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Can guys feel the difference between different vaginas just with their penis?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Come on, you know you’ve wondered.

Do different vaginas actually feel that different?

Does my vagina have a particular sensation completely unique to someone else’s?

Could someone be capable of feeling the difference with their penis alone?

Or are all vaginas generally the same cosy, cushioned, tunnels, indistinct from one another?

It’s something we’ve pondered. And apparently we’re not alone in this eternal questioning, as someone’s started a thread all about it on Reddit, titled: ‘Do different vaginas feel different to guys during penetrative sex?’

We took it upon ourselves to ask some people with penises for answers. Their names have been changed, because shockingly few people want to… Read the full story

You can now buy pornstar martini ice cream filled with actual booze

Boozy martini ice cream
(Picture: Cheers Ice Cream)

It may not be summer quite yet, but it’s already summer dress and flip flop weather – which means it’s totally acceptable to spend your afternoons in beer gardens and start eating copious amounts of ice cream, too.

And, if you fancy combining the two, head to Amazon, as they’ve just started selling Cheers Ice Cream’s range of alcoholic ice cream.

Five different tubs of ice cream are available – and yes, they contain actual alcohol. Yay.

First up is the Pornstar Martini – which sounds incredible.

Man asks girlfriend of 9 years to marry him using his kids’ T-shirts

James printed t-shirts to say 'she said yes' and the date of the booked wedding. See SWNS story SWPROPOSE; Man proposes to his long-term partner by dressing up their three kids in t-shirts spelling out 'will you marry daddy? Husband-to-be booked his whole wedding before girlfriend even said yes. Confident James Parry was happy to take fate into his own hands - and it paid off. A dad from Eggbuckland took the ultimate risk and booked his wedding day before even popping the question to his bride-to-be. James Parry, 36, asked his partner of nine years Kirsty Lamerton for her hand in marriage. But when he did so he was so sure… <a href=Read the full story

When does hay fever season start?

(Picture: Getty)

The sun’s out, the birds are chirping, and the beer gardens are filling up.

The unseasonably hot weather might be great for those of trying to cop a tan, but for allergy sufferers, we’re bang in the middle of hayfever season.

Grass pollen is what tends to affect most hayfever sufferers, and pollen season tends to stretch between March and May, although that can vary from year to year, depending on the weather.

We get allergies when our bodies create allergic antibodies to certain substances, such as pollen or dust.

Grass pollen tends to be the thing to set people off (with peak irritability being between May and July), but tree and… Read the full story

19 men share what it’s like to take antidepressants

Getting better series: A year of antidepressants
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When it comes to mental health, everyone deals with things differently – which means that different treatments work for different people.

While some people get by with self-care and coping mechanisms, others benefit from therapy, psychiatry, and medication.

However, there’s a stigma around medication. People often look at it as a ‘last resort’, even though it can be the first – and best – means of help for many.

Metro.co.uk spoke to 19 different men about taking antidepressants to see how it benefited their mental health, and to hopefully give advice and support to those currently contemplating medication themselves.

Duncan 40, has depression… Read the full story

The 10 kinds of hell that hay fever sufferers are going through right now

girl sneezing
Nature hates us (Picture: Getty)

You’re probably loving these gorgeous, hot sunny days.

After all, what’s not to love about sunshine and being able to spend time outdoors?

Well, while you’re basking in a sunny park or drinking in a warm beer garden, do spare a thought for those of us trapped inside a stifling, sealed room, with the windows shut and wet flannels pressed to our faces.

For we’ve been taken hostage by hay fever.

And it’s putting us through hell in a million tiny ways.

1. Let’s start with not being able to go outside

We see you through the window frolicking about or tanning your bits but we can’t step outside without running the risk… Read the full story

A Tudor mansion where Henry VIII used to stay is on the market for £3 million

8 bedroom detached house for sale Fakenham Road, East Barsham, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 Link back to site: http://www.abbotts.co.uk/buy/property/8-bedroom-detached-house-in-east-barsham,nr21-ref-4179171/
(Picture: Abbotts)

A stunning Tudor mansion has just gone on the market in Fakenham, Norfolk.

