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Document sightings of THAT Zara dress on this hilarious Insta account

The Zara spotted dress that's gone viral
Our very own lifestyle editor Ellen has the dress too (Picture: Instagram/ellencscott; Zara)

Zara know how to absolutely knock it out of the park when it comes to viral garments.

Remember the blue and white patterned boucle coat with the white fringing? Couldn’t get away from it a few winters back.

Or the striped Miami Vice type shirts with matching shorts that were in every festival photo last summer? Primark make ones that look the exact same now.

It seems that this summer’s un-escapable piece of clothing is their spotted white and black dress, which costs £39.99.

It’s a midi style, with a button back and a ruffled hem, along with mid-length sleeves for these changeable weather conditions.

Its ubiquity is so notable that it’s sparked an Instagram account where people can send in their sightings of the dress, with some racking up multiples in a day (or even at once).

Hot4thespot is that account, and touts itself as ‘a safe space for *the dress*’. Although they currently have under 1,000 followers, they’ve racked up sightings of the dress everywhere from  Wimbledon to Manhattan to Russia.




It appears that food festivals and brunch spots are the most popular places for people to wear the dress, which makes sense given its airy weekend vibes.

Miraculously, it hasn’t sold out yet, so you can still get your hands on the phenomena-starting frock.

Or of course, if you catch a glimpse of it while you’re out and about, send it in to Hot4thespot to carry on the legend that is THAT dress.

If you fancy raising the stakes a little, you could also take part in the drinking game related to the dress, taking a shot every time you see it. Beware, however, as that could make for one very messy time.

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Influencer calls photographer ‘abusive and unprofessional’ for refusing to work for free

Wedding photographer hits back at 'influencer'
The bride-to-be wanted to sort free photography for her wedding is in 2021 (Picture: Getty; Betrothed and Co)

Folks from wedding photography and video company Betrothed and Co were curious when a PR representing an ‘influencer’ got in touch about an upcoming wedding.

The unnamed client – a bride-to-be who apparently has 55,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram – wanted the photographers to work for free.

She wanted approximately 1,000 pictures and two hour-long videos in exchange for exposure and offered to publicise a 25% discount code on all of Betrothed and Co’s services to her followers.

Her PR, named Melissa, decided to get in touch with the company to see if it was possible to set up the collab but unsurprisingly, the photographers said no.

In response, the PR called them ‘abusive and unprofessional’ considering the influencer’s celebrity and (previously unmentioned) sick mother.

And still, they said no.

Letter from PR asking for wedding freebies
The PR’s initial email to the photographer’s asking for the freebies (Picture: Betrothed and Co) 

In the series of emails shared on Imgur, Frankie and Laura from Betrothed and Co sent brutally honest replies back.

‘We would just like to check if there might have been a typo in your original email, specifically relating to a missing zero on the number of combined followers your client has,’ they joked.

‘As I’m sure you probably know, 55,000 is not usually the level of following which can command the free transfer of products worth between £3,000-£4,000 in total, especially when you take into account bots, duplicate accounts and the types of followers who are not our target audience.’

The pair then asked Melissa if she was confident her client could guarantee an astronomical rise in followers, taking her to the ranks of an influencer by the date of the wedding in 2021.

Photographers reply to PR saying no
The photographers couldn’t quite believe the request (Picture: Betrothed and Co)

Melissa’s stern reply came quick, saying: ‘My client and I find that kind of unprofessional email appalling. Please don’t email again as we will have to name and shame you if you continue the abuse.’

Frankie and Laura then mockingly expressed their apologies, asking for clarification, pointing out Melissa’s errors which included a slur, and asked her not to play a sob story of a cancer-ridden mother.

‘I would like to offer heartfelt solidarity about your client’s mother’s cancer. I lost my own to the horrible disease 15 years ago. That being said, it’s slightly strange that you use that as a tool to guilt-trip us with no mention of this in the original email.’

further replies from PR
(Picture: Betrothed and Co)

They ended the letter saying they were just ‘a couple of hardworking creatives trying to make a living in a very challenging industry’.

But we imagine that got no response from Melissa and her client.

We wonder who it is.

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Maryland are looking for paid cookie testers

Cookies being taken from a jar
(Picture: Getty)

Are you the type of person who can polish off a packet of biscuits in one go? Do you know your nougat from your praline? Then this might just be the gig for you.

Maryland are looking for a cookie taster to go on a paid trip to their HQ and give them feedback on their flavours.

The lucky candidate will get £350 (plus reasonable travel expenses to their innovation centre in Edinburgh) to try the whole range of the company’s biscuits – including ones that haven’t yet been released.

If that wasn’t enough, they’ll also get to create their very own dream cookie creation. So, if you’d like to apply, you better get your Willy Wonka hat on.

Plus, you can bring a friend, who can help you bring your cookie dreams to life.

Rachael Rayner, Brand Manager at Maryland said: ‘It’s really important to us that we are constantly innovating and ensuring that Maryland Cookies remain the best tasting cookies on the market.

Consumer feedback is vital, so we are excited about inviting the successful candidate into our bakery to taste our range and create their very own cookie right before their eyes. It really is a cookie lover’s dream job!’

To be in the running for the position, you’ll have to tell Maryland why you’re the country’s biggest cookie fan.

Perhaps you’ve travelled far and wide to get the perfect crunchy treat? Perhaps you stole your gran’s coveted choco-nut delight recipe right from under her nose? Either way, there are hundreds of applications already, so it’ll need to be a very good story.

One applicant said, ‘I would walk over hot coals barefoot just to hear a Maryland Cookie crumble through a walkie talkie’. That’s dedication to the job.

Applications close on 26 July.

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When do the school summer holidays start?

School children in a classroom
The school term will be over before the end of this month (Picture: Getty Images)

Summer is here – as you might have noticed from last weekend’s weather – and that means it’s only a matter of time before schools break up for the longest holiday of the year.

Yup, the school summer holidays are looming, with kids across the country getting to down pencil cases for six weeks ahead before the new academic year kicks off in September.

We’re not quite there yet, mind – so just when do the holidays begin?

Here’s what you need to know…

When do the school summer holidays start?

The school summer holidays in England and Wales will begin towards the end of July, with many schools breaking up around Wednesday 24 July.

However this varies from one school to another, with some schools starting their holidays earlier – such as those in Leicestershire – and others starting later, as each Local Education Authority sets their own holiday and term dates every year.

People at the beach in Spain
Anybody fancy a trip to the beach over the summer holidays? (Picture: Getty Images)

To find out the exact dates, check the website of your child’s school or the Government website which allows you to search for the dates in your local area.

Schools in Northern Ireland and Scotland break up much earlier – although those in Scotland also finish their summer holiday earlier, around mid-August.

Once again check the aforementioned websites for exact details – or visit this website which gives details of all public holidays in the UK, including school term and holiday dates for 2019-2020.

When do the school summer holidays end?

