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How having borderline personality disorder can affect your friendships


Although it might have an impact, a BPD diagnosis doesn’t automatically make you a ‘bad friend’.

For years, I was convinced that I was undeserving of friends. It seemed like the only rational explanation for why I was so unusually adept at losing them. In every situation, I was the common denominator and therefore, I reasoned, I must be the problem.

I’ve found it difficult to maintain friendships since I was little. I’d want to be super close to people straight away and end up scaring them off. I’d want to prove what a good friend I was by putting myself out there to help them, and be considered a pushover or someone who could be taken advantage of. I’d invest too heavily in the wrong people and be heartbroken when the friendship didn’t work out.

I thought I was too weird, too emotional, too erratic, too much.

In reality, I was living with borderline personality disorder.

Borderline personality disorder (also known as emotionally unstable… Read the full story

Sainsbury’s trials new relaxed lane for people who need more time at the checkout

Sainsburys are trialling a new relaxed lane for people who suffer from dementia
(Pictures: Twitter @MichelleMillrx/PA)

Grocery shopping can be a stressful experience at the best of times.

How many times have you just finished at the self-service tills to find somebody already putting their own shopping on, and huffing and puffing next to you?

Imagine being elderly, or having an invisible illness like dementia or chronic pain, and having someone rush you – it must be an incredibly uncomfortable experience.

This is why it’s great that Sainsbury’s are trialling a new relaxed checkout lane, where people who need to take their time can do just that without fear of judgement, or having to… Read the full story

Vintage Hermès Birkin becomes the most expensive auctioned handbag ever at £162,500

(Picture: Christie’s)

This secondhand diamond-encrusted Birkin has just been sold for a record-breaking £162,500 – making it the most expensive handbag to ever be sold at auction in Europe.

The decade-old bag, which is in pristine condition, went under the hammer at Christie’s on Tuesday.

Obviously, this is no ordinary Hermès Birkin (although those are pricey enough). This is a Himalaya Hermès Birkin bag which features an 18-carat, white gold, diamond-encrusted lock.

Back in 2006, a blue version sold for £100,000 at the same auction but this nude Nile crocodile skin has fetched far more.

Australian designer faces backlash after releasing ‘mercenary’ #MeToo collection

(Picture: Kholo & Metro.co.uk)

Some critics are even using the hashtag #BoycottKholo.

Karishma Kasabia, designer for the luxe Aussie brand Kholo, has launched the #Metoo collection, featuring high end pieces named after famous women including Oprah and Serena Williams.

However, after criticism online the designer has decided today to rename it the ‘Magnificent Woman’ collection.

#MeToo of course refers to the massive movement sparked by the allegations about film producer Harvey Weinstein finally coming to light, after 80 women were brave enough to break their silence and accuse him of harassment and rape. Women all over the world opened up about their experiences of abuse, triggering a global conversation about the widespread nature… Read the full story

New Look is wrong to slash prices – consumers no longer want fast fashion

Most of us, if we ask ourselves why a garment costs just £15, will know the answer – someone else is paying the price (Picture: Getty)

Following drastic financial results New Look announced yesterday that they’re slashing their prices.

Rihanna pulls off Quality Street chic in gold foil dress at Ocean's 8

Sales have plummeted – internet sales went down nearly 20% last year – causing the fashion brand to re examine its strategy and make changes to pricing structure and target market.

But while lower prices may appeal to lovers of fast fashion, more consumers than ever are… Read the full story

Dads are posing naked to raise awareness of fathers’ mental health

(Picture: The Dad Network)

With one in one men in the UK affected by a mental illness, it’s vital that men are getting the mental health support they need.

The Dad Network has unveiled a new #FatherFigures campaign where dads pose naked and in their underwear to highlight the importance of mental wellbeing and body acceptance among fathers.

Men are far less likely to seek help for mental health problems or visit a medical professional than their female counterparts, leading to them suffering in silence and in some cases, taking their own lives.

Suicide still is the biggest killer of men in England and Wales between the ages of 20 and 49.

Read the full story

Stella McCartney claims to have opened a shop with ‘the cleanest air in London’

(Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Stella McCartney)

Stella McCartney has opened up a new store which claims to offer ‘the cleanest air in London’.

The eco-friendly designer and animal rights champion has fitted her Bond Street flagship space with nano-carbon filter technology which will clean pollutive chemicals coming in from the street.

