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The Tate is hosting a course in the art of Black Girl Magic


Instagram Photo

When comes to cultural institutions, women of colour have been dealt a pretty poor hand.

Sure, you’ve got Black British artists like Sonia Boyce and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye hanging in major galleries but when it comes to curating and proper representation, we’re thin on the ground.

Which is why the Tate is hosting a course entitled ‘Art in the age of Black Girl Magic’ this autumn.

Led by Bolanle Tajudeen, founder of Black Blossoms – an organisation supporting and highlighting black women artists, the course seeks to help give people an introduction to the current and historical artistic practices by black women.

‘We will explore the social and political issues that influence artistic practice today,’ the course programme says.

‘Participants will have the chance to reflect on the paucity of black women within cultural institutions in relation to wider questions concerning visibility and representation.

‘We will investigate how black women have creatively challenged the status quo by radically… Read the full story

The winners of the 2018 Nature Conservancy photo contest are pretty spectacular

Some of the winners of the Nature Conservancy photo contest (Picture: Nature Conservancy)

The winners of the 2018 The Nature Conservancy photo contest have been announced and they’re pretty incredible.

Winners were selected from over 57,000 entries from 135 coutrues, and the grand prize went to a stunning photo of two wild horses, shot in Camargue, France by Camille Briottet.

Second prize was awarded to USA’s Andre Mercier, for his haunting shot of a broken piece of the Vatnajokull Glacier at Jokulsarlon Bay in Iceland.

A touching moment was captured in the third prize shot by Terra Fondriest from the USA, showing a young girl holding a bullfrog.

‘The quality of entries this year… Read the full story

Why stress can make injuries feel more severe than they really are


In just over two weeks time, I’m going to be running an ultra-marathon.

And I’m injured.

I’ve got a ‘mild’ calf strain which feels like someone is sticking a sharp needle up through my heel to my knee every time I try to jog or climb stairs.

But when I went to see a physio at Move Clinics, I was told that it wasn’t that serious. In fact, we spent half of my initial consultation discussing my lack of sleep, my work and personal life-related stress, and my recent transatlantic travels.

‘It sounds like you’re ticking every stress box,’ senior physiotherapist Reece Noble told me, before going on to suggest that maybe those factors were tricking my brain into making the pain in my leg feel worse than the injury was.

So what role does stress play in interpreting pain, and can it lead to us being more injury prone?

Stress makes us injury prone

Reece tells Metro.co.uk that stress makes your body more… Read the full story

How to remove sun cream stains from clothes

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

So you’ve slathered yourself in sun cream. Well done, you.

But after a day of feeling smug in your sun protection, you whip off your clothes and notice something haunting: A greasy white stain on your favourite summer outfit.

You rub at it in vain. It doesn’t budge.

This absolutely should not put you off wearing sun cream. That’s important.

Yes, this is emotional moment, but stay calm in the knowledge that the stain will come out, and protecting your skin is vastly more important than having to hide a streak of cream on your sundress.

Sun cream stains because it tends to be oil-based, leaving a tricky-to-budge mark that reacts with sun and water,… Read the full story

Boohoo is being praised for not editing out their models’ stretch marks

(Picture: Boohoo)

Boohoo has been praised by thousands of people online for not Photoshopping out a model’s stretch marks.

A stunning model was pictured modelling an open-back yellow bodysuit, with the stretch marks on her bum and on her legs fully on show.

Obviously, this is amazing – because so often, we forget that, because of their utter beauty, models are just normal people.

And so Boohoo reminding us of this fact is something that should be celebrated.

Facebook user Cheryl Adele was spotted the photo and uploaded it to her page alongside the caption: ‘I find this so amazing!

Take a look at the amazing £1 million home hidden inside this 1920s warehouse

Designed by architect Yuri Dillon, a stunning mix of timber, glass, exposed red brick and original features makes this a truly unique home that will wow even the most astute buyer. Originally built in the 1920s as a workshop for a blacksmith, this art deco warehouse has been converted into a functional, modern family home with an expansive floorplan offering four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Behind the original ornate fa?ade stands a home that is as stunning as it is functional with potential to house a large family, those who like to host guests or anyone seeking dual living potential. The split-level floorplan offers open-plan living, banks of bi-fold doors and private… <a href=Read the full story

How to remove sweat stains from clothes

Tha will dry into a delicious stain (Picture: Shutterstock)

Summer is the best season (I’ll fight you if you say otherwise) but it does have its drawbacks.

