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Fashion and celebrity world reacts to designer Kate Spade’s death

Celeb world reacts to designer Kate Spade's death
(Picture: Bebeto Matthews
Provider: AP
Source: AP)

World-renowned designer Kate Spade has died today after a suspected suicide.

The 55-year-old was reported to have been found hanged in her home in Park Avenue, New York.

The immensely successful and widely respected designer launched her New York-based design company Kate Spade handbags in the early 1990s along with her husband Andy.

As the nation fell in love with the quirky designs, the couple expanded their business, moving into clothing, jewellery, shoes, stationery, eyewear, baby items, fragrances, tabletop, bedding, and gifts.

Kate’s former publicist Rob Shuter told Metro.co.uk: ‘She was kind. She was decent and above all, she taught… Read the full story

Cointreau’s 32-year-old heir Alfred on the perfect margarita recipe as the cocktail turns 70

A classic: The margarita turns 70 this year (Picture: Corbis via Getty)
A classic: The margarita turns 70 this year (Picture: Corbis via Getty)

‘My grandmother always told me it’s important to smile as you shake,’ Alfred Cointreau says as he rustles up a margarita, cocktail shaker in hand.

The charismatic Frenchman, 32, heir to the Cointreau brand, is a pro at making the much loved tequila concoction, having made his first as a child.

‘I remember making my first cocktail when I was around seven or eight years old,’ he says. ‘I was the assistant to my grandmother. I put the Cointreau, tequila and lime juice in the shaker and started shaking. My… Read the full story

Sex therapist explains why she’s raising her toddler as gender neutral

Jackson playing (PA Real Life/Collect)
Jackson playing (PA Real Life/Collect)

Kristin Hambridge is tired of ‘sexist stereotypes’.

So, she’s decided to raise her toddler as gender neutral – until he can decide which gender he most naturally identifies with.

‘The other day, Jackson said to me, “I’m a boy but when I grow up I’ll be a lady with a nose ring”,’ Kristin says.

‘I have a nose ring, so it may just have been a cute mother/baby moment, but I made sure I didn’t discourage him in case that’s what he actually wants.’

Kristin, a sex therapist from Boston, USA, says that she knew before having Jackson that she wanted to raise her children… Read the full story

How about starting your day with a cup of broccoli coffee?

(Picture: Getty)

We might not be great at eating the optimum number of vegetables every day but one thing we’re excellent at consuming is coffee.

Loads of us can’t even get out of bed unless there’s a promise of caffeine on the horizon.

Which is why scientists have developed a powder made from whole broccoli, which you can chuck into your morning latte.

It’s been produced by Australia’s chief research organisation, the CSIRO and Hort Innovation, using a ‘combination of selected pre-treatment and drying processes’ that help to keep the flavour, colour and nutrients from broccoli.

Adding it to coffee is supposed to help drinker improve their nutrition.

Melbourne cafe Commonfolk has been trialling ‘broccolattes’… Read the full story

Women who wear makeup get paid more at work

(Picture: Getty)

When you agree to work for a company, you have to comply with the dress code.

Whether that means no trainers, yoga pants or offensive t-shirt mottos, that’s the choice you make when you agree to take up the job.

But what about grooming?

Very few companies officially say what they expect from employees in terms of hair and makeup, but a new study suggests that how women present themselves may have a very real effect on their performance in the workplace.

Sociologists Jaclyn Wong and Andrew Penner collected data from over 14,000 employees to determine a link between income and effort-based attractiveness.

They found that women who were well-groomed in the workplace earn… Read the full story

‘I like to be pursued’: What’s the secret to a great hook-up? Women give their tips

Metro Illustrations
‘Knowing what you want and being honest about this with potential partners is the key to success’ (Picture : Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Dating is often about looking for love, but for some people, it can simply be about having fun in the bedroom.

With potential partners only a swipe away, it can sometimes be hard to hold out for your perfect match when there are so many alluring Mr or Miss Right Nows to choose from.

Grieving for someone we barely know9 signs the guy you're dating is already taken

But how do you master casual dating?

How do you screen… Read the full story

Kate Spade age, husband, daughter and other famous family members

Andy Spade and Kate Spade in April 2017 in New York City (Picture: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic)

New York-based fashion designer Kate Spade has died age 56 by suicide.