It’ll be the first London store to use the air filtering technology, which can remove up to 95% of air pollutants and harmful gases.

And what a welcome relief that’ll be, considering that London reached its annual air pollution quota by the end of January this year.

According to research conducted by Airlabs, ground floor shop floors… Read the full story

Costa launches limited rainbow coffee cups in support of Pride month in eight cities

(Picture: Costa Coffee)

Last year, Costa Coffee supported LGBTQ+ charity GLOW by bringing out a range of rainbow lattes.

And this year, the coffee giants have launched a range of limited edition rainbow coffee cups for Pride month.

The traditional red cups are being replaced by the more colourful vessels in support of GLOW, Costa’s parent group Whitbread’s LGBTQ+ network which champions equality and inclusion in the workplace.

While Edinburgh and Chelmsford stores have been offering the fully recyclable cups (if you refuse the plastic lid) since Monday, other Costas around the country will be launched them nearer to the Pride celebrations.

When are the Pride cups are… Read the full story

We’ve all turned into kids when it comes to eating veg

(Picture: Getty)

There once was a time when people ate seasonally and grew what they could in their own little plots of land.

If that meant living on boiled potatoes and grim cabbage stews, then that’s what happened.

And then, as Britain became more prosperous, multicultural and less plagued by war and rationing, things like mangoes and aubergines started popping up everywhere.

Today, it’s super easy to ‘eat the rainbow’.

But we’ve also become childish about the way in which we consume nutritious food. Back in more austere times, people regarded some fruit and veg as luxuries, and the more common stuff as the backbone of British diet – without which, you’d develop rickets… Read the full story

Tibits launches veggie and vegan bottomless brunches with live music

Tibits bottomless brunch
That plate’s not piled high enough IMHO (Picture: Tibits)

We love the idea of bottomless brunch, but the options are usually not all that enticing if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

What’s the point of splashing out money on food you can’t even eat?

That’s why we were so excited when Tibits announced they’re launching bottomless brunch events.

The legendary veggie and vegan restaurant is a fave for plant-based people as you can peruse the food boat, pick out what you fancy, and pay per weight.

However, the whole pay per weight thing can get pricey if your eyes are bigger than your purse – so we’re absolutely here for bottomless brunch food.

The first… Read the full story

Guy who couldn’t burp for 34 years can finally belch again after having injections in his throat

(Picture: Collect/PA Real Life)

Up until very recently, Neil Ribbens hadn’t burped for 34 years.

He’s been suffering from a condition that is so rare, it hasn’t got a name. Not being able to belch left him in agony after meals, not being able to release gas from his stomach.

‘I avoided going to the pub with friends until I was about 25, because I knew I’d be in pain and would have to leave,’ he says.

‘Not being able to burp really impacted on my social life. If I had a three-course dinner I’d feel terrible afterwards, which led to me missing things like big work Christmas meals.’

After eating large meals, he’d… Read the full story

The best hay fever remedies, and when does hay fever season end?

(Picture: Getty)

It’s hay fever season, which means no matter where you go you’ll be greeted with sniffling and sneezing people.

The pollen count is particularly high at the moment, leaving more and more people bleary-eyed and fed up.

Being forewarned is being forearmed, however, so knowing how long hay fever season lasts and how to combat symptoms is the best defence.

When is hay fever season?

Hay fever typically affects people between March and August.

The pollen from trees is released earliest, with about 25% of people suffering from symptoms then.

The majority of hay fever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen which has two peaks between mid-May and July.

Depending on where you live in the UK… Read the full story

This Brexit artwork was rejected by the Royal Academy until Banksy put his name to it

(Picture: Dave Parry/Royal Academy of Arts)
(Picture: Dave Parry/Royal Academy of Arts)

The Royal Academy’s annual summer exhibition opened to the public this week.

Its committee, led by the artist Grayson Perry, had over 20,000 works to choose from – with just 827 making the final cut.

Thousands of artists had their canvases and sculptures rejected.

But they shouldn’t feel too bad about it because global superstar artists Banksy was one of them.

He took to Instagram to reveal that he submitted a piece of work under the name ‘Bryan S. Gaakman’ – an anagram of ‘Banksy anagram’…only to have it turned down.

