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8 tips for surviving hot weather with inflammatory bowel disease

IBS/IBD hot weather picture: Ella Byworth/getty/metro.co.uk
(Picture: Ella Byworth/Getty/Metro.co.uk)

For many of us, the summer months are a chance to relax, eat and drink plenty and let our hair down.

There’s no denying the sun can put us in a good mood, but for those of us with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the hot weather can be trickier to handle.

What it’s like to live with a fistula – the IBD problem that no one talks about

There have been a few studies that have linked hot weather to a slightly increased risk of IBD flares – this one for example – but there’s no… Read the full story

Why it’s OK to crave alone time when you’re depressed

woman meditating
Sometimes you just need the time to recharge (Picture: Getty)

Depression is a thread that constantly weaves itself into my daily life.

I’ve become so accustomed to relapse that I almost anticipate it, counting down the days on my calendar, and making mathematical calculations to make a theoretical guess as to when my next episode is likely to occur.

When the down days inevitably come, there’s one thing that I crave more than anything – alone time.

metro illustrations‘Listen to your body’: 5 things you shouldn’t feel guilty about if you have depression

This can be scary for people who don’t know me, because… Read the full story

We need to get rid of the idea that giving a woman oral sex is unmanly

(Picture: WireImage/Metro.co.uk)

I really thought we’d grow out of looking down on men giving women pleasure.

I remember days of guys angrily denying being a bowcat (do people still call each other bowcats?), of boys being called pussies for going down on their girlfriends while their girlfriends were called sluts for giving them head.

There’s long been lingering shame around oral sex. Back in the days when sexual pleasure wasn’t on our radar, and sex was intended purely for reproductive purposes, orally stimulating another person was considered an act of depravity.

It kind of made sense that our collective weirdness around oral popped up in our teens, when we were still figuring out… Read the full story

8 signs that might mean you have bowel disease

Woman holds her stomach
Pain and bloating could indicate a problem (Picture: Ella Byworth)

When it comes to bowel disease, it’s important to recognise the signs rather than ignore them.

7 ways ulcerative colitis can affect your mental health and how to deal with it

Having suffered from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) for the past 12 years, I’ve adapted and learned to live with my illness.

Bowel disease is never pleasant, nor is is something people like to discuss, but pretending it doesn’t exist is the worst thing you can do.

The stigma around going to the toilet and, forgive my directness, poo, means it is… Read the full story

World Naked Gardening Day? I love the idea, but here’s why it terrifies me

World Naked Gardening Day at the Wellington Naturist Club in Wellington, New Zealand. (Picture: MARTY MELVILLE/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s Saturday, it’s bright and sunny – and I’m busy procrastinating.

The reason? We have a patch of garden that really needs a bit of work, and I currently can’t decide whether I should do it with my clothes on or off.

Because the first Saturday in May – as my Twitter feed reminded me this morning – is World Naked Gardening Day, when gardeners around the globe unite in the spirit of being at one with the elements.

And while I’m all in favour of this sort of thing, at least in… Read the full story

Woman left with an infection that made her skin blister after discount microblading goes wrong

Photos capture the incredible moment baby reaches out to touch mum’s face seconds after being born

**MANDATORY BYLINE** PIC FROM Selena Rollason / Caters News - (PICTURED: Selena Rollasons photographs of Stephanie Angelico and the moment her new born baby Olivia reached out and touched her mums face in Brisbane, Australia. PIC TAKEN IN JAN 2018) - This is the incredible moment a baby delivered by caesarean section reached out to touch her mums face just seconds after being born.Professional birth photographer Selena Rollason, 39,captured the instantaneous bond between Stephanie Angelico and daughter Olivia made all the more remarkable by the fact most babies have no sense of where they are in relation to their mother when born. Stephanie, a paediatric nurse, gave birth to Olivia earlier this… <a href=Read the full story

I’m over off the beaten track travel – let’s bring back those all-inclusive tacky beach holidays

Young woman sunbathing on the beach, high angle view.
There’s charm in just lounging by the sea (Picture: Getty)

Here’s a love letter to the all-inclusive tacky beach holiday.

