability which ‘which makes sorting through notes difficult, especially on a screen’ – meaning that the majority of her work is written out in notebooks.

So when someone nabbed her bag from her family’s car last Saturday, just six weeks before her finals, she was distraught.

She’d been attending… Read the full story

Lush’s Dream Cream keeps selling out after a mum said it magically fixed her baby’s eczema

(Picture: Lush/Metro.co.uk)

Lush is home to a bunch of cult favourites.

Their Sleepy lotion flew off the shelves when people praised its ability to get adults and babies to drift off with ease.

Every bath bomb they release will be snatched up by eager beavers desperate to ‘Gram their swirling bath water or chop up the bomb for their thousands of followers.

This time around, the Lush product getting all the hype is their Dream Cream body lotion.

To be clear, Dream Cream is not a new product – it’s been around for ages. But it’s suddenly come to everyone’s attention thanks to a Facebook… Read the full story

Why are you wasting so much money on razors? I’ve used the same clippers for 10 years

Peter Brooker shaving his head
My loyal shaving companion for 10 years (Picture: Peter Brooker)

Circa ten years ago my hairline was fast approaching the end of its fleeting career.

Begrudgingly, I opted to take the road most travelled and shave it all off with my then newly-acquired Remington clippers.

Why being skint makes me a better person Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk‘I was poor as a church mouse… But man alive, I was happy’: Why being skint is awesome

Ten years on and those same clippers are still doing the job, servicing my head, face, thatch, sack and crack.

Had I known how… Read the full story

People are freaking out over this seemingly innocuous Costa advert

CAFE O YEAH! Costa Coffee are now giving away Babycinnos for FREE in all their stores Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Costa/Metro.co.uk)

We recently reported on Costa’s new meal deal, which was pretty impressive.

Under a fiver and including a hot drink, snack, and a toastie? We’ll take that.

However, there was one part of their ad for the deal that we missed – and it’s seriously annoying the internet.

Here’s the promotion picture. Can you spot the problem?

Airbus wants to turn a plane’s cargo hold into a sleeping area for passengers

A mock-up of a Zodiac module
Well doesn’t this look cosy? (Picture: Airbus)

Napping on long haul flights could be about to get a whole lot comfier if Airbus has its way.

The aeronautics company has released plans to offer sleeping berths in your plane’s cargo hold, in a partnership with Zodiac Aerospace.

The berths would form modules which fit inside a plane’s existing cargo hold, and can be easily interchanged with cargo containers during turnaround.

Airbus’ mock-up of the sleeping rooms (above) looks super cosy – imagine how refreshed you’d feel waking up horizontal rather than folded in half on old mate’s lap next to you?

If this has got you excited, then brace yourself… Read the full story

Women with PCOS are more likely to experience depression and anxiety

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are more likely to experience poor mental health than other women, a new study suggests.

Conducted by Cardiff University, the study involved nearly 17,000 women diagnosed with PCOS and compared instances of mental illness among the group with data on the general population.

The data for 11 million people were collected, and researchers found that when compared to unaffected women of the same age and body mass index, PCOS patients were more likely to be diagnosed with conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar and eating disorders.

Almost a quarter (23%) of women with PCOS were found to have experienced depression, while 11.5% had… Read the full story

If you’re feeling stressed out, just look at these beautiful paper plant creations

(Picture: scrinkl/Instagram)

It being humpday, you’re probably feeling a bit tired and a little stressed.

What you need is a visual drink of water, something to bring you a little clarity and serenity.

Something like these incredible pieces of paper art.

Margaret Scrinkl is a paper artist and stop motion animator from Russia.

‘Paper is one of my favourite materials for work,’ she writes on Bored Panda.

‘I like to create my own tiny world using paper layers and texture.