With the exception of Scotland, most of the UK’s schools are on holiday until the end of August – with pupils returning the first week in September.

Once again the return date will vary from one school to the next – with some schools extending the break for students to allow teacher training days ahead of the start of term.

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Genius spooning pillow protects your arm from going numb while you cuddle

Pillow for spooning
Finally we’re saved from the curse of dead arm (Picture: Coodle Pillow)

We’ve all done it.

We’ve just got comfortable snuggling up to someone we fancy, maybe we’re even drifting off to sleep, when our arm goes numb.

Do we interrupt the spooning? Do we try to subtly wriggle out our arm from underneath the person’s body, knowing full well it’ll nudge them awake? Or do we just accept that our arm shall tingle and twitch, and say farewell to feeling in our hand for the sake of love and snuggles?

For years we have been presented with only these options.

Now, there’s a new one.

The Coodle is a special pillow designed to ensure comfort while spooning.

It’s a simple concept. The Coodle has a curved bridge shape that fits on top of your arm, giving your other half’s head something to rest on without putting the full weight of their head on your poor, delicate arm.

Pillow for spooning
Take it everywhere if you love to cuddle up (Picture: Coodle Pillow)

You can get two sizes depending on your cuddling needs – a regular Coodle or a Coodle Grande.

The point is to make spooning more comfortable for both parties. You get freedom for your arm, they get a pillow. Win-win.

The Coodle is the creation of a couple who had struggled with the pain of spooning for far too long, Bob and Shirley.

On the Coodle website, they say: ‘The idea came to him after his girlfriend was lying on his arm while watching TV.

‘He cut foam and bent plastic in his oven until he came up with a tunnel shaped pillow. He named it the “Coodle” and received a utility patent from the United States Patent Office.

Pillow for spooning
(Picture: Coodle Pillow)

‘The couple started a side business and sold the Coodle® pillow at the local swap meet. They made enough money to pay for a simple wedding.

‘As life got busier with work and having children, the Coodle® got put on hold.

‘Now years later, with grown kids and the explosion of the internet and social media, the one thing that brought them close (literally) in the 1st place is bringing this couple closer together again. The Coodle® pillow is back.’

Cute origin story, right?

Each Coodle is made with foam surrounding four arched plastic braces, so it retains its shape (it’d be pointless if it could be squished flat), and has a removable cream colour cover.

If you fancy getting one on your arm, you can order a Coodle online for $49 (£39).

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Tatler has officially declared the rules of weddings

wedding - couple embracing
Tatler has shared their rules of engagements and weddings (Picture: Getty)

We all know that if we want to be classy, Tatler’s rules are the ones we must follow.

We stocked up on Pepto-Bismol when the magazine said it was a requirement of being upper class, and quickly began storing our milk in a jug rather than a bottle when they told us to.

Tatler clearly speaks sense.

And so when they released their official rules for getting married in the modern day, we took notice.

As you might expect, they’re quite strict.

No close-up ring photos

Sorry, even if your other half spent a load on a massive ring, you’re not allowed to display it proudly with a close-up photo to show your diamond’s clarity.

Tatler says this is far ‘too smug and braggy’ and also doesn’t reveal who you’re actually engaged to – a good point, come to think of it.

Instead they recommend posting a photo of you and your significant other, with your ring finger on display.

The #ISaidYes tag is banned.

No wedding countdowns

‘Remember, no one cares about your wedding as much as you do so keep it brief, we don’t need an essay of details,’ says Tatler.

They’re probably right.

That means no braggy countdown to the big day, and no need to share every detail of the wedding planning online.

lesbian couple getting married
Wedding countdowns are not allowed (Picture: Getty)

Don’t be the first one to post your wedding hashtag

Apparently this is a responsibility best left to your bridesmaids.

Limit your hen do and honeymoon pics

All those snaps of penis straws and popping champagne will be hilarious to you – not so much to the people who follow you on Insta and weren’t invited to the fun.

Keep it classy and limit the number of photos posted so you don’t overload your followers.

Plus, limiting your posts gives the illusion you’re actually living in the moment and having loads of fun.

All important stuff.

But more importantly, how posh is your fridge?

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Woman shocked to find stingy sandwich only contains two tiny bits of ham near the edge

Stack of ham sandwiches on plate
These are not the ham sandwiches in question, but an example of how a ham sandwich can be Picture: Getty)

Imagine the disappointment of tucking into a sandwich, only to find it’s seriously lacking in fillings.

That’s what happened to one woman, who’d prefer to remain unnamed.

The woman, from New Zealand, said she bought a ham sandwich from the Papakura Bakery, paying $5 (around £3).

She opened up the sandwich to discover just two measly bits of ham inside, carefully arranged near the edge of the bread to give the illusion of a properly packed sarnie.

This is devastating, clearly, but thankfully the woman was able to take the tragedy in her stride.

She shared a photo of the sandwich on the Papakura and Takanini Grapevine Facebook Group, telling NewsHub that she ‘still ate the sandwich – it was yum’.

Commenters were appalled, calling the sandwich a ‘rip off’ and a ‘scam’.

Woman shocked after finding a tiny strip of ham in her $5 sandwich she purchased from a caf?
The sandwich (Picture: Facebook)

One person wrote: ‘Very sneaky – place the strip at the front of the sandwich to give the impression the rest of the sandwich also has ham.’

Another said: ‘That’s a bread sandwich.. Not a ham sandwich.’

After the sandwich got shared all over the internet, the people over at the Papakura Bakery have spoken out to say the sandwich isn’t one of theirs. The plot thickens.

They say their ham sandwich contains a whole piece of ham, salad, and cheese, and invite anyone who doubts their fillings to come take a look.

Fair play. We’d never want to accuse someone of being a slice of ham short of a sandwich.

But let this be a lesson to us all, to inspect sandwiches carefully before purchase.

No one deserves the disappointment of biting into two empty slices of plain bread.

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Mixed Up: ‘There is anti-blackness in Arab communities – my own mum gave me skin bleaching cream’


What does it mean to be mixed-race in the UK today?

The country’s fastest growing ethnic group has an enormous multitude of backgrounds and lived experiences – there is no one way to be mixed.

As well as providing a unique perspective, straddling two or more cultures can also be tricky to navigate at times.

Mixed Up is a weekly series that aims to get to the heart of this diverse, heterogeneous group – and find out the concerns, joys and unique narratives that come with existing between two spaces.

Aziza Makame is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with Arab and African heritage.

Mixed Up - Lifestyle - Natalie Morris
‘The anti-blackness in Arabic communities is usually to do with skin colour’ (Picture by Jerry Syder for Metro.co.uK)

‘My mother is Arab, from Oman, and my father is from a small island off the coast of east Africa – Zanzibar,’ Aziza tells Metro.co.uk.

‘Usually I don’t have to tell people that I am Arab – my first name is a dead giveaway, but if someone doesn’t know that my name is Arab or they’re not remotely from a Middle Eastern country, it’s met with shock.