The mansion is reported to have been built in or around 1520, known as Barsham Manor House, which has played host over the last five centuries to many guests from monarchs, knights, politicians, celebrities and rock legends.

Its most famous guest was King Henry VIII, who stayed at the mansion on at least five separate occasions – though never with the same wife – while visiting the nearby shrine of Lady of Walsingham.

Henry VIII once referred to it as… Read the full story

Can dogs get hayfever?

(Picture: Getty)

Dogs sneezing is prime content for the ‘gram. Look at their adorable snuffly faces.

However, at this time of the year, it might mean a trip to the vet (after you’ve uploaded the video of course) as it could mean your pup has hayfever.

This will usually be accompanied by itchy skin and coughing, and is part of a condition known as canine atopy.

Dogs who have canine atopy essentially have a lower tolerance to allergens like pollen, and it typically gets worse during summer and spring.

10 things that always happen in Glasgow when the sun comes out

George Square in Glasgow (Picture: Getty)
George Square in Glasgow (Picture: Getty)

While parts of the UK are set to reach 27C this week, Scotland politely appreciates a modest peak of 17.

Even with rain forecast, the optimistic people of Glasgow aren’t ones to shy away from a challenge and will defiantly make the most of a few brief days of sunshine as they appear throughout the upcoming summer months.

With an ice cold Irn Bru at the ready, whack on your bunnet and prepare for these things that always happen when the sun comes out in Glasgow.

1. Taps Aff

Any temperature over 10 degrees can potentially result in a ‘taps aff’ situation, which consists… Read the full story

Meet the first time marathon runner raising cash for Crohn’s research after almost dying


Peter Laflin has had Crohn’s disease since he was a teen.

And after years of suffering from it, he’s now about to run the London Marathon for the charity researching treatment for the condition.

‘The biggest impact Crohn’s had on me was that it stopped me being a teenager,’ he tells Metro.co.uk.

‘At a time when I should have stayed up late partying, I was staying up late doubled over in pain on the bathroom floor, wondering how I’d ever function normally.’

‘I’ve had Crohn’s disease since 1998.  It started with what I thought was food poisoning – from what I thought was a poorly prepared salad in a cafe in Wales – but the symptoms didn’t settle.  Being stubborn I put up with weeks of constant sickness and diarrhoea until my mum forced me to go to the doctors.

‘That changed who I was and has a massive impact on the way I live my life today.’

Despite having to miss out on parties and… Read the full story

A pop-up sex shop in New York is encouraging women to ‘think with your vagina’


Meika Hollender, founder of Sustain Natural, a sexual wellness brand, and author of Get On Top: Of Your Pleasure, Sexuality & Wellness: A Vagina Revolution has ‘brought the book to life’ in a new pop-up store in New York.

The interactive and educational space features a vulva selfie booth, a bathtub filled with tampons, a lube fountain and a ‘coochie counter’ where you can buy non-toxic condoms, lube and organic tampons. Not to mention a man dressed as… Read the full story

Too stoned? Here’s what you can do to make yourself feel better

Top Down Still Life of Cannabis Leaf with Dark Shadow
Getting too high is not a pleasant feeling (Picture: Getty)

If you’re a cannabis user, chances are that you’ve found yourself in a situation where you are simply too stoned.

Cannabis users are inventive with their usage methods. Many prefer a simple joint, others go for a bong, some will vape, and the more adventurous folk out there can’t resist a good edible.

However, as the cannabis trade is unfortunately still illegal in the UK, this has resulted in many of us purchasing cannabis from a dealer who cannot always guarantee the strength and chemical make up of the product they are selling.

Although… Read the full story

Tigger the sneaky cat won’t stop stealing children’s ball pit balls

Katie Brown's cat Tigger who had been stealing ball pit balls. Tigger has collected an impressive 52 balls but Katie has no idea where they are coming from. See SWNS story SWCAT: A cat owner has been left baffled by the recent activity of her fiendish feline - after the cat has brought home 52 children's BALL PIT balls in the last three weeks. Katie Brown, 25, said that at first she thought nothing of her cat Tigger's odd behaviour, assuming that the ball collection was just toys bought by family members for her family's four cats. But over the last three weeks, Tigger has brought a whopping 52 ball pit balls… <a href=Read the full story

What is 420 and when is the Hyde Park ‘World Weed Day’ event?

