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Campaigners and TV stars strip off in Soho to promote body positivity

(Picture: Jonathan Donovan)

All bodies are beach bodies.

And a group of body positive campaigners have come together to remind us of that fact.

Women of all shapes and sizes including blogger Natalie Lee and Stonewall Young Campaigner of the Year, Ellen Jones, marched through Soho in their bikinis yesterday to show that everyone, regardless of size or weight, should feel confident whatever they’re wearing.

The flash mob was coordinated by writer and activist Natasha Devon MBE and Stephen Bell, co-creator of Portrait Positive, an exhibition of photographs shot by Rankin showing models with physical differences.

It’ll be launching at the National Portrait Gallery later this year.

Debate rages online after a father criticises woman who called his toddler ‘gorgeous’

Crackington Haven
(Picture: Getty)

A father has sparked controversy for calling out a stranger who called his young daughter ‘gorgeous’.

The stranger in question shared her experience on the popular parenting website Mumsnet, and the incident has divided opinion.

She explained that she was approached by a man carrying a toddler while standing in the street with her own nine-month-old baby.

The man’s daughter asked to see her baby and after that, the woman greeted the toddler, saying: ‘Hello lovely, aren’t you gorgeous?’.

The child’s father was not impressed. He responded with a stern look and said: ‘Oh no don’t tell her that, language like that ruins them’.

On Mumsnet, the woman explained that she… Read the full story

Fake dog testicles are the secret to this man’s millions

(Picture: CNBC)

Inventors do tend to be misunderstood, particularly when their creations are in the early stages.

For Gregg Miller – the inventor of Neuticles – that was certainly the case.

Neuticles are prosthetic dog testicles that help ‘hesitant pet owners overcome the trauma of altering and allow their beloved pet to retain its natural look and self esteem.’

In an interview with CNBC that has got the world wondering more than ever about pet balls, Gregg tells how he started out with a journalism degree from Missouri State university and went into advertising.

‘Healthier’ ice cream might actually be more fattening than regular tubs

(Picture: catsncakex/Instagram)

Just when we all thought we were being given a free ride to eat as much ice cream as possible, it turns out that ‘healthy’ tubs aren’t actually that good for us after all.

In an attempt to adapt to our obsession with #wellness, low-fat ice cream varieties have been flooding the market.

They promise the same hit of flavour and satisfaction but with far fewer calories and much less fat.

Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria light caramel cookie ice cream is only 128 calories per 100ml. Who wouldn’t be on that hype?

Well, it turns out that these wonderful tubs might be too good to be true.

Low-fat products don’t lead… Read the full story

Marvel characters are becoming super popular baby names

(Picture: Rex/Shuttertsock, Marvel Studios)

Was there a film this year that wasn’t a superhero film?

People can’t get enough of the genre – so much so that some of the characters have even grown in popularity among soon-to-be parents.

While you might not exactly be welcoming young T’Challa or Hulk into the world, some other names across the Marvel Universe have been a major hit when it comes to baby names.

The U.S. Social Security Administration released data from the 1,000 most popular baby names in 2017 showing the new superhero additions.


Parker: 1,487 female, 4,346 male

Men share what it’s like to make a woman squirt

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

‘I was going down on a one night stand when suddenly there was this spray, like a hosepipe.

‘It went in my mouth and over my face. I was rather confused, trying to swallow, before I realised what was going on.’

Toby*, a lawyer in his 30s, is talking about his experience of oral sex with a woman who ejaculated. He adds: ‘neither of us said anything, and she didn’t seem surprised, so I got the feeling it often happened.’

Medical experts are yet to agree on what female ejaculation actually is, with some claiming it’s simply urine.

But Toby, who’s had a woman squirt it in his face, disagrees, explaining: ‘it… Read the full story

This restaurant has come up with the perfect food for cheese-loving goths

(Credit: Willie Brothers/Instagram)

Two lifestyles that don’t really go are that of a goth and that of a cheese connoisseur.

To solve this first-world problem, Willie Brothers Steak House in Jakarta have created a cheese as black as your soul. Finally, your aesthetic can match your palette.

