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What is a designer vagina and what does labiaplasty involve?

SEX INJURIES FEATURES: Cervix bruising, vaginal microtears, semen allergy
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Labiaplasty isn’t a new surgery, but it’s definitely one that’s been growing in popularity recently.

The procedure is also known as vulval surgery or a designer vagina, and involves reducing the size of the labia minora (the inner vagina lips).

It’s not to be confused with the ‘other designer vagina surgery’ – vaginoplasty – which aims to tighten the muscles within the vagina.

Some people have it done due to the labia causing discomfort, while others opt for it for cosmetic reasons.

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Bride travels around the world recreating her wedding photos

PIC BY JEFF SALVAGE / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED Jennifer Salvage riding on horsebeack through water in the Bahamas) - A bride who has travelled nearly 275,000 miles to be pictured in her wedding dress all over the world, has celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary - ticking more than 40 countries off her wish list. After tying the knot on Easter Island, Chile, in 2008, Jennifer and Jeff Salvage decided to relive their wedding in as many different locations as possible - creating a series of pictures dubbed One Dress. One Woman. One World SEE CATERS COPY
(Picture: Jeff Salvage/Caters News)

A bride has travelled nearly 275,000 miles around the world,… Read the full story

Clive the Cocker Spaniel has become a medical detection dog for his poorly owner

(Picture: PA Real Life/Des Withney Photography)

A woman has spoken candidly about her rare hormonal condition, which means something as simple as watching a horror movie could leave her in a coma.

30-year-old Michelle Sutherland was in and out of hospital for years before being diagnosed with Addison’s disease – a disorder of the adrenal gland that means she slips into a potentially fatal coma every time she has a shock.

The logistics worker, of Thorngumbald, East Yorkshire, whose body does not produce the ‘fight or flight’ hormone cortisol, said she has ‘got her life back’ since having her beloved pet Cocker Spaniel Clive trained as a medical detection dog.

She said: ‘Clive… Read the full story

Man who was previously told he had depression was left blind and unable to stand

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A runner who was previously told he was suffering with mental illness has revealed how he was left blind and unable to stand, before it was discovered that he actually had lesions growing on his brain.

Liam Egalton, 34, from Brentwood, Essex, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) – an incurable neurological condition affecting the brain and spinal cord – back in 2014.

The diagnosis came weeks into a new relationship with his partner, 31-year-old Kayleigh Biggs, who has been his biggest support.

Liam first saw his GP in 2013 after experiencing anxiety and fatigue.

Initially, it was suggested that he may be dealing with mental illness.

But, over the course… Read the full story

9 things you didn’t know about Multiple Sclerosis

Illustration of a man in a wheelchair held in a doctor's hand
Not everyone with MS ends up in a wheelchair (Picture: Getty)

It is estimated over 100,000 people in the UK are living with Multiple Sclerosis, but what do we actually know about it?

What is multiple sclerosis?

MS is a neurological condition which impacts the central nervous system, which means the range of symptoms for MS are vast, including vision and mobility problems, muscle stiffness and spasms, extreme fatigue or numbness on the body.

We invited nine people living with MS to tell us what it’s like to live with the condition, how they manage… Read the full story

Women overestimate and men underestimate their partner’s initiations of sex

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s rare that a couple feels as though both parties are perfectly equal in the sexual initiation stakes.

It’s easy to feel like one person always has to make the effort, or that the other is pestering when you’re just not in the mood.

Part of this imbalance comes from our own inability to assess when our partners are trying to get sexual, according to a new study.

In straight couples, women, in general, over-estimate their partner’s sexual advances, while men underestimate their partner’s attempts to kick off sex, says a new paper published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

So basically, we’re not actually that… Read the full story

Transdr is the new dating app specifically for trans people

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If there’s a dating app for people who went to private school and one for Kanye fans, it feels pretty silly that we haven’t had a dating app specifically tailored to transgender people.

Trans people have been able to list their gender identity on Tinder (in 2016 the app introduced options to list yourself as a trans man, trans woman, and genderqueer), Grindr, and OkCupid, but until now there wasn’t a dating app just for trans people.

Now there’s Transdr.

Transdr is marketed as ‘Tinder for trans people’, allowing people to swipe left and right on potential dates and chat if both parties swipe a certain way.