Hyde Park will be at the centre of 420 celebrations again this year (Picture: PA)

Millions across the globe enjoy smoking weed and this week is their time to truly celebrate their passion as it is 4/20.

Yes, every year on 20 April, doob-lovers everywhere crack out the ganj in epic proportions and enjoy getting stoned with their pals, with perfect strangers, or completely on their own.

The biggest event in the UK is at London’s Hyde Park, where thousands gather each year to spark up and this year is likely to attract huge numbers given the tropical weather.

The event is a celebration, but also works as a rally calling for the… Read the full story

Woman with leukaemia gets married with her horse as her best man

(Picture: Carol Ann Langford photography/PA Real Life)

A bride who organised her wedding in just 23 days after being diagnosed with leukaemia says she was totally upstaged on her big day – by her horse, who was her ‘best man’.

Told she was seriously ill and needed a stem cell transplant, biomedical scientist Natalie White, 30, was determined to finally marry her carpenter fiancé, Jack White, 29, eight years on from her engagement.

Restricted by time and budget, Natalie, of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, opted for a small ceremony, saying: ‘We only invited both sets of parents, but there was a very special surprise in store for me.

‘Jack, my friends and family had… Read the full story

Tinder couple believe meeting was ‘fate’ because they were born on the same day in the same hospital

Anthony and Jamie, a couple who discovered they were born on the same day in the same hospital while chatting on Tinder believe that fate set them on the path to wedded bliss. See SWNS story NYLOVE; Jamie Frantz Burkett and Anthony Burkett celebrated their wedding on Saturday, 25 years after they were born seven hours apart on the same maternity ward on January 14, 1994. The couple first matched on Tinder in June 2015 and exchanged phone numbers, making vague plans to go on a date. When Anthony text Jamie his email also popped up on her screen, which ended with the numbers 11493, the same date as Jamie???s birthday. The… <a href=Read the full story

Girl covers her birthmark in glitter to hit back at the people who once mocked her

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A student who was mercilessly teased over her large brown birthmark, which covers part of her neck and chin, has hit back at the people who mocked her, by coating it in glitter and sharing stunning selfies to Instagram.

When Olivia Holm Poulsen’s picture received nearly 7,000 likes, the 18-year-old decided to ’embrace her imperfection,’ posting another shot of her birthmark – this time painting it with scarlet lipstick.

Growing up, Olivia’s appearance often attracted taunting by kids at school, which left her struggling with her self confidence.

People from Doncaster are having the best sex in the UK

Metro Illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Things are getting frisky up North.

People in Doncaster are having the best, most satisfying sex in the UK, according to a new survey from LoveHoney.

The sex toy brand surveyed 9,000 people around the UK to find out where people are the most sexually happy.

Turns out people in Doncaster are having a grand old time, with 75% of adult residents saying their sex life is good, and one in five marking themselves a ten out of ten for sexual fulfillment. Lucky them.

In second place are the residents of Wigan, with 73% saying they have a satisfying sex life, followed by people in Ipswich, 72% of… Read the full story

A letter to my parents: Thank you for being my rock through my struggles with OCD and depression

It's okay if your end of year achievement list doesn't look like everyone else's
Thanks, Mum and Dad (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Dear Mum & Dad,

Sometimes, I think back to what it must have been like for you both on the day I was born.

mental-health-when-ill5 misconceptions about anxiety that are still surprisingly common

I know that me being born at 26 weeks must have been unbelievably frightening and I can just picture the two of you standing over an incubator – shell-shocked twentysomethings with your lives changed forever.

As I write this letter to you, 26 years later, I am in… Read the full story

Man with half a body refuses to let his condition hold him back


Rowdy Burton was born with a rare lower spinal disorder called Sacral Agenesis, that meant he had to have both of his legs amputated when he was just three years old.

Doctors used pins to stop his bones from growing further, and left Rowdy with two stumps directly beneath his waist.

He effectively has just the top half of his body – but Rowdy refuses to let that hold him back, getting around using his… Read the full story

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