She was found dead at her apartment in New York and police said that her husband, Andy Spade, was at the scene but it has not been made clear where her daughter was at the time.

But who was Kate and who were her family members?

Kate was married to Andy Spade from 1994 until her untimely death.

Reports today have claimed that while Andy was at the scene when police found Kate’s body, he had apparently moved out of their family home

Andy and Kate Spade moved… Read the full story

If you’re serious about losing fat, 50% of your daily nutrients need to come from carbs

(Picture: Katrice_b/Instagram)

When you’re trying to lose body fat, cutting out whole food groups can be tempting.

It’s out with the carbs and fat, in with the lean protein and misery.

That’s basically what the dieting industry has been telling us to do for decades. Except, we need carbs to function.

If you’re not getting enough, you can’t fuel your workouts. T the body, at some point, needs glucose from carbohydrates to fill the muscles with glycogen – without which they just don’t move).

When it comes to fat loss, it’s all about the number of certain nutrients you eat – not the fact that you eat them at all.

Macros matter.

And the best macro ratio… Read the full story

A new travelling art exhibition to highlight the experiences of disabled passengers

(Picture: National Rail)

Travel should be for everyone.

National Rail has partnered with SCOPE, Stroke Association, The National Autistic Society and Royal Association for Deaf People to create an art exhibition designed to encourage travel without boundaries.

If you consider yourself to have a disability, you can apply to take part in the exhibition before 22 June. Successful applicants will be sent on rail journeys across Britain before creating a piece of art inspired by their travels.

The No Boundaries exhibition will be launched at London King’s Cross station in August then will tour some of Britain’s most iconic and busiest train stations.

National Rail’s Marketing Director, Jyoti Bird, explained: ‘One of the railway’s… Read the full story

How to improve your sex life when you’re in a long-term relationship

sex illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The wonderful thing about being in a long-term relationship is knowing that you always have someone to shag.

No longer must you endure any more dead-end conversations on Tinder, or worry about whether your first-date trousers are cool enough to impress her. Congratulations- you’ve got a coupon to 24/7 Sex Land (Teenage you would be SO proud).

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your sex life is good. If anything, it could mean the opposite: maybe neither of you make an effort anymore. Maybe the honeymoon phase is over, and now you squeeze in a perfunctory bout in between episodes of Love Island.

People get used to each… Read the full story

Woman told to dump her boyfriend for the horrendous way he eats his KitKat

Outrageous (Twitter/byrdinator – PA)

A woman has been advised to dump her boyfriend after she revealed the upsetting way he chose to eat a KitKat.

Hayley Byrd’s boyfriend had never eaten a KitKat before, and it really showed when he took a bite.

A bite out of all four fingers at once.

Hayley tweeted a photo of the offending bar, with the caption: ‘”I don’t think I’ve ever had a Kit Kat before,” my boyfriend remarks before doing THIS’.

Kit Kats… Read the full story

This unicorn desk fan will blow all your worries away

Elodie the unicorn desk fan
Please come to our desk (Picture: Firebox)

The thing with the UK is that it goes from, ‘Gosh, it’s chilly’ to ‘I feel like I’m cooking from the insides’ in the blink of an eye.

Our houses are built to deal with the cold (God bless you, central heating) but they tend to struggle a little with heat.

This is where fans come in – they’re a real blessing when the weather takes a turn for the muggy.

The only thing is that they’re usually pretty ugly – unless you get this cute as hell unicorn desk fan.

It’s seriously adorable.

Here’s the front

Read the full story

Meet the policewoman working to help get victims of sexual assault the justice they deserve

(Picture: ActionAid)

This is 33-year-old Bellynder Awuor Okanga.

She’s a policewoman in western Kenya who works on the ‘gender desk’ at Ndhiwa police station, where she specialises in rape, defilement, wife battery and cases of forced marriages.

Her aim is to eventually combat violence against women and girls in her community.

‘For about three years now, we’ve been working closely with ActionAid on these kinds of cases – rape, domestic violence, rape, and other crimes,’ says Bellynder.

‘Before, our gender desk was not that active. Now, we work hand in hand with ActionAid and local women’s groups. ActionAid also does seminars with us [the police] to discuss tackle sexual violence.     