‘I am inspired by nature and pop culture, so I combined them and made a series of blooming social media logos. It gives me an infinite sense of spring. Cutting hundreds of plants is… Read the full story

‘I had a little nap on top of him mid-coitus’: What it’s like to date when you have narcolepsy

8 easy ways to be a more responsible traveller

metro illustrations
Think about how you’re travelling (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Travel is a privilege, however you swing it.

Whether it’s backpacking in Southeast Asia, a quick summer city break, a romantic weekend away, or off on your family hols – the method doesn’t matter.

Houses with traditional red roofs in Prague Old Town Square in the Czech Republic8 things to know before you go to the Czech Republic

Opportunities like these aren’t available to a lot of the world and we are lucky if we are able to take time out and have the money to visit other places.

With this privilege… Read the full story

8 best depression meals for when cooking feels impossible

(Picture: Ella Byworth/Metro.co.uk)

Depression is a strange beast in that it can turn the most accomplished and sh*t-together person into someone who struggles to complete the most basic tasks.

I’ve been there: Unwashed hair and unwashed bedsheets, subsisting on a diet of Hob Nobs and not much else.

Eating properly is one of the biggest hurdles when you feel terrible, because it’s non-negotiable but also seems insurmountable.

The end goal is simply to give yourself nutrients. You don’t need to be #cleaneating or making cordon bleu dishes; just keep yourself alive in the most efficient way possible.

That said, there are things you can have in the house that’ll top up your protein and… Read the full story

You can now buy bottles of Tequila Rose for £12 in Tesco

(Picture: Tequila Rose)

Just recently we wrote about Tequila Rose, a new Baileys inspired strawberry milkshake alcoholic drink, which looks just as pretty as it does tasty.

The drink is a pink, creamy tequila-based liqueur, that comes in a black rose-decorated bottle.

The description reads: ‘This chilled, single-pour shot is guaranteed to be a good time, any time. Whether it’s night or day, staying in or going out, the smooth, easy taste and festive pink colour of Tequila Rose is always a recipe for fun’.

Running a marathon is really stressful – here’s how to make it slightly less so


They say that the hardest thing about running a marathon is training for a marathon.

Training for that virgin 26.2 miles makes most other things look like a walk in the park. Will you get cramp? Will you sh*t yourself? Will you, in fact, die?

But there are things you can do to mediate the stress. Having a plethora of good carbs foods available at all times helps. Hot baths with a good dose of Epsom salts work wonders. And having a really good sleep the night before is crucial.

And that’s exactly what the Hilton Bankside is offering this year.

The Bankside-based branch of the Hilton is offering up a London Marathon weekend special for runners to get them nice and relaxed before the big day – and to help them recover afterwards.

A year on from my own virgin marathon voyage around the more drab parts of London, I went to try out the package…

Designer slams trolls saying he won’t tolerate ‘hate speech, personal attacks and verbal abuse’

Caption: (Picture: WireImage; Alex Perry/Instagram)

Australian fashion designer Alex Perry has hit out at online trolls, saying that he won’t tolerate ‘hate speech, personal attacks and verbal abuse’ anymore.

The designer, loved by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Rihanna and Nicole Kidman, has warned bullies that he’ll be pursuing haters.

In a series of Instagram posts, the 55-year-old has said: ‘If you violate my space with hate speech, personal attacks, verbal abuse, I will report, block, shame and use every avenue possible via Instagram and the police to find your IP, and you.’

The Australia’s Next Top Model judge said that everyone has the right to have a positive and creative space… Read the full story

You can now use an app to identify dog breeds from your photos

A super cute hound
Excuse me sir, what breed are you? (Picture: Getty)

Ever taken a sneaky pic of a dog on a train but been too shy to ask its owner what breed it is?

Well, all is well because there’s now an app that claims to identify the breed for you.

Google celebrated National Pets Day yesterday by adding a new feature for Google Lens in their Photos app.

Using photos already in your Photos library, it identifies animals by breed and gives you more information about them.

We’ve decided this is basically Shazam for dogs and we couldn’t be more excited.

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