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5 things to know before booking the safari of a lifetime in Zambia


When it comes to booking a safari, South Africa, Botswana and Kenya tend to top the popularity lists.

However, despite being less well known, the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia is one the most beautiful places to enjoy a safari.

Located 110 miles from capital Lusaka, the Lower Zambezi is home to some of the continent’s most renowned wildlife species like the African elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and wild dog.

Instagram Photo

Thanks to the untouched nature of the park and the smaller number of safari vehicles, visitors have a better chance of getting up close to all of these animals.

Plus, unlike many of South Africa and Kenya’s national parks, the park is based around the Lower Zambezi river,  meaning you can add hippopotamus and Nile crocodiles to your wildlife checklist.

While there are currently no direct flights to Lusaka from the U.K. – most people travel via Johannesburg – the extra flying time is definitely worth… Read the full story

The next big thing in fashion is completely failing to do up your jeans

(Picture: Farfetch)

Don’t panic if you’re suddenly feeling passé in your skinny jeans – the world of denim-related fashion moves fast.

We’ve had see-through jeans, buttless jeans, jeans that are hardly jeans at all.

And now, the next big thing in jeans fashion is absolutely failing to do them up.

Like, truly, completely failing. The type of failing that would make you think ‘f*** it, I’m going back to bed.’

Imagine yourself at your most tired and bleary-eyed. That’s how you must now do up your trousers, with the zip unzipped and the buttons in the wrong holes.

Inspiration for this trend comes from Y / Project,… Read the full story

Masturbation Month: People share their masturbation routines

(backgrounds have been changed) Credit: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Masturbation Month is upon us, which means two things.

One, you have an excuse to masturbate as much as you please.

Two, we’re going to be chatting about masturbation for the rest of May.

Out of pure nosiness and the desire to get rid of our collective awkwardness around talking about masturbation (loads of us are doing it. There’s no shame in a self-love sesh), we asked a bunch of people their masturbation routines.

Do they light ten candles and play Enya in the background? Are they more of the ‘bash it out quickly in the loos’ type?

Turns out there’s a… Read the full story

Stunning book captures the beauty of wildlife in Africa

Buffaloes, Duba Plains, Okavango Delta, Botswana (Picture: ?? Michael Poliza. All rights reserved. www.michaelpoliza.com)
(Picture: Michael Poliza)

There are so many wonderful bits of the world that we may never be able to see for ourselves – and so many incredible animals we’d never be close enough to appreciate.

That’s why nature books like Africa, by Michael Poliza, are important: They let us get an incredible look at wildlife we’d never otherwise see.

Inside the book are incredible snaps of lions, cheetahs, and giraffes.

To celebrate the book being released in a new pocket edition, take a peek at some of the most incredible images from Michael Poliza’s Africa.

Cheetah cubs, Mombo,… Read the full story

5 things to do when you visit Kingston upon Thames

(Picture: Getty)
Kingston – known for the river, the shops, the food and the history – is well worth a visit (Picture: Getty)

Kingston upon Thames is a beautiful town with a fascinating history.

Originally an island and so much marshland it was later a bustling hub as an inland port, then a key player in the World Wars thanks to the Sopwith factory’s production of autoplanes and later Hawker Harts.

These days, thanks to its riverside restaurants, impressive shops and well-placed parks it provides a breather for city-worn Londoners and weekend breakers alike.

Here’s 5 things to do when you visit Kingston.

Take in a show

The Rose Theatre, built in 2008, is a fantastic space based… Read the full story

Amputee model is proudly showing off her leg to inspire others to embrace their looks

MEET the stunning alternative tattoo model whose battle against bone cancer in her early teens left her with a stiff leg for almost a decade and a half, bravely choosing to have the limb amputated last year. Images show Lisa Scheer, 26, from Duisburg, Germany as a child before she was struck by the crushing news that she had developed bone cancer whilst more recent photos show a very different-looking Lisa, complete with tattoos and piercings, displaying her new-found confidence despite the loss of the bottom half of her right leg. After being diagnosed with bone cancer as a 12-year-old, Lisa underwent two years of gruelling chemotherapy and surgery to fight and… <a href=Read the full story

Why Sacramento should be your next California destination


California is a vast state.

It’s more than three times the size of England, but with only about three quarters of the population, meaning you can find huge swathes of barely inhabited rural areas just a few dozen miles from densely populated cities.

