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This is the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw – and it fits on your keyring

We want one of these so bad(Picture: FinalStraw)

Plastic straws are destroying our world, there’s no doubt about it.

However, sometimes it’s necessary to use a straw if you’re disabled, for example. Often it’s simply more convenient, when you have sensitive teeth, or are wearing lipstick.

Many of us already refuse plastic straws in bars, and have our own glass or stainless versions at home, but what happens when you’re out and about?

However, it’s not convenient to take a long straw around with you, especially as it will get dirty in your bag.

This is what makes this invention so exciting – FinalStraw is the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw – and it… Read the full story

If you’re a rugby fan you could win a free wedding on the same day as the royals

(Picture: Dacia)

Royal Wedding fever is in full swing right now, with less than a month to go until the big day.

It might be a bit disheartening to see the lavish plans unfold if you’re planning your own wedding – sausage rolls in the village hall just doesn’t have the same sheen when compared to Windsor Castle.

If you want to have an all-expenses-paid boujee wedding on the same day as Harry and Meghan, however, there’s still a chance.

Dacia are running a competition where rugby league loving couples can win a wedding during the Dacia Magic Weekend at St James’ Park in Newcastle on May 19.

Included in your winning wedding package… Read the full story

Just Eat will cater your wedding for free if you get married on 19 May

(Picture: Just Eat)

If you’re getting married on the same day as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – aka 19 May – then you could be in with a chance to have your wedding catered for free, as Just Eat is on the lookout for a bride and groom-to-be.

Just Eat is on the hunt for a couple who’ll be saying ‘I Do’ on the same day as the royal couple.

They’re offering a £1,000 voucher to use towards a wedding spread, which could include a number of takeaways.

The bride and groom will be able to take their pick from a range of foods, including burgers and… Read the full story

Iconic toys from your childhood could be worth a pretty penny now


Toys that could make you a load of money picture: REX/getty/metro.co.uk

If you grew up believing your favourite childhood toys could be worth something one day, now’s a good time to see how much they could go for.

You may have held on to iconic toys for sentimental reasons or perhaps even out of curiosity to see if they had a lucrative future and now you can see which were worth the wait.

From board games to robotic pets, to legos and even old Rubik’s Cubes; these toys from the 70s, 80s and 90s will fire up the nostalgia and might even have you considering parting with them after all these years.

Here’s what’s worth some money now, according to Sunny.


Mental health and mental illness are not interchangeable terms

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Kim Kardashian wants us to stop throwing ‘the mental health card’ at Kanye just because he’s expressing his opinions.

That may royally tick you off for many reasons.*

*His opinions are actively damaging to people, there’s valid criticism for his tweets among the rude comments, Kim really needs to address the oppressive bareness of her marble-decked home, and so on.

But there’s one little bit of Kim’s request that niggles – especially because Kim’s not the only one making this slip-up: Mental health and mental illness are not interchangeable terms.

Kanye isn’t being accused of having mental health, he’s being accused of having a mental… Read the full story

This car comes with a fancy tea station for a cuppa on the go

The 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is currently running in China, and Mercedes has unveiled a new concept high-end luxury SUV at the event. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV features a spacious interior, and there?s even a bespoke tea set hidden in the car?s console. The car is sleek, cherry red, and aimed at the Chinese market, where the color red symbolizes happiness, luck, and joy.
(Picture: Daimler AG)

Mercedes has released a luxury concept car with a hidden tea-making station.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV was premiered at the Auto China 2018 event in Beijing this week.

The electric vehicle has many swanky features, but the one that caught our… Read the full story

Cutting through the bullsh*t of ‘natural’ ingredients in food and cosmetics

Picture: Getty Cutting through the bullshit of ?natural? ingredients in food and cosmetics
(Picture: Getty)

Pret were forced this week to change their advertising, after getting in trouble for using the word ‘natural’ when referring to their food.

The ASA ruled that since there were artificial additives in some products, they were in danger of misleading their customers.

They’re certainly not the only culprit on the high-street. Every second product has health benefits or comes from some sort of sacred berry from deep in the Amazon.

