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Release your inner geek with a summer break in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley


Blink and you might just drive straight through Palo Alto, but look closely and this part of Silicon Valley is also the future.

The most luxurious out of the 39 cities that make up San Francisco’s Bay Area, it’s become the go to for tech geeks, social media founders and engineers looking for the next big idea.

Dad describes devastating moment he suffocated his baby when he fell asleep on his chest

And it’s obvious why – Palo Alto is home to some of the world’s most powerful tech companies, including Facebook, Apple, Uber, Tesla, Google and Linkedin.

But it’s not all tech, hoodies and start-ups. As well as being the perfect place to release your inner geek, it’s a great destination if you’re after a relaxing summer break.

Here are the top 10 things to do:

Take a tour of Google’s incredible HQ

French bulldogs are now the UK’s favourite dog breed

(Picture: Getty)

French bulldogs are officially the most popular dog breed in the UK, beating our old favourite, the Labrador.

The Kennel Club reported that in the first quarter of 2018, there were 8,403 registered French bulldogs versus 7,409 Labradors.

If this trend continues, French bulldogs could be the most registered dog breed in the UK of 2018. That’d be a big deal, as it’d be the first time Frenchies have taken this title, and the first time in 28 years that Labradors haven’t topped the list (the last time a different breed was on top was 1989, when Yorkshire terriers were all the rage).

That outcome is seeming likely considering the surge… Read the full story

Bookmark this Ikea bag hack for the next time someone needs to wee while wearing a wedding dress

Ikea bag hack
(Picture: facebook/ Djsweeby)

Wow, Ikea bags really do it all.

You can use them for, well, actual Ikea shopping, for groceries, as a makeshift storage device for when you’re moving house. You can turn them into shoes, chokers, thongs, and hats.

And it turns out they make the perfect tool for any bride desperately trying to urinate without getting pee on her fancy wedding dress.

One woman has shared how she made use of an Ikea Frakta bag on her wedding day by cutting a hole in the bottom and using the bag to gather up her gown, using the handles as shoulder straps so she could go… Read the full story

What I Rent: Samantha and Matt, £1,625 a month for a flat in Gipsy Hill

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, JUNE 6TH 2018. WHAT I RENT CASE STUDY: Tenant Samantha 'Sammy' Hull is pictured with her Greyhound Koda in the living room of her two bedroom flat which she shares with her boyfriend Matt Preece in Gispy Hill, London, United Kingdom, June 6th 2018. Samantha and Matt pay ?1625 a month excluding bills and council tax. Photo credit: Susannah Ireland
Samantha lives with her boyfriend, Matt, and their dog, Koda. (Picture: Susannah Ireland/Metro.co.uk)

Anyone else finding renting in London an absolute nightmare?

Trying to find a decent place to live in London that doesn’t cost 70% of your salary is tough.

Photos on listings are misleading, there’s always one annoying… Read the full story

This singer, model, and amputee is encouraging people to embrace their bodies

(Picture: marshaellemusic/Instagram/@piokky/metro.co.uk)

Marsha Elle is a singer, a songwriter, a model, and a motivational speaker.

She’s also a congenital amputee, born with proximal femoral focal deficiency; a rare condition that affects the pelvis and causes the leg to underdevelop.

Marsha’s leg was amputated shortly after she was born.

As a young girl Marsha faced insecurities and bullying, but slowly she’s learned to embrace her looks. Now she’s a body-positive icon inspiring thousands.

‘As a child I was quite bashful and insecure,’ Marsha tells Metro.co.uk. ‘I would wear baggy clothes to cover up my leg to avoid mean comments and stares.

A new product hopes to tackle pet separation anxiety

Tool helps pets deal with anxiety when home alone
(Picture: @longdogboutique/@maggiethefoxredlabrador)

As every responsible dog owner knows, canines can become incredibly distressed if they are left alone for long periods of time.

Dogs don’t know the difference between you going to work and you abandoning them, even if this routine has been repeated many times.

As soon as the front door closes, dogs can start howling in dismay that their human companion has disappeared, flop down on their beds (or your bed) in a funk and even start destroying things around the house – soft furnishings are popular – because they feel so anxious.

Dogs are social animals and they need love and companionship,… Read the full story

Four in five of us have ‘no clue’ when it comes to taking vitamins

Can what you eat affect your mental health? (Fiona Thomas)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

In these days of wellness, everyone seems to be taking supplements.

Vegans take care to smother their food with B12. Omnivorous bodybuilders take creatine. Loads of us sup effervescent vitamin C when we’re fighting off colds.

