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Let’s talk about menopause support – because it’s not just older women who are affected

Two friends chatting over tea
Menopause affects women of different ages but sometimes, not at all (Picture: Getty)

When I saw the headlines this week, where deputy governor for monetary policy at the Bank of England Ben Broadbent described the UK economy as menopausal, which he subsequently apologised for, it reminded me that there’s still a serious lack of understanding about what menopause is and how it affects a lot of women.

Firstly, let’s cover some facts.

Not all women have or will have symptoms of menopause.

metro illustrationsWhy we should be talking about menopause from a young age

Typically, 20-25% will experience no symptoms at… Read the full story

The internet is doing what it does best, taking the mick out of royal wedding outfits

(Picture: Twitter)

You might’ve been busy awwing at Meghan’s gown as a tearful Harry told her she looked amazing during the royal wedding.

But some people were more busy mulling over what the guests were wearing.

While most of us were gushing at Serena Williams, Joss Stone, and Priyanka Chopra, some took to Twitter to make comparisons between royals, celebs…and well, random items.

Pippa Middleton’s floral number didn’t get any love online. People just couldn’t help but notice that it looked a lot like Arizona’s iced tea.

Adorable schoolkids just recreated the royal wedding and they used Haribo sweets as rings

Virtual reality trampolines, a sweet shack and three-storey waterslides: the classic British cruise ship gets a £70m makeover

Futuristic: The Sky Pad at night on Independence of the Seas (Picture: Royal Caribbean)

Virtual reality bungee trampolining, a puzzle room set in a time machine and glow-in-the-dark laser tag are just some of the exciting new features of Independence of the Seas, one of Britain’s favourite cruise ships, after a £70million makeover.

What’s it like to sail on the world’s biggest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas?

The Sky Pad, Observatorium and Battle For Planet Z have all been added 10 years after the ship was named in Southampton.

Every summer since the christening in 2008, ‘Indy’ – as it is affectionately known… Read the full story

Craig David rocks the boat as new cruise ship Marella Explorer is launched in Mallorca



Star boards: Craig David with the ship (Picture: Marella Cruises)

Craig David led the liveliest party at sea to launch the latest and biggest ship in the Marella Cruises fleet.

Go-kart tracks, zip lines, helicopters and £38,000-a-week suites: exciting features of new cruise ships in 2018

Hundreds of invited guests on board Marella Explorer waved flashing wristbands as the surprise star performed some of his biggest hits, including Fill Me In, 7 Days and I Know You, on deck by the sunshine island of Mallorca.

He said afterwards: ‘I loved surprising the crowd, the atmosphere was electric. With my TS5 Pool Party… Read the full story

Dinner party on Everest: how we broke the world record to have the world’s highest feast


As soon as the Mumm champagne hit our glasses, it started to freeze.

It was -25C, it was snowing and I was wearing an evening gown (courtesy of New York-based Cityzen by Azin).

There was more chattering teeth going on at the dinner table than chatter but we didn’t care because we’d done it: we’d smashed the record for the world’s highest dinner party on Mount Everest at 7,050m.

In total, there were eight of us around the table on April 30 when the sky-high feast took place, all wearing black tie and tucking into a two-Michelin star menu courtesy of Nottingham chef Sat Bains.

Here’s an insight into how the expedition from the Tibetan side of Mount Everest came about and some of the challenges we faced en route…

Bakery changes label for gingerbread man to gingerbread people

(Picture: Getty)

A bakery is now advertising gingerbread men as gingerbread people.

JL Bean bakery in Cleveleys, Lancashire decided to change the label to be more politically correct and it hasn’t gone down well with other customers.

An employee at the bakery told customers that the baked goods were raditionally gender neutral and ought to be advertised as such. No one else seemed to agree though.

One Facebook user wrote online his frustration at the new advertising, saying: ‘Seemingly now you have to call gingerbread men “gingerbread persons” when ordering. As far as I can see there is no law in place for this type of PC nonsense.’