Dad had to have leg amputated after he was bitten by false widow spider

Most tourists will head straight to the hipster heaven San Francisco, be drawn into the glamour of LA, or will avoid the cities altogether in favour of the wineries in Napa Valley or the notoriously beatiful Lake Tahoe.

But you’d be remiss to plan a trip to any of these popular destinations while bypassing Sacramento, which seems to encapsulate all the different facets of California life within one place.

Compared to California’s other main cities, it feels much more authentic and lived in.

It’s accessible by plane, train and car, and it’s much more affordable for a longer stay… Read the full story

You can live in an amazing octagonal weather observatory built by Quakers for £600,000

BNPS.co.uk (01202 558833)?Pic: LillicrapChilcott/BNPS Even Rapunzel wouldn't mind being trapped in this tower... A striking octagonal weather observatory built by Quakers 150 years ago with spectacular 360-degree views has gone on the market for offers over ?600,000. The Observatory Tower in Falmouth, Cornwall, was built on some of the highest ground in the area and from the top floor people can see for miles out to sea and along the Cornish coast. There is also a ?camera obscura? in the observatory deck, effectively turning the room into a pinhole camera and projecting the beautiful panoramic views onto a table. The Grade II listed mostly octagonal-shaped building was renovated in 2011 and rented… <a href=Read the full story

One in eight 26-year-olds are virgins because millennials are scared of intimacy, says new research

Man sleeps as woman in underwear looks on
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Turns out us millennials aren’t as sex-crazed as our Tumblrs* may make us appear.

*C’mon, how many times have variations of ‘choke me, daddy’ been reblogged?

New research from the Next Steps Project has found that millennials are waiting longer to have sex, with one in eight 26-year-olds still virgins.

Researchers from the Department for Education and University College London tracked 16,000 people born in 1989-90 since they were fourteen.

When they interviewed those people in 2016, when the participants were 26, researchers found that one in eight had never had sex.

That’s a significant drop in sexually active young people, considering in… Read the full story

Mentally Yours: Jamie Jewitt says he initially said no to Love Island because of mental health issues


If you’re a fan of Love Island, you’ll know Jamie Jewitt as the hot model who coupled up with Camilla Thurlow.

What you might not realise is that underneath the model looks and cool, calming presence, Jamie has mental health issues he has to battle with.

Jamie struggles with anxiety, especially around the pressure to look perfect on social media.

It’s that anxiety that made him initially turn down Love Island, only agreeing after his friends and family had urged him that a sunny holiday free of work and stress might be a good idea.

‘It was a tough choice to make whether or not to go on the show,’ Jamie told Yvette and Ellen on Metro.co.uk’s weekly podcast, Mentally Yours.

‘I didn’t apply for it. I said no. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, it’s just I wasn’t sure I was in the right headspace to go on a show like that.

‘I’d had my… Read the full story

So, how about some ham and french toast ice cream for breakfast?

(Picture: Windy Brow Farms/Instagram)

For too long, ice cream has been relegated to the pudding part of our diets.

But there’s nothing like a big breakfast bowl of the frozen stuff to kick off a bank holiday heatwave, amirite?

So you may want to take inspiration from the ice cream makers at Windy Brow Farms, a small dairy farm in New Jersey, who have been busy creating an ‘Only in Jersey’ collection of ice creams.

Flavours include ‘local maple syrup, house made challah French toast and caramelised Taylor ham’.

Yep, French toast and ham ice cream – the summer brunch of dreams.

But how do the ice cream makers ensure that you’re not just getting… Read the full story

Don has just eaten his 30,000th Big Mac

(Picture: AP)

For many people, having one Big Mac is enough to satisfy their fast food craving for a couple of days.

But not Don Gorske.

He’s just eaten his 30,000th Big Mac at the same McDonald’s where he got his first ultra-beefy burger in 1972.

‘This one is a biggie for me, something I have been looking forward to,’ Don says.

Something of a local hero in his town, Don, who has OCD, even appeared in the McDonald’s documentary Supersize Me.

But it’s not just eating Big Macs that Don loves – he’s passionate about everything surrounding them too.

‘Save Our Trolls’: how women are taking back the internet from online bullies

metro illustrations
Even constant, low-level trolling can take its toll (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Online trolling is an issue that has become so ‘normal’ that we accept it as a part of our everyday online lives.

BBC Woman’s Hour series Take Back ConTroll shone a light on this through the stories of four women.

