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Meet the ASOS model everyone’s praising for showing off her back rolls

Natalia has been getting loads of praise for showing her back rolls while working for ASOS. (Picture: ASOS/Metro.co.uk)

ASOS is nailing it with their representation of bodies recently.

They’ve been showing outfits on different body types, refusing to edit out stretchmarks, and booking gorgeous models that don’t fit the standard mould of white and super slim.

And people have been taking notice.

Over the weekend people on Twitter rejoiced at the sight of the model ASOS chose to show a Missguided maxi dress with an open back.

The reason for everyone’s praise? The model’s back wasn’t all muscular and smooth. She had rolls.

Fancy paying £467.85 for some jeans with a mesh strip to show off the side of your leg?

(Picture: Opening Ceremony)

Will the ridiculous jeans thing ever stop?

No. No it will not.

If extreme cut-out jeans, bum rip jeans, open back jeans, and mud-spattered jeans didn’t push you over the limit, there’s another bit of denim to enrage and appall you.

Behold: Jeans with a fine mesh panel (it’s a bit like a pair nude tights) down the side of one leg, in case you desperately wanted to show off that very specific area of your body.

They’re the work of Bless, and cost £467.85 – but are currently on sale on Opening Ceremony for the… Read the full story

How to boost your immune system

(Picture: Getty)

Okay it’s Summer which means we should all be a picture of health.

But, when you factor in those beer garden Sundays, hayfever, and the seemingly-unavoidable Summer cold, it doesn’t tend to work out that way.

With this in mind, you might want to boost your immune system and stave off the sniffles for as long as you possibly can.

The good news is, it’s doable. The bad news is, it’s not an easy fix.

There are plenty of products in health food shops that promise to boost your immune system with a sprinkle on your toast or an easy pill.

Those products may or may not be good for you, but in reality you… Read the full story

What I Rent: Phoebe, £1,300 a month for a flat in Kentish Town

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, MAY 29TH 2018. WHAT I RENT CASE STUDY: Renter Phoebe Rudd is pictured in the kitchen area of her flat on Camden Road in North London, United Kingdom, May 29th 2018. Phoebe pays ?1350 a month. Photo credit: Susannah Ireland
Phoebe Rudd is a 22-year-old student. (Picture: Susannah Ireland/Metro.co.uk)

Look, we’re nosy people and love few things more than closely analysing the details of another person’s life.

So yes, that’s part of why we do What I Rent, a weekly series that shows you all the details of a place someone rents in London.

But the other reason we do it is probably more important.

Renting in London… Read the full story

Can hay fever cause headaches?

Maja-Isobel Lawson plays in a field of yellow flowers near Bretton in Yorkshire as a heat wave strikes parts of the UK. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Sunday May 27, 2018. Photo credit should read: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
(Picture: Danny Lawson/PA)

In short, yes it can.

As if the snotty nose and red, itchy eyes weren’t enough, headaches are another symptom of hay fever.

According to the NHS, the full list of hay fever symptoms includes sneezing and coughing, a runny or blocked nose, headaches, earache, itchy or watery eyes, loss of smell, feeling tired, itchy nose, mouth and ears, and pain around your temples and forehead.

We’re deep in hay fever season now,… Read the full story

Why I’m no longer using the term ‘body positive’

plus size woman
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I’ve always wondered where I fitted into the body positivity movement. I’m far from Elle McPherson, but also nowhere near plus size.

The answer is that I don’t fit. It’s not for me. And that’s why I’ll no longer be using those words to describe me struggling to love my body.

Body positivity as a movement can be dated back to the Victorian times, with groups of women campaigning against the societal expectation that they wear corsets.

Things moved into true activism in the 60s with the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, which was established in 1969.

That’s when body positivity and fat acceptance became a… Read the full story

World Environment Day: Is your sex life wrecking the environment?

