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Live out your kitsch dreams in this converted watermill house in Hertfordshire

6 bedroom detached house for sale Ermine Street, Thundridge, Hertfordshire, SG12
What a view (Picture: Steven Oates)

Got a spare £1million and looking to buy a ridiculously cute house?

Hahahaha, no, of course you’re not, but let’s imagine a parallel universe where wages increased with inflation, landlords had their rent capped, and…you won the lottery.

You’ve got £1.35million burning a hole in your bank account and you’re ready to settle down in the country.

You don’t just want any old boujee house though, you want a boujee house with character.

Well, how about a house that used to be a watermill? That kooky enough for ya?

Watermill House is a six bedroom abode in Thunbridge, Hertfordshire,… Read the full story

How to have your own regal weekend in Windsor

How to spend your own royal weekend in Windsor (Holly Rubenstein)
Get there ahead of the crowds (Picture: Getty)

Did your invitation to the Royal wedding get lost in the post?

Ours too – but you don’t need to be pals with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to soak up the royal atmosphere.

Just a 30 minute train ride from London, Windsor is a pretty and quintessentially English market town that’s steeped in history, and it’s perfect for a weekend getaway, or day trip from the capital.

So why wait for the crowds to descend in May?

Here’s our essential guide for what to do, where to eat and where to stay, for a positively regal weekend.

Visit… Read the full story

These 10 artists prove autism is no barrier to creativity

10 artists with autism share their experiences (Violet Fenn)
Those with autism can be especially creative (Picture: Various)

Public perception of autistic people as ‘Rain Man’ style geeks is finally changing, thanks to increased media visibility and awareness.

But there’s still an assumption that autistic people are mostly tech whizzes who wouldn’t know their Leonardo from their Lichtenstein.

This is a huge misconception though as there are many people in the creative industry, as well as celebrities, with autism.

I spoke to 10 artists about their work and how being autistic impacts – often positively – on their creativity.

Jon Adams

10 of the best LGBT-friendly holiday destinations

Picture: Getty XX of the best LGBTQ holiday destinations (Sam Ramsden)
There are lots of gay-friendly places to choose from (Picture: Getty)

Deciding on where to book your holiday of choice can be a stressful experience, especially for the LGBT community.

With negative attitudes and discriminatory laws still in effect in many places around the world, LGBT people often have different considerations when looking at where to spend a much needed vacation.

Some of the biggest cities and resorts around the globe are home to lively LGBT communities, many of which offer a mix of history, nightlife and culture that perfectly caters to LGBT travellers.

So if you’re looking for the perfect LGBT holiday… Read the full story

How to clean your ears without using cotton buds

How to clean your ears without using cotton buds
Cotton buds may face a ban. (Picture: Getty)

Throw out your cotton buds and embrace a life free of earwax covered sticks, as soon your favourite ear-cleaning pals could be banned to cut plastic pollution.

If you hadn’t noticed, cotton buds are made of plastic. They’re little plastic sticks topped and bottomed with cotton.

They’re small, so may seem insignificant, but are actually one of the most serious sources of marine pollution because so many of us flush them down the toilet instead of throwing them away.

They’re small enough to be eaten by birds and sea life, too, so they’re pretty… Read the full story

Beyoncé has blessed us all with a Beychella merch popup store

Beyoncé – the queen, legend, and icon – has blessed us mere mortals yet again. (Picture: Getty)

Beyoncé is too good for this world.

Not only is she immensely talented, hardworking, and the woman who gave us the greatest musical and visual exploration of cheating and black womanhood of all time, but last week she blessed us all with a Coachella performance that actually made us cry with joy.

Sorry, is that too much? Did I take that too far? I do not care, because Beyoncé is a queen and living legend.

And now, she has blessed us yet again by launching a Beychella popup store, selling merch inspired by her iconic Coachella performance.

The popup store is… Read the full story

Dear Prince Harry, I wish I’d had the balls to invite my ex to my wedding

I wish i'd had the balls to invite my ex to my wedding Wedding marriage church ex girlfriend wife dream regret religion couple love happiness Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk
Aisle be damned (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Dear Prince Harry,

Thanks for reading dude. I’m obviously really honoured, you being the cool one from the Royal Family, and all.