But according to a new study, 87% of us admit to being clueless when it comes to vitamins and the role they play in a healthy diet.

And yet, two in three Brits take some kind of supplement on a daily basis.

Tetley Super Squash, how conducted the research, says that 30% of people believe they’ve experienced a health issue caused directly by a… Read the full story

H&M is launching a snazzy lingerie collaboration

(Picture: Annemarieke Van Drimmelen/Metro.co.uk)

H&M is teaming up with Amsterdam-based lingerie brand Love Stories for a collection of bralettes, briefs, thongs, sleepwear and socks that looks perfect for everyday wear.

The capsule range features fun mix-and-match prints, placing lace and leopard alongside soft ruffles, athletic stripes and floral trims.

Just looking at the pyjamas and robes is making us want to lounge in bed all day.

H&M x Love Stories also includes an eye mask and several travel pouches for your makeup, shower stuff or jewellery, that look ideal for a weekend away.

Water tower transformed into luxury home is selling for £1.5 million

A huge water tower which has been converted into a luxury home complete with a vast roof garden offering panoramic views is on the market for an eye-watering ??1.5 million. See NTI story NTITOWER. Cromwell Tower was transformed into a six-bedroom home in 2016 after it was snapped up at auction for just ??25,000. The huge concrete structure was built in 1930 and used until 2004 when it was decommissioned. Estate agents Knight Frank are marketing the property, overlooking rolling Warwickshire countryside in Burton Green, near Kenilworth, with a ??1.5 million price tag. The art deco building with protruding buttresses was designed by a German architect for the Corporation of Coventry. Standing… <a href=Read the full story

Americans are hella confused over this pickle juice slushie

Americans are hella confused over this pickle juice slushie
What are those? (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Slushies here tend to come in two flavours – red or blue.

Well, America are known for their extra ways, so they’ve gone one more and made a pickle juice version.

The iced drink is available from Sonic Drive-In in the US, a restaurant where you park up your car and are served by ‘carhops’.

The American chain introduced the pickle juice beverage this week, saying ‘Sonic’s guests are game to try adventurous and fun flavors, so we’ve made it our mission to deliver the best of both worlds when it comes to innovation and variety.’

The juice that comes in… Read the full story

There’s a 3 day pizza festival in Italy and it’s even better than it sounds


I’m not going to lie – when I heard that there was a three-day pizza festival in Italy, where the whole town would effectively be transformed into an open kitchen, I (cue cliche) thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I mean, how can you beat the simplicity of a margherita?

The way the mozarella pulls apart with wild abandon to reveal the intensity of the tomato sauce.

The way that the crust, still dusted with flour, crunches slightly as you tear into it.

The way that the flavours, occasionally accentuated by a leaf or two of fragrant basil, so delicately balances on the palate.

It’s messy, hearty, delicious soul food.

And if simplicity isn’t your thing, there’s an endless possibility of flavour combinations to explore. I should know – my homemade versions are always adulterated with ingredients that would make any pizza purist faint with horror.

But this pizza festival, taking place each year in the tiny town of Vico Equense near Naples, was a… Read the full story

Super strong bodybuilding gran says men want to be dominated by her

Angela Graham in the gym (Richard McCarthy/PA Real Life)
(Picture: Richard McCarthy/PA Real Life)

This is 68-year-old former glamour model, Angela.

She’s a bodybuilding grandma who can lift her own weight, and she syas that ‘weedy men’ are always trying to chat her up because they want her to dominate them.

Now a mental health nurse, Angela says that she’s plagued by guys DMing her on Facebook.

‘I tend to find that the guys who are attracted to me, who follow me on Facebook, are the ones that want dominating,’ she says.

‘Silly little weedy men asking me, “Could you lift me? Could you pin me down? Would you wrestle me? What do your biceps… Read the full story

Should you schedule sex for the weekend?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

You work late and head home with just enough time to eat dinner, watch Love Island, and roll into bed.

Then you realise you haven’t sex in days.

You’re both tetchy. You’re both clearly in need of getting sexual. But you’re so busy and tired that you know if you try to have sex now it’ll be rubbish; just minimal effort smushing of genitals while you sneak glances at the clock and count up how little sleep you’re going to get.

Or you have a glorious sex session, but feel so sleep-deprived the next morning you question whether it was worth it.

Could the answer to this… Read the full story

Woman gave her fiance a full makeover while he slept


A mum-of-one recorded the moment she gave her fiance a complete makeover while he was fast asleep.