‘People tend to think Arabs are light-skinned and there’s a certain aesthetic they have in mind – sort of along the lines of any woman that looks like Haifa Wahbe or Nancy Ajram as those are some of the well known musical figures.

‘Unfortunately, with the explosion of the Kardashian’s (who are Armenian) people also have expectations of Arab women to look like this too. Fair, light eyes and long hair.’

If you don’t happen to fall under the Kardashian category, it can be difficult to feel like you fit in. Aziza says that it still shocks her how much prejudice she witnesses from members of her own community and sometimes, her own family.

‘You would think that with such a diverse people, and the fact that the category of “Arabs” can fall under north Africa, western Asia and all the way to Horn of Africa, that there would be a high level of acceptance – and yet people are really closed-minded,’ explains Aziza.

‘People tend to think of Arabs in the gulf as the main embodiment of what Arabs should look and act like, and this makes things complicated for Arabs within the diaspora, especially when people forget that there are more liberal Middle Eastern countries.

‘Arabs don’t have to be Muslim and there are lots of different ways we can look.

Aziza age 4
‘People with darker skin tones are definitely treated differently’ (Picture: Aziza Makame)

‘The anti-blackness in Arab communities is usually to do with skin colour – people with darker skin tones are definitely treated differently,’ explains Aziza.

‘If you ask anyone in our family, my grandmother is always classed as the epitome of beauty and everyone will tell you this. Why? Because my grandmother – also called Aziza – is of a very fair complexion and has beautiful green eyes.

‘I used to even joke about the fact that I came out with darker skin and no green eyes because of the overwhelming cultural aspiration to be whiter and to have light eyes – I’ve stopped making this joke now.’

It was tough to be told again and again that the most beautiful woman in Aziza’s family bore little to no resemblance to her own features. It was made clear to Aziza from a young age that beauty was only to be attained by altering her own appearance.

‘One thing I was taught is that straighter hair is better hair, always,’ she says.

‘My mum even calls my little sister’s hair “wild” hair – and I always call her out and check her when she says things like this. My sister is at an impressionable age and I don’t want these messages sinking in.

‘Even though I can already see that happening. If I ever straighten my hair my little sister says to me that I have “princess hair” and that she wants her hair to look like that. I want her to know that “princess hair” can be any kind of hair.

Aziza's parents
‘One thing I was taught is that straighter hair is better hair, always’ (Picture: Aziza Makame)

‘I was also told to hide from the sun as much as I can. I had these messages from both sides of the family – even my dad’s mother, who is a proud African woman.

‘She would tell me not to go out in the sun too much because I would get “too dark” – and I always thought – what does that even mean? There is no such thing as too dark.

‘Frankly, because I live in Europe, we prefer to tan. But when I’m in Oman everyone is hiding from the sun.

‘Fair and Lovely is a skin lightening brand, and it is a huge thing out there. At one point I was using Fair and Lovely – not knowing what it was.

‘My mum gave it to me and I thought I was just getting rid of blemishes. But the cream was really strong and it was really stinging my eyes. I thought – no face wash should sting your eyes, that shouldn’t happen.

Aziza on her birthday with her mum
‘At one point I was using Fair and Lovely – not knowing what it was’ (Picture: Aziza Makame)

‘That’s when I looked into it and realised what I was using. Yes, my blemishes were fading but it was doing more than that – it was a skin bleaching cream. But no one told me.

‘My mum kept telling me that I looked so good. When I knew what it was I stopped using it immediately.’

Being encouraged by her own mother to lighten her skin was difficult for Aziza to swallow – but it is such a pervasive message in her mum’s culture that it almost isn’t surprising.

‘All the women that you see on TV in Arabic countries will have light skin, they dye their hair blonde, they wear light contacts,’ explains Aziza.

‘I’m really happy to live where I live. If I were living in one of the Arabic countries, most likely I would now have really long, straight hair, I would probably be using lightening creams and always complaining about hyper-pigmentation, worrying that I wasn’t light enough.

‘I can’t say I didn’t grow up without role models. And still today, people like me exist within the beauty and fashion industry as it’s more acceptable to be mixed if we’re completely honest about that.

‘I have the features that I have, and I am who I am. In the UK we have a long way to go, but we do have a lot more mainstream representation than other countries.’

Existing between two worlds can be challenging, but enormously rewarding. Aziza is hugely grateful for what both sides of her heritage add to her life.

‘I love that I have two perspectives and two places to call home,’ she says.

‘I love that both the cultures have similarities and differences. I also love being different.

‘Existing at an intersection between two cultures as a woman of colour can be a tiring experience, but also a great experience. It has taught me a lot and has made me a better listener and more understanding of other cultures and other people who are of two races.

‘If I were to raise children one day I would strive to do so free of the judgement and prejudice that I’ve had to face because I would understand.’

Aziza at 10
‘I feel like I’m black, but not black enough. Then I’m Arab, but not Arab enough’ (Picture: Aziza Makame)

Having multiple cultures within one family can cause conflicts on any scale – from the micro to the global. Aziza’s family history was directly related to the slave trade – in fact, she wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for colonisation.

‘Oman was one of the countries that actually colonised parts of Africa,’ explains Aziza.

‘My dad’s family’s tribe were actually involved in kicking the Arabians out of Africa in the 1960s – and it was a result of this that my parents ended up meeting and starting a family.

‘So it is weird to think that I am literally a product of colonisation.

‘Arab countries are incredibly hush-hush about their involvement with the slave trade and with colonisation. People just don’t talk about it. But when they meet someone like me it’s impossible to ignore – because that history directly lead to my family and to my existence.

‘My dad had a lot of trouble when he married my mum.

‘He was criticised heavily for falling in love with a light skinned, Arab woman – people asked him if African women weren’t good enough for him. Luckily he married her regardless.

Aziza's dad with her grandmother
Aziza’s dad with her maternal grandmother (Picture: Aziza)

‘But my mum has said to me  – quite recently – that the reason she married my dad was because she wanted mixed-race kids. She said she thought about how cute her kids would be. I told her that it’s 2019 and she can’t say that.’

As a mixed-race woman – the product of two minorites – Aziza has a number of bugbears when it comes to how she is perceived by others.

What she really wants, when it comes down to it, is for people to actually listen to her own experiences – rather than jumping to conclusions.

‘I think one of the most annoying things about being mixed-race is definitely the weird fetishising that people do when they find out you’re mixed – I hate that.

‘I also hate that people assume before they ask. The assumption that I’m from certain places before people ask me is quite annoying, and sometimes even insulting to my family and the rich history that we have.

‘The whole picking sides when it comes to having a mixed-race identity can affect us negatively so that’s something I definitely hate.

‘Like many mixed-race people, I feel like I’m black, but not black enough. Then I’m Arab, but not Arab enough. I can’t win.

