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Sealioning is the new thing to worry about in relationships and online

Why are you getting so angry at me simply asking a respectful question ma’am?! (Picture: Getty)

By now, you should be well aware of gaslighting (hopefully not from your own experience, but at least from watching Adam on Love Island).

If not, here’s a brief overview, so you can look back on all your past relationships – working, familial, romantic, and otherwise – and work out if you’ve ever been on the receiving end.

Gaslighting is hard enough to deal with, but it turns out it’s not the only pervasive way to make you doubt yourself and your own beliefs.

Enter sealioning.

It was first conceived of by an American cartoonist called… Read the full story

When you have mental and physical health problems, your mind often takes a back seat

woman lying down
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

In my old GP’s surgery, appointments were five minutes.

If you wanted to speak about more than one thing you had to request a double appointment, and for anything more than that you had to come back another time.

When I had contraception questions, period issues, weird bruises that wouldn’t leave my body, and the odd cough/cold/back pain, these things dominated my time.

Despite the fact that I would often be extremely low and in need of mental health support, physical issues took priority.

The rest can wait, I told myself, as my mental health slowly declined in the background.

After all, problems with your body are tangible… Read the full story

Working long hours puts women at greater risk of diabetes

(Picture: Getty)

We already know that working over 39 hours a week is bad for everyone.

But now it turns out that working long hours especially compromises women’s health.

In fact, women who work over 45 hours a week are up to 63% more likely to develop diabetes than those who work between 35 and 40 hours a week.

That’s according to new study published in the BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care journal.

For 12 years, researchers have been tracking 7,065 workers (3,502 women and 3,563 men) in Canada, who had no previous diabetes diagnosis.

While there was no real correlation between diabetes development and long hours for the men, the study… Read the full story

Attention, couples: There’s a chance to get paid £24k to live on a remote island and look after seals

Enlli Island (Bardsey), Nature Reserve in Wales. A ?LIFE changing? opportunity for two castaways to relocate to work and live on a remote Welsh island is up for grabs. The owners of a small but scientifically and historically significant island two miles off the cost of the Llyn Peninsula is looking for two individuals to become its new wardens. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to manage Enlli (Bardsey), a Nature Reserve in Wales featuring an abundance of sea birds and seals, has arisen and presents a opportunity that will suit two individuals applying together, for a challenge like no other. The Bardsey Island Trust is hunting for a warden and assistant warden to live… <a href=Read the full story

Barbie feet is the Instagram trend promising to give you legs for days

(Picture: Instagram)

Instagram trends are plenty. The latest one is all about wearing invisible high heels.

Heels do make you feel sexier… as long as you can walk in them.

They make your legs look longer and leaner and give you a natural strut.

The dream is to feel bad and bougie even when you’re not wearing them.

Barbie feet does exactly that. The term was coined by fashion blog Who What Wear after models and bloggers alike were seen with the pose with their toes pointed and heel up.

The simple trick has the benefit of elongating your legs in pictures (which always comes in handy) as well as giving you… Read the full story

The man who doesn’t know how to eat KitKats just proposed with one

(Picture: Haley Byrd)

Remember the woman who almost dumped her boyfriend after finding out the horrific way he eats KitKats?

Well, she ignored the haters and chose her man over chocolates. And it’s worked out for the pair because he’s just asked her to marry him.

So, how do you propose to the woman who achieved national fame by teasing the way you eat chocolate-covered wafer biscuits?

With a KitKat, of course.

What is cisgender, where does the word come from, and is it offensive?

• How to support a transgender friend (International Transgender day of visibility March 31st) 500 words (Fiona Thomas) Ella Byworth
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Unless you label yourself transgender or non-binary, it’s likely that you’d be considered cisgender.

With gender issues coming to the fore in a number of ways, it’s important to understand what different terms mean in an effort to use them correctly.

The word transgender comes from the Latin prefix trans, which loosely translates to ‘on the other side of’. Someone who is transgender feels like the sex they were assigned at birth does not match up with how they identify.

Cis is also a Latin prefix, meaning ‘on this… Read the full story

How to start plogging

(Picture: Miranda Larbi)

A few months ago, the internet went wild for plogging.

