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Photos show why you shouldn’t rely on the SPF in your moisturiser to protect you from the sun

(Picture: Ella Byworth/ Shutterstock)

So you’re feeling smug doing your daily skincare routine because your moisturiser has ‘SPF’ on the label.

Sorry, but that’s not enough. You really do need to pop some proper sun cream on if you’re heading out in the sun.

A new report from the British Association of Dermatologists has revealed that those who use moisturisers with SPF rather than sun cream may not be adequately protecting their skin from damaging UV rays.

It’s thought that this is because we tend to spread moisturiser more thinly than we slather on sun cream.

Dermatologists have provided a set of photos to show the difference in protection a standard application of sun… Read the full story

Gallery dealer gets arrested for placing a huge heroin spoon outside an opioid company


Artist Domenic Esposito made a big statement about America?s opioid epidemic?when he dropped an 800-pound sculpture of a heroin spoon outside the HQ of an OxyContin Manufacturer on Friday [June 22, 2018] in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. OxyContin, and other prescription opiates, have been identified as a possible gateway drugs to heroin in some medical studies. Boston-based Esposito was inspired to make the work after living through his brother Danny?s 14-year struggle with heroin addiction. The giant piece of protest artwork was delivered to the doorstep of drugmaker Purdue Pharma, where it hindered traffic flow to the facility. Esposito worked with the gallerist Fernando Luis Alvarez for the guerrilla installation, which led to… <a href=Read the full story

This aubergine is the embodiment of Big D*ck Energy

An aubergine with a penis
(Picture: Terrence McKenzie-Cook/Metro)

Sit down, readers, for you are about to digest some Pulitzer-worthy journalism.

Look at the above image.

The picture was sent in by Metro.co.uk reader Terrence – so yes, this is ~exclusive~ aubergine content you’re looking at – whose wife stumbled upon it while out shopping.

‘My wife send this picture of an aubergine she bought today,’ says Terrence. ‘It is either a liar with a long nose or a well hung aubergine.

‘You decide.’

We have decided, Terrence and we have come to the conclusion that this aubergine has Big Dick Energy.

To have Big Dick Energy is to have quiet confidence without cockiness. This… Read the full story

Everyone stay calm, the crumpet crisis is over

(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

It’s been a tough few weeks in the world of food.

There have been rumours of a halloumi shortage, a lack of carbon dioxide has put beer and fizzy drinks at risk, and even crisps are predicted a dark fate.

But thankfully this horror may be coming to an end. When it comes to crumpets, at least.

Just last week it was reported that a crumpet crisis was looming thanks to that carbon dioxide shortage. Now, five days later, the crisis has been averted and things are back to normal.

This is all because carbon dioxide is crucial for use… Read the full story

Where can I buy an Engand football shirt for my dog?

Where can I buy a England football shirt for dogs?
Don’t exclue your dog from World Cup celebrations (Pictures: Petitebelle/Cafe Press/Ebay)

You might sing ‘It’s coming home’ every four years, but your dog sings it every day as it waits by the door for you to get home from work.

Why not include your favourite furry friend in the World Cup festivities by getting him or her a football shirt, too?

While there sadly isn’t an official England shirt for dogs (not quite sure what The FA is playing at, to be honest) there are a few unofficial shirts to choose from.

Here are a few we discovered on the world… Read the full story

Losing my brother taught me that we need a dedicated minister for suicide prevention and bereavement support

Matthew and his brother, Dan (Photo: Matthew Smith)

Like many others this summer, I’ve been engrossed in the dramatic entertainment of the World Cup. For me, it serves as a two-fold reminder; firstly of the love I have of football, but secondly for something a lot more bitter.

It reminds me of another lost time, another missed opportunity, another memory I could have shared with my older brother, Dan. The World Cup is just one of many reminders I have experienced over the 13 years since my brother passed away.

What makes this all so bitter is the way in which we lost Dan, because we shouldn’t have lost him. Dan… Read the full story

Lindt launches a chocolate spread that’ll give Nutella a run for its money

(Picture: productsinstore/Instagram)

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without eating your weight in those little Lindor balls.

And Easter is nothing if you’ve not got a Lindt bunny to decapitate.

There’s just something about that creamy Lindt chocolate that makes a celebration actually worth celebrating.