Teen who sleeps up to 20 hours a day has been dubbed the real life sleeping beauty

(Picture: Caters News)

A teenage girl has been dubbed the real life sleeping beauty after spending 20 hours a day asleep.

Emily Rowland suffers from severe epilepsy which causes her to have ‘staring spells’ and fall into a deep sleep for days on end.

Emily was forced to give up school two and a half years ago and she can no longer compete in pageants.

She’s been hospitalised hundreds of times and has not slept alone for the past eight years.

Her mum Brandi is now her full time carer and said it is ‘difficult to put into words’ how scary living with the condition is for her daughter.

Little girl, ready to go to the royal wedding, is heartbroken to find she wasn’t invited

(Picture: Facebook)

Isn’t it the worst feeling ever; you mentally prepare yourself for a super important event and look eagerly towards the big day, only to find out you’re not actually going?

Little Lola Brown knows a thing or two about it as she learned, the day before the royal wedding, that she wasn’t invited.

When she asked when they’d be going to London to pick up the dress, her mum broke the news, to which Lola burst out in tears.

We totally get the feeling, hun.

High end restaurants offering iftar meals this Ramadan, from Dishoom to the Shard

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Iftar is arguably one of the biggest Ramadan highlights for Muslims fasting this month (there are others, but obvs food is uber important).

So, some of the much loved, albeit high end, restaurants are getting into the religious spirit by offering a special menu for iftar when Muslims around the world break their fasts.

After abstaining from food between daylight hours, which can reach upwards of 15 hours if you’re in the UK, Muslims break their fasts at sunset.

Though majority of followers of the Islamic faith prefer to eat at home with their family, there are times they go out together, or with friends, and break their fast outdoors.

So here… Read the full story

Of course someone’s turned the Yanny vs Laurel debate into eyebrow art


When there’s a weird internet trend, there’ll be a weird eyebrow trend to match.

It’s inevitable. Eyebrows are how we process and make sense of the world we live in, apparently.

So while the internet was collectively losing its sh*t over the Yanny vs Laurel debate, one makeup artist was hard at work turning the phenomenon into an eyebrow look.

As you do.

London-based Katie Kelly, who’s no stranger to more out-there eyebrow looks, carefully painted the words ‘yanny’ and ‘laurel’ over each eye in… Read the full story

Please stop telling me I ‘don’t need’ to take my mental health medication

(Illustration: Ella Byworth)
(Illustration: Ella Byworth)

As someone who relies heavily on medication for multiple mental illness diagnoses, one of the most frustrating things I hear is: ‘But, do you really need them?’

Sometimes this comes from a place of genuine concern. Other times it’s a chance for those who don’t understand mental illness to further dismiss it.

And, if you fit into the latter, I’m asking you – please stop.

You may not realise how offensive you’re being, but it’s truly frustrating for someone who takes medication to be made to feel as though they’re taking pills for fun, rather than out of a need.

It’s really upsetting to receive disapproving looks from someone… Read the full story

Those trendy plastic shoes are a cesspit of bacteria and fungus

(Picture: Raymond Hall/GC Images)

You’re not alone if those clear Yeezy boots the Kardashians keep wearing make you feel a bit icky.

The sweat. The window to your toes. The warmth of having your feet wrapped in plastic wrap on a sunny day.

But it turns out that those shoes are a little unsettling for reasons beyond sweat and showing everyone your slightly dodgy little toenail.

Those plastic shoes, worn without socks (as is the trend, apparently) are cesspits of bacteria and fungus, providing an area ripe for a lovely skin infection.

Dr Rock Positano, director of the Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, told Read the full story

Be warned: If you’re wearing ripped jeans, you need to load up on suncream

(Picture: Getty)

There are two things you need to be prepared for when you wear ripped jeans.

First off: If your dad sees you, he will make a joke about you having fallen down. Classic dad joke.

Secondly: Dodgy tanlines. Or, if you’re unlucky, some rather sore patches of suncream.

People are learning that ripped jeans can provide quite the risk when it comes to sun damage.