Not content with being Barack Obama’s mate, you fought the Taliban, and even trekked to the South Pole.

Not to mention the fact you seem totally zen about being a ginge. Hats off, honestly. What a class act.

Anyway, it’s been brought to my humble attention that, while the nation celebrates your forthcoming nuptials… Read the full story

‘All I want is for this nightmare to be over’: 8 people reveal why they’re considering a divorce

Illustration of a man and a woman parting ways, holding divorce paperwork
There are many reasons why a marriage might end in divorce (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

I recently befriended a man who has an open marriage.

Although I couldn’t imagine this particular scenario for myself, it made me curious about marriage as a whole.

An illustration of a bride with anxiety‘I had a panic attack before the ceremony’: 5 people admit why they regret getting married

As the saying goes, half of all marriages end in divorce. Technically, it’s more like 42%, but I guess we’re a glass half… Read the full story

Most relationships start off with rubbish sex

sex illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Don’t despair if you just had sex with someone you really, really like, and it was a bit disappointing.

It turns out that the majority of relationships start with rubbish sex, so the first time you bone really isn’t a good indicator of how compatible you are. That’s good news, right?

A survey of 2,000 Americans found that 58% of those in relationships had sex for the first time with their partner that was awkward or terrible.

That’s around six in ten people. Reassuring, right?

With rubbish sex being so common, it’s not surprising that the study, by OnePoll and Pure Romance, found that the majority of us… Read the full story

Plus-size influencers recreate outfits worn by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

meghan and harry plus-size style
(Picture: the12ishstyle)

Everyone’s obsessed with Meghan Markle’s style.

We can’t blame them. Meghan wears some excellent clothes.

One blogger wants everyone to know that size doesn’t cut you off from getting to inject some Markle into your wardrobe.

Katie Sturino, founder of The 12ish Style blog and owner of the late, great Toast the dog, has teamed up with Ryan Dziadul, the founder of Extra Extra Style, to show that people of any size can recreate the excellent outfits worn by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

As part of Katie’s #supersizethelook series, she and Ryan wore dupes of the royal couple’s… Read the full story

Hoonie the cat refuses to be separated from his stuffed animal after his owner died

A 16-year-old cat named Hoonie has seen a lot of changes in his life lately, but one thing has remained the same ??? Hoonie???s favorite stuffed animal, a gray and white cat, is still at his side.
(Picture: Alley Cat Rescue)

Sweet kitty Hoonie has always loved being around other people.

He loves to get cuddled and stroked, and is never happier than when he’s relaxing beside someone for hours at a time.

When his owner passed away, it hit him hard.

At 16 years old Hoonie was left not only without a home, but also without companionship.

Thankfully he had one friend to keep him comfort: his favourite stuffed animal, a grey and white… Read the full story

Everyday lives of sex workers captured in laidback photo series


Shockingly enough, sex workers are just regular people.

Not evil people. Not sex-starved people who never stop orgasming. Not people who walk around in fancy lingerie 24/7.

They’re just people who make a living from sex. It’s that simple.

To challenge outdated perceptions and remind everyone that sex workers are – as we mentioned – just regular people – photographer Lindsay Irene’s new photo series captures sex workers in their everyday lives.

‘They are complex, hard working people who are doing a job and deserve rights like anyone else,’ says Lindsay.

‘I hope that by showing them in their home, caring for their animals, reading a book, playing video games or whatever it is that a sex worker does while not at work that perhaps the public can see them as a real person that is not so unlike themselves.

‘Like any workforce, there are people with many different cultural backgrounds, gender identities and different upbringings.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Best answers to the interview question

(Picture: Getty)

It’s one of the more annoying interview questions – where do you see yourself in five years?

Who even knows what they’re having for dinner later that day, let alone where your life is going to be in half a decade?

Luckily, there’s no right answer, but here are a few pointers to impress them.

Straight men share what sex feels like when you have a penis

(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

If you’re a person born with only a vagina, it’s a sad day when you realise you’ll never truly know or understand what it’s like to have sex if you had a penis.

And vice versa, for people born with penises.

It’s a fact of life. An unbridgeable gap in understanding. It is something that will always come up in hypotheticals, when asked what we’d do if we had a penis for the day or whether we’d rather change sex every time we sneezed or always smell like butter.

