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At 23, I had a blood clot that could have killed me

Illustration of a woman in a hospital bed while a doctor makes notes
The symptoms came on suddenly (Picture: Irene Palacio)

It was a normal day.

I was getting ready to go out when I suddenly began to feel a sharp and intense pain piercing through my chest and I struggled to breathe.

As somebody who suffers with anxiety, I tried to convince myself that it was just a really bad panic attack and it would go away if I calmed down.

Really, I knew it wasn’t because I’d never experienced anything like this before. But I was scared and in denial.

The shortness of breath became worse and I started to feel light headed… Read the full story

PSA: There’s a giant vegan chocolate cookie on Pret’s new spring menu and it’s delicious

They actually look even better than this in real life, no kidding (Credit: Pret a Manger)

Pret’s new spring menu hits stores on Tuesday (17 April) and we can confirm that it’s a corker.

While there are lots of tasty new lunch options, the standout item is…a giant dark chocolate and almond butter cookie.

It tastes just like those heavenly chocolate cookies you used to get at your school canteen – we’re talking a crisp outer, soft centre, and gooey chunks of rich chocolate – followed by a blissful feeling in your belly.

The most surprising thing about the cookie though, is that it’s 100% vegan, with almond butter and coconut oil replacing… Read the full story

People reckon Sephora’s new makeup sponge looks like a penis

Credit: Sephrora SEPHORA COLLECTION Ocean Crush Sponge Set Source: https://www.sephora.com/product/ocean-crush-sponge-set-P429995?icid2=:p429995:product
(Picture: Sephora/metro.co.uk)

Looks like Sephora’s fallen foul of the accidental genitals curse.

Following in the footsteps of ASOS and one unfortunately squished Reese’s peanut butter cup, Sephora has released a new product that looks a little more genital-themed than intended.

As part of the beauty brand’s Ocean Crush collection, Sephora has released a new set of makeup sponges designed to look like shells.

And they do look like shells. Swirly peach conch shells.

The sponges also look a bit like, well, penises.

When does morning sickness start and finish?

The miracle of life can sometimes feel a lot less miraculous (Picture: Getty)

No matter how excited you are about having a baby, the morning sickness early on in pregnancy is never exciting.

It’s a good indicator that you are actually pregnant, though, so it’s good to know everything you can.

Here’s everything you need to know.

When does morning sickness start

Is the baby ready yet? (Picture: Getty)

Usually,… Read the full story

Vegan girl ditches pal after he claims giving a blowjob is the same as eating a sausage

Toni Meade was astounded when she was called a hypocrite by her ignorant ex-pal (Picture: Caters News)

A vegan teenager has revealed how she was forced to un-friend a pal after he claimed giving a blowjob was the same as eating meat.

19-year-old Toni Eade from Townsville, Australia couldn’t believe her eyes when the 22-year-old man called her a hypocrite in a barrage of text messages, where he reveals that he believes giving oral sex is the same as eating meat.

Eade took to social media to share screenshots of their bizarre conversation, and her post – understandably – went viral.

She had been chatting at length to the… Read the full story

Forget the weird brow trends, nose art is the next big thing in beauty

heart nose art
(Picture: Instagram/karlitacosita)

Surely now we’ve had sexy Shrek brows we’ve reached the limit with weird things to do to your eyebrows.

Please. Let the brow thing end.

Please. Let us move on.

The new area of the face to focus your creative efforts on? Your nose.

And no, we’re not talking about excessive contouring attempts or a smattering of faux freckles (although both options are entirely welcome).

We’re talking about full on creativity painted over the bridge or the tip of the nose – bright colours, bold designs, glitter, the lot.

Take a look at some of our favourite nose art pieces for inspiration to get you started.

This… Read the full story

Man films all the build-up to the moment he proposed and it’s pretty sweet


Ugh, fine, sometimes couples can be cute.

Andy Gates had planned to pop the question to his girlfriend, Elivia Frixou, for six months. He decided to film not just the proposal itself, but all the build-up to it, while Elivia was entirely unaware of what was going on.

