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Adorable primary schoolkids create music video to support England football team


We all know England football fans are pretty fierce.

You might not expect wee schoolkids to be the most passionate in the country but pupils at Flakefleet Primary School give even the most avid fans a run for their money.

They’ve been painting their faces in St George’s colours and waving the flag high in support of the Three Lions during the final stages of the World Cup.

Even the teachers got their game faces on.

Lip-syncing and moving to the beat of Fat Les’s Vindaloo, teachers and pupils alike marched around the school with… Read the full story

New graduates are more attractive to employers if they do volunteer work

(Picture: Getty)

It being summer, maybe you’re preparing to finally launch yourself into the world of work after a lifetime in education.

Or perhaps you’ve finally decided to jack in your crap job in order to peruse a better position after the holiday season is over.

Either way, you need to make sure you really nail whatever application you chose to go for.

And a new study has been highlighting the common mistakes most recent grads make when applying for a job.

Many are guilty of applying for a load of different jobs which means that their CVs aren’t tailored to any specific job. Often, CVs are formatted incorrectly or littered with errors, meaning that… Read the full story

Watching football may be good for your mental health

XPB via PA Images The England vs Sweden World Cup Quarter Final is shown on a big screen at the Heineken Bar in the paddock. 07.07.2018. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 10, British Grand Prix, Silverstone, England, Qualifying Day. Photo credit should read: XPB/Press Association Images.
(Picture:XPB Images/Press Association Images)

You might feel that your blood pressure has rocketed over the past few weeks but a dementia expert says that watching football may be good for your mental wellbeing.

And professor Alistair Burns says that older people, in particular, could benefit from watching football.

Interestingly enough, however, professor Burns says that they should watch old replays of sporting events because they can help… Read the full story

Bisexual women are an ‘invisible minority’ as they’re more likely to be abused

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Up to a million people watched the Pride parade in London, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community as well as acknowledging the struggles of the group.

While there might be common experiences between different individuals of the group, for some, there are extra difficulties that no one seems to be addressing.

Bisexual people are at a higher risk of being abused, with funding for bi issues low or nonexistent.

Together with pansexual people – those attracted to all genders – bisexuals are considered an ‘invisible minority’ especially as bi-erasure works against them on an everyday level.

Gü is now doing chocolate spread versions of their puddings

(Picture: Gu/Getty)

Last week we brought you the spectacular news that Lindt chocolate spread was now available in the UK.

And today, in the lastest spread news, we can announce that Gü has launched a range of pudding-flavoured spreadables too.

Gü is known for its delicious pots of chocolate-y goodness and now introduced three varieties of chocolate spread to its dessert collection.

For £2.50, you can choose from Gü Hazelnut and Chocolate Crunchy spread, Hazelnut and CHocolate Velvety spread, and Salted Caramel Velvety Spread.

Oh, dear lord.

PSA: High-heeled crocs are a thing and no words can describe how awful they are

(Picture: Crocs)

Just when you thought Crocs couldn’t get any grimmer, they had to lower the bar even further.

Sure, Balenciaga had a go at making the rubber shoes chic by turning them into gem-encrusted platforms. And that kind of worked – we admit that they looked quite cool.

But Crocs are now selling high heels. And they look absolutely horrendous.

For £39.99, you can get your hands on a pair of ‘casual and comfortable heels and wedges,’ Crocs says on its website.

And sure, they may be more comfortable than your standard stiletto but is comfort really worth it when it comes at such a sartorial price?

‘Get all the fashion without sacrificing the… Read the full story

It’s okay if this hot weather is killing your sex life

people tell us the things people said during sex that instantly killed the mood
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

You might have read recently that the heatwave we’ve all been enjoy (read: suffering through) is good for your sex life.

Apparently it’s down to increased exposure to Vitamin D, higher serotonin levels and the general bonhomie that sunshine tends to bring.

To all of that, I say bollocks.

If you’ve been having lots of sex over the last sticky, sultry week then I salute you, because at one point my husband touched my arm and I considered filing for divorce.

I cannot understand, and probably never will understand, how anyone could want to… Read the full story

Very good, loyal corgi sticks by human when she’s giving birth

The most beautiful part of this story is that his mom, Brooke, is a doula herself. She navigates and comforts so many beautiful moms like herself through the hardest journey of their lives Credit: Kristin Ann Photography
(Picture: Kristin Ann Photography)

Photographer Kristin has captured two out of three of mum Brooke’s home births.