Now their experiences have inspired a campaign by creative agency Mother that aims to raise awareness of the impact of online trolls.

However, in some cases, trolling goes beyond thoughtless insults and petty arguments – the stuff we see every day online.

Sometimes, it becomes more personal, more sinister and has more of an impact.

That’s not to belittle the affect that name-calling and… Read the full story

Whisky tastes better when it’s not drunk neat, scientists say

Cropped Image Of Hand Holding Whiskey Glass
(Picture: Getty)

If you’re a neat whisky drinker, you might want to start adding a splash of water to your dram.

Why? Because scientists have concluded that diluted whisky tends to taste better.

Researchers from the Linnaeus University in Sweden have been exploring how the addition of water or ice can affect the spirit’s taste.

Bjorn C G Karlsson and Ran Friedman have been using computer simulation to examine how different concentrations of water in whisky impact on the flavour.

They’ve been looking at the reaction of three main components – water, ethanol and guaiacol (a molecule in whisky which gives the drink its smokey flavour).

Whisky tends to… Read the full story

‘I am now left with very loose skin’: These people tell us why they regret having cosmetic surgery

XX people tell us why they wish they never had cosmetic surgery
It can go very wrong (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

With celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Lauren Goodger going under the knife or getting fillers on the regular, cosmetic surgery has become increasingly prevalent in recent years.

Surprisingly, there’s no legal age restrictions on non-surgical procedures and anyone can set themselves up as a practitioner to inject fillers due to lack of regulation in the industry.

How parents can be there for child struggling with mental health issues5 ways for parents to help their children manage stress

Katie… Read the full story

Hanger is a genuine emotion so it’s time to be more empathetic

Hanger is real, guys (Picture: Ella Byworth/Metro.co.uk)

Anyone who’s ever been on a low-carb, zero-sugar plan will know just how difficult it is to keep a lid on an ever-bubbling volcano of anger.

There’s nothing like feeling hungry to turn even the most rational person into a complete monster.

We all know that ‘hanger’ (a combo of feeling hungry and angry) is real – and now scientists have confirmed the fact.

‘We’ve long recognised that hunger leads to irritability in science,’ Sophie Medlin, a lecturer in nutrition and dietetics from King’s College London, tells Women’s Hour.

‘But the wonderful world of social media has merged the two words for us and… Read the full story

Please appreciate these Burberry-inspired traditional Ghanaian outfits

(Picture: Burberry)

Burberry might be the most iconic of British brands, but it’s recently been on a little adventure around Accra, Ghana.

Earlier this year, British-Ghanaian model Adwoa Aboah and photographer Juergen Teller put together a three-part campaign, taking in London (where was born), NYC (where she currently lives) and Ghana (where her father’s family are from).

‘I tried very hard not to be too emotional about this trip, but it’s so special for everyone to see where the story started,’ she told Vogue.

‘To be in Ghana means coming home.

‘I’ve been able to bring close friends of mine here, and my grandma and my family have had a taste of… Read the full story

The secret breastfeeders: The reasons why some women fear feeding in public

This Bloody Mary is topped with hot dogs, bacon-wrapped shrimp and a whole roast chicken

Is this sent from heaven or hell? (Picture: Instagram/@BloodyMaryObsessed, @cindawg)

Enjoy your Bank Holiday, did you?

If you enjoyed it a little too much last night, you may well be in need of a little something something to take the edge off your hangover.

Bloody Marys have been righting wrongs for decades, but this one takes the biscuit.

The Barn Yard Bloody Mary at Farmer’s Table La Mesa is an absolute monster, weighing a whopping 10 pounds.

The 48 ounce drink contains half a bottle of vodka, so it goes without saying that this is a share situation – the giant cocktail serves four (or more) people.

You get a pitcher of… Read the full story

This company wants to pay you $60,000 to travel the USA and ‘live your best life’

Man with surfboard on beach
He is living his best life, for sure (Picture: Alex Shutin/Unsplash)

An American drinks company wants to send two adventure-loving humans on the trip of a lifetime – and pay them for it.

White Claw Hard Seltzer is looking for two ‘Best Life’ ambassadors, to travel the USA for six months, going on adventures and just generally having a very nice time.

They’re hiring for two positions – one for a man and one for a woman – and you get $60,000 (£44,346) to see you through those six months.

All you have to do is document and share your experiences, and show how you’re living your best life.

Yas kweens.

Read the full story

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