Willie Brothers is famed for their cheese and meat combos, particularly the raclette steak toppers.

Their truffle raclette launch went down a storm with customers, so they’ve gone one step weirder with a jet-black cheese.

Missguided is partnering with Love Island to style all the islanders for big nights

Missguided to partner with Love Island
(Picture: Missguided/Metro.co.uk)

We only have a week or so left before our lives are taken over, yet again, by Love Island.

Gasping at surprise entries (into the villa. Get your mind out of the gutter), predicting who will end up together, and trying to work out who’s being real and who’s just mugging everyone off. It’s great fun.

One underrated bit of the Love Island love-fest is the fashion.

The girls on the show always have top-notch swimwear and sexed up dresses, making us head to Google the second we spot ’em so we can steal the same look for our holiday.

Now, that process of spotting and… Read the full story

Man gloriously fails at getting Fenty highlighter for his wife

(Picture: Facebook/Charlema Webb)

We’ve all come across a man who knows jack all about makeup. Some have a better idea than others at least.

Charlema Webb, from Oakland, California, realised that husband Vincent is absolutely clueless when it comes to cosmetics.

That’s because when she asked for a Fenty highlighter and brush for their anniversary, Vincent didn’t quite get what she meant.

So he bought her a hairbrush…and stationery highlighters, as in the things you use at school.

But because Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is kind and supreme, they’re giving away the product to Charlema.

‘Mother of Daughters’ Clemmie Hooper quite Instagram after child exploitation claims

(Picture: Clemmie Hopper)

We can’t show you her profile (because it’s gone, duh) but take our word for it, Clemmie Hooper was a big deal when it came to being an Insta mum.

The 33-year-old midwife and mum-of-four behind the Instagram account Mother of Daughters gained quite the respectable following, amassing 470,000 followers.

Along with her husband Simon – who has an even more impressive 845,000 followers on his account Father of Daughters, Clemmie regularly posted sponsored pictures featuring their children.

But after one user on Mumsnet accused her of being exploitative, she got rid of the entire account.

A cheese and gin night is landing in London

Hispanic woman spreading cheese on bread
(Picture: Getty Images/Blend Images)

Wine and cheese nights are so 2017.

On 4 June, cheese and gin are coming together in a holy partnership to celebrate National Cheese Day. For fans of delicious dairy products and the crisp taste of a G&T, this event is not to be missed.

The evening will involve a number of gin tastings, where each spirit is paired with a cheese that complements its flavour. All the cheese is presented courtesy of Jarlsberg.

Hosted by food blog So Wrong It’s Nom, the London Cocktail Club event features gins and cheeses from the UK and Europe, a three course tasting menu and special talks… Read the full story

Performance anxiety is stopping us from reaching our #fitnessgoals and we need to crush it

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

Most people are incredibly stressed the day before a big race.

Is your kit ready? Hell, is your body ready?

Whether it’s your first of 10th time, slight anxiety is completely normal.

But when you’re actually known for being *into fitness*, that anxiety can reach a whole new level.

If you don’t get a cracking time, does that mean that you’re rubbish as your job as a fitness trainer or writer? Does it mean that actually, you’re just a #allthegearnoidea poser?

As the fitness world keeps on growing and more of us get involved with it, the pressure to perform is increasing.

After all, you wouldn’t want to have a dentist who had… Read the full story

Avon’s £16 Eva Mendes perfume is voted Britain’s best, beating YSL, Gucci, and Chanel

(Picture: Avon/Getty)

Avon’s £16 perfume has beaten the fanciest scents like Yves Saint Lauren, Gucci, and Chanel to take the top spot for the UK’s best perfume.

Good news for us skint folk who enjoy smelling nice but can’t be arsed spending a gazillion pounds on a 35ml bottle of perfume.

Avon’s Eve Duet won the Reader’s Choice For Women with ELLE UK at the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards 2018 (yes, this is a real thing).

The spray has been endorsed by Hollywood A-lister Eva Mendes and shifts a bottle every minute.