It’s easy to forget, but think about it logically: Those rips and missing bits are sections of skin that aren’t shielded from the sun by denim. That means they can burn.

To hammer this important message home, please learn from people who have learned about the risks of… Read the full story

Upgrade your shower by hanging up some eucalyptus

Make your shower Pinterest-friendly by tying some herbs to your nozzl;e
(Pictures: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

In our quest to make our lives as close to our Pinterest boards as humanly possible, we’ll try every life hack that comes our way.

Especially if it involves minimal effort on our part.

So naturally we’re already off to track down some bunches of eucalyptus – because according to Pinterest researchers, the next big thing is tying eucalyptus to your shower head.

Saves for the idea have increased by 317% this year, and it’s not just because a bunch of herbs makes your grotty tiling look a bit nicer.

Instagram Photo

The idea is… Read the full story

34,000 people have signed a petition to change ‘no’ to ‘yesn’t’

Change no to yesn't
(Picture: Getty)

More than 34,000 people have signed a petition to change the word ‘no’ in the English language to ‘yesn’t’.

Why? We truly have no idea.

We also aren’t sure what will actually happen when the target of 35,000 signatures are smashed.

Surely we can’t actually change ‘no’ to ‘yesn’t’, especially when we aren’t entirely sure what yesn’t means – is it yes? Is it no? Is it an inbetween ‘meh’ equivalent?

The petition was started by Ewan Maloney a few days ago, and it’s already received more than 34,000 signatures – so clearly there are people who understand what the f*** is going on.

So, let’s figure this out.

According to… Read the full story

‘Believing me is crucial’: How to talk to somebody who is hearing voices

'Believing me is crucial': How to talk to somebody who is hearing voices Mental health friends man woman mouth speaking help Muffnn for Metro.co.uk
Belief and acknowledgement are so important (Picture: Muffinn for Metro.co.uk)

There’s definitely a lack of understanding around the idea of psychosis. In fact, the word itself carries certain connotations that many find unhelpful and often distressing.

But we don’t have to use that word if it doesn’t seem to fit with the experience that friends or loved ones are going through. And we don’t have to feel frightened if somebody we know is hearing voices.

(Illustration: Ella Byworth)Please… Read the full story

Masturbation Month: 11 unexpected benefits of masturbating

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)th p

We highly doubt you need a nudge from us to have a wank session.

But if you do happen to be weighing up the pros and cons of masturbating, we’re here to help with a whole load of pros.

It’s masturbation month, after all. Why not schedule in a self-love sesh and enjoy all the benefits beyond the joy of an orgasm?

Here are just a few of the added benefits you can look forward to.

1. Masturbating can get rid of a headache

An orgasm sends pain-reducing hormones around the body while increasing blood flow, getting rid of headaches and even, in some cases migraines.

Loads more fun… Read the full story

7 ways to cope with endometriosis pain

1.5 million women in the UK have endometriosis (Picture: Getty)

Around 1.5million women in the UK suffer from endometriosis and I am one of them.

Woman undergoes hysterectomy after endometriosis was dismissed for mental illness

While symptoms differ slightly from person to person, for me it means at least two to three days of intense stomach pain before and during my period, then a few days of less severe cramps during ovulation.

I finally got diagnosed with endometriosis in 2011 after two years of abdominal pains that were getting increasingly worse.

Finally, I saw a consultant who immediately booked me in for a laparoscopy to remove… Read the full story

‘I felt like I was in a bubble’: Why men pay to see a dominatrix

'I felt like I was in a bubble': Why men pay to see a dominatrix Dominatrix sex man woman domination kink whip tease fetish Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk
Caption: ‘I felt like I was in a bubble’: Why men pay to see a dominatrix
Dominatrix sex man woman domination kink whip tease fetish
Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk

In the world of sex work, I’ve often thought that one of the most convenient services one can purchase is that of a dominatrix.

You can spell out your fantasy, check they have the right equipment, have a great time exploring with someone who ‘knows their shit’,… Read the full story

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