Every site was calling it the ‘new fitness trend’, and yet, very few people seem to be going around actually plogging.

To recap, plogging is where you go for a run and pick up litter as you go.

Sounds like killing two birds with one stone – getting a cardio workout in and doing something good for the environment.

So we went to give plogging a try with the Vivobarefoot Plogging Club, lead by Swim Run Champion and ‘Queen of Plogging’, Maja Tesch.

She explained how it all got started: ‘It was started by a friend of… Read the full story

Meet the Indian model everyone thinks is Rihanna’s doppelgänger

(Picture: Caters)

Renee Kujur is a model from Chhattisgarh, India.

And wherever she goes, people call her ‘Rihanna, Rihanna’, because she looks so damn like the Bajan singer.

But Renee says it hasn’t always been easy, looking the way she does; she’s had to deal with colourism for most of her life – being deemed ‘too dark’ to be beautiful.

Since Rihanna came on the scene, however, she’s found her modelling career rocket.

‘Photographers would tell their clients that I resemble Rihanna,’ Renee tells Hindustan Times.

‘That way, it was easier to convince them. No one could deny that Rihanna was beautiful. That sort of worked in my favour. Those who called… Read the full story

Love Island is increasing the demand for lip fillers and other cosmetic surgery

Editorial Use Only. No Merchandising. No Commercial Use. Mandatory Credit: Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock (9727785d) Megan Barton Hanson and Eyal chat. 'Love Island' TV Show, Series 4, Episode 23, Majorca, Spain - 26 Jun 2018
(Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Alongside being the best Love Island villain of all time, Megan Barton-Hanson is a walking advert for the wonders of cosmetic surgery.

She’s undeniably hot. Every man in the villa fancies the pants off her. She looks like the walking, talking version of all those ‘these are the celeb body parts people wish they had’.

That’s enough to make anyone feel like they don’t measure up.

But it’s the ‘before’ photos making the rounds that are causing… Read the full story

Why every body is a runner’s body

(Picture: Instagram)

Think of a runner and visions of waif-like figures might come to mind.

Paula Radcliffe. Moe Farah. All those successful Kenyans.

Sprinters aside, those mid-long distance runners don’t carry an inch of fat on them. And if your body doesn’t conform to that ectomorphic body standard, it can be tempting to believe that running just ain’t for you.

But, friend, it really is.

Running is one of our most primal movements – we’re all made to do it. It doesn’t matter what your body looks like because if you’re running, then you have a runner’s body.

Some of us may be more muscular than others. Some might hold more fat. Some might be… Read the full story

Dior copied traditional Romanian clothing so Romanians are getting their own back


Fashion brands have to get their inspiration from somewhere, which is why most houses employ researchers to go out in the world and bring back interesting fabrics and objects.

And while that can lead to some really interesting fusions, if taken too far, it can lead designers open to accusations of cultural appropriation.

Take Dior, for example.

Last year, the French house brought out its pre-fall collection and people in Romania noticed a striking similarity between their clothes and Dior’s – particularly in the small region of Bihor.

Dior’s version is selling the coat for £26,000; none of the proceeds or credit has been given to the Bihor community.

So, Romanian fashion magazine, Beau Monde, has decided to get its own back.

9 of the best air-cons and fans to keep you cool in this summer’s heatwave



The British summer is usually fleetingly short but can pack a humid, sultry punch.

This year, summer seems to have started in April and is only getting hotter.

We have highs of 30C expected this weekend, with temperatures hovering around that level for the next 10 days at least.

Our houses are just not built to handle this kind of heat – and if you live in an attic conversion or live over a flight path or similar with a lot of external noise pollution, you’ll know the pain of not being able to open a window.

Here are the best ways to keep your cool this summer when the heat is on.


Dyson Cool™ AM07 Fan – White / Silver

A mental health festival for young people is coming to London

(Picture: Hussain’s House)

Hussain Manawer, poet, and mental health campaigner, is organising possibly the first mental health festival in the UK.

Hussain’s House Live is hoped to be the largest event of its kind, bringing together 1,300 students across the UK to tackle stigma around cyberbullying, self-care, self-esteem, bereavement, depression, and anxiety.