‘People tend to think mixed-race as just black and white, and that’s it. I don’t even have a box to fill in government forms sometimes so I just pick “other”.

‘People also don’t understand that I’m simply not white or fair enough to exist within the common mixed-race ideals  – so I do deal more with racism and colourism, but I also acknowledge that I have a privilege of a racial ambiguity.

‘I want people to understand more about people’s experience outside of the more common mixed-race identity – what is is it like for people with two POC parents.

‘A lot of statistics don’t even exist for people within these boxes, but I know they exist and that there are so many of us.’

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Sportsmen at American college wear high heels to support campaign to end violence against women

Male college students wear high heels to support end to violence against women
Male college students wear high heels to support end to violence against women (Picture: @SJSUSpartanFB/Twitter)

If you saw a group of big jock types wearing high heels, you might think it was just part of a student night out.

But folks from San Jose State University in the U.S were not only walking in stilettos, they were running and dancing while wearing them on the streets of the city – and all for a good cause.

The student footballers and coaches, 110 in total, marched in heels to support a campaign to end violence against women.

The powerful struts were a part of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser which raises money and awareness to end domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Started by Sillicon Valley’s YWCA group, the walk is to help empower women and promote peace.

It’s the university’s second time participating but the students seem to have gotten the hang of slaying in heels.

Male students in heels
A look (Picture: @SJSUSpartanFB/Twitter)

‘Love conquers hate. I was raised by women. I appreciate everyone out here,’ said one of the junior players from Los Angeles.

The university said on its website that the fundraising was part of their Beyond Football program, a week-long initiative where the team contributes to fundraisers.

Male college students wear high heels to support end to violence against women
(Picture: @SJSUSpartanFB/Twitter)

‘On our team, we talk a lot about being the standard.’ they wrote on their Twiter account.

‘As young men, we must continue to hold others accountable and speak up when we know something isn’t right because violence and assault against women should not be tolerated whatsoever.’

Since sharing the videos of their strutting on social media, users have praised the team for setting a great example for college sportspeople.

Some women commented saying it meant a lot to see the solidarity.

‘Shout out to the real men in this video, this means so much to me and all other women out there,’ wrote one woman.

Others said it was a sweet gesture but the men would be feeling the effects the following day: ‘Young men don’t realise their calves are going to be on fire tomorrow! The price we women pay to be cute!’

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Student finds out she has cancer after severe back spasms when sneezing and lifting things

Daisy Ellis who was diagnosed with cancer while at uni
(Picture: MDWfeatures / Daisy Ellis)

Daisy Ellis, 23, was at university when she realised that she could no longer lift things, such as a kettle or the handbrake in her car.

When she started experiencing multiple muscle spasms after sneezing, Daisy, from Nottingham, went to see a doctor.

She was diagnosed with a stage four Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS), a rare type of soft tissue cancer, days after her 21st birthday.

She was told that there was a 50/50 chance of her body responding to chemotherapy due to how fast the cancer had spread.

Now, after more than 10 rounds, her body has stopped responding to the treatment.

Still, that’s not going to stop Daisy from living her best life.

‘I won’t let cancer win,’ she says.

 Daisy in hospital
Daisy realised she had a problem when she couldn’t lift things nor sneeze without pain (Picture:MDWfeatures / Daisy Ellis)

The problems began when Daisy’s back started to ache and she struggled to lift heavy objects. Moving things out of her university flat was a challenge but she passed it off as tiredness from overexerting.

Whenever she sneezed her back would have multiple spasms and she would collapse in pain which spread to her right leg.

‘I couldn’t lift anything out of my university flat, but I thought I’d just overdone it with carrying books and my laptop to university every day,’ she said.

‘I would keep going until I was blue in the face, rather than admitting I needed to go home. The pain then spread to my right leg, where my mum would wrap it in a blanket and hot water bottles every night before I went to sleep.

Daisy embracing her bald look during treatment.
Daisy went through more than ten rounds of chemotherapy until it eventually stopped working (Picture:MDWfeatures / Daisy Ellis)

‘When we saw a spine specialist, it was a teenage cancer ward. The word cancer was plastered everywhere. It was normal up here, but to me, I had never been touched by cancer; it was really scary.

‘I was nervous, we then knew it was cancer at the time, but weren’t sure which type. I was waiting by the phone every minute of the day for some answers.’

During six rounds of chemotherapy, her hair began to fall out and she was forced to shave the remaining hair off which devastated Daisy.

Daisy pictured in hospital during treatment.
Daisy’s life was turned upside down as she had to move back home from university followign her diagnosis (Picture:MDWfeatures / Daisy Ellis)

Her body reacted so badly to the treatment that she regularly experienced neutropenic sepsis, a life-threatening complication of anti-cancer treatment that causes extremely high fevers.

From September 2017 to February 2018, Daisy had nine rounds of chemotherapy before another four this year to treat the cancer which returned to her leg.

‘I’m living in knowledge that whether they treat my cancer this time or not, it is incurable, and it will always come back,’ added Daisy.

Daisy pictured being sick during her chemo treatment.
After the cancer returned to her leg, Daisy had four more rounds of chemotherapy (Picture:MDWfeatures / Daisy Ellis)

‘Treatments don’t work for everybody, just like chemotherapy doesn’t. Everybody is so different that you have to learn to listen to your own body.

‘I feel so proud of myself; I have discovered a strength I had no idea I had. I’m incredibly protective of myself now and know exactly what is and isn’t important in life.’

Daisy embracing her bald look during treatment.
She now uses social media to update her loved ones about her progress (Picture: MDWfeatures / Daisy Ellis)

‘I know what it’s like to look death straight in the face and to narrowly avoid dying. I have always hated my body image, but now I can’t help but love my body for all that it’s been through and all that it’s got me through.

‘The scars, the damaged spine, the bald head; it’s a whole different type of self-love.’

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The importance of recovery cafes for people experiencing addiction

GSS recovery cafe
George Street Social in Newcastle is a bar that’s free of booze (Picture: Pictures By Bish)

Although they’ve been around for many years, it’s safe to say the recovery café is still a fairly novel idea in the UK/

So, what is a recovery café and why do we need them?

For people in recovery from addiction, day-to-day life can be a fairly daunting prospect.

Your social life might have focused around the pub, for example, or your friends might still be using the drugs you’re trying to stay away from. This is why many people in recovery seek new opportunities and support networks.

You might have safely detoxed in hospital or a rehab centre, but maintaining your new-found sobriety can often be the most difficult part. It can take a long time to secure a place in rehab via the NHS – as drug and alcohol services have continually seen extensive funding cuts.

Those with disposable income might be able to get a place in a plush private treatment centre within days, but it’s not an option for most. Either way, even after a spell in rehab, life must go on. And having a safe and supportive place to go, that’s free of shame and stigma, is key.

This is where the recovery café comes into play.

George Street Social in Newcastle is a dry bar run by the Road to Recovery Trust. The building hosts a range of 12-step meetings for people in recovery from all kinds of addictions, as well as family support groups, financial advice for people in recovery and much more.

