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Can a marriage survive if you realise your spouse is actually quite stupid?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Imagine if you married someone, had kids with them and the realised one day, much to your dismay, that the person in question was actually so lack in intelligence that he’d make Love Island look like a MENSA gathering.

The woman in question, whose username we’ve chosen not to share with respect for her privacy, wrote:

‘I’ve been with my H for 9 years now. When I met him he was really immature, we both were I guess, we were both well known big drinkers at uni.

‘When we had our daughter we had a lot of bumps in the road regarding him carrying on drinking… Read the full story

Gemma Atkinson’s new gym gear is here

Gemma Atkinson gym range
(Picture: Instagram @glouiseatkinson)

If Gemma Atkinson is your fitspo then you’re in luck because now you can dress like her too.

The actress turned radio presenter turned fitness guru, who was also a star on Strictly Come Dancing (she’s a busy girl), has now launched her own gym gear.

GA, Gemma’s debut range, includes leggings, workout tops, and cover-ups, and they all look pretty rad. Oh, and she says she’s personally worn every item and trained with them so you know you’re getting the good stuff.

What is it about fit celebs, looking all cool and toned in exercise getup, that fills us with the sudden desire to shuffle… Read the full story

Adding Vegemite to your smoothie is a thing now

Vegemite Boost smoothie
Would you drink it? (Picture: Boost)

A juice bar in Australia has started selling Vegemite smoothies.

Boost has launched a Vegemite Boost smoothie featuring Vegemite, banana, dates, chocolate powder, milk, vanilla yoghurt and ice.

The kids at Pedestrian have tried it and they say it’s ‘surprisingly tasty’. If they like it, we’re down.

The store is selling it as part of its limited edition ‘Australian Milk Bar’ range, where they’ve turned some fave Aussie foods into drinks.

The range also includes a cookies and creme, and a rocky road smoothie.

Girl shocked to find the shorts she ordered online look like they’ve been mauled by a bear

(Picture: Caters News)

We’ve all ordered something online to realise it doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

But this is on another level.

Lucy Kearney, 18, placed an order on Pretty Little Thing for some summer outfits for her family holiday to Malaga, Spain. Among those outfits were a pair of plain white shorts.

But when those shorts turned up, they didn’t seem so plain. They were covered in rips, tearing across the crotch and bum area.

Lucy was confused, but thanks to all the extreme cut-out and ripped denim going around, briefly considered that the mauled by a bear look was intended to be trendy.

‘Initially I thought… Read the full story

Fancy a pitstop trip to the US? Try Cleveland, Ohio for breweries, rock’n’roll and street art


If you’re looking for a short break to the US, forget New York or Los Angeles. There’s too much to do and see, and they are sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

Cleveland, Ohio, on the other hand, is the perfect city if you fancy a quick getaway filled with food, culture, art and beer.

And the best part? Midwestern hospitality.

If you thought folks down south were nice then wait until you’ve made a visit to the Buckeye state (a nickname that comes from the number of Buckeye trees growing there).

Credit: Destination Cleveland
Home of the Cavaliers, which LeBron James plays for (Picture: Destination Cleveland)

Cleveland’s biggest claim to fame might… Read the full story

These nails have nails and it’s freaking us out

Claw nails by Nail Sunny, inspired by Cardi B's Met Gala 2018 outfit
Nails on nails (Picture: Instagram/nail_sunny)

Would you just look at that claw-tastic little nails?

The fake nails are crafted with three fingers coming off each, giving you the wearer extra hands on their hands.

The pink fingers extend from a pearlescent white nail, and each digit features a red nail.

Nails on nails – that’s nail art inception.

They’re made by Russian nail salon, Nail Sunny, who have gained millions of followers from their creative and might extra nail art.

Applying the nails

Instagram Photo

Stag & vixen sex is super popular – what is it and how is it different from cuckolding?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We know that cuckolding is a popular fetish.

In the past we’ve told you all about the predilection for being humiliated by watching your partner having sex with someone else.

Cuckolding is even the second most popular porn search term on the internet (after ‘youth’).

But now there’s another sex craze, referred to as ‘stags and vixens’, which also involves watching your partner have sex with another person. Generally speaking that’s a female partner having sex with other men.

So how are they different?