The long days and balmy(ish) nights can be somewhat marred by our bodies’ newfound love of sweating.

We all sweat – it’s a useful bodily function to cool us down – but none of us particularly enjoy the damp sweat patches. Or the yellow stains that appear once the sweat has dried.

You know, those pesky ones that don’t disappear after you chuck your top in the wash.

So what are we supposed to do?

What causes it?

Here comes the science bit  – concentrate.

You’d think that chucking your… Read the full story

Postnatal depression is all-consuming – all I ever wanted to be was a good mum

Rosey with her daughter, Kimberley (Photo: Rosey Adams)

Being a young mum with postnatal depression is one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. I was 19 when my daughter arrived and my world turned upside down. I very quickly developed postnatal depression, and within the first few weeks I was exhausted, angry, alone, scared and, at times, resentful of my baby.

What had I done? Was life always going to be this hard? I wrote a poem called ‘PND and Me’, which sums up how I felt:

All I ever wanted
Was to be a good mum
Why was it so hard
I just felt numb

When my health visitor came… Read the full story

One in six millennials in America now have over £75,000 in savings

(Picture: Getty)

We hear constantly about how bad us millennials have it in terms of housing/job opportunities/steady incomes.

Rather than staying in awful office jobs with a view to getting a mortgage and settling down, we’re all too busy eating brunch and going away on soul-finding missions.


Well, not according to the Bank of America, which has recently released a study suggesting that we’re way more money-conscious than older generations might think.

Its survey suggests that one in six millennials (16%) now have savings of $100,000 (£75,267) or more.

And on top of that number, 47% of American millennials (aged 23-37) have managed to save $15,000 (£11,329).

That’s despite many of us have started working in… Read the full story

Why are sausages called bangers?

(Picture: Getty)

Whether they’re veggie or meaty, nothing beats a good sausage.

It’s universally accepted here in the UK that a sausage is also a banger, but not many people actually know why.

Language experts have a few ideas, however.

One story is that the word… Read the full story

The biggest and best dog friendly beaches in the UK

Little munchkins like this love nothing more than to play on a beach but where is that allowed? (Picture: Getty)

Sizzling UK summers are less-than-idyllic for dogs, thanks to hot pavements and even hotter cars.

But it’s no less than heartbreaking when some upstart council says they can’t step paw on a beach.

Some dogs can only dream of chasing sticks in the surf and getting sand tangled in their fur as they frolic on a dune.

However, though many beaches don’t allow dogs during summer months (or at all), there are others across the country which welcome dogs with open arms.

Here, we round up all the biggest and best dog friendly beaches… Read the full story

Tiny dog loving life in new home after being rescued with 81 fellow chihuahuas

Tiny chihuahua rescued alongside 81 other chihuahuas loves life in his new home RSPCA
That Labrador looks worried (Picture: RSPCA)

A tiny chihuahua is enjoying a new lease of life after being rescued from a home where he was living with 81 other dogs.

Sherlock was just a puppy when he was rescued by the RSPCA in April last year.

Police had discovered the dogs at the home after investigating the death of their owner, and thought were were dozens of dogs. However, when the RSPCA showed up, they found 82 chihuahuas.

One of these pups was Nacho, who – along with his buddies – was whisked to RSPCA Newbrook Farm Animal… Read the full story

Mattel launches a robotics engineer Barbie

Mattel Just Launched a Robotics Engineer Barbie
(Picture: Mattel)

Barbie has undergone plenty of career changes in her nearly 60-year lifespan, trying her hand at dentistry, space flight, architecture and paleontology.

Her newest transformation intro a robotics engineer will hopefully inspire young girls to imagine themselves in yet another role where women make up a small percentage of employees.

People estimates that only 12% of those working in robotics are female.

Mattel has also teamed up with Black Girls Code to show children that a career in technology is possible for people of any colour. Black Girls Code is a non-profit organisation that provides tech education to African-American girls, and Mattel has supported them… Read the full story

Mum wants to kick her daughter out of her room for ‘living in filth’

Mum Threatens To Evict Daughter From Her Room Because It's A Mess Getty
(Picture: Getty)

A mum has taken to MumsNet to ask whether it would be unreasonable to kick her 13-year-old daughter out of her room for ‘living in filth’.