The key feature of the building is the recovery café and social space on the ground floor. Serving up great coffee and a delicious menu of home-cooked food Nathan (a chef who toured the world and is now based solely at George Street to support his recovery) has found solace, friendships, support and employment through George Street.

Nathan tells Metro.co.uk: ‘Cooking plays such an important role in my recovery. I’ve been a chef for 21 years and toured all round the world, but this place is so special to me. It’s the place I first found hope.’

GSS recovery cafe
(Picture: Pictures By Bish)

George Street recently played host to Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth MP, who said in his recent speech at the Alcohol Change Conference: ‘I was so impressed with the George Street social community café I visited in Newcastle ran by The Road to Recovery Trust offering support and, crucially, employment opportunities for those in recovery. Projects like these are, I believe, an essential part of local treatment systems and I want to see them given sustainable funding too.’

Another recovery café that has changed the lives of many is The Brink in Liverpool. Owned by the charity Action on Addiction, The Brink boasts HRH The Duchess of Cambridge as its patron.

Assistant Manager David Barnicle said: ‘The Brink was set up to respond to a need for people in recovery with nowhere for safe socialising outside of treatment hours.

‘Being a public space with modern décor and good quality food and drink it is not restricted to the recovery demographic, it is a space for pursuing a non-alcoholic lifestyle for the general public too.

‘Coffee, food and conversation is supplemented by many activities designed for personal growth and cultural indulgence – Thai boxing, yoga, qigong, open mic nights, young musicians, events on sustainability, awareness on addiction, health and wellbeing, monthly dances, parties and so much more takes place at The Brink.’

George Street Social also has a busy events calendar, recently selling out its first stand-up comedy night with Geordie comics Gavin Webster and Simon Donald.

The Road to Recovery Trust’s Chief Executive, Peter Mitchell, said: ‘The comedy night was a great success. Anyone who might think a sober audience is a quiet audience is in for a treat. The crowd really enjoyed joining in with the comedy, and it was great that the comedians didn’t shy away from the topic.

‘Because the recovery community is so at ease with one another people feel more comfortable, are able to be themselves and have fun. We’ll definitely be looking to do more comedy in the coming months.’

George Street is also hosting book events, yoga classes, walking and running groups and much more.

The whole idea is to provide a social space that doesn’t rely on booze – a rarity in the UK – and provides support to those who need it.

Events manager, Beth Collard tells us: ‘I was homeless and I couldn’t walk when I came into recovery over ten years ago. Now I’m running half marathons in support of the Trust and the sense of achievement is amazing.

‘Running is a significant part of my recovery, because of the social aspects, but also because it’s quite mindful, it gives me that space without anything else to think about, and I know that boosting my physical health also boosts my mental health.’

In addition to supporting the recovery community, recovery cafés welcome people from all walks of life – whether that be local college students, business people or residents who want to pop in to enjoy good food or an alcohol-free event. They also supplement their income by hiring out spaces for meetings.

Wherever there’s a recovery café, there’s a safe and supportive hub where people in recovery can re-build their lives, from peer support groups, to classes and social events and employment and voluntary opportunities. Recovery café culture is changing lives – it’s time for funders to recognise the work of such places to ensure their sustainability.

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People are puzzled by this £470 see-through bikini with its own nipple-censoring bar

See-through bikini with a censor bar
The bikini has received mixed reaction (Picture: Cult Gaia, Getty)

Not to sound like your parents, but it seems as though when it comes to swimwear, the trend is to sell as little fabric as possible for the highest cost.

We’ve seen underboob bikinis which don’t cover your boobs and incredibly high-cut, thong like swimsuits.

Now one Los Angeles based brand has gone the whole hog and made a see-through bikini – with a censorship bar to cover your nipples, of course.

Oh, and it’s $590 (£470). Cool.

Cult Gaia’s two-piece swimsuit, called the Shalese Bikini, features a light pink set of bottoms and a transparent strapless top. It’s the top that’s got our attention, as it’s made of tulle and has a tortoiseshell acrylic bar across the front to shield your nips from view.

Because as we all know, female nipples can never be seen in public. They’re far too outrageous.

The Shalese. Strapless tulle bikini top with tortoise acrylic details
It’s definitely… interesting (Picture: Instagram / cult gaia)

The top doesn’t look particularly comfortable, and it’s not clear whether it’s actually designed to swim in (we’ve reached out to Cult Gaia to ask, and will update this article if we hear back).

Surely anyone wearing it would spend most of their time by the beach tugging at the top to make sure their nipples are fully covered… which doesn’t quite fit our chill seaside vibes.

As you’d expect, reactions to the bikini have been mixed.

When Cult Gaia shared a photo of the top online, people flocked to the comments to question the design.

The Shalese. Strapless tulle bikini top with tortoise acrylic details
It costs $590 (Picture: Instagram / cult gaia)

One person wrote: ‘Made of the same precious yarn as the emperor’s new clothes.’

Another said: ‘Seriously… it’s April fool, isn’t it ?’

Some people seemed to be fans, though, throwing in some heart eye emoji in the comments. These people are braver than we are.

The bikini was designed in collaboration with designer Adriana Degreas, who also made that hand-style bikini you’ve likely been seeing all over Insta, so it’s not surprising that it’s a bit out there.

But the price for so little fabric is interesting, to say the least.

You could always recreate the look on the cheap by going naked and tying a belt around your nipples. Easy.

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Music festival now offers a safe viewing space for pregnant woman

 Fans during Nine Inch Nails performance on the NOS Stage on day 1 of NOS Alive festival on July 12, 2018
(Picture: by Pedro Gomes/Redferns)

Pregnant women enjoy music festivals just as much as anyone else who has a penchant for raving outside in precarious weather.

But unfortunately, not all festivities are created equal as the spaces aren’t always inclusive to expectant mothers.

The NOS Alive Festival in Portugal is attempting to change that, providing a viewing platform for mums-to-be.

Some of the stars the revellers can expect to see include the likes of Grace Jones, Jorja Smith, Robyn, Loyle Carner, The Cure and more.

And in case pregnant women have any health concerns, there’s a nurse’s station at hand.

Now there’s no reason for mums to miss out.

The event will run from Thursday 11 July to Saturday 13 July and pregnant attendees can book for a slot on the platform for free.

And it’s one of the better seats in the house too as it faces the main stage which some of the 55,000 people will have to watch from afar.

You can also expect a couple of home comforts like cushions and blankets to get cosy in the space.

Franz Ferdinand perform at NOS Alive Festival last year
Franz Ferdinand perform at NOS Alive Festival last year (Picture: Carlos Rodrigues/WireImage)

‘At NOS Alive we are proud to introduce the world’s first viewing platform for pregnant women at an international festival,’ said Álvaro Covões, CEO of the festival.

‘It’s a unique opportunity for new mothers who love music to help make their festival experience the best one.