So imagine the excitement when it was announced that the Swiss chocolatiers were launching a Lindt chocolate spread.

Yep, you can now get your hands on jars of ‘Lindt Hazelnut Cream’ – in what looks like a more glam version of Nutella.

According to Instagram account @productsinstore, jars of the stuff are being sold for £5.99 at the Lindt shop in Liverpool.

Instagram Photo

Although it’s… Read the full story

Massive sneaker expo Sneakerness is coming to London

(Picture: Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Calling all sneakerheads and hypebeasts: Cancel your plans this weekend, you’re heading to Sneakerness.

For those not in the know, Sneakerness is a massive sneaker (or trainers, if you will) expo that’s previously taken place in spots around Europe. For the first time ever, it’s coming to July this very weekend.

Sneakerness will be taking over Printworks for two days: Saturday 7 July and Sunday 8 July.

Along with stalls selling all the coolest shoes (Crep Protect, Adidas, and Stance are all hosting pop-up stalls), there’ll be all sorts of sneaker-themed delights including trainer cleaning stations, games of ping-pong, and competitions to win, well, sneakers.

There’s a Sock Reclamation vending… Read the full story

ASOS deciding to show models in wheelchairs means the world to disabled fashionistas like me

(Photo: Samantha Renke)

As long as I can remember I’ve always had people stare at me. I was born with a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta which means that my bones break easily and I am a full time wheelchair user.

I vividly remember shopping with my sister and mother — I must have been 16-years-old — and the stares and side glances just got the better of me and I burst into tears. Trying to console me my sister knelt down next to me and said, ‘has it ever occurred to you that people may be staring because you are an amazing dresser and you look great?’

It was true, I loved… Read the full story

ASOS is selling clothes specially designed for people with disabilities

(Picture: @NaomiHallcro/Twitter)

ASOS, for all its dubious jean designs, tends to be a leader when it comes to diversity and sustainability.

It’s stopped selling loads of animal-made products. It makes an active effort to ensure its models are as racially diverse as possible. And amputee model Mama Cox has even featured in an Asos activewear campaign.

And now, it’s gone one step further by introducing its first ever disabled e-commerce model.

Great British Paralympian athlete and BBC reporter, Chloe Ball-Hopkins, has been hired to model and design a tie-dye jumpsuit for ASOS’ ‘Design’ range.

She says that she’s been working with the brand for the past… Read the full story

Don’t let Eddie Marsan put you off pubs, they can be the greatest places on the planet

Eddie Marsan has said he prefers dinner parties to pubs (Credit: Getty).

Actor Eddie Marsan got some attention this week for slagging off pubs and, quite frankly, it really hurt.

I don’t own a pub, I don’t work in a pub, I am not myself a pub and pubs are actually quite a substantial drain on my income, but I, like many others, am in love with them.

Behind my home and the office, the pub is third on the list of where I spend most of my time. Not one specific establishment, but a range of boozers that fulfil all different types of needs.

This is where Marsan’s comments really stung for… Read the full story

Have a bouji staycation by renting this manor house with 32 of your mates

Night. COULD THIS luxurious manor house be the ultimate family getaway with room for up to 33 guests at a cost of ??35k for a week???s stay? Incredible images show the stunning property in Chiddingford, Surrey with nine enormous double en suite bedrooms, 10 bathrooms with rainfall showers and spacious kitchen and living areas. Other amazing photographs show the entertainment facilities as the house comes with indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub, games room, cinema, gym, tennis court and even a bowling alley. A week???s stay during the summer for up to 21 people would cost ??35k while a three-night weekend stay comes out at ??26k. A ??3k deposit is needed… <a href=Read the full story

Stats show the World Cup is a great time to use Tinder – so here are some horror stories to put you off

The face of a Tinder user (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’re being struck with a double whammy of lust – not only is it summer, but we also have the World Cup.

It’s a known fact that our sex drives increase in the summer but recent stats have shown that the football is also giving us the horn.

According to Russian mobile phone network MTS, Tinder usage increased by 11% near stadium and fan zones during Moscow, St. Petersburg and Saransk.

MegaFon, the second largest mobile phone operator and the third largest telecom operator in Russia, said Tinder accounted for 1% of its… Read the full story

Aisle keep the receipt: We reveal the weirdest wedding gifts people have received (and how to avoid making the same mistake!)

owl salt and pepper (alamy)
A similar set of owl salt and pepper shakers was given to one of our brides (alamy)

No one wants to be labelled a mercenary Mary – especially after they have shelled out a few tens of thousands of pounds feeding and watering guests on their wedding day.