‘We (also work closely… Read the full story

Addressing wastefulness in our shopping habits could help save the planet

A metal trash can overflowing with used clothing
(Picture: Nicholas Eveleigh)

Yesterday was World Environment Day.

And in its wake, we’re looking at the impact of fast fashion.

Retro finds from charity shops and upcycled vintage collections like Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters might be very much in vogue among young shoppers, but over a third of people in the UK would refuse to buy second-hand clothes or something from a charity shop.

According to new research from JD Women, in the UK we each own an average of six unworn items of clothing, and women are twice as likely as men to have clothes they’ve never worn.

The survey of 2,000 adults found… Read the full story

Teetotallers take more sick days than regular drinkers apparently

(Picture: Getty)

Coming into work on a hangover is a fresh level of hell.

And yet, loads of people do it. In fact, a new study suggests that drinkers take fewer sick days than teetotallers.

They’ve found that moderate drinkers have the best health and teetotallers from the UK, Finland and France have a higher rate of absence from work for a range of illnesses including mental health issues, muscle and stomach issues.

This isn’t an invitation to start getting plastered every day, however.

The most likely explanation is that those suffering from ill health tend to drink less – not the other way around. And those who are problem drinkers probably end up taking… Read the full story

Paperchase is selling Father’s Day cards for single mums

Paperchase is selling Fathers Day cards for mus's for the first time
(Picture: Paperchase)

Father’s Day must feel a bit galling to single mums.

If your partner walked out on you and your kids, why should he get any recognition if he doesn’t do any of the work?

You don’t get a medal for being a sperm donor, hun.

Card companies are now catching up by offering Father’s Day cards for mothers who are doing twice the graft.

Here’s what Paperchase has to offer.

‘Swiss army knife parenting’ card, Paperchase, £3

Lego and Bugatti – a match made in Denmark

The Lego Bugatti Chiron - even better than the real thing
The Lego Bugatti Chiron – even better than the real thing

Ordinary mortals might not be able to own a real Bugatti supercar but the new Lego version is just as much an engineering marvel.

Billund in Denmark has no business having an international airport. The tiny town has a population of just six thousand people and yet there are four flights a day to the UK alone. There is one reason, and one reason alone, for this: Lego. Billund has been dedicated to the manufacture and promotion of Lego bricks ever since they were first invented in 1949, and the… Read the full story

Remembering Kate Spade’s iconic handbag – the nylon, boxed-shape bag called The Sam

Kate Spade Sam bag
Kate Spade’s Sam bag is her most iconic bag to date (Picture: Getty – Harvey Nichols)

Kate Space is known first and foremost for her handbags – a brightly coloured, stylish and fun collection.

But there is one handbag that has stood out since the creation of her and her husband Andy Spade’s company: the Sam bag.

The Sam bag was one of the six initial handbags that Kate Spade New York started selling in 1993.

Its boxy design was as stylish as it was practical and the nylon material meant it was waterproof, which was a bonus.

These adorable German Shepherd care dogs will make you melt

Katrina with ZeeZee, Xambi and Freddi (Picture: The Orders of St John Care Trust)

There’s nothing like patting a good dog to make you feel a bit calmer and more settled.

Which is why Katrina Stevens has decided to use her gorgeous German Shepherd dogs as care animals.

Katrina’s mum died after 10 years of battling Alzheimer’s disease, and although she resisted going into a nursing home full-time, she did stay in one for respite a couple of times as her illness progressed.

Katrina and her dad would visit every day, and each time they did, her mum would ask: ‘Where’s my dog?’

Katrina told Metro.co.uk: ‘I took one of my calmer dogs in to… Read the full story

It’s not just women who need to see more body image diversity on Love Island

(Picture: kemcetinay/Instagram)

Love Island’s back, meaning that once again, our screens are full of hot young things doing young hot things.

What would summer be without it?

But this time around, it seems like audiences are less happy about seeing endless ‘perfect bodies’.

Go on Twitter and you’ll find plenty of (mainly women) complaining about the size of the girls on the show. They’re too slim, too toned, too unachievable.

What about plus size women? Don’t larger (read: average) sized women want to frolick and romp around in a villa, dressed in barely-there two pieces?

And that’s a fair point.

But one wonders how folk can be so concerned about projected body image while failing… Read the full story

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