The… Read the full story

Red wine ‘is the worst alcohol for your skin’

(Picture: Getty)

If your face starts to feel hot and flushed half way through a drinking session, it might be down to the kind of booze you’re drinking.

According to Dr Isabel Sharkar, red wine is the worst drink for your skin of all the alcohol choices – particularly if you already have something like rosacea (redness).

She tells Popsugar that drinking a good glug of the red stuff can leave you with ‘flushing, redness and blotchy skin’.

Why? Well, alcohol is a vasodilator, meaning that it opens the blood vessels, and that can lead to a flushed appearance and a puffy complexion.

The sugar in red wine is also party to blame… Read the full story

‘Transhumanist’ has gone through hundreds of body modifications to evolve with technology and time

Transhumanist surgeries
(Picture: Russ Foxx/Caters News)

Russ Foxx has had more than 100 modifications added to his body, from electrical key fobs fitted into his hands to unlock his door to horns implanted in his head.

He identifies as ‘transhumanist’, stating that he ‘evolves with time and technology’.

Russ quickly became fascinated by aesthetic manipulation when he had his ears pierced at age five. By 18, he had more than 50 piercings in his face, leading to the nickname ‘tackle box’.

He now works as a body modification artist, giving clients forked snake tongues, ultraviolet tattoos, and pointed ears. He’s his own walking advert for the massive range of body modifications he can perform.

‘If… Read the full story

5 ways for parents to help their children manage stress

How parents can be there for child struggling with mental health issues
(Picture: Dean Noroozi)

Is it just me or does everyone seem to be stressed all of the time?

The other day I even overheard my yoga teacher complaining that was struggling to cope with her schedule, and I feel like out of anyone she should have it together.

It’s no surprise then that these negative emotions can also be felt by our children and there is an increased awareness that childhood can be a pretty full-on existence.

With everything from bullying and a constant presence on social media to parental divorce, kids aren’t necessarily as carefree as you might think.

Even the fear… Read the full story

How to get a free pint of beer in London today thanks to Free Proper Beer

Get down the pub, pronto! (Picture: Getty)

It is pretty rare to get something free of charge, with no strings attached, especially something good like a pint of beer, but today is our lucky day.

If you are in London today (Thursday, 26 April) you will be able to go and claim a free pint at one of over 200 venues across the city.

This is all thanks to the Free Proper Beer campaign who simply state: ‘We’re in the business of giving you free proper beer’.

So here is how to get your hands on 568ml of sweet, sweet beer, gratis…

These powerful images show birth in all its (sometimes shocking) glory

Category: Delivery Image Title: Three Become Four Name: Esther Edith Link: http://www.estheredith.com
Three Become Four / Esther Edith (Picture: Esther Edith Varghese)

We were all birthed by a woman (sorry if you’re reading Sophia the robot), whether that was by c-section or vaginally.

Unless you’ve had a baby or been a birthing partner, however, you’ll never have had access behind the scenes.

It’s preeettty graphic, with a lot of what my untrained self can only call blood and guts.

The 2018 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers image competition has announced their winners, and given the childfree among us an insight into the process that we’d never have got otherwise.

The powerful photos show… Read the full story

Butt-lift Barbie-type doll is set to go on sale in Brazil and people are not happy about it

(Picture: Splash News)

A new Barbie-style doll is about to go on sale in Brazil.

What’s new about her? She’s got a butt-lift.

The plastic doll is set to hit shelves at around £7 and has a bum that in real life would be 40” round – three inches smaller than Kim Kardashian’s.

She’s been created by the Miss Bumbum beauty content, which claims that she has ‘authentic Brazilian curves’.

Miss Bumbum is an annual ‘best bottom’ competition in the country, and the doll comes complete with the yellow and green swimsuit worn by contestants.

But the doll isn’t proving too popular in some quarters, with campaigners saying that she could cause a spike… Read the full story

Lonely millennials are more likely to experience mental illness

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Young people who are lonely are more than twice as likely to experience mental illness than the general population, says a new study published in Psychological Medicine.

Depression and anxiety are the most likely issues, with lonely millennials more than twice as likely to feel depressed, anxious, and attempt suicide.

