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People are selling Topshop’s sell-out £46 dress for double the price on eBay

(Picture: Topshop)

Summer dress fanatics have been going so crazy for a sell-out Topshop release that they’ve started paying double for it on eBay.

Topshop has re-launched its Cutabout Stripe Ruffle Midi Dress numerous times, after it’s sold out with each restock.

The yellow and white pinstripe dress is made of polyester and features a plunging neckline, a wrap-style waistline and puffy short sleeves.

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An ice cream parlour is selling ketchup, mushy peas and Marmite ice cream

(Picture: National News and Pictures)

A seaside ice cream parlour has launched a range of new controversial flavours which they hope will be the ‘taste of the summer’ – including ketchup and mushy peas.

Ice cream maker Nejmi Hassan admits that his unusual flavours (include Marmite)are an ‘acquired taste’, but he thinks they’ll be a big hit.

We’re not so sure.

The flavours are being sold at his parlour Makcari’s, in Herne Bay, Kent.

The royal wedding served bowl food and it’s all over Instagram but what is it?

What is bowl food? The self explanatory trend that even the royals had during the wedding
(Picture: PA/@veena.supramaniam/@naturalrawc/@reishunger/@blendbros)

Bowl food is exactly what it sounds like; food in a bowl.

We’re not sure what the craze is all about, but it seems to be all over Instagram.

And it might have something to do with the royal wedding – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did serve bowl food, after all, when they tied the knot.

Their royal lunch included pea and mint risotto, chicken fricassee and a slow-roasted pork belly, served with apple compote and crackling.

So what exactly is bowl food and where has it come from?

How to get kids into running


A few weeks ago, it was found that running or walking a mile every day leads to ‘significant improvements’ in children’s health.

The problem is that while small kids might be happy running around all over the place, the older they get, the less inclined they may be to so.

Cast your mind back to your own halcyon school days. At seven you might have been running up hill and down dale but by high school, the only thing you were running for was the bus (and even then many teens seem too lacklustre to do that), away from bullies, or after the netball during PE.

My own running career began at about 12.

My dad has gone running every day since he was at university (he still runs about three miles before going swimming today, aged 70) and when I was about 13, he started to get me to run with him down to collect the papers.

Every morning at around… Read the full story

A Tutti Frutti flavoured gin is here just in time for summer

This Tutti Frutti Gin Will Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth
(Picture: Tavistock Hospitality)

Summer is coming, which means G&T season is nearly here, and we can’t wait to be sat in a beer garden every evening sipping back our favourite boozy beverage.

When it comes to gin, we all have our own preferences – some prefer the bitter taste, while others like to add fruit to something a little sweeter.

If you fit into the latter, you’ll be happy to know there’s a new gin on the market which is said to taste like a ‘distilled fruit smoothie’.

The limited edition Tutti Frutti Rarity Gin, which costs £34.95, is distilled with hand-peeled, chopped and… Read the full story

An adorable pug with no eyes has her very own guide dog

(Picture: Mercury Press)

An adorable pug who has no eyes gets to run around without any problems thanks to having her very own guide dog.

Nine-year-old Rosie was born with just one eye but had it surgically removed in 2015 due to having a permanently blocked tear duct.

The blind pup, who was rescued by Jadie Cooley when she was one-and-a-half, bounced back just one day after her surgery – going on walks and navigating furniture with the help of her furry friend Diesel.

Now Rosie always stays close to 13-year-old eurasier Diesel who was also rescued by Jadie when he was nine years old.

The pugalier, a pug and Cavalier King Charles spaniel… Read the full story

Adorable old man learns to style wife’s hair after a stroke left her unable to do so

(Picture: Getty)

Get ready to be hit right in the feels. This story involves a cute old couple, a stroke, and learning a new skill.

The Foundry Salon in Texas were the ones to share the story with the world after an adorable couple walked into their establishment, looking for some products.

Andrew and Theresa from San Antonio, who boast an impressive 45-year marriage, came in so they could buy products to style Theresa’s hair.

After she suffered a stroke 18 years ago, she became unable to do it herself, so Andrew took her to The Foundry to buy all the things needed to recreate the look at home.