The full  video shows Andy the day before the couple’s flight to… Read the full story

Japan but not as you know it – why the Setouchi region should be on your bucket list

Tomonoura (Picture: Yvette Caster/Metro.co.uk)
The beautiful port town of Tomonoura at the southern end of Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, is well worth a visit (Picture: Yvette Caster/Metro.co.uk)

Miles away from the maid cafes, the manga and the Japan that mostly lies in the minds of what people imagine Tokyo to be, lies the Setouchi region.

The area nearby isn’t short of tourists – they flock to the Itsukushima Shrine with its Instagrammable orange ‘floating’ gate and Hiroshima to pay their respects.

But wander further to the area surrounding the Seto Inland Sea and you’ll find beauty, calm and some unmissable art.

Here’s why the Setouchi region should be on your bucket list.

1. The art

Read the full story

The Great Ocean Road: Where to stop on your ultimate Australian road trip


The Great Ocean Road is 600 miles of twists, turns and beautiful ocean views.

From Shinjuku to Shibuya: 10 places you need to visit in Tokyo

It’s a trip that has a bit of everything, from city to rain forests and beaches.

Some people choose to do a segment while others opt to travel all of the way from Melbourne to Adelaide.

So when it comes to planning where to stop and what to see, it can be a bit of a minefield.

But not to fear, Metro took the trip and is here to give you the ultimate guide on where to stop during your epic coastal adventure.


Read the full story

Horoscopes are rubbish…right? I followed mine for a month to find out

I followed my horoscope precisely for a month and here's what happened (Rosy)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Like them, loathe them or think they’re just bull, horoscopes are everywhere, and they’ve endured.

Zodiac wheel  astrological Zodiacs Zodiac signs Variety universe Symbols symbolic superstitiousness superstitious Superstition special effect space Simplicity simple Shapes Sciences Round Pseudosciences Pictographs Physical sciences Photography outerspace Outer space Nobody Natural sciences Multicolored multicolor multi-colored multi-color Motifs Manipulated photography Imaging icon graphic design graphic art Geometric shapes Future digitally enhanced digital enhancement Constellations computer-manipulated photography computer-generated imaging computer-enhanced photography Computer-altered photography Computer imaging computer illustration computer graphics computer generated computer enhancement… <a href=Read the full story

Plus-size model speaks out about being the ‘token curvy chick’ in the fashion industry

(Picture: Jessica Vander Leahy/Instagram)

When it comes to fashion, diversity is in right now.

But just how genuine is the industry’s commitment to representing women of all shapes and sizes?

Not very, one model suggests.

Like most regular-sized models, Jessica Vander Leahy has experienced a lot of discrimination throughout her career and now that she’s landing top jobs, she’s sick of being included as the ‘token curvy chick’ in campaigns.

Despite having modelled for more than 10 years, she says that she still has to deal with poor practice.

On a recent shoot, she says that she was told to ‘just smile and look happy’, while thinner models were told to pose sexily.

‘We want to… Read the full story

Think you’ve got IBS? Here are 8 things it could be instead

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

April is IBS Awareness Month – a time to raise awareness and keep talking about what life is like with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

IBS is common – it’s thought one in five of us could suffer with it at some point during our lifetime.

But because of its growing prominence, it can sometimes mean patients are labelled with the condition before being properly tested for other conditions instead.

Because it’s incredibly important to be in the know, this IBS Awareness month, let’s take a moment to consider what else could be up with your gut.

1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD is rarer than IBS (and a serious disease that often requires… Read the full story

A vast, snowy wilderness: why you should visit Svalbard


‘Did you really go to the North Pole on holiday?’ I was asked on my return from Svalbard. It wasn’t too far from the truth.

While the snowy archipelago of islands isn’t quite as far north as thAT, it is one of the most northerly inhabited places in the world, high up in the Arctic Circle.

A trip there will certainly make you feel on top of the world.

In just a few days, I had driven a team of huskies across the snowy landscape, shot across the Arctic tundra at high speed on a snowmobile, explored ghost towns, trekked deep inside a 5,000-year-old glacier, stayed in remote hunting lodges and kept a keen eye out for polar bears.

And did I mention the Northern Lights? This is certainly a destination like no other.

