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Experts identify seven common password mistakes you’re probably guilty of

(Picture: Shutterstock/ Ella Byworth)

If you needed a nudge to change that rubbish, easily guessed password you’ve been using since your teens, here it is: Please, for the sake of your own tech-related security, change your password. Now.

If that warning didn’t work, and you’re still convinced that your password is a work of genius, pay close attention to this new study.

The reality is that you’re probably making at least one of the six mistakes identified by a study by a researcher at Virginia Tech and Dashlane.

Researchers analysed 6.1 million passwords gathered by Gang Wang, sourced from personal data that has been previously been leaked, and found the same common… Read the full story

The life of a digital nomad can sometimes be kind of rubbish – here’s why

Not every moment is as idyllic as curated photos suggest (Picture: IronHeart/Getty)

Picture the scene: mojito in hand, toes in sand, gazing out at a cerulean sea.

You take in a breath of the salty air, and then return your gaze to the laptop screen staring blankly at you.

Time to get back to work.

This can be a working reality.

Digital nomads are people who can work from anywhere around the world, provided they have a reasonable internet connection.

Any country, any time, any place.

I’ve been one of those people.

It sounds fabulous, and fantastical, and it certainly can be. But here’s why, sometimes, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

You can never totally… Read the full story

7 great things to do in Malta – from music festivals to island hopping


Malta has long been one of Europe’s finest gems thanks to its history, culture and architecture.

What’s James Bond Island like? We visit Phang-Nga Bay National Park in Phuket

The small archipelago, which is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, continues to be a hit with UK travellers.

The Maltese islands tick a lot of boxes as first off you’re guaranteed 300 days of sunshine and there is no need for Google translation as the main language in Malta is English.

Plus it’s only a three-hour flight away, perfect for a short break.

If you love the sun, Malta is a great… Read the full story

Woman orders bodysuit, receives outfit for Mr Tickle

(Picture: Mercury Press)

Another day, another impossible body standard for women.

This time around we’re being told our arms are too bloody short. Unless your hands graze your knees, fashion is not for you, pals.

That’s the message Laura Palmer, 26, received when she was sent a bodysuit with sleeves suitable only for Mr Tickle (you know, the Mr Men character with extremely long arms).

Laura had ordered the size 8 floral bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing on 21 May, in time for her birthday night out.

She was a little confused when she opened the package and found that the bodysuit’s sleeves drowned her arms and reached to below her knees.

Thankfully, rather than… Read the full story

Meet Aaron Philip, the trans, disabled model shaking up the fashion industry


It started with a tweet.

‘Honestly when I get scouted/discovered by a modeling agency it’s OVER for y’all,’ wrote Aaron. ‘By y’all I mean the WORLD!

‘It’s real inclusivity/diversity hours folks, get into it!’

That tweet, along with two photos of Aaron in her wheelchair, quickly racked up more than 24,000 retweets and 89,000 likes.

That was back in November. Now, Aaron’s appeared in ASOS magazine, posed in H&M’s pride collection, and has been featured by everyone from Paper Magazine to Them.

Basically, she’s taking over the fashion world.

That’s a big deal, because Aaron (pronounced A-ron) Philip is not the standard model we’re so used to seeing.

She’s 17 years old, she identifies as a non-binary transgender girl and gender non-conforming femme (her… Read the full story

You can buy teeny-tiny bondage equipment for your dolls

METROGRAB - TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION Credit: Etsy/BdsmFan Source: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/509464313/doll-bdsm-bar-doll-bdsm-furniture-doll?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=bdsm%20miniature&ref=sr_gallery-1-16
(Picture: Etsy/BdsmFan)

You know how you can not realise you need something and then suddenly be like ‘that was what my world needed?’ 

Well we’re pretty sure these aren’t going to be that. But they’re still kind of amazing.

People on Etsy (the place where all the amazing, utterly mad things happen) are making bondage gear for dolls. Teeny, tiny bondage gear.

This isn’t just a little pair of handcuffs either. These are beautifully crafted, designed, genuinely amazing BDSM equipment that if it were full size would be sold at Coco de Mer and cost hundreds of quid.

Read the full story

Photographer captures blissed out cats in moments of ‘catisfaction’

catisfaction photo series
(Picture: Marianna Zampieri)

When it comes to photographing cats, Marianna Zampieri knows her stuff.