‘Why should you compromise your lifestyle in any way when you’re pregnant in this day and age?

‘If you’d like to go to see your favourite bands this summer when expecting, you can do so with total ease and comfort at our event in Lisbon.’

Some of the other bands performing include Bon Iver, The Chemical Brothers and Gossip.

NOS Alive has also been praised in the past for its commitment to protecting the environment.

In previous years, organisers introduced plastic-free beer cups on site and used renewable energy to power 90% of the site.

They also refused to hire volunteers, instead opting to pay all staff.

The festival even had a dog glamping site a few years back.


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Tel Aviv delivers on beaches, gay bars and hummus – but prepare to spend


Thousands of music fans descended on Tel Aviv this May when the Eurovision Song Contest was held in the Israeli city.

The city was abuzz with the event, which saw 180 million people watching the contest take place in Expo Tel Aviv in the north of the city. But even without the draw of sequins and cheese, Tel Aviv has earned its nickname of the Mediterranean capital of cool.

Following a five hour direct flight from London’s Luton Airport, I arrived in the city on the day of the first Eurovision semi-final, and instantly rushed to my hotel to prepare, but it was hard to keep work at the forefront of my mind with the glorious weather. Being a beachside town, Tel Aviv pairs the perfect breeze with the Mediterranean heat, with temperatures hitting 33 degrees in the third week in May.

Thankfully, in between Eurovision activities, I got to make the most of the city that I didn’t know that much about. The most I knew about Tel Aviv was its proximity to the conflict in Gaza, with tensions between Palestine and Israel ramping up in the weeks before my visit. Political issues are the biggest detractor from wanting to visit Israel, and I did worry that the city itself would feel unsafe.

However, I felt as safe as I’ve ever felt on holiday, and walked around daily on my own without feeling any discomfort.

While there was obviously a higher level of tourists in Tel Aviv, residential areas were still pretty chilled, but walking through them, I didn’t feel intimidated.

Carmel Market Tel Aviv
Carmel Market could keep you entertained for hours (Picture: Emma Kelly)

Walking is what I did a lot of, only figuring out the bus system for trips to and from the Expo and deciding taxis were a bit pricey for my liking.

Everything is pretty much in reach via a walk in Tel Aviv. My hotel – the small but charming Center Chic Hotel in Dizengoff Square – was basically a half an hour from everything, whether that was a leisurely stroll to the Carmel market in the Yemenite Quarter, a bustling market selling everything from clothes to sweets, or the famous Tel Aviv beachfront, which is a must for any traveller.

Where should you stay in Tel Aviv?

Tel-Aviv is seen by many as one of the funkiest cities of the Middle East, so it’s no surprise the Eurovision Song Content was hotly anticipated this year. Travel site Expedia actually found that hotel searches for Tel Aviv rose by 55% for the Eurovision weekend, showing how the event brings people around the world together.

What’s more, the 14km promenade has great beaches for surfing and sunbathing, meaning most accommodation is walking distance from the sea with a large handful of hotels boasting epic room views.

If you have a good budget and want five star living with all the amenities, Royal Beach Tel Aviv (approx. £220 per night) offers a plush break, with a full-service spa, an outdoor pool and access to a business centre.

If you fancy something smaller and more intimate, opt for a cosy apartment such as the Sea Land Suites (approx. £114 per night). Set on the pedestrianised Ben Yehuda street, the apartment is in a prime spot for exploring local gift shops, wandering around eateries serving traditional falafel or watching street performers.

For something in the middle, try Center Chic Hotel (£138 per room). It also has a great rooftop garden terrace, a living room style lobby so you feel right at home and free bike rental. Not only that, it’s just steps away from shops and overlooks the iconic Dizengoff Square in the epicentre of Tel Aviv’s most vibrant district.

Book flights and accommodation on Expedia.co.uk.

The sandy beaches stretch all along the coast, with smaller stretches more suited to families while larger sections prioritise sunbeds or volleyball. But all of them are just minutes away from each other with stunning clear waters, while restaurants and bars line the other side of the road.

Take another slightly longer walk into the old city of Jaffa, and you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous buildings and the flea market, which sucked me in with its antiques and fresh sweets for sale.

But when the days of sunning yourself and sightseeing are over, it’s in the night when Tel Aviv comes alive. Known as one of the more vibrant gay scenes in the Middle East, there are more gay bars than you can shake a stick at, and plenty of them are worth a visit. The scene was better than ever with the Eurovision delegations in the city, with Eurocafe and Euroclub taking over some of the city’s biggest clubs including Hangar 11.

But Shpagat, a lively bar that feels welcoming even when you’re flying solo, was worth a visit in spite of the Eurovision calendar, with amazing drag shows on nightly. Gay men visiting the city also have a host of parties catered to them – bears can rock up to Tel-A-Beef, while Arisa, Papa Party and Pag all cater for the boys.

Tel Aviv beach
May hit over 30 degrees (Picture: Emma Kelly)

However, get ready to empty your pockets if you plan on partying hard.

The prices of drinks was the biggest downside of Tel Aviv, with a pint of lager costing around £7 – and that’s just for standard Carlsberg or Heineken.

A night out can easily cost upwards of £50, so I’d advise not getting into any rounds. Throw in taxis being typically expensive and many clubs requiring an entry free, and you’re looking at a costly social life.

Happily, these prices don’t extend to the food.

Being a hummus fiend, I was most excited to try out the Israeli cuisine, and I was not disappointed. My first meal came at the nondescript Hummus Abu Dubi, a tiny little cafe which, amazingly, featured a hummus-cam so you could watch your chickpeas being made.

I ordered a mix of their bestselling hummus, plus falafel and fried cauliflower, and it was so delicious I couldn’t help but ask for more pitta bread despite being ready to burst. And at only around £15 for a meal, my purse was happy too.

Same goes for Falafel Hakosem, or The Magician, where the receptionist at my hotel told me I could not miss. And she was right. I over-ordered due to everything looking too darn good, feasting on shawarma and fried aubergine, as well as the free falafel they handed out in the queue.

Tel Aviv Hummus Abu Dibi
The food was a highlight of the trip (Picture: Emma Kelly)
Food at Hummus Abu Dubi Tel Aviv
Cauliflower has never tasted so good (Picture: Emma Kelly)

I later had a bit of a fancier, spennier meal at La Shuk in Dizengoff Square, a delicious plate of seafood pasta, but if you’re heading to Tel Aviv, you’re better off sticking to the national cuisine – and maybe learning the Hebrew for the basics, as many of the tastier traditional restaurants don’t come with English menus.

Having known little about Tel Aviv before my arrival, I was completely impressed by the city. It merges tradition and nightlife seamlessly, and in that sunshine, I could have easily spent a full Eurovision-less week soaking up the culture.

With the price of socialising, this isn’t the city for an impromptu mini-break – but if you don’t mind paying £7 a pint, I can’t see Tel Aviv letting you down.

