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Britain’s best sun creams for £3 or less

Britain's best sun creams for under £3
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself in this blazing heat, making sure you slap on plenty of sun cream.

When you’re reapplying lotion all day, it can be costly, particularly if you have children.

Here are some budget brands that with protect your skin and your wallet.

Anovia Tropical Sun – £1 at Poundland

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A pub is on the market for £99,000 – but you’ll have to live next to a notorious prison

(Picture: Stonesmith / SWNS.com)

A historic pub has gone on the market for under £100,000 – but you’ll have to live meters away from one of Britain’s most notorious prisons.

The Prince of Wales in Dartmoor, Devon, has been described as a ‘traditional moorland village inn’.

It’s located just meters away from Dartmoor Prison, which opened in 1805 and has held hundreds of killers.

Infamous inmates include Frank ‘The Mad Axeman’ Mitchell who was busted out then killed by the Kray Brothers.

The iconic pub in Princetown, complete with restaurant and modern bunkhouse, is up for sale for just £99,000.

While it may be in a prison, it’s located in the middle of Dartmoor and… Read the full story

Beer and chocolate come together in this new cocoa-infused lager

New cocoa infused lager Garage Project/Instagram
(Picture: Garage Project/Instagram)

If you love chocolate and you love beer then we’ve got some good news: the two are coming together to form a beautiful cocoa-infused lager.

Craft beer brand, Garage Project, from New Zealand, is partnering with Whittaker’s chocolate to feed everyone’s sweet tooth with a chocolate brew.

Sad news for us Brits though because the drinks will only be available in New Zealand before making its way across Australia.

It’s currently being trialled in Wellington before it goes on sale nationwide.

Bar Fox: A hidden rum terrace, London’s best tacos and a detox-retox yoga vodka brunch


Find yourself endlessly searching for cool places to eat, drink and be merry? Relax – we’ve got your back.

Every week we’ll bring you our tried-and-tested, hottest selection of bars, restaurants, cafes, street food hot spots and generally fun places to hangout across the weekend (and who are we kidding, way beyond – Mondays are always way better with a Margarita!)

We’ll bring you a big fat, fresh Bar Fox every Thursday – but if we discover anything ridiculously awesome at any other time, you’ll get the emergency update.

Where to drink? Chill out in a hidden tropical rum cocktail terrace

Diplomatico Palm Terrace at the Bloomsbury Club Bar

The Diplomatico terrace at the Bloomsbury HotelRead the full story

Why it’s so hard to realise you’re in an abusive relationship

(Picture: Phébe Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk)

When you hear the word ‘abuse’ it’s easy to think of physical violence, but abusive behaviour can take many forms.

Our cultural understanding – or lack thereof – of abuse is so narrow that many young women are currently in unhealthy relationships but fail to recognise the signs.

‘An abusive relationship is one which is underpinned by a need to control the other person by a pattern of coercive behaviours,’ saysAlex Carling, a Psychotherapist in Hull. ‘They’re not always inherently violent, and consist of a pattern of behaviours which leave the victim feeling vulnerable, scared, unsure, alone and lost.’

Everything from gaslighting, to constantly criticising their… Read the full story

14 brilliant ideas to keep your kids happy all summer long

Children playing on a swing set
Take them out! Make the most of the summer holidays with an adventure-packed six weeks

Picture the scene: It’s the school holidays and you have six wonderful weeks stretching out ahead of you.

Before it all began, you had it all worked out. Pinterest-fuelled visions of creative crafting sessions, cupcake-baking, bike rides and treasure hunt walks in the woods.

Instead, it’s the end of day three and you’ve watched all 8 Harry Potters and the three-year-old has glitter in every orifice.

Playing at home is glorious – but let’s face it, spend too long within four walls and it can all go a bit awry.

There’s only one solution to survive… Read the full story

You won’t believe these stunning views are from Malta

(Picture: Jet2holidays)

Need a reason to make Malta your next holiday destination?

You’ve got year-round sun, incredible diving spots, and gloriously blue water.

There are historical sites to visit if you’re feeling cultural, places to hike, and activities to do.

Oh, and it’s stunning. It’s an island of friendly towns and isolated coves, scenic locations (including spots where the King’s Landing scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed), and hiking trails.