The mum is sick of her daughter’s room being a mess, and describes her as being ‘disgusting’.

She wrote: ‘We are in a three bed house and her brothers 7 and 10 share.

‘I’m so fed up with her mess that I’ve told her that if she doesn’t sort it out she’s sharing with her 7 yr old ds and her 10yr old ds can have her room as he will actually… Read the full story

Does vaping stain your teeth?

does vaping stain your teeth?
(Picture: Getty)

So you’re one of the many, many people who’s moved from smoking cigs to vaping.

Maybe you made the switch for the health benefits, maybe it’s because you like treating yourself to a new vape-y flavour, or maybe you bowed to peer pressure after someone asked ‘do you even vape, bro?’ a few too many times.

Whatever the reason, you’ve likely weighed up all the pros and cons to settle on which nicotine based option is right* for you.

*This is where we say that ideally you’d give up all nicotine and e-cigarettes entirely. Just an idea.

Among those pros and cons there’s probably been one area that’s… Read the full story

If you want to improve your cholesterol profile, reduce your coconut consumption

(Picture: Getty)

Paleos and keto fans might swear by it, but it could be time to dial down on all things coconut.

It’s a super useful fruit for those of us who don’t eat dairy, because it makes far tastier and richer yoghurts and chocolate than soy or nut milks.

But coconuts are also very high in saturated fat – which is why one doctor recommends ditching the coconut products if you want to lower your cholesterol.

There are two types of cholesterol: HDL (good) and LDL (bad).

Over half of adults in England have raised cholesterol; when you have too much ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) in your blood, it builds up in the walls of… Read the full story

Is the traditional wedding gift list dying out?

The way couples are managing their wedding gifts is changing (Picture: Getty)

Part of the standard routine of attending a wedding used to be the frantic purchase of a piece of kitchenware from the happy couple’s gift list, usually the night before the wedding.

But the last few weddings I’ve been to have all instead involved an equally last-minute contribution to their honeymoon fund.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a wedding with a traditional gift list, and when it came to my own wedding we decided that it wouldn’t be the right choice for us either (although I REALLY liked the idea of a shopping spree in which you don’t pay… Read the full story

Blogger tells young women to ditch dudes who fight to defend them

(Picture: Constance Hall/Facebook)

If you were slighted in public while out with your boyfriend/fiance/husband, would you expect him to defend your honour?

Most of us might be peeved if they just sat back and said nothing.

But blogger Constance Hall says that women should get rid of protective men who try to defend us.

Writing on Facebook, she says that she overheard a group of teenage girls talking.

‘”Me and him are really close, he’s really protective of me.”

‘“Yeah that’s like James, he’s so protective of me. Once a guy was rude to me at a party and he had a full on go at him”

‘The girls looked happy with this,… Read the full story

National Writing Day: How writing a book helped me cope with the challenges of motherhood

Mother at laptop while children play
When you’re a parent, you take any opportunity to write (Picture: Getty)

It all started one Saturday night.

My infamously sleep-hating babies were actually in bed before 9pm and I had a plan.

How I got past the sleepless nights of parenting and got myself a book deal

I was NOT going to fall asleep on the settee in front of Graham Norton after half a glass of wine again. I was really, definitely going to write a book.

Before I actually had children I had the whole work/kids/home thing all figured out. As a freelance writer, I *thought* I… Read the full story

You can now buy your own private island in the Caribbean

This stunning private Caribbean island has been put on the market for a whopping ??65 MILLION. See SWNS story SWISLAND; Little Pipe Cay, in the central Bahamas, is described as ???a jewel??? within the archipelago of the Exumas island chain. The previously uninhabited 38 acre island has pure white sandy beaches and is surrounded by clear blue sea and beautiful marine life. Over the past 15 years, the current owners have transformed the island, building five houses, all with stunning seascape views
(Picture: Knight Frank / SWNS.com)

You can now buy your own stunning private Caribbean island – as long as you have £65 million to spare.

Sure, that’s a hell of… Read the full story

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