We’re sick of it, tbh, and want people to know more about these buzzwords being bandied about because – as it turns out – companies can often get… Read the full story

Meet the peanut butter Queenz who have survived domestic abuse to become business women


Peanut butter is an incredible spread.

It tastes delicious, it’s nutritious and, for 15 domestic abuse survivors, it’s giving them the chance of a better life.

The Queenz are based in the Mukuru slum in Nairobi, and they make and sell homemade peanut butter from the factory they started together.

They’re completely financially independent and that’s huge because extreme poverty makes women particularly vulnerable to abuses.

Often, the poorest women have nowhere to turn if they are abused – particularly if their abuser is a husband or close relation. The Mukuru slum in Nairobi, where these women live, has some of the highest rates of violence against women and girls in Kenya.

Just 8.7% of those who are attacked report their case to the police, with most of the women and girls in the slum being too poor to have ‘the power to protect themselves’ (to quote Millicent Fawcett).

The Queenz met through the women survivors’ network Wangu Kanja, which helped them receive… Read the full story

A university has added a closet just for crying to its library

(Picture: @aJackieLarsen)

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a room just for crying, you need to enrol at the University of Utah.

Jackie Larsen recently uploaded a photo of a closet completely dedicated to crying to her Twitter.

The Cry Closet has just been installed in the university’s library.

It’s a small, white closet, which comes with a tall white door and a sign on the front with a number of rules printed on it.

5 IBS sufferers reveal how irritable bowel syndrome affects their working lives

woman lying down
Day-to-day life with IBS can be very hard (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As a life-long sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhoea predominant), I know first hand just how problematic managing your work and social life around this condition can be.

How IBS affects my mental health every day of my life

It can be very embarrassing to talk about or explain to your colleagues and friends.

Often they won’t be able to empathise or even understand how you feel if they have never experienced it themselves.

I found it so difficult to hold down full-time employment that I decided to start… Read the full story

How TfL’s ‘please offer me a seat’ badge helps Claire Eastham deal with her anxiety

(Picture: TfL)

It can be tough to ask for a seat on the Tube when your struggles aren’t immediately obvious.

There’s the squint at your tummy to see if you’re pregnant, the quick judgment of your limbs, and, if you’re unlucky, an accusatory question about why you need to sit down.

Having to explain yourself on public transport, getting into the nitty-gritty of your health, isn’t easy.

That’s why we rejoiced at the sight of TfL’s Priority Seating Week campaign to promote their ‘please offer me a seat’ badge, which focuses on invisible illnesses.

The reaction has been positive, for the most part. But one part of the campaign that’s raised questions is the… Read the full story

How to calculate your BMI and why you’re probably better off just taking a photo


If you want to know a little more about your body composition, there are a number of measurements you can take.

You could step on a set of scales. You could get your fat measured.

Or you could just take your BMI.

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a very crude way of working out whether your weight roughly correlates to your weight – the idea being that the taller you are, the heavier you should be.

How to work out your BMI

You can work out like this:

  • Divide your weight (kg) by your height (m)
  • Then divide that number by your height again

So for me, that’d be 60/1.6 = 37.5/1/6 = 23.4

Normal BMI ranges between 18.5 to 24.9 – anything more or less is deemed to be unhealthy. So I’m *just* in the healthy bracket.

So, should we be using the BMI scale?

As I say, it’s a very crude measurement – it’s literally just an equation that works out… Read the full story

What’s it like to live with inflammatory bowel disease? Five men tell us

(Picture: James Conlon/Elliott Bushell)

Inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic condition which affects more than 300,000 people in the UK.

The two main types of IBD are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two conditions which cause inflammation and ulceration within the digestive system.

While UC causes inflammation of the large bowel and/or rectum, Crohn’s can affect the entire digestive system mouth to anus.

Both conditions can be life-changing and debilitating, and usually come with symptoms including fatigue, weight loss, stomach cramps, diarrhoea or constipation and rectal bleeding.

Both conditions can be controlled with medication, however, often surgery is necessary.

During surgery, a section, or entirety of the part of the digestive system may be removed.

