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‘Dancing Hermione’ really brought the magic to Pride this weekend

(Picture: Kelsey Ellison/Twitter)

This year’s Pride may have had glittery frappuccinos, fancy dogs and incredible, rainbow-coloured floats, but the real star turn came from performer, Kelsey Ellison.

She’s a self-proclaimed Harry Potter obsessive and she first rocketed to fame after appearing at MCM London’s ComicCon, where she dressed as Hermione Granger to do an incredible dance.

Anyway, on Saturday, Dancing Hermonie was back – this time at Pride in London.

She vogued her way through the parade, clad in wizard’s cloak, backpack and tie, despite the steamy 30’C weather.

Sexpert says it’s not natural to have sex with the same person over and over again

Woman says she cant be friends with mums
(Picture: Instagram @nadiabokody)

After saying she doesn’t stay friends with her mates when they become pregnant and that masturbation should be taught at schools, controversial writer Nadia Bakodiais has shared her views on marriage.

She’s said it’s for idiots.

The Australian blogger who writes for SheSaid has argued that educated adults who choose to marry are fools as the idea of monogamy is simply ‘not in our DNA’.

Although the 34-year-old has previously been married for almost a decade, she has now warned other people against it.

Student learns to embrace painful psoriasis that causes her skin to crack and bleed

ELLASTONE, STAFFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM: Charlotte's psoriasis on her arms and body. THIS BRITISH student has revealed how she embraced her painful psoriasis that made her feel like she was ???trapped in a shell??? and even caused her body to ???crack open and bleed??? when she stretched. Television student, Charlotte Agnew (19) from Ellastone, Staffordshire, first noticed red spots appearing on her skin not long after she moved to university. Spreading across her body, Charlotte???s confidence started to diminish as people would stare in shock and confusion at her angry skin which would crack and bleed. However, Charlotte has now embraced her psoriasis, and is confident to walk down the street with her… <a href=Read the full story

Chrissy breastfeeding her baby so openly is the boost all new breastfeeding mums need

Chrissy Teigen (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

I’m no brazen boob-flasher when it comes to breastfeeding.

I subscribe to the do-it-discreetly school of thought, but I wholeheartedly applaud every mum’s right to feed her baby where and when necessary, without fearing criticism from judgy onlookers or nasty online trolls.

Which is why it horrified me to read about Chrissy Teigen being shamed online after sharing a snap of her breastfeeding her baby. The model and social media star posted a photograph on Instagram of her breastfeeding her seven-week-old son Miles, and added the caption: ‘Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now’.

But critics were quick to lash out… Read the full story

Drinking coffee doesn’t actually help you to sober up after boozing

It might make you feel more awake but you’re still going to be a drunk mess (Picture: Getty)

If you’ve ever woken up drunk or stayed boozy until the early hours, you’ve probably tried downing your weight in coffee.

After all, coffee is nothing if not restorative.

But it turns out that it’s not actually as effective at sobering us up as we think.

According to professor Tony Moss of London South Bank University, coffee doesn’t help decrease blood alcohol levels.

Taking to Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped presenter Jimmy Doherty, Prof Moss says that you might feel more alert from the caffeine, but your hand-eye coordination and other motor skills will still be suffering… Read the full story

Why anyone planning a trip to San Francisco needs stopover in Iceland first


We’re a long way from California. That’s the main reason that I’ve never been – who has the patience to spend 12 hours on board a little tin can in the sky?

But you know, there is an alternative. You don’t have to fly direct – and no, we’re not talking about spending hours trapped in some dire airport living off dubiously flavoured Pringles.

Iceland Air flies from London to San Francisco via Reykjavik. It’s just three hours from Heathrow to the Icelandic capital and then another eight hours to the west coast – which is way more manageable.

You’d be foolish to hop straight on your long-haul flight though, because Iceland is completely magical. I went, expecting to be counting down the hours until I could be in the Californian sunshine and found that actually, a speedy pre-holiday trip around glaciers and hot springs was the perfect beginning to holiday – particularly if you’re the sort of active person who needs to… Read the full story

What is wax play and how do you do it?