Sadly, us vagina-havers will never truly know what it’s like to have sex when you have a penis.

But we asked a bunch of straight… Read the full story

In case you were wondering, here’s the exact difference between a ‘splash’ and a ‘dash’ of milk

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

So you’ve been selected for the tea round, and now you’re in a panic.

They said ‘not too milky’ – but when is it too milky?

They asked for a ‘dash’ of milk – but exactly how much is a dash? 

Do not stress. Experts have stepped in to provide some guidance, so you’ll never be in this milky pickle again.

Research commissioned by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board and Dairy UK has identified the exact measurements of a ‘dash’ of milk and a ‘splash’ of milk – because yes, there is a difference.

It turns out a splash of milk is exactly 5ml, or four fifths of a teaspoon.

A dash of… Read the full story

If you want to be a cool mum, you’ll need to hop on the food baby name trend

(Picture: Getty)

Still not sure what to name your kiddo? Uninspired by the trends of Ikea names, ancient names, or 90s names?

You might want to look in your cupboard for fresh ideas.

According to a recent post from BabyCentre, food-inspired baby names are the next big thing – presumably because the ridicule over Gwyneth Paltrow calling her child Apple has finally died down.

The trick to a great food name is to think healthy. Names of fruits and vegetables tend to sound pretty sweet, while spices make great choices.

Carbs, for some reason, don’t tend to fit people. We would advise against… Read the full story

As Verne Troyer dies aged 49, why we need to take male depression and suicide extremely seriously

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock (5899873a) Verne Troyer 'Rush: Inspired By Battlefield' film premiere, Los Angeles, USA - 19 Sep 2016
(Picture: REX)

Warning: This article contains discussion of depression and suicide which some readers may find triggering and upsetting.

Like a heavy punch to the gut that leaves me wheezing, every time I hear about a wasted life in the news through suicide, it brings back my own dreadful experiences with depression roaring back with an intense agony, ripping apart old wounds as if they had just been inflicted.

A statement regarding the death of Hollywood actor Verne Troyer at the tragically young age of 49, referred heavily to depression and… Read the full story

5 easy ways to lower your carbon footprint in honour of Earth Day 2018

Plastic bottles and disposable cups often end up in huge landfills and have devastating effects on the environment (Picture: Getty)

Sometimes it can be easy to become complacent when it comes to living sustainably.

We may all have recycling bins in our kitchens and put our shopping in a tote bag as often as we can remember to take one with us, but anything beyond that can feel like a lot of effort for little return.

After all, what’s one person going to do about the vast tragedy that is climate change? When you have entire countries and some of the biggest corporations in the world showing little interest in improving things, it’s easy to… Read the full story

‘Very unattractive’ people earn significantly more money, study suggests


You might think it’s only the ultra-beautiful people who manage to rake in a fortune, but you’re wrong.

Because while life can undoubtedly be easier for those of us who are stunning, a new study suggests that it’s the ‘very unattractive’ people who make the most money.

Being physically attractive can be a financial boon because it tends to make people more confident, sociable and open to employers – thus putting in the running for higher wages.

But according to Satoshi Kanazawa from the LSE and Mary Still from the University of Boston, there’s a caveat to this ‘beauty premium’.

They interviewed and measured the physical attractiveness of 20,000 young Americans over a 13-year period.

Starting when they were 16 and measuring three more times until they were 29-years-old, the findings showed that the more extroverted and conscientious people were, the higher their wages.

Participants who were labelled as ‘very unattractive’ always earned more than those simply described as ‘unattractive’ – and… Read the full story

If we’d done something differently, would he still be here? – I lost my dad to suicide

Dad and I (Picture: Charlotte Underwood)

The problem with suicide is that there are so many questions left open and unanswered.

Did I let him down?

Did he know that I loved him?

Why did he feel suicide was the only way out?

Could I have stopped him if I knew?

How long was he planning his death?

My father was found dead by suicide in 2014, after being missing for a long and torturous month.

I did all I could to find him, sharing a post on Facebook that received thousands of shares and talking to everyone I knew, going door to door and questioning everyone.

I even considered he may have run off, found another family… Read the full story

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