Researchers looked at the experiences of more than 2,000 same-sex twins born in 1994 and 1995 in England and Wales, surveying them about their experiences of loneliness, mental health, physical health, relationships, and general life experiences, at different stages of their lives.

It found that for every two point increase participants experienced on an eight… Read the full story

You’ll soon be served a really fancy afternoon tea on Virgin Atlantic flights

Virgin Atlantic is announcing a brand new partnership with celebrity chef and master p?tissier Eric Lanlard. Eric has created a series of bespoke afternoon teas for the London Heathrow Clubhouse and for Upper Class, Premium, and Economy cabins on all day flights worldwide.
Well, this looks nice (Picture: Virgin Atlantic)

Airplane meals aren’t most people’s favourite genre of food but that could be set to change with Virgin Atlantic’s new afternoon tea.

The airline has teamed up with master pâtissier and celebrity chef Eric Lanlard to create a bespoke series of afternoon teas.

You’ll soon be able to order them in the Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow Clubhouse, and in Upper Class, Premium and Economy cabins… Read the full story

This blokes’s been photographing his marijuana plants for over 30 years

This Guy's Been Photographing His Marijuana Plants For Over 30 Years Picture: Mel Frank PERMISSION GIVEN TO METRO.CO.UK
(Picture: Mel Frank)

Photographer Mel Frank has been growing cannabis for over 30 years.

He’s a real expert in the field, having even published the first ever manual on weed cultivation, Marijuana Grower’s guide Delux, in 1978.

But his passion and knowledge have gone way beyond the academic; Mel has been snapping his plants in a bid to capture their beauty and to record decades of illegal activity.

His photographs were used as a means to chronicle and promote cannabis botany – illustrating all kinds of books and articles on the subject over Mel’s 40-year career.

‘The images also served as… Read the full story

It’s time to talk about fathers’ postnatal depression

metro illustrations
Women aren’t the only ones who can experience postnatal depression (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There’s no denying a woman’s body is put through the wringer during – and after – pregnancy.

And we have been far more aware of the mental health impact that pregnancy can have on women, particularly postnatal depression, or PND.

The story of a ‘rubbish’ mother: How postnatal depression ruined a year of my life

But one closely related topic that is less often discussed is paternal postnatal depression.

Metro blogger Andy Hill shared his experience with us last year.

However, given that suicide is the biggest killer… Read the full story

Constance Hall explains why her clothing range has a ‘size down’ policy

(Picture: Constance Hall/Facebook)

Go to a handful of different shops and you’ll probably find that you’re a different size at each one – or at least, your regular size fits differently.

Many of us feel inadequate when our regular size doesn’t fit (however body positive you may be).

Which is why mummy blogger Constance Hall, who is currently pregnant with her seventh child, has come up with a ‘size down’ rule for her own clothing brand, Queen.

All that means is that the clothes are sized ‘correctly’ – meaning that for many women, they’ll fit better if they go down a size.

She says that the idea came to her last year when she was… Read the full story

Should you date your best friend? These people say it’s the best way to find love

couple of friends exchanging information with book and cell
There are so many pros (Picture: Getty)

Loyalty, kindness, common interests and a good sense of humour are typical qualities we all look for in a friend.

Coincidentally, they’re the type of qualities that many of us imagine our ideal partner to possess too. So, it’s no surprise that the boundaries can sometimes become blurred.

metro illustrations6 people with a mental health condition on how they found ‘the one’

What happens when a friendship evolves into something more? Is it ever a good idea to pursue a romantic interest with a mate, or is the risk of… Read the full story

Mum is ‘fuming’ after another parent returns the goody bag given out at her kid’s party

(Picture: serenayn/Instagram)

A mum has been left reeling after a parent returned a goody bag given out at her daughter’s birthday party because the contents were ‘too generous’.

The mum took to Mumsnet to vent to other parents.

She says that over the weekend, she’d arranged an action-packed sleepover for her daughter’s 11th birthday.

The night involved pizza, birthday cake, films and painting nails. The prep for the party cost the mum less than £50 – far less than previous parties had cost her in the past.

So she decided to put a little extra effort into the goody bags given to her daughter’s mates when they left the next morning.

‘I didn’t… Read the full story

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