Red wax on skin of young submissive woman on a bed; Shutterstock ID 460628866; Purchase Order: -
(Picture: Shutterstock)

Like lots of sexual proclivities, wax play is one of those kinky activites that you shouldn’t just have a random stab at. You need some preparation, organisation and you really should be sober.

But, if you like sensation play (varying temperatures, light-moderate pain) and you don’t mind doing your homework, wax play might be right up your street.

So, what is wax play?

Wax play is a BDSM game which involves pouring hot wax on your partner.

And that’s nice?

Yes. It depends what kind of candles you use, but it can either be totally painless, or… Read the full story

Female sports journalists have had enough of being harassed at the World Cup

In this July 9, 2018 video frame, BrazilIan sports journalists are seen during a video against the sexism and harassment they face while doing their jobs, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They have launched a campaign to draw attention to and create pressure to end the sexism and harassment they face while doing their jobs, often from fans while they are on the air. (AP Photo)
(Picture: AP)

This World Cup might seem like the epitome of good spirits and global unity but for many female sports journalists working out in Russia, it’s been a double-edged sword.

So far, there have been at least four recorded incidents of fans groping, kissing… Read the full story

Boys get twice as much pocket money as girls proving the gender pay gap starts early

(Picture: Getty)

Think that the gender pay gap begins when you start work? Think again.

A new study suggests that financial discrepancy between the sexes actually begins in childhood – with pocket money.

According to the report from BusyKid, boys get given twice as much as girls a week and get given bigger bonuses from their parents.

The average weekly allowance for boys, the study claims, is $13.80 (£10.39) while for girls, it’s just $6.71 (£5.05).

Bonus cash, boys get around $17.01 (£12.79) while girls receive $15.54 (£11.70) – with boys having more opportunities for making money from odd jobs around the house.

As for spending, the study goes on to claim that… Read the full story

What I Rent: Harriet and Matt, £1,360 a month for a flat in Hammersmith

What I Rent - Harriet, Ravenscourt Park
Harriet and Matt moved from Manchester to London in June. (Picture: Jerry Syder/Metro.co.uk)

Finding a place to live in London that’s affordable, easily accessible by public transport, and not a tiny disgusting hellhole disguised as a ‘roomy industrial studio’, is tough.

It’s especially tricky when we don’t have defined expectations.

Should we be striving for the Scandi decorated lofts we see on Pinterest?

Should we have already bought a place, like those smug 22-year-olds who proudly tell their stories of first time buying (and casually drop in that their grandparents left them a load of money)?

Is giving up a living room for the sake of a bedroom… Read the full story

This cat/Roomba hybrid will give you nightmares

Cat Roomba hybrid gliding across the floor
There she goes (Picture: Twitter/sacocho)

It’s no secret that humans love videos of cats riding robotic vaccums.

Remember that iconic one of a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba? *chuckles and stares into middle distance*

Good times.

Now there’s a new cat/Roomba video to knock your socks off – but it’s a little different to most.

Japanese Twitter user @Sacocho posted a vid of a mildly terrifying white cat gliding across a wooden floor, seemingly melting over a Roomba.

The way it enters the room is nothing short of menacing.

A third of Brits think mum should stay at home to look after children

(Picture: Getty)

More than a third of Brits say that mothers of young kids should stay at home rather than going to work, a new study reveals.

Despite 72% of people saying that they disagree that it’s ‘a man’s job to be the breadwinner and a woman’s role to stay at home’, 33% of us still believe women should be shouldering the majority of the parenting early on.

The findings have been published in The British Social Attitudes Survey which is carried out every year by the National Centre for Social Research, and looks at attitudes towards politics, gender, work, climate and welfare.

Age and education seem to be driving factors… Read the full story

Become a Gareth Southgate lookalike with the ‘It’s Coming Home’ waistcoat

People aren’t happy with this explanation of the offside rule for girls

Offside rule for girls gets no love
(Picture: Twitter)

Everyone seems to be feeling the World Cup fever.

But just in case not everyone understands all the very complicated rules of the game, one generous person has very kindly put together an idiot’s guide.

The offside rule has been explained in terms of shopping so any shopaholics out there with lady brains and not the incredible, complex faculties of men, can understand it.