Thankfully Jet2holidays has plenty of packages sorted to get you to Malta, so all you need to do is make a list of the views you don’t want to miss.

Here’s some inspiration.


Gifts fit for a bride (and groom!) These are the perfect presents ALL newlyweds will love


wedding gifts

Weddings are expensive – but we love them of course.

What we don’t love is when all the decent gifts on the wedding list we can afford have been bought and we end up with two plastic chopping boards as our contribution (actual story).

It’s not only the uninspiring nature of the less expensive gifts that gets in the way of glorious gift-giving (enter the plastic whisk, another true story) – it’s also nice to give something memorable that will be treasured rather than melted during the first week of married life after it’s left in a hot frying pan.

The answer? Club together with friends to pick up an item on the list that has the sort of luxe and longevity you couldn’t afford on your own.

Thing is – someone has to organise it. And we all know that collecting money – keeping track as payments arrive in dribs and drabs or handfuls… Read the full story

Woman finds love letter in a bottle on the beach from more than 200 miles away

A woman found a bottle containing a romantic love letter when it washed up on the beach after travelling more than 200 miles. See Centre Press story CPBOTTLE; Elissa Wilson came across the "wee piece of magic" during a beach clean and has since launched a worldwide search to find the woman who wrote the note. The 58-year-old caught sight of a small glass bottle amongst the seaweed with a red note inside at Prestwick Beach, South Ayrshire. The love note, found inside a mini whisky bottle, was written by a "Sarah" and talks about the couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary. It is thought the note has travelled more than 200… <a href=Read the full story

A rescue kitten has become a police force’s first official ‘pawfficer’

(Picture: SWNS)

A rescue kitten has risen through the ranks at her local police department, and has become the force’s first official ‘pawfficer’.

Donut was recruited by the Troy Police Department and now spends her days laying down the paw in the station’s feline unit.

The 14-week-old kitten was rescued from Michigan Humane Society and officially sworn into the force by judges Kirsten Nielsen Hartig and Maureen McGinnis on 11 May.

Since getting her badge, Pawfficer Donut has been helping her colleagues to bring attention to community issues like drink driving on the station’s social media channels.

‘I kept telling myself I could just stay in the hotel room’: What it’s like to travel alone when you have anxiety

*illustration request* People who don't use their car's indicators drive me crazy
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Travelling alone is no longer a sad, unfortunate circumstance those of us with flakey friends have to endure.

Now it’s more akin to a rite of passage among young people – a way to ‘find oneself’ and create lifelong memories we can casually bring up in the middle of any conversation (‘funny you should mention butternut squash, when I was staying in a wooden shack in Nepal…’).

Whether it’s a gap year before you go to university, one last responsibility-free jaunt before entering the workforce or the sabbatical you take in your 20s after a big… Read the full story

Hidden horrors of birth control: I went blind and had to have surgery on my eyes

contraceptive pill
(Picture: Getty)

It wasn’t until I was left blind in one eye, endured a six month long period, and was told by a doctor that my body was showing signs of cancerous activity that I started talking to people about their birth control choices.

As it turns out, my birth control pills were at fault for each issue. And like many women, I found out too late.

As soon as I considered myself ready to become sexually active, I did what all my friends did and went to the doctor for birth control advice that extended beyond condoms.

Did I want a baby? No. So, synthetic hormones it was. I became one… Read the full story

Make like Gemma Collins and get the private jet experience – but for only £213

(Picture: Getty, Fly Aura)

If you’ve seen the GC living the high life outside a private jet today, you’ll likely be insanely jealous.

Private planes aren’t usually within the reach of most of us, but it looks like that might be about to change.

An emerging airline called AURA is aiming to change the way we fly with their new luxury aircrafts – and prices aren’t too crazy.

The US company will be offering flights between Miami, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles from early 2019, and the inside of the planes look incredible.

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Take a look at the most Instagrammed beaches in the world

Whitehaven Beach, Australia, is the most Instagrammed beach in the world, apparently. (Picture: Getty)

Did you really go to the beach if you didn’t take a dreamy picture of sea and sand?

No. No, you did not. Our lives are now measured in Instagrams and scrolls through our camera rolls, so if a photo isn’t taken, it basically didn’t happen.

So naturally, it makes sense to pick where you’d like to visit based on Instagram opportunities.