And in each case, Brooke has had a loyal family member present to help her through the experience.

Her sweet corgi Ryder saw out Brooke’s first birth; Kristin says that ‘he would come and check on his mum and make sure everything was okay’.

‘From letting her hug him through the contraction to watching her as she… Read the full story

Ann Summers reveal what UK women are masturbating with


If you want to buy a sex toy in the UK, retail stats suggest that you’re going to do it in one or two places. LoveHoney, or Ann Summers.

So Ann Summers have quite an insight into what it is women really want from their sex toys. They’ve rounded up a list of the top ten best selling vibrators for 2018 so far.



The Original Rampant Rabbit

Rose Gold Mini Vibrator

Ombre Pebble Vibrator

Bunny Banger Mini Rabbit Vibrator

Zeus Vibrating Navy Cock Ring

Silicone G Whizz Neon Pink Vibrator

Rampant Rabbit Vibrator –The Moregasm Move… Read the full story

These artistic chicks paint pictures of celebrities as…chicks

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, and Donald Trump, painted as chicks (Picture: Artistic Chicks)

Claudette, Leo, Bob, Frida and Joanne are five talented chicks.

Their human, 29-year-old Paul Broughall from Kildare, Ireland found them on top of his fridge one day a year after his sister had bought them for him, and began taking them on mini chick adventures like fishing, art class and to Stonehenge (made from rocks).

After particularly enjoying art class, the chicks began painting chick versions of their favourite celebrities.

Paul is an artist too, as well as writing children’s stories in his spare time, so the chicks obviously take after their human father.

‘We first started painting five years… Read the full story

Widowed single dad breaks down after finding an old email from late wife

Australian dad-of-two Chris Martin said he was floored when he discovered secret plans his late wife Renee had been making for his 40th ? and a heartwarming message about what he meant to her.
(Picture: Just A Dad)

Chris Martin, a dad-of-two from Australia, was ‘floored’ when he found an old email from his wife, Renee, five years after she died.

He couldn’t stop crying when he found the old letter, detailing plans she had for his 40th birthday, and a note that revealed how much he meant to her.

Chris and Renee, married for seven-and-a-half ‘glorious years’, had two children together before she died of cancer, aged 39.

Reading the email reminded him… Read the full story

Guy re-proposes with ring found in the ashes of the couple’s burned home

In this photo provided by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department resident Ishu Rao on one knee, places this wife's wedding ring on her finger, next to the charred remains of their home in Goleta, Calif., Sunday, July 8, 2018. The California couple who lost their home in a wildfire made a new happy memory amid the ashes when they found what was left of Laura Rao's wedding ring. Ishu and Laura Rao returned to the rubble of their home of three years on Sunday, to look for her Tiffany ring. They searched with the help of some firefighters in the area and Ishu Rao made the find, prompting him to get… <a href=Read the full story

Free the nipple and keep cool in the sun with this boob umbrella

Perfect for rain or shine (Picture: Muddyguts/Instagram)

Umbrellas aren’t just for rain, my friends.

In the searing sun we’re being treated to at the minute, they can be used as portable shade for your precious skin.

It’s best to go with a lighter colour rather than black, in order to reflect the sun’s rays, and what better colour than pink boob?

This nipple print umbrella by photographer Sandy Kim is the perfect way to keep cool, and make a statement.

She made it in collaboration with New York gallery Muddguts to go alongside her latest exhibition, ‘As I see it…’.

The boob print is pretty subtle, so you can have a knowing smirk pasted across… Read the full story

Figleaves celebrates diversity with a new ad featuring women of all ages, sizes and abilities

(Picture: Figleaves, MiLK/Jacub Koziel)

Underwear giant, Figleaves, has launched a new campaign which aims to celebrate beauty in all every form.

#beautyhasnobounds features 12 body positivity advocates from across age, size and ability boundaries.

Nikki Griffin, 59, represents mature beauty, while curve model Felicity Hayward features in a light pink two-piece.

Amputee model Kelly Knox was born without a left forearm and doesn’t wear a prosthesis; she’s campaigning to help challenge society’s conceptions of beauty standards and the roles disabled people can play.