There’s something quite special about you.

And long before Scandi-inspired Airbnbs, you were our original travel bae.

The morning water sports with the holiday rep team’s Mr Motivator, the cheesy hotel entertainment, the lilos that take up the size of the pool, the permanent state of tipsy thanks to the all-inclusive hotel bar and the sheer drama of the fight for the sun loungers at the crack of dawn – there’s no experience quite like you.

5 places… Read the full story

What does CurraNZ do and where can I buy it?

(Picture: Getty)

There’s always a new superfood or supplement that gets people’s attention.

The new kid on the block is CurraNZ, made by Health Currency over in New Zealand (geddit, currants and NZ?).

They’re a blackcurrant supplement that are being used by some people for weight loss and health issues.

(Picture: CurraNZ)

On the website, the company claims that CurraNZ prove ‘multiple health, sports recovery and… Read the full story

Scots are obsessed with Vans’ accidental Irn-Bru trainers

(Picture: ASOS)

Just in case you didn’t know this crucial bit of information: Irn-Bru is a very special beverage for people in Scotland.

Scotland may be the only place where Coca-Cola isn’t the fizzy drink of choice. When the recipe changed there was uproar.

So of course, when Scots spotted some trainers in Irn-Bru’s iconic tones of blue, orange, and white, they were bloody overjoyed.

The trainers are the work of Vans, currently being sold on ASOS for £60.

To be clear, they’re not deliberately Irn-Bru themed (as far as we know, anyway), but have found themselves an accidental hit thanks to their resemblance to… Read the full story

Meghan Markle makeup tutorial: Get her look with these simple steps


Meghan Markle has always nailed it, beauty-wise.

Her hair is spectacular. Her skin glows. Her brows are on point.

When it was announced that she’d be getting married to Prince Harry, Meghan quickly became the country’s obsession, prompting every jacket, dress, or shoe she wore to sell out in minutes as people tried to recreate her look.

The same Meghan effect applies to makeup – who wouldn’t want to look like Meghan Markle?

To help us all look a bit more Markle, we teamed up with makeup artist Hannah… Read the full story

Survivor is campaigning for fertility specialists being involved in cancer treatment

A cancer survivor has shared brave photographs revealing how she was denied the chance to save her fertility, robbing her of her dream to become a mother

At 21 years old, Becki McGuinness was diagnosed with bone cancer of the spine and sacrum.

She underwent six months of chemotherapy and a further six weeks of radiotherapy, and survived.

But after treatment Becki was devastated to learn that she had gone through early menopause, and hadn’t been offered fertility preserving measures.

She’d always dreamed of being a mother, so the loss was devastating – especially as her longstanding medical issues mean she is unable to adopt.

She started Read the full story

The perfect recipe to make the absolute best waffles this weekend

Fresh waffle with berries and whipped cream. (Photo: Getty)

I do love a waffle. Topped with fruit for breakfast or melted chocolate for dessert, waffles are a truly versatile treat.

How to make the ultimate chocolate brownies

All you need is a waffle iron and a great recipe to win some serious brownie (waffle?) points in your house.

If early mornings are tough, you can even make the batter the night before – it should keep in the fridge for up to two days, just give it a light stir before using.

Here is my perfect waffle recipe – it’s simple, foolproof and delicious.

The one thing… Read the full story

From mental health issues to the gender pay gap: why I was scared to have daughters

I try not to wrap my daughters in cotton wool too much (Picture: Daria – Evoke Media Group)

When I first fell pregnant, I hoped and prayed that it was not a girl.

From mental health issues to the gender pay gap: why I was scared to have daughters

Not because boys were better or a son would be in anyway more accepted or carry on the ‘family name’ or any of that, but because I fear for girls growing up in today’s world.

