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6 women reveal what it’s really like to go into labour

(Picture: Getty)

If there is one thing guaranteed to strike fear into the most resilient of women, it’s labour.

Horror stories abound: we all have a friend who has a friend who vomited, or pooed, or ripped… or worse.

Blood, vomit and emergency surgery: What it’s like to give birth to a huge baby

We are talking about pushing a human being out of a hole that was formerly the width of a five-pence piece.

You know it’s got to happen, and you know it’s going to hurt.

Beyond that, labour remains a terrifying taboo that is impossible to understand until you have experienced it for yourself.

We asked six brave ladies… Read the full story

Putting a makeup sponge in your vagina is not a genius hack for having period sex

(Picture: Myles Goode/metro.co.uk)

There are many, many things that we have gently suggested you should not insert into your vagina.

Little capsules of glitter, for example. Ozone gas. Wasp nests. Balls of herbs.

metro illustrationsWhat to do between your mental health diagnosis and treatment

This week in ‘yeah, don’t put that in there’, we’re talking about makeup sponges.

Again, we know that the wide majority of people are not sticking makeup sponges in their vaginas.

But sadly, there are some people who are doing such a thing. And, more worryingly, there are websites recommending makeup… Read the full story

Men: Please don’t glue your urethras shut

Once again: please (Picture: Getty Images)

We’ve all heard our fair share of sex-gone-wrong stories.

Men: Please don't glue your urethras shut

Involving crisp packets, Starbursts – yeah. That one.

But while we love listening to these with morbid fascination, deep in our souls we know that probably, these never really happened.

Until now.

If any man has been misguided enough to follow a certain company’s advice, anyway.

Jifitip is suggesting to men that they glue their urethras shut as a form of contraception.

Though it says in the small print that it’s ‘not a condom and it is not approved for STI’s or pregnancy prevention purposes,’… Read the full story

Why can’t I bring my baby to work?

Why can’t this be at the office? (Picture: Getty)

I don’t have kids. 

I’d really like to, but it’s just not on the cards for me right now.

metro illustrationsWhat to do between your mental health diagnosis and treatment

There’s a few reasons for that, but the major one (apart from the fact that my staple diet right now is wine and soft cheese) is my career.

You see, work places (more specifically offices) just aren’t designed to accommodate mothers.

The Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health have stated today that employers need to take more responsibility for promoting breastfeeding among their employees.

In their proposal,… Read the full story

Happy National Girlfriend Day! Twitter reacts how we’d all expect

Young couple at movie together

Happy National Girlfriends Day everybody – August 1 is the day to celebrate your girlfriend, your lack of one or maybe your female friends – make of it what you will.

Apparently we've been making mashed potato all wrong

As ever the ambiguity of the internet stops no one and #NationalGirlfriendDay is trending across social media with homages to both romantic girlfriends and platonic girlfriends.

They are all extra cute, so carry on.

Instagram Photo

Many are taking the chance to post on social media along with the #NationalGirlfriendDay about how special their girlfriend is.

Honour… Read the full story

There’s an Aldi where the ‘vegetarian section’ is just garlic bread

(Picture: @gnarlydweeb/@PaisleyGoth/Twitter)

Shopping as a vegetarian can be tough.

Sure, there are usually plenty of vegetables to choose from at your local Sainsbury’s.

There's an Aldi where the 'vegetarian section' is just garlic bread

But when you’re trying to find a decent veggie hot dog on short notice (damn those last-minute BBQs), you can end up trawling the frozen aisles of five different supermarkets only to find bags of Quorn mince and a few sad, forgotten lasagnas.

One Aldi branch has an alternative vision of what the vegetarian section could be.

Their vision is a little out-there, sure. But we’re actually kind of into it.

Journalist Joe Farrar… Read the full story

Guys: Most women don’t want you to bone them for over 15 minutes

This is lovely but I do have to go to work soon. (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Misinformation and sex are about as tightly bound together as Love Island and fake tan. 

Maybe it’s because sex is supposed to be private, or maybe it’s because Brits are crap when it comes to talking about anything more personal than the weather.