Well in cuckolding, the person watching (voyer) is being humiliated. Often it’ll be a younger, more conventionally attractive or better endowed man who is… Read the full story

How to get rid of your awful garlic breath

Close-Up Portrait Of Hungry Man Eating Cheese Garlic Bread In Restaurant
Garlic bread is delicious (Picture: Getty)

Garlic bread might be the most genius invention since, well, sliced bread, but it doesn’t always leave the best aftertaste.

All garlic-based foods tend to leave a bit of a stench on your breath.

Why do the things you love hurt you the most?

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean we have to give up garlic bread entirely.

If you are planning to get a side of garlic bread with your lasagne or garlic is a frequent staple in your soups, sauces, or roasts, there’s are a few tips you might need to refresh your breath.

At least for your date’s… Read the full story

Topshop’s polka dot dress is unavailable but here’s where you can get equally gorgeous ones

Caption: Mix Spotted Midi Dress (Picture: Topshop; amelia_copeman/Instagram)
(Picture: Topshop; amelia_copeman/Instagram)

In case you missed it, Topshop launched a dreamy summer polka dot dress, and it’s so popular it’s been out of stock three times.

The silky white dress with a v-neck front and back, and two polka-dot prints meshed together, has been popular with beauty and fashion bloggers all over Instagram.

Topshop’s £49 clashing prints and ruffle frock might be all the rage, but it’s also unavailable (again).

So here’s where you can get some alternatives and rock the style all summer.

Instagram Photo


Boutique Emm polka dot midi skater dress, Read the full story

The latest good looking person to go viral in Pakistan is a man chopping watermelon

(Picture: jiah_ali/Instagram/ Twitter)

You might remember Arshad Khan, the chaiwala (tea-seller) serving some serious looks in blue who went viral for, well, being so damn good looking.

He was snapped by photographer Jiah Ali a few years ago when the picture circulated all over the world, with people gushing over Arshad’s blue eyes and piercing look.

Well, he’s just been replaced by the ‘tarbooz wala’ meaning watermelon seller, who was pictured in Karachi last week.

The watermelon seller’s looks have sent people into a frenzy, blushing over his looks and comparing him to his tea-selling counterpart.

Look at these very good dogs catching frisbees at a competition

Look at them go (Picture: AP, AFP/Getty)

Dogs love to catch things.

Balls, frisbees, fleas – gotta catch ’em all.

Yesterday (3 June), lots of dogs and humans gathered together in Germany for a dog frisbee throwing competition.

The Disc Dog Challenge took place in Erftstadt and saw around 60 participants from seven different countries competing in the qualifying tournament to win a place in the world championships.

Each human throws up to seven frisbees, which their furry friend has to catch.

The following images are from the ‘freestyle’ round, which is set to music.

So. Much. Fun.

Hounds were flying high to catch discs thrown by their owners

Challenge your mates to a duel on this buckin’ bronco pool float

Need (Picure: B&M, Getty)

The majority of human beings don’t own a pool, but that doesn’t stop our obsession with pool floats.

There’s something about inflatables that bring so much joy to kids and adults alike.

There are so many different types to choose from, including ones you can lounge on and ones you can ride on.

This new buckin’ bronco float falls in the latter category and screams, “Fun”.

Picture the scene – you’ve got two floats. You and your friend lock eye contact from opposite ends of the pool.

Dramatic Western music starts to play as you both slip into the pool and mount your steads, trying to manoeuvre your way to the… Read the full story

Emoji vibrator, anyone?

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Have you ever climaxed and found yourself thinking ‘that was great, but I think I’d have enjoyed it more if my vibrator had an emoji on it?’ 

Us too. Every time.

Luckily, the wait is over. No longer will you have to have an emoji-less wank. Never again will you require a plain, unadored sex toy to get you off. From now on, it’s all emoji, all the time.

Why you should go to Gocek on Turkey’s Dalaman coast this summer

A day on the waves in Gocek, Turkey (Picture: Deborah Arthurs)
A day on the waves in Gocek, Dalaman, Turkey (Picture: Deborah Arthurs)

You may well have been to Turkey multiple times, yet never have heard of Gocek.

It’s not exactly a secret – it’s a popular sailing destination and is very much on the Turkish Riviera yacht route – but you won’t find Gocek in the average bucket-and-spade holiday brochure.