But the notion of a bad wedding gift can still rankle – you are inviting your best friends and family to your wedding. Doesn’t that mean if they get you a gift at all (and increasingly couples are saying no gifts) it should at least be vaguely decent – and ideally meaningful?

Admittedly, it can be hard to put sentiment… Read the full story

Eating nuts might make your sperm more powerful

(Picture: Getty)

Rejoice, nut butter lovers and cashew devourers. According to a new study, your sperm is nailing it.

Diets rich in nuts produce a higher sperm count made up of more powerful swimmers, suggests a new study from the Human Nutrition Unit of the Rovira i Virgili University in Spain.

Researchers tracked the sperm count and quality of a group of healthy young men aged 18-35 over the course of 14 weeks, and found that those who included 60g a day of mixed almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts had a higher sperm count as well as sperm of a higher quality.

This isn’t conclusive evidence to start funneling nuts into your mouth, however.

The… Read the full story

As IVF turns 40, the UK’s top fertility expert Emma Cannon on how to think fertile

90 Days Fertile – by Emma Cannon

Next month the very first IVF baby Louise Brown turns 40 years old. But as we look back at four decades of advancements in fertility, what have we really learned about getting pregnant?

Fertility expert Emma Cannon believes that fertility is more than something that can be detected or improved via diagnostic testing – rather it’s a complete and utter state of being.

And she knows what she’s talking about. Nicknamed the ‘Baby Maker’, Emma is a fertility and women’s health expert, acupuncturist, and author who has been helping women get pregnant for more than 20 years.

Bridging the gap between Western medicine and the world… Read the full story

Two women open up about what it’s like to be a mother when you have borderline personality disorder

(Picture: Erin Aniker)

Sasha, a mother-of-two, was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder last year.

She was in a mother and baby unit at the time and was struggling with depression and OCD. While there, she brought up the idea of BPD to the doctors, as she felt like it helped to put a label on what she was feeling.

It turned out they had already written the condition in their notes, but hadn’t brought it up because of the stigma still surrounding BPD.

Borderline personality disorder is a type of personality disorder. Symptoms of BPD include not having a sense of who you are, worrying about abandonment, quick mood changes and feeling very… Read the full story

Take a look at the London council estate covered in more than 300 England flags

(Picture: Adam Omar)

In case you weren’t aware, football is one step closer to coming home, after England’s record-breaking penalty win against Colombia.

As the nation recovers from a (happy) hangover, it’s time to look at some of the best videos and pictures from Tuesday night’s nail-biting game.

Kirby Estate in Bermondsey, London, certainly didn’t shy away from going all out.

The council estate was decorated with over 300 flags over the entire block to show their support for the Three Lions.

Mum warns parents not to let their children go down slides in hot weather

Dawna Wright's daughter, Asia, suffered second-degree burns after playing on the slide at John Anderson Park in Grandview, Missouri (Picture: Dawna Wright/Facebook)
Dawna’s daughter Asia suffered second degree burns after going down a slide. (Picture: Dawna Wright/Facebook)

Summer is for days in parks, ice creams, picnics, paddling pools.

We don’t want to ruin your fun, but it might not be the time to go down a slide – especially if you’re wearing shorts.

A mum has taken to Facebook to share the risks of letting a child go down a slide in hot weather, posting photos of her four-year-old daughter’s second-degree burns on her legs.

Four-year-old Asia Wright was playing with her mum and… Read the full story

Woman with painful vaginismus shares what it was like to lose her virginity at 32

PIC FROM Karen Buono / Caters News - (PICTURED: Karen Buono with her partner John on their wedding day in April 2018) - A woman who finally lost her virginity at 32 has opened up about the rare condition that meant she could never have penetrative sex because it was like hitting a brick wall.Karen Buono, 35, spent most of her life suffering from a painful condition called vaginismus which meant she was never able to insert a tampon, have a pap smear or engage in penetrative sex.SEE CATERS COPY
Karen has struggled with vaginismus, which causes the vagina to constrict. (Picture: Karen Buono / Caters News)

Karen Buono has spent… Read the full story

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