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If you want to be the fastest emoji poo, you’ve got to run a marathon in under four hours


London Marathon being next weekend, it’s only right that we pay homage to those runners for whom 26.2 miles isn’t enough of a challenge.

Every year, dozens turn up in fancy dress to really earn their charity money.

Last year, I overtook a tree. And then I was overtaken by a bare-footed Jesus carrying his cross. There really is nothing to make you question the sanity of what you’re doing quite like seeing Jesus charging past.

But if you’re thinking of setting a record yourself this year, it’s going… Read the full story

Tinie Tempah and Modus Vivendii’s capsule collection is true African fashion excellence

(Picture: ww.wear/Instagram)

Tinie Tempah, one of the world’s most stylish men, has teamed up with Lagos-based streetwear brand Modus Vivendii, for his latest capsule collection.

In a bid to infuse his streetwear with the colours and style of Nigeria, Tinie’s clothing label, What We Wear (WWW), has collaborated with Modus Vivendii to produce ‘7 Days Till Lagos’.

Shown earlier this month at Arise Fashion Week, the collection is the very embodiment of West African excellence.

You have your streetwear staples – hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, vests – all in different fabrics and patterns to bring that Nigerian swag to life.

Previous WWW collections have used monochrome palettes, so this season is really a departure from the… Read the full story

14 plastic-free Lush products that aren’t bars of soap or bombs

all the packaging free bits lush do that arent soap
(Pictures: Lush/Getty/@_lovely_lushie)

If you want to be ethical and smell incredible, Lush is really the only place to shop.

90% of their packaging is recyclable, with every shop offering customers the opportunity to bring back pots to be reused, refilled or exchanged for free products.

Lush’s motto, when it comes to sustainability is: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Which is why so much of their products is plastic-free. Sure, you can recycle almost all of Lush’s plastic packaging anyway but actively buying naked products saves on the energy and resources that go into the cleaning, shredding, melting, moulding of new bottles.

So if you’re trying to cut… Read the full story

Why days working from bed are key to my mental wellbeing

On some days when its a real struggle to get out of bed, it’s a real help to work from home (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As I type up this blog post I’m sat in my own filth.

It’s nearly lunchtime and I haven’t showered since yesterday morning because I’ve not been able to get out of bed.

In the US, today is ‘wear your pyjamas to work day’.

I may be found celebrating by wearing mine all day, because I’m depressed and I need a day in bed.

On days like these I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll be bed-bound for ten hours, chained to my smelly sheets… Read the full story

Meghan Markle’s nephew is developing a special cannabis strain for her wedding

(Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle’s nephew Tyler Dooley is making a custom cannabis strain for her wedding next month.

And it’s being called Markle’s Sparkle.

There’s nothing like a royal wedding for brands to bring out all kinds of naff, dubious paraphernalia – but this is probably the first regal do to have its own bud variety ascribed to it.

Meghan’s nephew is a 25-year-old cannabis grower and his new hybrid will be available in Oregon.

As it’s inspired by his soon-to-be royal aunt, he’s said that he’s ‘more than happy’ to offer Meghan and Harry a sample if they’re ever passing through Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

‘I’d be happy to show them around if they… Read the full story

7 people share their heartbreaking motivations for running the London Marathon

Michelle is running for Special Care Infant Support, which looked after her daughter Martha who was born prematurely, with a heart condition (Picture: Michelle Graham)

The annual Virgin Money London Marathon takes place on 22 April this year.

Over 40,000 runners will embark on a gruelling 26-mile journey across the capital’s streets, each raising awareness and money for a charity of their choice.

The event is incredibly popular and many spots are taken up by official charities, sponsors and companies.

But, each year, organisers also put together a five-day, public ballot entry system.

This allows individual runners a chance to join the marathon and to raise awareness for personal causes.

I talked to seven… Read the full story

It now costs over £1,000 to attend the average UK wedding

Three Bridesmaids Holding Bouquets Outdoors
(Picture: Getty)

It might cost an arm and a leg to get married but it’s also becoming ever-more extortionate to attend weddings.

According to a new study, the average cost of attending a wedding in the UK is now £1,015.

Yep, over a grand to attend a wedding in this country.