Flights paid for by Skyscanner.net. Flights to Tel Aviv from the UK start from £96 in June, check out Skyscanner to find the best deals.

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Bride who wanted 50 bridesmaids settles for 34

Bride with her 50 bridesmaids at her Florida beach wedding
How many bridesmaids are too many? (Picture: Homeland Photography)

If you’ve had a wedding, was it difficult to narrow down your bridesmaids?

You want to include your best mates, your sisters, cousins and anyone else who you know has your back. But it’s not always possible – imagine having to coordinate all their outfits.

But for one New Orleans bride, that was no issue.

Musician and mentor Casme Carter has a squad so big that she decided to ask 50 of the wonderful women in her life to be her bridesmaids.

But as anyone with a large friend group will know, it’s almost impossible to get lots of people together at the same time at the same place, so Casme had to settle for 34.

That’s the size of three football teams, to put it into perspective.

Bride posing with her 34 bridesmaids during beach wedding at florida
The bride is part of various women’s empowerment groups and knows many fabulous ladies (Picture: Homeland Photography)

Casme uploaded a picture on her Instagram with a line-up of all the women behind her at the Florida beach wedding.

She’s been chatting to American TV channels saying she wishes she could’ve had even more bridesmaids.

But there’s a sweet reason why Casme felt the need to have so many.

The motivational speaker works with lots of women’s empowerment groups and has fellow volunteering friends who she wanted to be part of the big day.

Though not all of them could make it, including one who was busy due to army deployment, all the ladies had fun.

Casme left them to choose their own dresses, asking them to choose anything that was neutral and beachy.

They also had different group chats to discuss plans rather than having one massive, over-active one.

But husband Gary Carter didn’t know about the major female force and was stunned when he heard of the plans.

Bride posing on the beach in Florida with lots of bridesmaids
She asked all the bridesmaids to wear neutral, beachy colours (Picture: Homeland Photography)

‘He thought I was joking but then he was like, “if anybody can do it”. He knows how I am and how many women are around me,’ she told CNN.

‘When they saw everybody they were like, “oh my God, Casme. This is so awesome!'”

And all the planning paid off, with Casme appreciating her girls showing up for her: ‘Their time and their presence was a gift to me, just being there.

‘Everything about this wedding was different. It was so amazing to have them all right beside me.’

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Why you keep dating people who are just like your ex, study reveals

Do you have a type?
Do you have a type? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’ve all got a friend whose partners seem to fit a certain mould.

Whether they’re into sporty blondes, creative types with expensive notebooks or someone who shares their passion for collecting replica Daleks, it’s a pattern that raises two questions.

  1. Is there a dating app that uses reverse image search to locate your ex’s doppelganger?
  2. Is having a romantic ‘type’ really a thing?

According to a new study, it sure is.

Social psychologists at the University of Toronto have found that most of us date people who are eerily similar to our exes.

‘It’s common that when a relationship ends, people attribute the breakup to their ex-partner’s personality and decide they need to date a different type of person,’ said lead author Yoobin Park in a statement.

‘Our research suggests there’s a strong tendency to nevertheless continue to date a similar personality.’

Researchers interviewed the current and former partners of 332 people to find similarities between their past and present flames. And you thought phoning your ex to retrieve your belongings was dicey.

Participants were asked questions to test their levels of traits like extroversion, neuroticism and agreeableness, so basically the rigours of any Tinder chat.

The researchers found that the participants’ current partners described themselves in similar ways to their former partners.

If you find yourself dreading the thought of repeating your past romantic mistakes, it isn’t all bad.

‘In every relationship, people learn strategies for working with their partner’s personality,’ said Park. ‘If your new partner’s personality resembles your ex-partner’s personality, transferring the skills you learned might be an effective way to start a new relationship on a good footing.’

If you’re an extrovert, there’s even more good news. Participants in the study who were ‘open to new experiences’ were more likely to seek partners who were different to their exes. So all you’ve got to do is spice it up.

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Smoking and making dirty jokes are massive turnoffs for online daters

Men who lie about their age on dating apps
What traits should you avoid mentioning in your profile? (Picture: Ella Byworth)

If you’re a smoker with piercings and a penchant for mirror selfies, we’re sorry, but you might find it tricky to find love online.

That’s according to a new bit of research that looks at the biggest dating app turn-offs out there.

There are some obvious no-no’s on the list – mentioning your sexual skills in the initial chats is frowned upon, for example – but some are more unexpected.

Carphone Warehouse (weird, we know. We assume they did this survey because people use their phones to do online dating) surveyed 1,000 online daters in the UK to find out what they like and dislike when it comes to people’s profiles.

Respondents who had no strong views were excluded, so the resulting list of turn-offs really does capture what people truly despise. Be warned.

Top of the list is smoking, followed by piercings and mirror selfies, but making dirty jokes is on there too. Apologies to anyone who thought they were doing hilarious flanter.

The biggest turn-offs for online daters:

  1. Smokers
  2. Piercings
  3. Mirror selfies
  4. Hiding your face
  5. Making dirty jokes
  6. Mentioning sexual prowess
  7. Pouting and gym selfies
  8. An obvious photo filter
  9. Using lots of emoji
  10. Photo with someone attractive of the same sex

Most of those do make sense when you think about it. If you’re hiding your face it suggests you’re not particularly confident in your looks – the same goes for obvious filters.

Emoji can be so easily misinterpreted and are best kept to a minimum, along with innuendo.

And taking a photo with someone attractive? Not worth inviting envy or suspicion that you’re secretly in a relationship.

That’s the stuff to avoid – what should you include on your profile instead?

Handily the survey also looked at people’s biggest turn-ons when it comes to online dating, and found that while piercings may not be favoured, tattoos definitely are.

Also big on Tinder and the like – pets, smiling, decent height, and sarcasm.

The biggest turn-ons for online daters:

  1. Photos with pets
  2. Show off tattoos
  3. Smile in your photo
  4. Travel photos
  5. Make a joke
  6. Link to social media
  7. Keep the bio short
  8. Specify your height
  9. Full-length photo
  10. Be sarcastic

Bear in mind that these turn-ons and offs can be quite subjective.

One person may be searching for a 6ft 7 basketball player, while another may be hugely put off by someone leading with their height (I would be).

It sounds cheesy, but your best bet is probably being yourself and seeing who likes it. If they’re keen, it’s a good match. If you’re hiding who you really are, you’re starting off on the wrong foot.

Just be you. Unless you’re a pierced smoker who loves hiding your face, apparently.

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Great-grandparents celebrate their 60th anniversary with a wedding-themed photoshoot

60th anniversary photoshoot of South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)

In 1959, a waitress asked a female customer, Ginger and her friend, if two young men could sit next to them.

One of the men was George, who worked at a local radio station. George and Ginger spoke briefly before parting ways, only to meet again and smile at one another at a red light.