When one of the stylists spotted the… Read the full story

Loads of dogs raced at the first ever Corgi Nationals in California and it was beautiful

Ru, doggies, run (Picture: Mark Ralston, AFP/Getty)

We’re not really here for making animals race *cough* Grand National *cough* but when it involves cute Corgis having a quick dash because they want to?

That’s allowed.

The first ever annual SoCal Corgi Nationals happened yesterday (27 May) and a lot of Corgis looked like they had a lot of fun.

Dogs and their owners flocked to Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California, a race track normally reserved for horses, but yesterday? Yesterday it played host to a whole heap of fluffy butts.

As well as a 17 heat race, the event involved Corgi-centric vendors, food and drink stands, and carnival rides – all the makings… Read the full story

Thousands have signed a petition to bring back Turkey Twizzlers

(Picture: Photolibrary RM/Metro.co.uk)

If you were at school in the nineties and early noughties, you’ll know that there were few joys more pure then tucking into a plate of Turkey Twizzlers, potato smilies, and beans – ideally followed by chocolate sponge with chocolate custard.

You’ll also hate Jamie Oliver with a burning passion, as he fought to get that joy snatched away from us.

First they were banned from school meals and then, over time, Bernard Matthews stopped making Turkey Twizzlers entirely (they do still make turkey dinosaurs though, thankfully).

Damn you, Jamie Oliver, and your need to prioritise children’s health over delicious lunchtime meals.

There have been murmurings of rage ever since then… Read the full story

The prosecco hype might finally be dying down

(Picture: Getty/Morrisons)

Good news for any other wine-haters who are entirely fed up of the prosecco trend (*raises hand*): The hype around prosecco might finally be dying down.

Sales of sparkling wine are still on the up, but they’re increasing at a slower rate than in previous years, according to new research from accountancy group UHY Hacker Young.

35.8 million gallons of sparkling wine were sold last year, which is an increase of 5% on the year before.

That might sound like the trend’s going nowhere, but that’s actually the smallest year-on-year increase since 2011. So that may mean that prosecco has finally reached its peak and is ready to go into a… Read the full story

What is smart casual? 6 tips for men and women’s outfits to help you nail the dress code

metro illustrations
A smart casual nightmare (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

Is there any phrase more chilling than ‘smart casual’?

Picture the scene: you’re scanning the invite, getting excited about the event when – bam – there it is: ‘Smart casual dress code’ hidden at the bottom.

What does is even mean?

Men’s smart casual is, arguably, easier – it’s smart shoes and no tie, right?

How smart is too smart. Are trainers OK? No, but we’ll get to that.

When it comes to women’s smart casual, more questions abound.

Flats or heels? Bare shoulders or covered? Should I wear a hat?

Take a deep breath, try not to panic.

We’ve come up with six, handy ideas for both men… Read the full story

Are fried eggs actually any good for you?

(Picture: Getty)

What is a proper English breakfast without a couple of eggs done sunny-side up?

Fried eggs are what this country has been built on; prince or pauper, that heady mix of runny yolk, crispy white and a good dose of oil is just so satisfying.

But are fried eggs any good for you, or does sizzling them in a pan negate any eggy benefits?

Eggs are packed full of protein, vitamins D (helps with absorption of other minerals and calcium), A (promotes healthy skin and bones), B2 (important for growth and repair) and B12 (aids cognitive function), as well as folate and iodine (helps maintain a steady metabolism).

And although they’ve long been… Read the full story

These are the UK’s most hated items of clothing

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There are certain items of clothing we know everyone hates, but we wear them anyway – because they’re comfy or because we like them and don’t care what anyone thinks.

A pair of jeans that are so ripped they’re falling apart. A T-shirt with a truly ridiculous slogan on the front. Those weird barefoot trainers.

Trying to dress for everyone else’s preferences will only end with frustration and misery – it’s much better to just wear whatever you fancy.

So if your current outfit has multiple counts on YouGov’s list of the UK’s most-hated clothes, don’t panic.

But if you are dressing for other people’s approval, you might want to avoid… Read the full story

This girl’s open letter to Theresa May about period poverty is incredible

This girl's open letter to Theresa May about period poverty is incredible
Amira George started the #FreePeriods campaign (Pictures: PA/Getty)

Period poverty affects people here in the UK as well as across the world.

