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We want all the things from Rihanna’s Beach, Please! Fenty summer collection

(Picture: Fenty)

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty shows no signs of slowing and we are here for it all.

After the Body Lava highlighters and a Fairy Bomb shimmer powder dropped last month, now comes the second summer release; Beach, Please!

Following the release of the glitter-drenched body shimmers, this collection continues exploring shimmering, reflective hues that are perfect for the summer heat. It also includes the Killawatt highlighter.

And it’s bound to go down a treat after celebs and bloggers previously marvelled at Fenty’s 40-shade foundation, regal highlighters and set of matte lipsticks.

Instagram Photo

The Killawatt Foil Freestyle is part of the three new highlighters with dual palettes which… Read the full story

Aldi is selling a bouncy castle for £69.99

(Picture: Aldi)

Summer means BBQs. And for kids, it means paddling pools, ice lollies, and bouncy castles.

So it’s a good thing then that Aldi has just slashed its prices on a bouncy building.

If you’re planning a summer event, the supermarket has just hooked you up.

It’s offering bouncy castles for £69.99, by far one of the cheapest inflatables around.

Aldi’s Superbuys do sell out fast so you might want to hurry if you’re planning to nab one for yourself. You can pre-order online or head on down to your local Aldi store as early as possible where it will be available from 27 May.

What it’s like to try exposure therapy for health anxiety

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

My health anxiety was triggered by a traumatic event which took place back in 2015, when I underwent a major surgery to have my large bowel removed due to ulcerative colitis, following a year’s worth of misdiagnosis from medical professionals.

Ever since, I have had an extreme phobia of falling critically ill again.

A lot of people with health anxiety panic about illnesses that can lead to death, such as heart disorders and cancer.

I don’t worry about death. I know that it’s inevitable that we’re all going to die someday. What I panic about is falling ill, being misdiagnosed and then undergoing a serious, life-altering surgery as… Read the full story

9 reasons why you should go to Gocek on Turkey’s Dalaman coast this summer

A day on the waves in Gocek, Turkey (Picture: Deborah Arthurs)
A day on the waves in Gocek, Dalaman, Turkey (Picture: Deborah Arthurs)

You may well have been to Turkey multiple times, yet never have heard of Gocek.

It’s not exactly a secret – it’s a popular sailing destination and is very much on the Turkish Riviera yacht route – but you won’t find Gocek in the average bucket-and-spade holiday brochure.

Nestled in a cove on Turkey’s Dalaman coast – aka the Turkish Riviera or the Turquoise Coast – its unique location offers a peaceful yet bustling harbour lined with yachts and fishing boats, a pleasant, buzzy little town and a protected… Read the full story

Women share their experiences of what happened when they rejected men

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

There’s been a lot in the news recently about incels and redistribution of sex.

Incel = involuntarily celibate, and redistribution of sex = women being expected to shag these blokes so they don’t get all murdery about not getting laid.

Completely understandably, many people took exception to this. It takes away womens’ bodily autonomy and puts the blame on them when men become violent.

It’s also sparked a debate, with plenty of guys steaming in to say #NotAllMen and get defensive about incels being the only ones who become aggressive when rejected.

Elizabeth May retaliated to this by asking the women of Twitter what their experiences had been after rejecting men.

Read the full story

How to feel confident running outside

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

So you’ve started running.

You still won’t call yourself a ‘runner’, but you do occasionally run. You’ve got proper trainers and everything.

There’s just one thing holding you back from being a full-on running type: You only run on treadmills, never outdoors.

It’s an easy trap to fall into. The treadmill in the gym feels safe and comfortable. You know you can stop at any point without having to find your way home, you can watch TV as you jog, and there’s no chance of bumping into someone you know out on the street while you’re tomato red and dripping in sweat.

But running outside is a wonderful… Read the full story

Cocktail glasses at the ready: Mango flavoured Malibu is here

(Picture: Malibu)

Everyone knows that Malibu is the perfect base for any fruity cocktail.

So you can only imagine how excited we were when we heard mango flavoured Malibu was a thing.