Why can't I bring my baby to work?

Whatever the reason, a lot of sex myths have been allowed to live on, way past our teenage years when naivety is understandable.

The most prevalent?

That women are impressed, or pleased, when sex goes on, and on, and… Read the full story

There’s now sexy Harry Potter lingerie to help you Slytherin to your most magical fantasies

Magical. (Picture: Yandy)

The Harry Potter series is a collection of books and films for children, all about friendship, wizards, and magic.

So naturally, adults have made it their mission to make it ~sexy~. Because we are terrible beings who can’t let sweet, innocent things remain sweet and innocent.

metro illustrationsWhat to do between your mental health diagnosis and treatment

After the creation of Harry Potter themed dildos, vibrators, and replacing ever instance of the word ‘wand’ with ‘penis’ for entertainment, we now have sexy Harry Potter themed lingerie.

Or ‘magical student fantasy lingerie costume’, to be more exact, as we don’t think lingerie… Read the full story

Goodwood Festival and 5 more things to do on the perfect speed demon’s holiday

The stunning setting outside Goodwood House (Picture: Getty)

If you have ever fostered even the slightest interest in cars, then it is hard not to be blown away by the sheer scale of motoring masterpieces on display at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Think Wembley for football fans, Hollywood for film buffs or the Cavern for Beatles maniacs – Goodwood offers the same kind of spiritual home for petrolheads.

So if you harbor a real love for the machines then you are in the automotive Elysian Fields – quite literally a field for most of it.

The next big food trend is topping your coffee with beef jerky, for some reason

(Picture: Instagram/Starbucks)

Enjoying your nice cup of iced coffee?

It’d be a shame if something happened to it.

By something, I don’t mean having a few too many granules of sugar added, or the wrong type of milk.

Family wears helmets to support their baby who has to wear one 23 hours a day

Instead, ‘something’ is jerky. And that jerky is being put on top of your coffee. We’re not sure why, either.

Over at Starbucks’ Seattle Roastery (where they try out the bulk of their adventures in caffeinated beverages), the cool new drink on the menu is the Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist.

Basically,… Read the full story

Woman says she had 4 pints of fat injected into her backside to look like Kim Kardashian

(Picture: Jennifer Pamplona/Caters)

If Kim K’s known for one feature, it’s her impressively large backside .

It’s the peach emoji made flesh – no matter how much you squat, the chances of you ever having a bum the size of hers is pretty negligible.

Apparently we've been making mashed potato all wrong

But that hasn’t stopped one TV personality and former Versace model from trying.

Taking a more direct approach, Jennifer Pamplona claims to have had four pints of fat injected into her rear in the hope of making hers even bigger than Kim’s.

‘My doctors have asked me if I am scared to die from the… Read the full story

Family wears helmets to support their baby who has to wear one 23 hours a day

(Picture: SWNS)

This is baby Jonas.

He’s suffering from severe plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, which means that the back of his head is flat and his brain is pushing his skull to the sides.

Men: Please don't glue your urethras shut

In other words, his head is as wide as it is high.

To try and help encourage his head to grow properly, last week doctors have started making Jonas wear a helmet – something his big sister noticed straight away.

‘Camila said: “Jonas has a helmet,” and I said “Yes, to fix his head”,’ says mum Shayna.

Plus-size pole dancing instructor is showing everyone that sexy doesn’t have a size limit

Ro’Yale started pole dancing after a crisis of confidence sparked by a separation from her husband. (Picture: John Paul Steele/Barcroft Images)

No one should feel like sex appeal is something that’s closed off to them.

Feeling sexy is open to everyone – regardless of body type, ability, gender, or size.

Woman says she had 4 pints of fat injected into her backside to look like Kim Kardashian

Ro’Yale, also known as Da Queen of Curves, is working hard to remind everyone of that, and to show everyone that sexy doesn’t have a size limit.

Ro’Yale began pole dancing after a temporary separation from her husband… Read the full story

Can you get pregnant in your week off from the contraceptive pill?

