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What it’s like to have a famous Dad

Jack and Rick Stein
Jack with his dad Rick (Picture: Toby Weller)

Growing up with dad has been an experience.

He has shown me many things, and taken me to many places, of which I am extremely thankful. Weirdly, he didn’t want me to follow him into the kitchen.

Father and son in the park together little boy having fun on the swing, Daddy using his mobile phone.Fathers Day: 14 poems and inspirational quotes to celebrate your dad

He only ever gave me one cooking tip when I was doing my GCSE revision – he came into the kitchen at home after a… Read the full story

Millennials spend more on weddings than any other generation

(Picture: Getty)

Getting hitched can be pricey – and the cost of marrying today is apparently higher than at any previous time.

Millenials are spending way more on their weddings than previous generations, according to a new report.

The 2018 Newlywed Report from WeddingWire has found that the average millennial wedding costs the same as two years’ worth of rent, at around £27,000.

That figure includes everything from the engagement ring to the dress, reception and honeymoon.

Understandably, many couples receive help from their families who cover around 60% of the wedding costs but not everyone has that kind of support available.

Which might go some way to explaining why so many… Read the full story

My dad and I have helped each other through bipolar disorder: Here’s our story

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Me and my Dad's bipolar - Eleanor Seagall
‘Dad has done remarkably well and he has inspired me in my own mental health struggle’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I am the child of a father with bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with the same condition aged 16 in 2004 – this was only four years after my dad was diagnosed at the age of 44.

Our story is a special and unique one, and dad and I have a strong bond as a result. However, it has not always been easy for me and my family.

How I was helped by CAMHS: child… <a href=Read the full story

Food high in fat and carbs are like ‘drugs of abuse’ claims Yale study

(Picture: Peter Cade/Getty)

There’s nothing quite like a slab of crunchy toast with a slathering of peanut butter on top.

That heady mix of fat and carb is what has kept civilisation going since Sun-Pat crunched its first peanut.

And according to a new study from Yale University, there’s a reason why we love that kind of combo. Avo toast or fast food – all of them are high in carbohydrates and fat (good or bad) and we’re designed to find that combination more rewarding than other meals.

Our brains have adapted to see foods that combine fats and carbs as being more energy dense (which they are).

‘The biological process that regulates the… Read the full story

Recycled plastic could provide 75% of the UK’s plastic demands

(Picture: Ahmed Areef / EyeEm)

Despite the dire warnings about ocean plastic pollution, loads of people still don’t get the problem.

You see them chuck plastic bottles into general waste bins. You see them accepting plastic lids in Costa and Starbucks. You see them buying plastic bags in supermarkets despite having room in their bags for their shopping.

If everyone at least recycled their bloody plastic, however, we’d go a long way to improving the situation.

According to a new report by environmental charity and think tank, Green Alliance, we could meet three-quarters of the UK’s demand for plastic from recycled materials.

And if we had enough recycling going on… Read the full story

I am not your exotic fantasy: In the dating world I’ve been fetishised due to the colour of my skin

Taran Bassi: ‘I have found myself in many situations where men have spoken to me just because of my skin colour’ (Picture: Taran Bassi)

Modern dating is never easy but trying to navigate this environment as a woman of colour carries an extra layer of complexity. 

Our choices and ways in which to find someone to date, to find someone to fall in love, or to find someone for a quick sexual encounter have never been more vast.

10 things anyone using a dating app will recognise

But in my experience this has led to more encounters in which I, like many other… Read the full story

Women who wake up early might be less likely to develop depression

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

A new four-year study suggests that female early risers might be less likely to develop depression.

Published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, it looked at 32,000 women and found that those who are naturally more inclined to wake up early are at a lower risk of the illness.

And that’s because they get more exposure to daylight.

Scientists at the University of Colorado at Bouler and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston looked at the link between mood disorders and how early or late someone synchronises to the time of day – ranging from those who wake and sleep early, to the opposite end of the spectrum.

They… Read the full story

Why a fitness retreat is the perfect break to improve your running


There comes a point in every training plan when you decide that actually, really, you f*cking hate running.

Running is the worst and you’re done with it. Sure, you have a marathon coming up but after that, you’re hanging up your trainers for good.

It’s then that what you really need to do is book yourself onto a retreat and give yourself a weekend away from Strava, away from your regular training routes and a chance to train completely differently.
I have an ultra-marathon coming up next month and last weekend, swapped the tired streets of north London for the beautiful hills of Granada, Spain.