A self-taught photographer, she’s spent years photographing cats at work and capturing brides with their feline friends on their wedding days.

All that time spent with kitties means she knows what makes them tick – which is why she’s able to capture those moments when cats are experiencing pure happiness.

Or, as Marianna calls it, moments of ‘catisfaction’.

‘I like to call myself a catographer because in almost six years I only took photos of cats,’ Marianna tells Metro.co.uk.

‘During these years I met a huge number of amazing cats,… Read the full story

There’s a cheese theme park in South Korea

Credit: Facebook/koreatourismmanila
(Picture: Facebook/koreatourismmanila)

Fromage fans, gather round and get out your holiday planning notes (everyone has those, right?).

Over in South Korea, in the small county of Imsil, there’s a 32-acre cheese themed amusement park. That’s right – a theme park entirely dedicated to cheese.

If the location seems strange to you, there’s a reason – cheese hasn’t been popular historically in South Korea, and only really entered into South Korean’s diets in the last few decades.

The Imsel Cheese Theme Park, opened in 2004, is a celebration of the country’s relatively new love of the good dairy stuff.

How taking antidepressants can affect your dreams

(Picture: Getty)

On the lengthy list of side-effects that may occur due to taking antidepressants, having slightly weirder dreams likely isn’t the top of your concerns.

Us depressed people tend to be more bothered by shakes, weight gain, and suicidal thoughts.

But as you adjust to taking medication, the bothersome side-effects fade away, and you find the right medication for you, you’ll start to notice some of the curious differences.

For me, taking fluoxetine has made my skin and lips incredibly dry, it’s meant I can’t drink booze without feeling urgently sleepy, and my dreams are a load more intense.

None of these are issues that outweigh the benefits of taking… Read the full story

Mental illness doesn’t excuse treating people badly

Why imposter syndrome makes me feel like I'm faking my mental illness Mental health depression sad cry woman mask fake pills illness sick Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Mental illness is not an excuse to be a horrible person.

Sometimes, people say things when they’re angry. Sometimes they say things that are really mean and hurtful and can upset people.

A lot of times, that can be due to a struggle with a mental illness.

But repeating hurtful choices is just that – a choice. A nasty pattern of behaviour is not something that should be allowed simply because someone has a mental illness.

Blaming bad behaviour on… Read the full story

Plus-size model is getting loads of attention for looking like Meghan Markle

(Picture: Instagram/theericalauren)

Ever since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced, the world has been obsessed with Meghan Markle.

The royal wedding pushed that obsession to new heights. Everyone wanted to dress like Meghan, have their makeup like Meghan, or be as in love as Meghan and Prince Harry are.

Even the most cynical among us got a little emotional seeing the way the royal couple looked at each other.

All the hype has meant that anyone with even the loosest relation to Meghan Markle has been the centre of attention, whether it’s someone who did her hair once or a model she met at a party and took a picture… Read the full story

Nando’s launches new Fresco Burger topped with crushed avocado

nando's fresco burger
Look, it’s a new Nando’s burger. Looks nice, huh? (Picture: Nando’s)

Nando’s is launching a fresh new burger, and now it officially feels like summer.

Because what screams ‘it’s a new season, pals’ louder than a menu getting a new seasonal item?

You know, other than the scent of BBQs on your way home, the sudden onslaught of hayfever, and profusely sweating on public transport.

The new addition to the Nando’s menu is called the Fresco Burger.

As you’d probably expect, it’s a chicken burger. Nestled inside a Portuguese roll there’s a PERi-PERi chicken fillet with pickled cucumber and rocket.

Oh, and there’s a ~millennial~ touch with some crushed avocado thrown in there… Read the full story

Päntsdrunk is the new Scandi trend making hanging out alone in your underwear cool

(Picture: Daniella Birtley/Metro.co.uk)

We love a lifestyle trend – especially if it’s a way to make our regular lazy activities sound cooler.

Hygge was our way to justify staying snuggled up in blankets drinking hot chocolate all day. Fjaka gives us an excuse to do absolutely nothing. Invited on a night out? Sorry, we’re all about còsagach right now.

And now, finally, we have a new lifestyle trend that suits our weekend plans perfectly. And it’s Scandi, which makes it ten times cooler.

Päntsdrunk is exactly what it sounds like: Drinking booze while in your underwear.