Having access to sanitary products like tampons and pads is something many of us take for granted. However, for some people, those things aren’t a given.

Going to school or work knowing you might bleed through your bottoms at any time, or having to fashion makeshift protection from wads of toilet paper: This is the reality for people, and it’s harrowing to think about.

Amika George is the founder of the #FreePeriods campaign.

They’re campaigning to get the government to give… Read the full story

Orphaned kitten is adopted by a dog who lost her entire litter

Junior (kitten) and Amira (dog) (Picture: @TheAleppoCatMan/Facebook)
(Picture: @TheAleppoCatMan/Facebook)

Losing your entire litter must be devasting.

But one bereaved dog is getting a second shot at motherhood…this time, looking after a tiny kitten.

Mohammad Alaa Jaleel, AKA The Cat Man of Aleppo, has been providing refuge for cats left behind because of the war in Syria for some time.

His house is home to about 80 cats at the moment, and has just become the setting for an unlikely pairing between a dog and kitten who both found themselves alone in the world.

Mohammad recently came across a street dog and began to start taking care of her.

On discovering that she… Read the full story

What’s James Bond Island like? We visit Phang-Nga Bay National Park in Phuket


There’s such a thing as James Bond Island?

Indeed, there is. For the uninitiated, James Bond Island is situated in Phang-Nga Bay National Park, in Phuket, Thailand.

The cast and crew from the James Bond franchise went there to film scenes for the 1974 movie, The Man With The Golden Gun.

But is there much to do on the island other than stand back to back in the iconic pistols-at-dawn pose?

The truth is: not really. But you don’t visit James Bond Island to go down the James Bond log flume or be driven around in an Aston Martin DB5, only to… Read the full story

People share their horror stories from meeting their partner’s parents for the first time

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Don’t do it! XX people share their horrifying and cautionary stories of sex with their ex (Bibi Lynch)
‘Darling, I’m just returning that…Oh.’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a bit of a sticky situation when we meet our partner’s parents for the first time.

***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST *** 'XX people reveal their most embarrassing sex stories' (Sam Ramsden)3 people reveal their most embarrassing sex stories

Knowing they know you’ve most likely been sleeping with their son or daughter is just a little bit awkward, isn’t it?

But have you ever been caught having sex? Found… Read the full story

You really don’t need to cut out bread to lose weight

(Picture: Getty)

If you’re about to embark on the whole ‘no carbs before Marbs’ hype ahead of your summer jollies, just stop for a moment.

You’re about to commit to 12 breadless weeks.

You like bread. Bread is a great, worthy food source that has been a staple of European diet since day dot.

Is cutting it out really going to help you shred a load of fat before you board your flight (not that you need to slim down for summer etc.)?

Well…yes and no.

Bread is pretty nutrient dense, containing around 75 calories per slice.

So if you spend your days eating multiple slices of toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and possibly some bready… Read the full story

These real-life proposal stories prove that any proposal can be perfect

Not all proposals are planned – and even when they are, they don’t always go right (Picture: Getty)

There’s a lot of pressure on marriage proposals.

How much to spend and what to look for in a diamond engagement ring

We’re bombarded with photos and stories of the perfect proposal, usually in a glamorous location, planned to within an inch of their life.

But proposals are very personal, and they’re different for everyone. Often, even when they go a bit wrong, they end up being perfect for that couple.

Here are some real-life proposals, from the low-key to the elaborate, planned to spontaneous, and they… Read the full story

Chewing gum while walking might help men lose weight

(Picture: Getty)

Chewing gum might not be the most nutritious of habits but according to a new study, chowing down on a packet of gum while walking could help men to burn more calories.

Published in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, researchers from Tokyo’s Waseda University say that chewing and walking increases heart rates of both men and women.

They divided 46 volunteers aged between 21 and 69 into two groups.

One group chewed two different sizes of gum while walking for 15 minutes at a normal pace. The second group also walked for 15 minutes but swallowed a powder containing the same ingredients as the gum (which didn’t require… Read the full story

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