Reset Retreats is a plant-powered luxury health retreat which promises to help ‘reset yourself’ through various fitness challenges, yoga sessions, good nutrition and – interestingly – life coaching. Run by a big team of fitness, nutrition and well, life, experts, they aim to put you through your paces while helping you to let go of the everyday stresses… Read the full story

Colour me happy! What your paint choice says about you

(Picture: B&Q)

Your home is an extension of yourself. It’s where you spend a significant portion of your time, it’s a space that’s all yours.

So, it makes sense that the colour you choose to paint your house and garden reveals quite a bit about you, right?

Now that summer’s here, it’s the perfect time to get outside and transform your outside space with colour to make it a place you want to spend all your time.

Just head to B&Q to find all you need to create a beautiful outside space that reflects your personality.

Here’s what your paint choice says about you.


You are one of those elegant, organised people… Read the full story

It really is time to stop naming darker skin tones after foods

(Picture: CocoaSwatches/Twitter)

People of colour are used to having their skin described as food items.

We’re mocha. Caramel. Chocolate.

And you know, that was ok back in 2003 when there were only about three shades for anyone darker than alabaster and the beauty industry hadn’t had its Fenty revolution yet.

But in today’s day and age, naming every darker shade after something edible seems backwards to say the least – particularly when it’s done by a company which specialises in ‘showcasing the latest makeup swatches on underrepresented complexions’.

NYC-based beauty company Cocoa Swatches released a picture of a 35 shade foundation palette, ranging from very pale to deep brown. And while the selection of shades… Read the full story

Pregnant extreme sports fan busts the ‘myth’ that mums-to-be can’t be physically active

Anna-Lee, during the earlier stages of her pregnancy while snorkelling. / THIS second-time mother is on a mission to banish the ???myth??? of pregnant women being physically incapable of participating in extreme sports ??? by effortlessly scaling over 10 feet up a climbing wall, surfing, circus trapezing and even cartwheeling into the delivery room. Pictures show Anna-Lee Markstedt (40) from Sweden, an obstacle course racing champ, doing handstands, impossibly difficult strength positions and snorkelling all with her bump in tow. Anna-Lee Markstedt / mediadrumworld.com
(Picture: Anna-Lee Markstedt / mediadrumworld.com)

When many women are nine-months pregnant, it can be an effort to tie up their shoe laces…let alone start cartwheeling in the… Read the full story

Chanel launches 3D printed mascara and people are loving it

(Picture: Chanel)

3D printing is very trendy these days, so it was only a matter of time until a beauty brand started using it to create products.

Chanel’s latest offering, Le Volume Révolution de Chanel mascara, £28, is exactly that.

The brush is 3D printed, moving away from the more traditional nylon bristles that you would find in a bog standard mascara. Because it’s 3D printed rather than made my human hand, the brush can be super specifically designed. According to ChicProfile.com. ‘The surface of the brush has a granular texture which is meant to improve the adherence of the formula on your lashes.’

Chanel describes the mascara by saying: ‘With a… Read the full story

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Try Moon Milk – the newest wellness trend

(Picture: healthylittlevittles/Instagram)

When you’re suffering from insomnia, you’ll resort to anything to find a cure.

But if you’re not a fan of taking medication for your restlessness, we might just have a natural (and very Instagrammable) remedy worth trying.

It might sound like a period-related euphemism but Moon Milk is the latest wellness trend to dominate Pinterest, thanks to its sleep-promoting properties.

Saves on Pinterest for recipes and photos have soared by 700% since last year.

OK, so what is Moon Milk?

Instagram Photo

People have been drinking warm milk before bed since the dawn of time, and this colourful version is nothing new either. In fact, golden… Read the full story

3pm is the best time of day to have sex, says expert

people tell us the things people said during sex that instantly killed the mood
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Lots of the advice about improving your sex life requires you to make an effort.

Buy nice lingerie, go out to dinner, try a new position, experiment with roleplay.

All good ideas, but also quite time consuming and potentially expensive.

Happily, according to hormone expert Alisa Vitti, you can give your sex life a big ole boost by doing something far simpler than that – having sex at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Alisa Vitti believes that hormones are a key part of how we experience realtionships. She explains in her book WomanCode that around… Read the full story

If you think you’re fit, how about taking part in F45’s Playoffs next month?