A poll has revealed Britain’s favourite ice lollies

A poll has revealed Britain's favourite ice lollies
(Picture: Getty/Walls/Fab)

In this sweltering heat, ice creams are basically a necessity.

While I’m certainly a Calippo girl, it seems that the majority of Britain prefer a creamier lolly, as a new poll from YouGov has revealed Magnums are the the nation’s favourite.

They surveyed almost a thousand adults, with 28% saying they’d go for a Magnum.

The other lollies trailed behind. Fabs and Soleros got a joint second with 8% of the vote each, Twister just after at 7%, and Feast at 6%.

The frozen treats that made the top ten are my beloved Calippos, orange lollies, Cornettos, Fruit Pastille ice pops, the now-defunct Mivvi… Read the full story

My GP told me not to come back because nothing was wrong. A&E told me I had cancer

Katie was rushed to A&E when she felt like she couldn’t breathe (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

It’s time for the government to listen up to young cancer voices like mine.

There are 4,000 children and young people under 25 who are diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year. Today, a report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children, Teenagers & Young Adults with Cancer (APPG CTYAC) has been launched and calls on the government to take urgent action to improve their cancer patient experience.

It’s a report that I helped shape, on a topic I’m passionate about, following my experience four years ago.

I was 19 and working as a retail manager, when… Read the full story

Meet Valkyrie, the Maine Coon kitten with a human face

(Picture: @catsvillcounty/Instagram)

This might look like a ridiculous Photoshop job but it’s actually just a photo of two-month-old Valkyrie.

She’s a Maine Coon kitten who has just become the latest feline internet star.

Why? Because this little kittie looks so…human.

Sure, she’s fluffy and small but there’s something about her face which looks like an old man has been superimposed onto her head. Maybe it’s her doubtful eyes or strained expression.

Owner and Maine Coon breeder, Tatiana Rastorgueva has been sharing photos and videos of Valkyrie on Instagram and people can’t get enough of her.

Because Valkyrie looks the way most of us feel.

Like she wants to be left the hell alone

Read the full story

Here’s how to live it up like a Made In Chelsea star in Mykonos


I’m back in my flat now and it’s simply disgraceful.

I haven’t had a single plate of passion fruit, strawberries and cherries or a bucket of chilled white wine in my bedroom all week.

I haven’t received a massage from any embarrassingly attractive men for days either.

And, while the British weather has been pretty good, I have had zero pristine beach action.

These are the first world problems you will encounter on your return from the boutique hotel in Mykonos – Kensho Ornos – which featured on Made In Chelsea.

Kensho's Villa Ornos in Mykonos (Picture: Kensho)
Kensho’s Villa Ornos in Mykonos (Picture: Kensho)

Luxe but not stuck up, fun but not vulgar, Mykonos is… Read the full story

Students expect to make more money as YouTubers than investment bankers in their first year of work

(Picture: Instagram @PointlessBlog)

The Zoella effect in action.

Research from the student network UNiDAYS has found that students hoping to become YouTubers expect staggering starting salaries of £55,000 – more than GPs or lawyers.

According to UNiDAYS, graduate engineers will earn comparatively lower entry salaries of £26,600, medics £25,900 and graduate investment bankers around £25,600.

Students wanting to follow in the footsteps of British ‘influencers’ like Zoella (Zoe Sugg) and Alfie Deyes believe that the most lucrative rewards can be found in uploading videos and collecting money from the advertisements placed against them.

PSA: In-N-Out Burger is running a pop-up at the Carob Tree in Highgate today

(Picture: @innoutburger/Instagram)

In-N-Out Burger is legendary in the states.

There are always celebs being papped buying a bun or uploading photos of red palm tree-decked trays to Instagram.

And yet, the UK still doesn’t have a branch.

If you’re close to Highgate, north London, however, you’re in luck because the fast food giants are holding a pop-up at the Carob Tree until 3pm today.

Where can I get an In-N-Out Burger?

It’s first come, first served and there are limited quantities available so you may want to move fast.

Where: Carob Tree, 15 Highgate Road, Highgate (corner of Swains Lane)

When: 10 July 2018, until 3pm

The family-owned company will… Read the full story

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