The Svalbard archipelago is a vast, snowy wilderness north of Norway.

A succession of planes took me from London to Oslo, then up the Norwegian coast to Tromsø.

After that, I flew north… Read the full story

Here’s what you look like before and after running a marathon

(Picture: Flavien Prioreau)

If you’re running the London Marathon next weekend for the first time, you’re probably feeling a little anxious.

Will you crap yourself? Will you get cramp? Will you, in fact, die?

Friend, none of these things will happen. In fact, those 26.2 miles might feel never-ending at the time but trust me, you’ll be floating on cloud nine the moment you cross the line at Pall Mall.

Don’t believe me?

Just take a look at photographer Flavien Prioreau’s series, capturing runners before and after the Paris marathon.

You might think they’d all look mega dishevelled and broken at the end but that’s just not the case. Sure, they’re a bit sweaty… Read the full story

Meet the mum and 15-year-old daughter competing for Instagram popularity

(Picture: Jenna and Chloe Ward/Instagram)

Most of us cringe at the thought of our mums being on social media, let alone being more popular than us on it.

But mum-of-two Jenna Ward is giving her daughter, Chloe, a run for her money on Instagram.

She’s got nearly 7,000 fans and is quickly catching up Chloe who has 9,600 in a battle to see who can take the best selfies.

‘Having a daughter like Chloe to keep me on my “selfie toes” is great and it helps me look young,’ says Jenna, 32.

‘I’m proud of our selfie battle, we view it as healthy competition. I am sure others will criticise it…but we don’t care.’

Jenna… Read the full story

Be soothed and comforted by these snaps tiny harvest mice nestling in tulips

(Picture: Miles Herbert/Caters News)

It being Sunday morning, how about some peaceful content so soothe even the most stressful of hangovers?

Lie back and appreciate the pureness of these adorable little harvest mice.

They’ve been snapped hanging out in beautiful tulips by Miles Herbert, a British photographer who runs Captivelight, a photography workshop company specialising in teaching people how to photograph birds of prey, owls, reptiles and frogs.

He tells Bored Panda that these particular mice were photographed in an indoor studio.

‘We provide a service for photographers looking for high impact pictures of the animals, and using a purpose-built studio means that we are not weather dependent,’ he explains.

‘There is… Read the full story

Look, the Mona Lisa can’t be cleaned so stop asking, ok?


There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing something being cleaned.

Whether it’s a rusty old penny or a masterpiece, seeing layers of dirt and age being stripped off is intensely cathartic.

So when art expert Philip Mould uploaded a video of him cleaning a 400-year-old painting to Tumblr, people started demanding the same process be applied to the Mona Lisa.

People just want to see Mona as she would have appeared back in 1506. Is that such an unreasonable demand?

Well, yes it is, because restoring Leonardo Da Vinci’s beauty back… Read the full story

Some high street pestos contain bamboo fibers and potato flakes instead of actual nuts

(Picture: Getty)

Pesto may be the food of life but it’s come in for quite a battering recently.

First, we heard that many pestos are 30% saltier than seawater. And now it turns out that loads of supermarket pestos contain thickeners and substances that you don’t really want in a sauce.

Traditional pesto is incredibly simple and should include four main ingredients: basil, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil.

A new analysis of supermarket own-brand sauces has found, however, that many jars contain random things like bamboo fibres and glucose syrup.

‘Pesto has become a staple food in the UK but our research shows that many shoppers may be getting more than they bargain for when… Read the full story

Cutting out dairy can leave you being lactose-intolerant

(Picture: Getty)

Cut out any food group and your body will have a harder time digesting it if you start eating it again.

Go off bread for a while, for example, and you might end up feeling seven months pregnant when you next smash a baguette.

But if you give up dairy, the potential consequences could be more severe, with one professor claiming that you could make yourself lactose intolerant.

Many people are naturally ‘lactose maldigesters’, meaning that they struggle to digest lactose – particularly those in parts of the world where dairy plays a minimal part in the local diet.

Their bodies don’t produce much lactase – the enzyme that breaks down lactose.

As we age,… Read the full story

My 16-year battle with anorexia: Sometimes it feels like I can never recover

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