The mango rum comes in a signature Malibu bottle with a red top, and has a ‘mouthwatering mango and creamy coconut’ taste which Malibu says is ‘so fresh that the good times will be flowing before you know it’.

We’re all for it.

Little girl writes the most adorable motivational note to herself ahead of SATs

(Picture: Simon Breakell/Twitter, Getty)

We can all take inspiration from a 10-year-old girl who wrote herself a motivational note the morning of her SATs.

Little Aoife’s dad, Simon Breakell, from London, shared the note to Twitter, explaining that his daughter had left the note to herself last night explaining ‘her coping strategies for her SATs exams’.

He wrote: ‘I think we can all taken inspiration from the last line: “Be happy, like a unicorn eating doughnuts on a rainbow”.’

The inspirational note read: ‘Today you have SATs, your only test is reading. If you get up, you can have eggs on toast so you have some brain food.

‘You only have two more days… Read the full story

Take a trip to Tesco with this ASOS shopping basket handbag

(Picture: ASOS)

If carrying a standard shopping basket around Tesco just isn’t fashionable enough for you, don’t worry, because ASOS has got your back.

The fashion retailer has just started selling new handbags designed to look like shopping baskets.

The New Shopping Basket Cage bags are miniature square shopping cage baskets which come with a built-in fabric purse and a hoop handle.

The bags are pretty tiny, so don’t expect to be able to fit a week’s shop in them, but they’re perfect for anyone needing to grab some eggs and a miniature carton of milk.

What is ruby chocolate and how is it made?

Ruby chocolate is the fourth species of chocolate, following on from milk, dark and white (Picture: Getty)

It’s pretty well-established that eating involves not just taste, but all five of the senses.

All the new items coming to Greggs this summer

Chocolate-lovers in particular know the importance of a good whiff, the cracking sound of a piece being broken off, and the texture of the chocolate as it’s held in one’s hand (not for very long).

And now chocolate is about to bamboozle the fifth sense – sight – by turning a shocking, bubblegum pink.

Yes, a fourth species of chocolate has been invented, and it’s very… Read the full story

Jet Airways now offers direct flights from Manchester to Mumbai

(Picture: Getty)

India should be on everyone’s bucket lists, for its culture, food, yoga, sunshine and a billion other things.

You might even go and ‘find yourself’ if you head to the Asian subcontinent.

Good thing then that Jet Airways has decided to offer direct routes from Manchester to Mumbai for the first time, and for a very tempting price too.

It marks the airline’s first direct service from the UK to India and once you’ve headed to Mumbai, you can pretty much connect to any of India’s other sizzling hotspots like Kolkata, Delhi, Goa, or Jaipur .

So how much will it cost, we hear you ask. Return journeys start from £400 in economy… Read the full story

A love letter to the vibrator that finally gave me an orgasm at 26

(Credit: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

For Masturbation Month, I’m appreciating the sex toy that changed my life.

I didn’t have an orgasm until I was 26. This means that I spent the first 11 years after becoming sexually active without cumming. Not even once.

For me, and I assume many other women, sex was a performance. It was about viewing myself through the other person’s eyes to make sure I was putting on the best possible show.

Mentally I’d be comparing myself to porn performers, Kelly Brook, Victoria’s Secret angels or Jennifer Lawrence.

I’d spend the experience worrying about the size of my stomach, breasts and thighs, or whether I was making a weird face. I’d force… Read the full story

The company that made THAT royal wedding swimsuit have sent a special gift to Harry and Meghan

(Picture: Bags of Love)

Harry and Meghan asked for no presents after the royal wedding, instead requesting that people donate to one of their chosen charities.

The company behind the infamous swimsuits that had Schofe in tears of laughter on This Morning, however, have defied that.

They’ve made some personalised presents for Harry and Meghan to love and cherish on their honeymoon.

Instead of the standard swimsuit, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex can mix and match with a bikini and swimming trunk combo.

Odds-on favourite for the honeymoon is Namibia, which is the perfect climate for these beach garments.

12 people reveal the weirdest things they’ve been asked to do in the bedroom

illustration showing three pairs of feet at the end of a bed with clothes discarded around them
Three’s company (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

As you know, I think sex is disgusting.