Watch these LGBTQ flags become bulletproof in anti-violence protest


International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia may be over but its significance is always necessary.

With violence against LGBTQ members on the rise, especially in the U.S, we still need to work harder to make safe spaces for those who are subject to prejudices as a result of their sexuality and gender.

To commemorate the violence against the group and ensure we don’t forget, Pride Shield created… Read the full story

Meet Cocoa, the Yorkshire terrier whose tongue constantly hangs out of her mouth

PICS BY LINDA FACCI / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Here is cute Cocoa showing her amusing and unfortunately tongue problem, it constantly hangs out due to neglect) - A rescued peculiar pooch who lives life permanently pulling a SILLY FACE due to her tongue constantly sticking out gets her very own mini-me replica. Cocoa, a six-year-old Yorkshire terrier, is regularly confused for being forever thirsty, pulling a funny expression and more, due to her ailment. It was caused by neglect that left all her teeth rotten, needing all to be pulled out apart from two, while at her previous home, believed to be on a puppy mill in California. She was adopted… <a href=Read the full story

Someone’s made a Bop It! themed sex toy

There's a bopit sex toy
This is the real Bop It! (Picture: Getty/Amazon)

You all remember Bop It!, right?

You know, that game your one friend had at their house that you’d convince yourself you were brilliant at, only to be left yelling ‘I DID twist it’ in the face of humiliating defeat.

Well, some lovely people have decided to take that hit of nostalgia and good clean fun and turn it into a sex toy.

The Flick N Jerk is a Bop It! style sex toy featuring a butt plug, a 12 inch dildo, a vibrator, and a stroker (a male masturbator, basically).

No, it is not in anyway affiliated with the real Bop… Read the full story

10 tips for choosing your wedding cake

Now to the fun part – cake tasting (Picture: Getty)

You’ve got your venue, your photographer, your florist, your outfit – now onto the good stuff: the cake.

13 tips for doing your wedding invitations

Sure, most of your guests will manage to miss the cutting of the cake and half of it will somehow go uneaten, but if you’re not excited by cake them there’s something wrong with you.

Especially as the cake doesn’t even have to be made out of cake. It can be cheese, a stack of pancakes, a heap of fruit, basically anything you want.

So here’s how to go about choosing… Read the full story

Photos share the journey of AI sex robots from steel skeletons to the bedroom

epa06758664 (07/24) Box filled with dolls heads waiting to be assembled in sex dolls factory in Dongguan, Guandong Province, China, 24 April 2018. Shenzhen Atall Intelligent Robot Technology is one of China's leading companies for robots equipped with AI (artificial intelligence). Among the company???s various AI robot products, its best-selling is an AI sex robot named Emma. The multi-functional machine is linked to the internet and Android operating system and features high stimulation capabilities. Sex robots have soft and elastic skin made of modified thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) material, with less oil content and no smell. Its temperature adjustment is set to 37 C to resemble a human's. Safety issues are managed with… <a href=Read the full story

Following the Marks & Spencer store closure announcement, here’s why we need to save the British high street

Is the British high street under threat? (Picture: Getty)

The news that Marks & Spencer is to close more than 100 stores over the next four years has solidified concerns that the high street’s place as Britain’s retail hub is under threat.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that the decision had been made in part due to the rise of online sales and decline of in-store purchases. This is the primary contribution to the decline of the high street overall.

I myself am guilty of favouring online shopping. The convenience of browsing through my favourite fashion websites in between work, especially after being inundated with online discount codes, is a temptation that… Read the full story

The work perks people would like to make their jobs better

woman sleeping at desk
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

What work perks would your dream job have?

Puppies in the office? A magical tunnel straight from your bed to your desk? Unlimited snacks?

It turns out most of us are a bit more realistic and responsible in our work-related wishes, as a new Lyreco survey of 2,000 office workers found that the majority would like flexible working hours, a nice desk, and staff discounts.

British workers would also like company holidays away, having their birthday off, and being able to make personal calls at work.

Guys, making phone calls really isn’t that exciting. Dream bigger.

Top 20 things British workers… Read the full story

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