(Picture: Getty)

Sex education in the UK is better than what’s on offer in loads of other places around the world. But it’s still pretty woeful.

Anecdotal evidence of this?

Can you get pregnant in your week off from the contraceptive pill?

I went on the contraceptive pill (Microgynon, if you’re curious) well before I was sexually active, as a way of skipping my period when I want to do volunteer work and hiking for a month.

When I eventually started having sex, I was under the belief that in the week off from the pill – you know, the bit when you let your… Read the full story

Why is it so impossible to type when someone stands behind you?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that if you try to type something while someone is watching you, you will f**k it up. 

We’ve all been there.

Either someone is showing you how to do something, or you’re both working on the same document. Whatever the reason, they come up behind you and suddenly your fingers paralyses.

metro illustrationsWhy is it so impossible to type when someone stands behind you?

You spend all day typing. You’re good at typing. You might make a few typos but you manage to hit the buttons as if all your joints work.

But not… Read the full story

You HAVE to try these cheap alternatives to Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Collection

(Picture: Makeup Revolution / Too Faced Instagram)

Makeup addicts, we’ve found amazing alternatives for Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Collection.

As we know only too well, unfortunately, good things often come with price tags that are not so good for our bank accounts.

The next big food trend is topping your coffee with beef jerky, for some reason

Too Faced’s Chocolate bar eye shadow collection is testament to this, costing £39 per palette.

And we don’t know about you, but that’s more than our weekly lunch budget.

The iconic collection is pretty darn lovely, with its gorgeous colours, creamy formulations, decent colour payoff and packaging that… Read the full story

Just landed: Zoella’s new Jelly & Gelato Collection

The Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Collection
(Picture: Zoella Beauty)

Taking a bath is an indulgent, water-wasting act, so if you’re going to do it, you gotta do it right.

Introducing the Zoella Jelly and Gelato Collection –  Zoe Sugg’s biggest Zoella Beauty launch to date – that will make you want to splash around in your tub until your fingers and toes are prunes.

Fashion and beauty vlogger, YouTuber, and author Zoe Sugg (more commonly known as Zoella) unveiled the cute and whimsical collection along with free ice cream at Brighton pavilion, with help from boyfriend Alfie Dyes as well as Poppy Deyes, Sean Elliott OConnor and best friend Mark Ferris.

Are nuts and nut butters actually the miracle foods wellness bloggers would have us believe?

(Picture: Getty/Ocado/Metro.co.uk)

These days, you can’t move for nuts.

Half of London is being fuelled by Pip & Nut, while every other Instagram food post seems a involve dollop of almond butter here or splash of cashew milk there.

Family wears helmets to support their baby who has to wear one 23 hours a day

It’s no longer enough to like peanut butter.

We sort of get that peanut butter is a bit trashy and fatty – but when it comes to other nuts, we throw all caution to the wind.

Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachio, brazil nuts…the list of butters and milks out there is endless. And they’re… Read the full story

Kellogg’s is launching a cereal-themed advent calendar for some reason

(Picture: Kellogg’s/Getty)

It may only be July but someone somewhere is already planning which advent calendar to buy this year.

They might stick to the classic chocolate offerings, or maybe they’ll go a little off road and go for a cheese calendar.

Plus-size pole dancing instructor is showing everyone that sexy doesn't have a size limit

But the thing is that advent calendars are usually opened and consumed first thing in the morning – and for many of us, it’s a bit too early to start chopping cheddar.

If only there was a breakfast-appropriate advent calendar.

Like a cereal one.

Read the full story

What is ALS, Motor Neurone Disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease?

(Picture: Stacey Rupolo/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or Motor Neurone Disease and it causes the death of neurons which control voluntary muscles.

There's a sports bra for breast cancer survivors

Voluntary muscle movement includes walking, talking, swallowing and breathing.

Someone who suffers from ALS will begin with having stiff muscles and muscle twitching, which will make the muscles weak and so they will decrease in size.

Eventually an ALS patient will have difficulty speaking, swallowing then breathing.

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