Instagram Photo

A month later, Banksy… Read the full story

Coca Cola launches limited edition makeup line in South Korea

Coca Cola makeup
(Picture: Coca Cola/ The Face Shop)

Nope, don’t check your calendar, it’s not April Fools – the fizzy drinks giant has teamed up with Korean beauty brand The Face Shop to create a line of makeup.

The range features lipsticks, lip tints, lip glosses, foundation compacts, powders and eye shadow palettes.

The best bit, though? All the products smell like Coca Cola.

What a time to be alive, lads, what a time to be alive.

The packaging is designed in Coca Cola’s signature red and white, and the lip glosses have a super cute candy striped wand.

One of the lip tints even has an adorable polar bear sipping cola on the lid.

Coca… Read the full story

Dog found abandoned with nothing but a heartbreaking note from previous owners

This is heartbreaking (Picture: RSPCA NSW)

When we hear of animals being abandoned, in our outrage, we often jump to conclusions.

What kind of monster could do this? How can people be so cruel? Why do bad people get good animals?

Yet sometimes, there is a heartbreaking reason behind the abandonment, as is the case with Booka the dog, from Australia.

Bookaboo was discovered in one of RSPCA New South Wales Sydney Shelter’s overnight cages.

He had no identification, yet was left with a note, explaining the utterly heartbreaking reason why his previous family had to abandon him.

Read the full story

This mum shared what happens when you mix unattended toddlers and fake tan

Toddler fake-tan
(Picture: Billie Fotheringham/Deadline News)

Toddlers are quick to get into everything, but normally it’s a bag of sweets or some crayons to draw on the wall.

For Billie Fotheringham, it was her son and his friend getting into fake tan, and hilarity certainly ensued.

Her two-year-old son Kyle and his three-year-old pal, Leo, became suspiciously silent when they were playing.

When Billie – from Dunfermline in Fife – found the pair, what she saw had her in stitches.

Meghan Markle wears cream Givenchy dress for first solo royal engagement with the Queen to Cheshire

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Sussex (second right) arrive to open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge, in Widnes, Cheshire. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday June 14, 2018. See PA story ROYAL Queen. Photo credit should read: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Sussex arrive to open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge, in Widnes, Cheshire (Picture: PA)

Meghan Markle reverted back to her wedding dress designer for her first royal visit with the Queen in Cheshire.

The Duchess Of Sussex was seen emerging from the Royal Train – the first time she has travelled on it – on Thursday morning.

She stepped off looking super stylish… Read the full story

Kate Spade’s business partner reveals she left behind four seasons of finished designs

In this May 13, 2004 file photo, designer Kate Spade poses with handbags and shoes from her next collection in New York
Kate Spade in 2004 (Picture: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)

The late Kate Spade’s close friend and business partner has revealed that she left behind four seasons’ worth of designs for her brand, Frances Valentine.

The 55-year-old designer died by suicide on 5 June in New York.

Kate Spade started her namesake handbag brand in 1993, selling it in 2006, before launching new accessories brand Frances Valentine in 2015, with her husband Andy and business partners, Elyce Arons and Paola Venturi.

Arons recently revealed that Kate left behind four seasons… Read the full story

This is what the ‘perfect body’ looks like according to men and women

Trying out period pants
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Nearly 40% of the world’s adult population is overweight and by 2045, we’re on track for almost 25% to be obese.

At the same time, we’re becoming more and more obsessed with #bodygoals and #fitspo, and programmes like Love Island shame us for not having six packs or being a size eight.

Never has having the ‘perfect body’ been more important…and out of reach for many of us.

What we don’t realise is that in the eyes of others, we already have a supreme body.

According to new research by Bad Girls Bible, both men and women overestimate how slim and/or muscular their partners… Read the full story

So, Pornhub is launching a futuristic, interactive art show

(Picture: Pornhub Nation/Instagram)

Pornhub has conquered the online adult entertainment world and now it’s turning its attention to the art one.

Pornhub Nation is a futuristic art installation by Maggie West and Ryder Ripps and will be on in LA from 14 July to 17 August.

The immersive experience is going to be housed within in Union, a historic LA nightclub.

‘Exhausted by the stifling norms and regulations of mainstream society, a brave, dedicated and horny sect of digital settlers steer their ships towards a new world – towards a new nation,’ the exhibition notes read.

‘From their pilgrimage, a new kind of civilisation is born. One that eschews social hierarchies, gender norms and… Read the full story

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