That ridiculously hefty sum includes the cost of gifts, clothing and accessories, food and drinks, hair and beauty, childcare, transport, and money spent attending a stag or hen do.

It also includes the amount you fork out on attending pre-wedding bashes, including an engagement party.

And that figure rises for bridesmaids who have to part with, on average, £1,058, while the bride’s parents spend around £1,450.

According to… Read the full story

Coca-cola launches first official cola slushies just in time for summer

(Picture: Coca-Cola)

With temperatures are set to sore this week to 26’C, we’re all going to be reaching for the freezer.

But did you know that you no longer have to water down your pop with ice cubes?

Because coca-cola has brought out the world’s first official Coke slushy.

Sure, you might have seen knock-off slush puppies at ice rinks around the world but this is the first time that Coca-Cola has brought out its first official frozen product.

Available to buy in pouches, you simply put them in the freezer and when you’re ready, you can take them out and massage them to give you your preferred level of crunchiness.

Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon has been in… Read the full story

Deaf puppy finds forever home and learns sign language after being abandoned 5 times


Ivor, a deaf Staffordshire pup, was abandoned five times before he was even a year old.

Due to his disability, no one wanted to look after him. By the time he reached the RSPCA, he had real issues.

But the centre’s staff showed him enough love to help Ivor learn to trust again.

And in December, he found his forever home with Ellie Bromilow, who has been teaching Ivor to overcome his deafness.

She’s been training him to expand his sign language repertoire.

‘He’d already learned the sign command for “sit” and “come” from the staff at the RSPCA… Read the full story

‘Caution with portions’: dietitian warns how easy it is to overeat healthy snacks

(Picture: Leanne Ward)

Most us know that healthy snacks like nuts are quite calorific.

But do we know just how calorie dense they can be?

Clinical and sports dietitian Leanne Ward is trying to educate followers on portion control, between healthy foods and treats to show how easily the calories rack up when you’re having healthy snacks.

And it’s that underestimation that stops some of us from reaching our weight loss goals.

She shows that a bowl of almonds weighs in at 415 calories…while a Twix contains just 275 calories.

‘Double tap if you usually do “generous” helpings of almonds straight from the bag,’ she writes.

‘This picture is to demonstrate why I think it’s important to… Read the full story

How to get rid of puffy eyes

(Picture: Getty)

Cosmetics companies have spent millions looking into the causes of puffy eyes and how to treat them.

Unfortunately for some of us, having swollen under-eyes is a regular occurrence, but still something we’d like to curb all the same.

There are plenty of reasons why you may have bigger eye bags than usual, and getting to the root cause is the best way to find a solution.

Work out what’s causing your puffy eyes, and we’ll give you the tools to reduce them.


It may seem obvious, but round about this time of year many more people start noticing their eyes swelling a lot more.

You’ll notice the difference between this and other causes because you’ll… Read the full story

Last minute marathon tips from a Virgin Active pro

(Picture: Ella Byworth for metro.co.uk)

This Sunday, thousands of runners will be running the London Marathon.

Starting around Greenwich and Blackheath, they’ll be slogging their guts around the duller bits of Rotherhithe, over Tower Bridge, and eventually up Embankment to that glorious finish line on Pall Mall.

After months of training, it’ll all come down to those final 26.2 miles.

The hard work is over – now it’s time to try to relax a little before that last push in six days time. But what to eat before a marathon? Should you still be exercising? How do you psychologically prepare for the big day?

Here to answer those last minute questions is James Trevorrow, Head… Read the full story

American Apparel is coming back to UK, guys!

(Picture: American Apparel)

American Apparel is back – this time without the uncomfortable, hyper-sexualised imagery.

The brand packed up shop in the UK in 2016, after going into administration and years of battling criticism over its near-pornographic treatment of female models.

But it’s now been relaunched online under the leadership of an all-female board.

Its new campaign, created by UK agency Thinking Juice, is taking a different approach.

The brand’s new owner, Gildan Activewear, says that will American Apparel will still be sexy,  the goal this time isn’t to sexualise or exploit women but rather to treat models of both sexes equally.