If that sounds familiar (and not just because that’s… Read the full story

How I went vegan without turning into the hippie stereotype

(Picture: Lucas Armitage)

It’s fair to say the majority of people think the typical vegan spends their days walking around barefoot, wearing hippie harem pants on a scrawny emaciated frame, spending several hours squeezing hundreds of almonds to make some milk alternative for their morning matcha latte sipped while meditating.

That’s not me, not one bit.

Yes, I am a vegan but you won’t find me in a silken harems any time soon, or ever.

I’m more likely to be found in sharp tailoring sipping a sauv blanc’ in a vegan bar or having a burger and a beer in my favourite vegan eatery.

I’m part of a new wave of vegans destroying the… Read the full story

This company wants to pay you £500 to test hot tubs

Lay-Z-Spa hot tub on a beach
(Picture: Lay-Z-Spa)

Applications are now open to become a hot tub company’s ‘hot tubologist’.

Lay-Z-Spa are hiring a tester for ‘the nation’s bestselling hot tub’, who will become the star of the company’s social media channels.

Of course, you can’t pay your bills with online exposure, so you’ll also get £500 and your very own Lay-Z-Spa Miami tub, plus accessories.

What the hell is a Lay-Z-Spa, though?

It’s the world’s first premium inflatable hot tub, which you can inflate, deflate and pack away when you don’t feel like having a hot tub taking up your entire tiny balcony.

Or, er, take to the beach or the edge of a cliff,… Read the full story

Hug Your Cat Day: Do cats actually like being hugged?

(Picture: Getty)

In case you don’t have this written in capitals in your planner, a reminder: Today is National Hug a Cat Day.

It’s an easy day to celebrate. You just need to give your cat a hug.

If you don’t have a cat, you can borrow someone else’s.

But before you get cuddly, there’s a big question that needs answering: Do cats even like being hugged? Will they just put up with it to please us lonely humans? When we hug our cats in a loving embrace, do they secretly resent us?

The idea that our cats may not even like a cuddle is a little heartbreaking, so we chatted to an expert to find… Read the full story

Wedding bashing is bitter and tacky – leave it out

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I’m not sure when it became cool to be rude about a nice party that you’ve been invited to by someone who considers you a friend, but wedding bashing is definitely a thing.

And I’m sick of it.

On Mumsnet you can’t go a single day without a thread about a ‘selfish’ bride who has dared to get married on a Friday, or at the other end of the country.

From the way people complain about weddings, you’d think that they were compulsory cross country runs barefoot in the snow, rather than a day where you get fed, given drinks and get to celebrate someone’s love.

‘They’re so… Read the full story

Sky Mobile is offering thousands of free return flights to top spots in Europe

(Picture: Getty / Sky Mobile)

A free holiday has to be among the best things to receive for free.

The folks at Sky Mobile know that obviously as they’re giving away thousands of free return flights to over 30 of the most popular places in Europe, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Greece.

The phone company has teamed up with Lastminute.com and created a bespoke search engine to allow customers to browse and book their trip this summer.

So what do you have to do to bag one?

To be eligible for a trip, you have to buy a mobile phone or tablet with the company or simply upgrade.

And if you don’t fancy… Read the full story

Puppy with Swimmers Syndrome learns how to run and it’s adorable


Pup with Swimmer Syndrome learns to run
(Picture: Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter [FAAS])
Starfish was just 10 weeks old when she was abandoned in a box on the beach.

A stranger discovered her and took her into Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) in Alameda, California, where they discovered the pup couldn’t walk, as her legs kept splaying outwards.

A vet said the pup’s back was crushed and she had flattened organs, advising euthanasia as the only option.

As they were about to make the decision to put her down, staff decided to get a second opinion and another vet diagnosed Swimmers Pup Syndrome.

It’s a puzzling, genetic condition, where a dog’s… Read the full story

These are the things that are considered ‘cool’ in 2018, apparently

Top 30 things considered to be cool in 2018
(Picture: Getty/Instagram/Shutterstock)

How does one become ‘cool’?

Asking for a friend, obviously. I’m extremely cool.

For a long time, the markers of a cool person were simple: A leather jacket and a bad attitude.

Now things are a little different, at least according to a poll of 2,000 adults by YooMoo.

Of those 2,000 people in the UK, one in ten said rain macs are now cooler than leather jackets (but bear in mind that means the other 90% still think leather jackets are cooler… which they are), and being charitable is considered more worthy of cool points than being a bad boy.

Other things that are… Read the full story

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