The activist will speak with other esteemed guests like American actor Jay Ellis, who stars in HBO’s Insecure with comedian and activist Issa Rae.

Najwa Zebain, a Canadian-based poet involved in the #MeToo movement will also be talking at the festival at Hackney Empire, London.

Open to all schools, colleges and youth groups in the UK, Hussain’s House, which is supported by… Read the full story

Some monster caught a cockroach and executed it on a home-made mini electric chair

NEWS COPY - WITH VIDEO AND PICTURES An artist faced a furious backlash today (Thu) after he caught a cock roach and staged a bizarre execution - with a mini electric chair. Sculptor Gabriel Tuazon snared the pest when it flew in through a window at his home in Pasig, Philippines yesterday morning. He spent two hours rigging up a mini wooden chair connected to battery wires and a light bulb - before strapping the roach down with a metal lid on its head. Gabriel then filmed himself flicking the switch to send a current through the insect's body which began twitching as the electricity killed it. But the artist was slammed… <a href=Read the full story

We grilled the major UK supermarkets on what they’re doing to reduce plastic waste

Why are we wrapping so many items in plastic? (Picture: Getty)

Our planet is facing a plastic crisis.

What once seemed like a cheap and convenient way to protect food is now choking our oceans, causing harm to marine life who are essential to our ecosystem. It also ends up on your plate, via fish who have consumed microplastics, mistaking it for food.

The oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish by 2050. That’s terrifying. Even if you don’t care about the environment or climate change, think of your next holiday. It’s no fun wading through plastic bags and wrappers when you’re trying to nail… Read the full story

Chef creates food illusions that don’t look like things you should be eating

PICS BEN CHURCHILL / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Dessert replicates filled cigarette tray.) A talented chef who has grown bored of conventional desserts has started serving up dishes that look purposely unappetising - testing the boundaries of peoples palate.Ben Churchill, 31, has created unorthodox masterpieces that appear to look like a used ashtray, a soapy washing up sponge and even a moulding orange to encourage people to think outside of the box - taking from one day to six months to create each masterpiece. The British chef, who is based on the outskirts of London, UK, fills his diners with not only tasty puddings but also apprehension and confusion - claiming that… <a href=Read the full story

Pretty Little Thing is back with the see-through trousers no one asked for

(Picture: Pretty Little Thing)

Clearly taking a leaf out of Topshop’s books after they launched a pair of see-through trousers, Pretty Little Thing has come out with their own.

Yes, that’s right, the folks at the fashion brand thought it might be a good idea to wear transparent, 100% plastic trousers during the summer.

‘Your look will be anything but transparent in these trousers, girl,’ it boasts on its site.

The trousers could be all yours for a mere sum of £30.

Well, at least you’re bound to turn heads.

Wallace can now compete in competitions after British Dressage Club lifts ban on mules

Christie Mclean with her11-year-old mule Wallace who has been cleared to compete in a dressage competitions. See SWNS story SWMULE; The owner of a talented mule banned from competing by British Dressage is celebrating - after a U-turn by officials. Wallace The Great had been refused permission to take part in official events because she's not a horse. Owner Christie Mclean, 31, was told her mule could not have membership of British Dressage. Wallace has competed in several unaffiliated competitions in the past year and impressed judges.
(Picture: Francis Hawkins / SWNS.com)

This is Wallace The Great.

She’s spent the past 11 years being banned from competing in British Dressage because she’s… Read the full story

Bar Fox: Sake tasting, a raw seafood and fired meats joint and sizzling Spanish in Soho


Find yourself endlessly searching for cool places to eat, drink and be merry? Relax – we’ve got your back.

Every week we’ll bring you our tried-and-tested, hottest selection of bars, restaurants, cafes, street food hot spots and generally fun places to hangout across the weekend (and who are we kidding, way beyond – Mondays are always way better with a Margarita).

We’ll bring you a big fat, fresh Bar Fox every Thursday – but if we discover anything ridiculously awesome at any other time, you’ll get the emergency update.

Where to eat and drink this week…

Sake tasting at the Japan Centre

sake tasting at the Japan Centre
Demystify the world of sake with a… Read the full story
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