For… Read the full story

New style of contemporary dance welcomes dancers using wheelchairs and crutches

Performers from the Candoco contemporary dance company rehearse their new show in north London on April 13, 2018. Whether in a wheelchair, on crutches or without any disability at all, performers from the Candoco company are giving London audiences a fresh twist on contemporary dance. / AFP PHOTO / Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS / TO GO WITH AFP STORY by ANTOINE POLLEZDANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images
(Picture: AFP/Getty)

Dance isn’t always accessible for everyone, especially those who are injured or disabled.

Candoco is giving London audiences a fresh twist on contemporary dance – its dancers are use wheelchairs and crutches while others are amputees.

It was founded by Celeste Dandeker in 1991 after a fall during a performance… Read the full story

Woman outraged after getting charged extra for having cheese grated on her meal

(Picture: Getty)

These days, the ‘voluntary’ service charge in restaurants feels a little less optional.

Most of the time, the extra 12.5% has already been added to your bill. And that’s fine because you know, the waiting staff often deserve a tip.

But one woman was left outraged after finding that she’d been charged £1.50 for having parmesan cheese grated over her meal.

Rosie French, a food writer, recently visited Ombra, a Venetian-style canal-side bar and restaurant in Hackney.

She chose to have parmesan grated over her tagliatelle dish…but didn’t expect to be charged extra for the privilege.

Sharing a photo of the offending bill, complete with the ‘Parmisan Supplement (sic)’, she wrote: ‘Wasn’t mentioned to us during the awkward,… Read the full story

There’s a really lovely reason ASOS clothes have people’s names

This is the secret meaning behind the name of your ASOS clothes
(Picture: Getty/ASOS/Twitter)

If you have an ASOS addiction, you might have noticed that some of the items you’re frequently adding to your wish list actually have human names – such as Lucy shoes and the Stephanie dress.

Take a scroll through ASOS’s site. You’ll quickly find a bunch of baby name inspiration while you’re looking at tops and jumpers.

But if you thought these names had just occurred out of ASOS’ lack of name inspiration, you were wrong – because there’s actually a pretty cute meaning behind the named clothing.

If you want to avoid the gym rush, avoid working out after work

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

Choosing a quiet time to hit the weights room can be as stressful as trying to lift the weights themselves.

Turn up at peak time and you could find yourself having to spend 45 minutes on the rower or tricep pullies rather than having a bench or a treadmill – and no one wants that.

So what are the key times to avoid, if you want to have an effective workout?

According to wellness technology platform MindBody, the most popular hour to hit the gym is 6-6.59pm.

It surveyed 70,000 UK businesses and 2,000 individuals and found that 7-8pm also being rated as very busy – which may come as a surprise to many of… Read the full story

Dog undergoes amazing transformation after being found with severely matted fur

DREADLOCK DOG - Pooch with one eye that was "one big mat" when it arrived at shelter undergoes incredible transformation
(Picture: Corridor Rescue / SWNS.com)

A dreadlocked dog that was ‘one big mat’ when he was rescued from the streets has undergone a stunning transformation – and is now looking for a home.

Shih-tzu mix Rumor was found in a trucking yard which has become known as the ‘Corridor of Cruelty’ because so many pets are dumped there.

The dog, aged eight or nine, was taken in by Corridor Rescue ‘in bad shape’ health-wise and covered in matted fur that swamped his tiny frame.

New York is getting a museum dedicated to pizza

(Picture: Kate Owen)

New York, home of all wonderful food based things (bagels, doughnuts, hot dogs, the lot) is finally getting the bastion to dining excellence it deserves: A museum entirely dedicated to pizza.

Imaginatively named The Museum of Pizza, the Nameless Network creation will be a popup pizza adventure, running from 13 October to 28 October.

For $35 (£25) visitors can explore pizza inspired immersive rooms, do pizza meditation, visit a pizza beach, marvel at pizza art, and, of course, eat some pizza.

There will also be a mysterious pizza cave, an interactive history of pizza, screenings of films about pizza, and pizza-themed games.

‘And more’, say the creators. ‘And more.’

We can imagine… Read the full story

Lottery winner spends £5,000 on Windsor Castle replica kennel for her dog

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