22-year-old Rebecca Hambridge thought it would be funny to test out her new eyeshadow palette while her fiance, Nathan Aston, was asleep.

However, after working on his eyes, Rebecca decided to go all out by finishing Nathan’s face – adding foundation, highlighter, eyeliner and lipstick.

And it wasn’t until Rebecca had finished the entire look that Nathan, 25, woke up and realised he was rocking a red lip and some shiny cheeks.

Fitness influencer lambasted for promoting diet pills that allow you to ‘indulge like crazy’

(Picture: Michelle Lewin/Instagram)

Social media influencers are subject to very few rules when it comes to sponsorship deals.

Unlike papers and magazines, they can promote what they like without any evidence that whatever they’re flogging works or that they use it themselves.

And that can lead to some pretty dodgy partnerships – particularly in the online fitness world.

It’s one thing reality TV stars posing with diet teas, however, and quite another for a fitness influencer, PT and bodybuilder to promote diet pills and ‘carb blockers’.

Michelle Lewin has 13 million followers hanging onto her every meal, workout guide and #bodygoals selfie. And she’s just been called out for promoting weight loss pills that… Read the full story

Stunning photos show teacher getting married with her 20 primary students by her side

Teacher walks down the aisle with 20 students Carmen Bunting Photography
(Picture: Carmen Bunting Photography)

Two teachers got married surrounded by 20 primary school students, who were pictured throwing confetti over the happy couple.

Mikhala Fisher walked down the aisle with her students, to say her ‘I dos’ with fellow primary school teacher Jesse.

The pair married in April, across the road from Mikhala’s school at Ravens Creek Farm in Victoria, Australia.

The wedding was set outside amongst the trees, with wooden chairs for the guests, a makeshift aisle and a floral archway.

Mikhala wore an elegant gown with a plunge neckline.

Tattoos could be risky for people with weakened immune systems

Photo Taken In So Leopoldo, Brazil
(Picture: Vinicius Rafael / EyeEm)

A new report published in the BMJ Case Reports journal advises people who take immunosuppressant drugs that complications could arise from getting a tattoo.

The warnings after come after a Scottish woman with cystic fibrosis and lung transplants experienced chronic leg and knee pain for three years following a tattoo on her thigh.

Immunosuppressant drugs are usually prescribed if you’ve received an organ transplant, or are getting treatment for diseases like Crohn’s disease, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

I don’t want to be a helicopter parent, but sometimes it’s hard to resist

super parent illustration by Monika Mmuffin
Being hands off is harder than it looks (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

According to a study by the University of Minnesota, overly controlling parents are setting their children up for failure.

A research team monitored the behaviour of over 400 two-year-olds, assessing the way their parents interacted with them during a play session.

They then found, years later, that the most hands-on parents had seemingly raised the most maladjusted children, with their zealous approach to play resulting in ‘bad behaviour and poorer emotional wellbeing’.

Piers Morgan calls out ‘weak parents’ in debate over whether Fortnite… Read the full story

Meghan Markle wears all white Givenchy and a Philip Treacy hat for day one of Ascot

Royals arrive for day one of Royal Ascot 2018 Pictured: Meghan,the Duchess of Sussex Ref: SPL5004812 190618 NON-EXCLUSIVE Picture by: SplashNews.com Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 0207 644 7656 Milan: +39 02 4399 8577 photodesk@splashnews.com World Rights,
(Picture: SplashNews.com)

It’s the first day of Ascot, so naturally we’re keeping an eye out for all the fancy fashion inspiration we can spot.

And of course, Meghan Markle turning up is helping us along on our fashion spotting mission.

The Duchess of Sussex appeared at Ascot today by the Queen’s side, wearing an embroidered white dress with a thin belt and a matching hat, complete with a black… Read the full story

Wine lovers, rejoice: The Rosé Mansion in New York is looking for ambassadors

(Picture: Getty/Rose Mansion)

If you’re looking for a job, you love wine and you fancy relocating to New York, keep reading – because we’ve found the perfect job for you.

An actual Rosé Mansion is currently looking for ambassadors for the summer.

Unfortunately, the Rosé Mansion, which is set to open in July 2018 in Manhattan, is only here for the summer, but it sounds amazing.

It’s basically a mansion for anyone who loves rosé.

The company describes itself as ‘reinventing the experience of learning about and enjoying wine’.

Focused on rosé wines, Rosé Mansion is a multi-room walk-through experience where attendees learn about the history, science, and economics of wine while also having a… Read the full story

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