Nestled in a cove on Turkey’s Dalaman coast – aka the Turkish Riviera or the Turquoise Coast – its unique location offers a peaceful yet bustling harbour lined with yachts and fishing boats, a pleasant, buzzy little town and a protected… Read the full story

Woman shares selfie after wetting herself to show reality of life with a spinal cord injury

(Picture: Emma Carey/Instagram)

Emma Carey shared a powerful picture on her Instagram but you might just miss the point if you don’t look close enough.

In the bathroom mirror selfie, Emma is wearing a pair of wet denim shorts.

That’s because a spinal cord injury has left her with a bowel and bladder incontinence which means she can only hold about 100ml liquids before she wets herself.

In a skydiving accident when her parachute failed to open, Emma, from Queensland, Australia, fell 14,000ft from a helicopter and landed on her stomach, breaking her spine and shattering her pelvis.

Slowly, with a lot of hard work, Emma was able to walk again.

But her body is still… Read the full story

Mao Chow vegan Chinese now serves deviled eggs, sashimi and caviar

Vegan deviled eggs at vegan Chinese Mao Chow
Vegan deviled eggs and caviar (Picture: Mao Chow)

Back in January, vegan Chinese restaurant Mao Chow took up residence at Pamela in Dalston.

They cooked up a small but delicious menu of ‘inauthentic Chinese food, plant-based’, including a vegan boiled egg.

Mao Chow has now moved from Pamela back to Behind This Wall in Hackney, where it used to run as a pop-up.

A new menu accompanies the move and it features even more exciting things, like deviled eggs, sashimi, blood sausage and caviar – yes, all vegan.

Vegan deviled eggs? Vegan sashimi? Vegan caviar? What?

They’re all the brainchild of owner Julian Denis, whose tinkerings… Read the full story

Greene King pubs launch epic new vegan menu including fish and chips

VBites vegan fish steaks and chips
Get in my mouth? (Picture: VBites)

Vegan fish and chips is now being served at pub chain Greene King.

The plant-based dish is being cooked up at selected Greene King pubs which serve the Flaming Grill menu, which is pretty great news.

The ‘fish’ involved is VBites’ Making Waves fishless steaks, which are breadcrumbed fish bites made from things like what, konjac flour and tapioca starch.

We’ll admit, these ingredients don’t sound all that appealing by themselves, but together they make a winning combo, especially for vegans and veggies who have been missing their fish fingers.

The dish costs £6.49 and comes with oven-baked chips, peas or mushy peas and tomato… Read the full story

How can you tell if a condom is too big for you?

(Picture: Getty/Metro)

Despite the reality that many of us don’t actually like an enormous penis, there’s still an idea that bigger = better. 

Which is why the realization that a condom is too big for you could be upsetting.

Unfortunately, if a condom is too big it won’t work properly, so you really do have to face up to it.

If a condom is too large then there’s a very good chance that it will slip off during sex, which means a chance of getting someone pregnant or spreading or catching an STI.

Also, a too-big condom is going to reduce your sensation and make sex less pleasurable.

So how do you tell if… Read the full story

These are the best ways to get over a breakup, according to science

(Illustration: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

So you’ve been dumped. What now?

Do you wail in bed while shoveling ice cream into your mouth? Do you get a dramatic haircut? Do you pretend everything’s fine?

According to a new study, there are much better ways to get over a breakup. Feel free to note these down for future use.

Three effective ways to deal with a breakup are to highlight your ex’s negative traits, to accept your feelings, and distraction, according to new research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

So basically, you need to slag off your ex to your friends, accept that you might be sad for a… Read the full story

Glorious photos capture the moment bride is dropped by clumsy groomsmen

(Picture: Caters News Agency)

Getting a great wedding photo is hard – and it can go horribly wrong.

Brooke Booth-Hunt, from Queanbeyan, Australia, learned that firsthand when she asked her husband and his groomsmen to hold her up in the air… and they dropped her with a thud.

After tying the knot with Edward Booth-Hunt, Brooke was keen to snap a fun photo lounging across the groomsmen’s arms.

It all went well until it was time for the bride to get down – at which point all the men let her go at the same time, tipping poor Brooke on to the floor.

Thankfully that moment was captured on camera, so Brooke and Edwards… Read the full story

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