Thankfully you don’t have to rely on your wanderlust-y friends reporting back for you, as TravelSupermarket has kindly rounded up the most Instagrammed beaches in the world.

More than 50% of the top beaches are in North America,… Read the full story

Wait, did ‘avocado’ used to mean ‘testicle’?

How rude (Picture: Getty)

Take a seat, millennial.

We’ve just learned some interesting news.

Turns out that the word ‘avocado’ actually comes from a euphemistic term for ‘testicle’.

Who knew?

Munchies discovered this startling fact noting that the fruit (yes, it is a fruit) has been documented as being consumed as early as 8,000 BC.

The Nahua (indigenous people of Mexico and El Salvador) called avocados ‘ahuacatl’. Which means ‘avocado’. So far, so simple.

However, in 1571, Franciscan priest and grammarian Alonso de Molinas wrote a dictionary of the Nahuatl language, putting avocado down as ‘fruta conocida, o el compañon’, which translates as ‘known fruit, or the testicle’.

Interesting, interesting.

Woman shares why she spends hours living as a kitten; crawling on her knees and eating from a bowl on the floor

(Picture: nyxielkitten/metro.co.uk)

Meet Linnéa, a 27-year-old nurse living in Sweden who’s also known as Nyxiel, a human kitten.

Linnéa is part of the kitten play community, a subculture made up of people who spend hours a day living as cats.

For Linnéa that means wearing ears, a tail, pawprint gloves, a collar, and cat inspired makeup, crawling around on her knees, communicating in meows, and eating her food from bowls on the floor.

She’ll also get treated to plenty of strokes and cuddles from her owner and boyfriend.

‘I always had a personality like a cat,’ Linnéa tells Metro.co.uk. ‘I’m a crazy cat lover.

‘I stumbled across kitten play on Instagram a few years ago… Read the full story

London is getting its very first vegan Oktoberfest this year

All vegan errting (Picture: Vegtoberfest)

The vegan revolution is upon us.

London is getting a vegan Oktoberfest.

Vegans have traditionally been a bit left out at your standard Oktoberfest – not being able to partake in the bratwurst and never really knowing if their beer has fish guts in or not.

Luckily this year, Camden is opening its edgy tatted arms to a fully plant-based version, called Vegtoberfest, which will be the UK’s first ever fully vegan Oktoberfest.

Vegtoberfest will be taking place on Saturday 6 October at Fest Camden in London.

It’ll be chokka with vegan beer, ales and food – all cruelty-free and delicious.

How to tackle social situations when you have anxiety

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I’ve always been very open about the fact that I suffer badly from anxiety.

I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in my late twenties, after suffering years of constant stress and worry about what to others would seem like trivial things.

I would retch with nerves whenever I left the house to go to work. If I had to meet new people I would often be physically sick beforehand. Even when I did make it to meetings and social events I’d have absolutely no idea how to handle things and panic afterwards that I’d made an idiot of myself.

I’ve tried many solutions… Read the full story

Can delivery and takeaway food from Michelin-starred chefs ever deliver?

fancy sushi
They look good, but how do they taste? (Picture: Sushi Shop)

We’ve all been there – that desperate moment when we’re picking up the phone to order a takeaway.

Like on those Sunday afternoons after a heavy Saturday night out or, in my case, when I’ve been too disorganised during the week to buy food.

Except, I would – without fail – lament for hours over whether to order a takeaway, and if so, what.

My indecision comes from the fact that I can’t justify a takeaway.

I feel guilty because I ‘should’ have been organised enough to buy food, or had the foresight to batch-cook and freeze my dinner. And I should… Read the full story

Men don’t need discussions of mental health to play into toxic masculinity

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Brown men don’t cry – how a culture of shame stops South Asian men talking about mental health (Rupen Gahir Kalsi)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Is there anything a ‘real man’ can’t do?

If we’re to believe everything we’re told, that elusive totem of masculinity is a tough-as-old-boots gent, who can simultaneously help an old lady across a road while lifting all the cars out of her way. With one arm. In a suit. While eating a steak.

It’s time to add to that list, too, because the Real Man is evolving. Not content with muscle flexing and meat scoffing, he’s dipping his toes into that hottest of topics –… Read the full story

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