With his smile lingering in her mind, Ginger decided to find the man, despite not knowing his name. She flicked through various radio channels till she found the familiar voice.

A year later, Ginger and George got married.

The couple, from South Carolina, U.S, have now been together 60 years. They share four children, 18 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren.

And to celebrate their diamond anniversary, they recreated their wedding photoshoot.

Is anyone else getting The Notebook vibes?

George and Ginger looking into each other's eyes in 1959 when they met
The couple in 1959 when George was 23 and Ginger 18 (Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)

Abigail Lydick, the couple’s granddaughter was the photographer on the special day.

She wanted her beloved grandparents to relive their wedding day when she heard they would be coming to her hometown in New Jersey for the anniversary.

Abigail, who runs Abigail Gingerale Photography, got a helping hand from several vendors who provided flowers, hair, and makeup.

‘Grandmom was more nervous than anyone,’ Abigail told Metro.co.uk. ‘She had never gotten any kind of professional hair and makeup done, let alone fancy pictures, so we had to reassure her that she was going to rock this thing!

60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
Great grandma Ginger was nervous to have everyone fuss over her (Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)

‘Granddad wasn’t quite as nervous (and if he was he didn’t let on), and he was cracking jokes the whole time.

‘We dressed him up into my husband Andy’s suit, because amazingly, they are the same exact size in everything, and he looked super dapper.’

Abigail added that Ginger’s nerves soon washed away when she saw the finished look. The grandkids then bought their granddad into the studio for a little ‘first look’.

60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
They even reenacted the first look (Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)

They then took pics in a little forest by the creek.

‘It was sweet as anything. They have such natural chemistry together that it wasn’t hard to catch a lot of sweet moments!’ added Abigail.

‘It was a beautiful little shoot! We ended the night by getting ice cream in town and hanging out! It was such a joyful day, full of giggles and just plain cuteness.

‘I am so thankful to have spent all the time we did with them!’

60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
The secret is a sense of humour (Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)

Abigail also asked George and Ginger what their secret to a happy marriage was. They said these included: not going to bed angry; being prepared to forgive always because you just have to do it; and maintaining a good sense of humour.

Sounds good. Now we just need to find someone to do with for the next 60 years.

60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)
60th anniversary photoshoot. South Carolina couple George and Vivian "Ginger" Brown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot.
(Picture: Abigail Gingerale Photography)

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A millionaire will pay you £5,000 to help him party at music festivals

Revelers at glastonbury festival 2019
Your summer is set. (Picture: SWNS)

You’re no stranger to being your mate’s lackey during the chaos of a music festival.

You’ve queued with them at the swarming bar after they forgot to get enough drinks to last the afternoon. You’ve sprinted from the main stage to a smaller one, for an obscure act they only just told you about. And as your friendly duty decreed, you’ve aided them in the pilgrimage to – and within – a savaged Portaloo or two.

And you’ve done all this for free. For friendship. But now you can do it for £5,000.

Luxury concierge services website HushHush.com have posted an ad calling for a ‘festival concierge’ to help a millionaire client have the time of his bloody life.

The ad reads: ‘The request comes from a millionaire who’s on the hunt for a festival concierge who can help him have the most authentic festival experience… but with his usual luxuries. The millionaire has never been to a festival and said he feels like he is missing out.’

Let’s pull this apart like a crunchy baguette.

First off, the festival ‘concierge’ needs not a pressed blazer and an accessible desk, only serious partying experience. Hey, that could very well be you.

You’ll be aiding a bonafide millionaire, so your ticket tier probably means you’ll never set foot in a Portaloo. Praise be.

The unnamed swank-lord wants you to buy camping supplies and set up the tent, and also to deliver ‘the most authentic festival experience’. Sounds easy enough! We think glittering nipple pasties visible from space and a list of fitness hacks to aid the summer shred will suffice.

The ad mentions ‘free admission to some of the best European festivals’, so the lucky hire will make £5,000 per festival. Hit up Ultra, Tomorrowland and Sziget and you’ll put a right dent in your uni debt.

HushHush.com also writes that they’re excited to provide a ‘money can’t buy’ experience for the millionaire, which is cute, but is literally untrue. Five thousand pounds, check it.

To volunteer as party tribute, fill out the form online.

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When are the UK summer sales, including Next and M&S?

Summer sales on the UK high street
Bargains galore (Picture Getty)

It’s that time of year when we’re all scrambling to buy new clothes as the weather turns.

Although it’s nice to be able to strut around in brand new items, it’s not exactly nice on the wallet. That’s where the summer sales come in.

You can get all sorts of items for way less than you’d normally pay, with some shops offering discounts of 70%.

Check out our sales round-up, including when they ever-anticipated Next sale begins.

Next summer sale

This is the one people wait half the year for, and no wonder when there’s half price goods across departments.

They’ve confirmed that the sale will be commencing Saturday 6 July in-store and online. Some stores will have different opening times to usual (often opening at 6am) so check online.

Expect clothing at super low prices (some have reported tops as low as £5).

M&S summer sale

The Marks and Sparks sale is already underway, and there’s up to 50% off available online and in store.

Those planning on having any garden parties as the weather heats up will be happy to know that wine is also included in the offers (as well as clothing, beauty, and home), so stock up now.

Office up to 60% off sale

The Office summer sale has boosted from 50% off to 60% off to a whopping 70% off, in the kids, mens, and womens departments.

Rumours online were speculating that it may boost further to up to 70% off, so now is definitely the time to buy if there’s anything you have your eye on.

Women shopping on the high street
Time for a wardrobe refresh? (Picture: Getty)

Urban Outfitters up to 75% off sale

It’s time for the final reductions of this mega discount fest at Urban Outfitters.

It’s not just on their own-brand products, either. The likes of Champion, Eastpak, Calvin Klein, and Reebok are included in the sale.

Paperchase summer sale

We all like a stationery freshen-up – especially when it doesn’t cost a fortune.

The Paperchase summer sale sees items with up to 70% off the sticker price, and there’s also an under £5 section.

Mothercare summer sale

Although Mothercare are stating their sale is up to half price, there are some items on the website that are discounted further.

The sale includes everything from furniture to clothing, and some Silver Cross buggies are down from £650 to £325.

John Lewis clearance sale

Each category in the John Lewis clearance is discounted by a different amount.

The money off ranges from about 30% to 50%, however, and includes bigger items such as sofas and electricals.

Adidas outlet sale

Get 50% off Adidas favourites, including specialist football and running wear.

Stan Smiths and Gazelle trainers can be found for under £40 in adult sizes.

ASOS summer sale

Get your holiday gear now if you’re planning on it, as ASOS have a 40% deal on summer clothing.

Some branded products have had their prices slashed on the site too (Adidas and Nike, for example).

Zara summer sale

Zara appear to have more on sale than not on their site at the minute, with everything from evening wear to beach wear.

The discounts are available online, but usually with a Zara sale it’s worth checking in store for the biggest bargains.

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