To that end, if I *have* to do it, I make sure it’s so boring it puts the ‘nil’ in vanilla. (Did that work?)

illustration showing three pairs of feet at the end of a bed with clothes discarded around themGood Sex Bad Sex podcast: How do you have a threesome?

Quick in and out and then I’m back to naming my socks.

But I am alone in this. Seems… Read the full story

Having more sex might improve your memory

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Don’t do it! XX people share their horrifying and cautionary stories of sex with their ex (Bibi Lynch)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Having lots of sex has lots of benefits – it can be a stress buster, fend off illness, make you popular with your lover, lots of things.

It might even help you boost your memory when you’re middle-aged and struggling to remember where you put your keys and/or wallet.

Research shows that sexually active couples perform better on memory tests in comparison to their loveless peers.

Kissing, touching, and doing the deed were seen as positive signs and indicator of a good, healthy memory. But you’ve got to do… Read the full story

Over a quarter of UK millennials are up for dating someone much older

(Picture: Andrew Goodman/Getty Images)

Is it a need for financial support due to the rising cost of living, the burden of student debt and the lack of secure jobs, or just because experience is downright sexy?

Whatever the answer, more than a quarter British millennials are looking to date silver foxes and vixens, according to a survey by the dating app Badoo.

Following in the footsteps of Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, the survey reveals that 26% of 18-24 year olds are actively seeking someone over the age of 35.

Of all the women interviewed, 29% said they had dated someone at least 10 years older. 12% of the dating app users have… Read the full story

What the inside of Virgin Voyages’ first cruise ship looks like


Because Virgin wanted to dominate land, sea, and air, it came up with Virgin Voyages.

Richard Branson’s brainchild teased holidaymakers last year when it revealed that the company’s first cruise ship will set sail on the high seas in three years.

Although the ship is not going to be ready till 2020, costing them £543m, the folks at Virgin wanted to give a sneak peek of what cruisers can expect.

And, unsurprisingly, it’s pretty lit.

Woman gets stuck behind 94 tractors while going into labour

(Picture: Amy Fisher/BPM Media)

Imagine going into labour early. And then imagine going into labour early and getting stuck behind a tractor on your way to the hospital.

Wait, it gets worse.

Imagine going into labour early and getting stuck behind nearly one hundred tractors.

Does anything sound more frustrating?

Amy Fisher, 31, wasn’t due to give birth until 2 June but began having painful contractions three minutes apart on 20 May.

Read the full story

Baby has rare condition which gives her hair like Albert Einstein

(Picture: SWNS)

17-month-old Taylor McGowan is just one of a handful of children around the world with the ultra-rare condition Uncombable Hair Syndrome – a condition that means her hair is impossible to tame.

It causes her bright white hair to stand on end despite efforts by her parents Cara and Tom McGowan – who both have straight brown hair – to brush and style it.

The adorable tot attracts crowds wherever she goes and former mental health worker Cara, 32, says she is stopped ‘nine or ten times’ on a trip to the shops.

While most people are friendly, Cara says she has been accused of bleaching Taylor’s messy mane and asked… Read the full story

Naked cleaning’s dark underworld of ‘masturbating’, ‘fondling’ and pressuring young women into sex


‘I will need you to undress at the interview. Is that ok? I know it sounds a bit silly, but we will need to roleplay a bit.’

John is letting me know the interview process for being taken on as a cleaner by Bare Domestic, a Peterborough based cleaning agency which offers the services of naked female cleaners.

From £20-an-hour upwards, clients can book women to clean their house topless, in lingerie or entirely naked.

The number one rule, according to Bare Domestic’s website is ‘do not ask for or expect sexual services from your cleaner’.

This is reiterated on the site’s FAQ page which includes the question: ‘Can I ask for extras?’ to which there is the following response: ‘No, please don’t. Our ladies are not escorts and will be very offended if you ask.’

Responding to my undercover query about working as a naked cleaner however, John tells me about an additional service that’s offered to clients. It’s called the ‘Nude… Read the full story

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