(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

World Environment Day (that’s 5 June, FYI) gives us all a nudge to check in on our habits and make sure we’re doing the world some good.

Maybe you’ll choose not to buy yet another plastic bottle. Perhaps you’ll think about cycling rather than driving.

There are lots of ways we can make a small difference – we just need to know where we’re going wrong first.

So let’s talk about sex.

While you’re nailing being environmentally friendly in terms of food, travel, and plastic use, the environmental impact of your sex life likely isn’t on your radar.

The good news: The act of sex itself is not bad for the environment at… Read the full story

You’ve been saying lassi, as in mango lassi, all wrong

(Picture: Getty)

Let’s set the scene. You’re at an Indian restaurant and against your better judgment, you decide to order a chicken vindaloo, extra hot because you’re feeling wild.

But water isn’t enough to quell the fiery heat emitting your mouth. So you call the waiter over and order a mango lassi. That’ll do the trick.

One mango lassi, he’ll repeat back. But notice the pronunciation. It’s ‘lussi’ and not, as most people say, lassie, like the dog.

Little boy realises that meat comes from animals for the first time


An adorable video shows the moment a five-year-old boy realises that animals are turned into meat – and instantly turns vegetarian.

Little Zayn Oukaci can be seen chatting to his mum, Christine Bell, about his favourite food: green beans.

He then started listing his other favourite foods – chicken, bacon, and lamb.

But when he says ‘lamb is kebab’ his mother starts laughing, and Zayn gets upset when he realises lambs are turned into meat.

Ever since then, Zayn has refused to eat any meat his mum has served.

Christine, a stay-at-home… Read the full story

Where to buy a Michelle Keegan style bodycon denim dress

(Picture: Boohoo, Very.co.uk, Fashion Nova)

That Michelle Keegan really knows how to dress.

She’s just introduced a new line with fashion brand Very and wore one of the dresses, a figure-hugging denim dress, embellished with a trendy button-up, to the launch. And she looked fab.

Denim is clearly having a moment again and even double denim is acceptable, with the likes of Rihanna and Bella Hadid lapping up the style.

Here’s where you can get similarly styled dresses, all from your favourite high street retailers.

Michelle Keegan Denim Bodycon Dress, Very, £45

Would you live in a tiny micro-apartment?

600k Micro Apartments Credit: Laura Encinas
(Picture: Laura Encinas)

Could teeny-tiny apartments be the answer to London’s housing crisis?

We doubt it. We’d quite like decent sized flats at a reasonable price, thanks.

If you don’t mind having minimal personal space, though, you should probably take a look at these £600k micro-apartments rather than just renting someone’s shed.

Architecture and design practice Bicbloc created their micro-apartments to use limited space as best they could, wedging a bed, a kitchen, and a bathroom into just 193 square foot (or 18 square metres) of space.

Woman makes stunning jewellery out of fruits and vegetables

(Picture: Pamazonwarrior/Instagram)

It’s nice to have jewellery that you won’t see on anyone else.

So perhaps it’s even more special to have bling so exclusive that it can only be worn for less than a week.

That’s exactly the kind of creative expression artist Pamela is into.

She makes jewellery out of peppers, beetroots, lemons, berries, tomatoes and whatever other fruits and veggies she can get her hands on, and creates lavish photoshoots with them for her fans on Instagram.

She spoke to Metro.co.uk about her extraordinary designs which she works on in addition to running her non-fruit-based jewellery business, Lola Ade.

Experiencing pain from working at a computer? Here’s how to manage RSI pain at work

metro illustrations
How can you minimise RSI when you have to work at a computer? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Let me tell you, repetitive strain injury is not the wishy-washy issue it sounds like

After 12 straight years of working at a computer, plus being a writer in my spare time, my RSI diagnosis felt pretty inevitable, as well as ridiculously painful.

In my case it’s in my right arm – my writing hand, and, crucially, my mouse hand.