(Picture: F45/Instagram)

So, you’ve run a marathon. You’ve lifted weights. You’ve survived spin.

Now you’re looking for a new challenge.

How about taking part in a kind of CrossFit games-style event?

F45, the functional training studio, will be holding the F45 Playoffs on 8 July.

‘For the first time ever, the F45 Playoffs will be searching for the fittest people in the UK and Europe,’ the studio says.

‘The F45 Playoffs is functional all body, strength, agility and cardiovascular trial that tests you equally on all four disciplines and has become the benchmark for fitness testing globally.’

F45 workouts work on a kind of circuit system, moving from station to station for a certain period of… Read the full story

Mum left devastated after no one shows up to her gender reveal party

Flower shaped balloons at a birthday party
Gender reveal parties are often used to celebrate (Picture: Getty Images)

A woman has described how she was left devastated and in floods of tears when none of her friends turned up to her gender reveal party.

The 20-year-old woman, who is 17 weeks pregnant, had planned an afternoon with a buffet and decorations, inviting 11 people to the party.

But she was left heartbroken hours after it was set to start as she was left still waiting for people turn up.

Writing on the parenting website NetMums, she said: ‘So I’m 20 and I’m 17 weeks, I hosted a gender reveal at the weekend and was… Read the full story

Finally, alcoholic ice lollies that are strong enough to get you tipsy

Instagram @buzzpopcocktails
Yes please (Picture: Instagrma/buzzpopcocktails)

Alcoholic ice lollies have been around for a while.

At first, they seemed exciting but then we realised they were just extremely cold (and expensive) ways of drinking watered down alcohol.

Handily, we’ve just discovered there’s a company that makes 15% ABV push pops compared to the usual 4.5%, which is much better, we think you’ll agree.

Buzz Pop Cocktails are gourmet Italian sorbets made with fresh fruit and premium liquor, and each push pop is the equivalent of a full drink.

The company has a rotation of 75 flavours, and current ones include lemon drop martini, mango passion fruit rum and Moscow Mule.

Plus, their tagline is ‘lick your… Read the full story

Spoof Instagram account mocks ‘literally dead’ millennials with selfies, sponsored posts and pink lattes

The skeleton from OMGliterallydead Instagram taking a selfie and using Happn dating app
Hello huns (Picture: Instagram/OMGliterallydead)

Instagram can be a great pool of inspiration for clothes, recipes and dogs, but it can also be a cesspit of despair.

People letting their meals go cold so they can take the perfect overhead shot, doing flat lays of boring outfits, and uploading pics of a new protein bar they love while insisting it’s not a #sponsored post (we know, hun – you have like 400 followers).

They’re the calling cards of the typical millennial – as well as commenting: ‘Omg, literally dead’ on hilarious posts from friends.

In fact, this phrase inspired a spoof millennial… Read the full story

Can you really be carbohydrate intolerant?


Carbs are delicious. There are few foods that fill the void quite like a load of croutons or chips.

Yet more and more of us believe that we can’t handle eating carbohydrates. We’re plagued with bloating, with IBS-type symptoms, with weight fluctuations.

So does carb intolerance really exist? ANd if it does, does that mean you have to swerve them forever?

Dr Frank Lipman is an expert in functional medicine and he says that carbohydrate tolerance is a ‘grey area’.

‘In the past decade, I’ve seen a growing number of patients who for years have limited sugary foods and swapped out refined carbohydrates for whole grain products, sweet potatoes, and fresh fruit,’ he writes for MindBodyGreen.

‘Yet they are overweight or have surges of fatigue, foggy-headedness, or cravings. Sometimes they don’t carry any extra pounds but have worryingly high levels of blood sugar. It’s not unusual for these issues to come on late in life;… Read the full story

Theo the cat saved his owner’s life by keeping her awake when she had a blood clot

(Picture: SWNS)

A hero cat saved his owner’s life by keeping her awake all night by pawing her face after she developed a potentially fatal blood clot.

39-year-old Charlotte Dixon was confused when her pet cat Theo refused to let her sleep when she decided to get an early night following a day of feeling poorly.

8-year-old Theo jumped on her bed and constantly nudged and pawed at her face, as well as sitting on her head so that she could not fall asleep.

The following day Charlotte’s condition deteriorated and she was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with a life-threatening blood clot in her knee.

Medics told her if she had nodded off… Read the full story

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