‘We don’t believe in covering up,’ Sabina Weber, head of brand marketing at Gilden,… Read the full story

5 ways to make spring cleaning easier if you’re a parent

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to start cleaning before coffee (Picture: Erin Aniker/Metro.co.uk)

If you have children chances are your home is not the gleaming example of domestic finery it (possibly) once was.

130,000 back petition calling for amnesty for Windrush immigrants

Not because you are lazy, but because some days you are just too tired too care.

The best tip I would give any busy parent is to remember that when it comes to the perfect family house, it is what’s on the outside that counts.

Your drawers may be full of random crap but at least your home will give the impression… Read the full story

Not to alarm you, but authorities have found poo in counterfeit makeup

police find animal waste in counterfeit makeup -- so it's not such a bargain after all
(Pictures: Getty)

We’ve all seen the cheap makeup on Facebook Marketplace or auction sites.

‘How can a Kylie lip kit be going for only a fiver?’ you ask in mock disbelief.

We all know why – it’s because it’s fake.

You might think it’s a harmless bargain – palettes and kits are bloody expensive after all – but unless you want poo on your face, it’s really worth paying the extra.

LAPD recently seized $700,000 worth of counterfeit makeup from the Los Angeles Fashion District, and the results were far from pretty.

Brits are drinking around 95 million cups of coffee a day

(Picture: London Coffee Festival)

It might be UK Coffee Week this week, but for most of us, today is just another caffeine-fuelled Monday.

In fact, Brits are drinking around 95 million cups of the black stuff a day – up from 70 million in 2008.

The British Coffee Association (BCA) has released new figures on coffee consumption which suggest a surge of 25 million cups over the past decade.

Part of the research involved a survey of 2,000 adults in the UK.

Nearly a third of those surveyed said they didn’t drink coffee at all, while 6% reported drinking six cups or more a day. The average consumed two.

65% of coffee… Read the full story

What to do if your child didn’t get into your first choice primary school

How to cope with not getting your first choice school (Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

For many parents, today feels like a new milestone has been reached.

Across the country mums and dads will be finding out which primary school their four-year-old child will be going to in September.

For the vast majority, it will be a day of joy as they discover their child is off to their preferred choice of school.

What are the alternatives to sugar and are they any good for us?

But, for a minority, it may instead feel like a day of disappointment and worry if your child… Read the full story

7 fun things to do in Cornwall when it’s raining

Even if it’s not quite beach weather you can still enjoy your time in Cornwall (Picture: Getty)

Famed for its gorgeous beaches, Cornwall is deservedly one of the top places to go on holiday in the UK.

Ordeal by Innocence scriptwriter hits back at angry fans over twist ending

And if you’ve managed to hit the jackpot and get solid sunshine you can look forward to swimming, surfing, walks along the beach, sandcastles and ice cream.

But if the unthinkable happens, and it rains, don’t despair – Cornwall has so much more to offer than its coastline.

Here is our list of seven amazing places to visit… Read the full story

This burger joint is adding whole tarantulas as a topping

Tarantula burger challenge at Bull City Burger, Durham, NC (Picture: Bull City Burger)

Some of the more excruciating moments of I’m A Celeb come from the bush tucker food trials.

Watching Joe Swash or Janice Dickinson swallow a kangaroo testicle or handful of witchety grubs is part of our sick curiosity. It grosses us out, but we kind of want to know what it’d be like.

Most of us – perhaps luckily – will never get to try bugs IRL, but a US restaurant’s newest burger challenge shows that plenty of us are up for it.

Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, North Carolina, are currently celebrating an exotic meat month, where… Read the full story

‘She is the heartbeat of our family’– My daughter has Down’s syndrome and I wouldn’t change a thing

Andy and Sarah
Sarah with her father Andy (Picture: Graham Turner

When Sarah was born 26 years ago, my wife Alison and I were in a state of shock.

Meet the dance group refusing to be defined by Down’s syndrome

She wasn’t the baby we were expecting, and we were all facing an uncertain future together.

We couldn’t help wondering whether Sarah would ever be independent, work, or marry.

At that time, we were given no assurances that she would be able to walk, talk or how long she might live.

We were already thinking about her life expectancy when we should… Read the full story

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