As it happens my first daughter was due on International Women’s Day so I took it as a good sign… Read the full story

4 ways you can help end period poverty among women in the UK

Dead vagina syndrome
Periods should not be a cause of stigma or embarrassment (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

For most people who get periods, they can be a bit of a pain.

Pep Guardiola advises Gareth Southgate to take ONE surprise Man City player to Russia

Having to deal with mood swings, cramps and fatigue while bleeding out of your vagina is not the dream.

But for many people having a period is more than a slight inconvenience.

When you consider that a woman has on average 450 periods in her lifetime and will spend up to £4,800… Read the full story

Why Machu Picchu was a bittersweet end to trekking the Inca Trail


Never before had the famous quote: ‘It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey,’ felt so true.

For the last four days, I had been hiking through stunning Peruvian mountains to reach my destination, the famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Machu Picchu.

6 things you need to know before you go to Peru

But now, sitting on the ground under a make-shift bus shelter, in the dark at 3am, waiting to be allowed onto the final stage of the trek, I didn’t want the journey to end.

It had been such an amazing, challenging and memorable experience just to get to this point that reaching my goal was going to be surprisingly bittersweet.

Photographer’s emotional portraits will make you want to give your grandparents a call


When did you last spend quality time with your grandparents, your parents, or anyone in your life who’s a little older?

It’s probably been a while.

We all know we should hang out with elderly people – not only to help with their loneliness, but to gather all their wisdom – but it tends to slip to the bottom of our priorities, surpassed by the busyness of work and spending time with friends.

Ha My’s photography might give you the nudge you need to pick up the phone and have a chat with the people you keep forgetting about.

The 25-year-old photographer has captured a series of moving portraits of her grandparents, who are in their eighties, to document their positive attitude and willingness to learn.

‘I don’t live near my family anymore,’ Ha My tells Metro.co.uk. ‘That’s what makes me think about my grandparents more. They’re so special.’

People don’t just enjoy being offended, calling out problematic things is necessary

(Picture: Matt Groening/Twitter

It’s not often an animated character finds himself in hot water but recently Apu from the Simpsons has been getting some flack.

And rightly so, the character, full name Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, ticks every stereotype of Indian Americans, corner shop owner, holding traditional values, having a thick Indian accent.

There was nothing intrinsically racist or even problematic with the character, but the problem is that it is the only character shown in the long running cartoon, with no nuances, and nailing every stereotype on the head.

While the chat around Apu is happening, so is a larger conversation about cultural appropriation, from music, hairstyles, to clothes. Brands and high profile… Read the full story

Futuristic hotel will let you stay in massive triangular pods

tetra 4.jpg
(Picture: WSP)

Could this be the future of your hotel room?

Designs for Tetra Hotel show people sleeping in 19-metre high triangular pods.

The hotel looks (and sounds) a bit trippy and sci-fi, but the interiors of each pod are actually pretty snazzy, divided into multiple floors with the bed under a skylight and the shower the next level down. On the third platform there’ll be a sofa, and just beneath it at the bottom of the pod will be a secluded working area with a desk.

It’s tricky to imagine, so pictures really tell the story best.

‘Netflix of fitness apps’: How Fiit could actually replace your gym membership

fiit studio
The future of fitness? (Picture: Fiit)

Boutique gym studios might be popping up everywhere, but that doesn’t change how getting out of bed early enough to make the class is the hardest part.

This is where on-demand fitness app Fiit is hoping to make an impact.

It’s just launched on the Apple App Store into – admittedly – a very crowded market. But I’ve got a feeling this isn’t going to be yet another failed attempt at motivating the masses with ‘DIY’ fitness classes via smart phone.

Fiit sells itself as a new form of interactive exercise ‘set to revolutionise the fitness world’. Yeah, we’ve heard that before.

They could be right… Read the full story

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