Figleaves has also made a concerted effort to ensure models of all skin tones and ethnic backgrounds are included.

Missing my daughter’s first steps was heartbreaking but I have no regrets about going back to work

Gina and her baby girl Jessica (Picture: Gina Clarke)

Going back to work after having a baby, especially your first, is never easy. I can relate to Serena Williams, who missed her baby’s first steps because she was training – as a working mum myself, I have missed many firsts.

Serena Williams cries as she misses daughter Alexis' first steps for Wimbledon training

Jessica was a lovely baby. Bald as a button, she would rock the bright pink outfits I placed her in that just screamed ‘it’s a girl’. Despite our breastfeeding hurdles, I had started to pump a stash ready for… Read the full story

Study shows creative people’s brains aren’t motivated by money

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk) metro illustrations dating, couple, boyfriend, girlfriend, How to talk to a woman you don't know
They’re so creative they haven’t even noticed the money behind them (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Most people in the creative industries are used to rubbish pay and unpaid internships.

However, a new study has shown that creative brains may be hardwired to not be motivated by money, which may be the reason so many of us stick with our career paths, despite them being not exactly fruitful when it comes to filling up the bank account.

The study – published in the Creativity Research Journal – was led by Dr. Roberto Goya-Maldonado,… Read the full story

The Vegan Society launches a book of nutritional advice for vegan prisoners

(Picture: Getty)

Just because you’ve been locked up, it doesn’t mean you’ve renounced your conviction in animal rights/environmentalism/health.

But it seems a pretty fair bet that veganism probably isn’t high on the prison service’s agenda.

Which is why the Vegan Society has launched a comprehensive guide for prisoners, packed full of the latest advice on adhering to the vegan diet and lifestyle.

The pamphlet is divided into two sections: one for plant-based prisoners, about their rights, buying or requesting vegan products and resolving grievances; and the other for prison staff, including nutritional advice, catering tips and benefits and ingredients to avoid.

‘It’s easy to meet your nutritional needs on a vegan diet if you’re well… Read the full story

This fashion brand is using models with self harm scars

(Picture: Goodbye Bread)

Fashion retailers are becoming more body positive and inclusive in their designs and advertising.

From mannequins with vitiligo to models with stretch marks and cellulite as well as models from different backgrounds and abilities.

Goodbye Bread, a fashion online retailer, has taken the movement one step further by featuring models with body scars, including ones from self-harming.

As part of their #GBSQUAD campaign, the brand is recruiting unique models such as Instagram sensation Jazelle to break fashion norms.

‘Body scars are a part of a person’s life journey that should not be photoshopped,’ they told Metro.co.uk.

‘Goodbye Bread wants to show to all girls out there that they should love themselves… Read the full story

How to have a delicious vegan BBQ this summer


‘What do vegans eat at BBQs?’ is a question we get asked a lot, as we raise an eyebrow.

‘Um….a lot,’ we reply.

We can definitely understand though how people might be confused at what business vegans have at an oft meat-heavy affair, but there’s plenty for people who don’t eat animal products to chow down on.

And it’s not all limp lettuce and grilled vegetables, let us assure you.

Now, if you’re a vegan who loves mock meat, or you’re catering for one who does, then your first port of call should absolutely be Iceland’s No Bull burger.

It’s like the real deal but without the gross meat smell – and was the UK’s first ‘bleeding’ vegan burger available to buy in supermarkets.

The patty has that pink meat middle that’s surprisingly realistic.

Linda McCartney quarter pounder burgers are also an excellent go-to.

We had our burgers in white seeded buns with mixed salad, fried onions, gherkins, ketchup and Read the full story

How long does it take for fillers to dissolve, what are they made of and are they dangerous?

Dermal fillers in gums
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Following the ‘news’ that Kylie Jenner will be returning to her natural lip shape, we’ve got a lot of questions about fillers.

Plastic surgery has been on everyone’s minds recently, what with the surgery shaming of Megan from Love Island, increasingly popular TV adverts for surgery and now Kylie’s announcement.

But what actually are fillers? And how long does it take to get rid of them? Because it sounds a bit like having glue pumped into your face…

‘Fillers’ is an expression used when hylaronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body, (according to SmilePod.co.uk we lose 1% of our HA by the time… Read the full story

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