Not everyone who works extensively at a computer – or any other job that requires repetitive movements, like a factory assembly line or a supermarket checkout – will get RSI.

Estimates suggest that around… Read the full story

H&M have answered our calls and are finally making their sizes true to size

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It seems I’m not the only one who’s been reduced to tears in the H&M changing room trying to make the biggest pair of jeans in the shop go over my thighs.

The retailer’s sizing has been a massive point of contention online for a while now, and finally they’re realising that they have to do something about it.

H&M are now going to be making their sizes bigger so they fall in line with existing UK size guidelines.

Its previous measurements were one size behind – so a 12 in H&M would be the same as a 10 elsewhere. This clearly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Husband spends 13 years documenting life with his wife and her illness


Zara is an artist, a maker, and a person living with chronic illnesses.

She has fibromyalgia, a condition that causes physical pain all over her body, hypermobility syndrome, which can cause her joints to move out of normal range, OCD, and depression.

Daily life is not easy. Zara can often struggle to walk, hold things, get dressed, and cut up food. She can have spasms, she can be in immense pain, her OCD can take over and make it impossible to leave the house.

There are lots of good days, too.

Zara’s husband tries to capture both; in a book of photographs titled Look, I’m Wearing All the Colours.

Rikard’s photos document his wife’s life and her illness, but also his journey to understand what she’s up against, and to make sense of a life filled with moments of calm followed by pain, flare-ups, and hospital visits.

Scottish supermarket offers milk vending machines to get rid of plastic waste


We all know that we use too much plastic and generally do things that are not beneficial to the environment.

When you go grocery shopping, it can be especially difficult to be eco-friendly given the abundance of packaging that comes with products.

One Scottish supermarket, in a bid to lower the amount of plastic that goes into making milk bottles, has ditched the bottles entirely and opted for vending machines.

Locavore, in Glasgow, allows customers to refill glass bottles with fresh milk instead of buying plastic cartons, which should save the shop 100 plastic containers a day.

Crystal dildos are bad for the environment and your genitals

(Picture: Etsy, Getty)

Mixing it up in the bedroom is always a good thing – until it’s not.

Wellness fanatics might be aware that crystals are very much the trendy thing, and even if you don’t care about spiritual healing, you can’t deny that crystals are super pretty.

They’ve even made their way into the sex toy world, with crystal dildos being the toy du jour.

As you might imagine, these dildos are called ‘yoni wands’ and ‘shakti pleasure enhancers’ on the seller’s websites, and the claim is that you can sort yourself out both mentally and sexually thanks to the healing powers of crystal.

Goop even say their Jade yoni eggs can ‘clear… Read the full story

A doctor shares tales of all the things people have stuck up their bums

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

‘There was a gentleman in a satin smoking jacket, with slicked back hair and a cravat around his neck. He brought to mind Noel Coward, only he was standing like John Wayne. It turned out he had the leg of a bed up his arse.’

I’m talking to Dr. Ben Sergeant*, a former surgeon who spent several decades removing errant items from patients’ bottoms.

‘The story he gave me,’ says Sergeant, ‘was that he and his partner were in the process of moving home, and he decided to take a rest by sitting on the divan, which was upside down. He told me that as he did, “I got… Read the full story

Designer Kate Spade dies of suspected suicide at her New York apartment

(Picture: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic)

Renowned accessories designer Kate Spade has reportedly died age 55.

US press reported that she was found in her Park Avenue apartment by her housekeeper today, and although the exact cause of death is not known, TMZ have stated that she was found hanging.

According to officials, she had left a note, but they refused to comment on what it said. She was pronounced dead at 10.26 am.

Police said that her husband, Andy Spade, was at the scene but it has not been made clear where her daughter was at the time.

Along with her husband, Kate founded her eponymous brand in 1993.

Her designs were bright and quirky, with animals and flowers… Read the full story

Who was fashion designer Kate Spade and what products did she design?

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