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Five ways to escape the Edinburgh Festival

You don’t have to spend your festival on the Royal Mile (Picture: Getty)

When the world’s largest arts festivals – the Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival – descends on Scotland’s bonnie wee capital this weekend you would think it would be time for celebrating.

The biggest mistakes that tourists make during the Edinburgh festivals

Not so if you are one of the 500,000 year-round residents.

Local legend says that the city population doubles over the summer – a potentially dubious factoid based on all tourists descending at once.

But however you look at it pubs get busy, buses take ages and Princes Street is… Read the full story

The largest no-kill shelter, which is home to 800 dogs, urgently needs your help

(Picture: Treeseed.org)

800 dogs face being killed unless the largest no-kill dog shelter in central America is able to raise enough funds to stay afloat.

Territorio de Zaguates takes in rescue dogs from all over and they’re currently home to more than 800 sweet canines.

Mr Handsome, the 31lb fat cat, has finally been adopted

If they don’t manage to find families for them, the organisation gives them a permanent place in their pack.

However, the organisation is currently under threat from government officials who want them to be closed down.

Territorio de Zaguates urgently need to raise funds to comply with new governmental requirements – and if they… Read the full story

This is what it’s like to dive off a 27m cliff


Some divers jump off the side of swimming pools.

Olympic divers jump off platforms 10 metres high and collect their medals.

Cliff divers jump from nearly three times the height and pray to god they don’t surface with a mouth full of blood and a concussion.

Gary Hunt, a 6-time Red Bull World Series champion, is the world’s best cliff diver (Picture: Red Bull Content Pool)

The extreme world of cliff diving is one that takes the precision of professional diving and mixes it with the adrenaline that only comes from jumping from the height of six stacked double-decker buses.

It takes just three seconds from the leap before you pierce the water at a blistering… Read the full story

What I learned from giving up Instagram for two weeks


Two weeks ago today, I decided to delete my Instagram app, in a bid to give the photo app up for 14 days, to see how it would affect my self-esteem. 

Blowing out birthday candles increases bacteria on your cake by 1400%

While I was guilty of a selfie or two, many pictures of my lovely fluffy cats and of course a bit of food porn, I wouldn’t say I was ever a fully obsessed user.

As far as I was concerned, I’d scroll through while at home, bored, or I’d use it to stalk celebrities and people I used to know (weird, I know, but we’ve all done it).

I didn’t think deleting the app itself would bother me all too much.

But I soon realised I used it on a much more regular basis than I’d first thought.

After taking my final scroll through Instagram in preparation for leaving it behind for two weeks,… Read the full story

What is a rainbow baby?

Baby daydreaming on colorful rainbow with candy on one end.

A rainbow baby is when a child is born to a mother who has previously lost a child to miscarriage, still birth or neonatal death.

How this mum's son taught her to love her freckles

Rainbows symbolise hope and comfort -they are the brightening of the sky after the storm of grief from the death of a baby during pregnancy.

Having a baby shortly after losing another baby brings a roller coaster of emotions, with intense lows dealing with grief and pain, and ecstatic highs because of good news and the renewal of hope.

The symbol… Read the full story

Watch these grandmas performing ‘All the Bowling Ladies’ like the dons they are

(Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Meet Terry, Janine and Wyn.

They’re members of the Chadstone Bowls club, a women’s bowling club that has taken the internet by storm thanks to their attempts to save their beloved bowling green from being demolished.

I gave up using Instagram for two weeks and this is what I learned

The Melbourne-based trio of pals, aged between 72 and 82, have performed their own version of Beyonce’s Single Ladies in a video to raise awareness of their plight.

And it’s truly excellent. The hip action, the lyrics, the great wrist actions…it’s hard to know who’s video is better – this or the original.

‘All… Read the full story

4 of the best bars in Edinburgh to drink gin cocktails during the Fringe

edinburgh cocktails
Cheers! (Picture: Ally Martin / Metro)

Edinburgh during the Fringe is a wonderful place to be.

The sun shines a little more frequently than normal (only a little) and there’s a whole host of different things to see, do, eat and, of course, to drink.

4 great Manchester bars to enjoy a gin cocktail

So for anybody heading up to Edinburgh, make sure you stop by some of the city’s best bars to sample some really well made drinks in some beautiful spaces.

Last time I was there, I found myself in a few of my favourite haunts.


Read the full story

This mermaid meringue ice cream is coming to London and it looks magical

Mermaid ice cream
Magical (Picture: Four Winters)

In case you hadn’t noticed, the unicorn food trend is on its way out.

Taking its place, though, is a creature that’s no less magical – the mermaid.

8 new London restaurants to check out this August

Earlier this year, we saw mermaid toast supersede the ever-popular unicorn toast on Instagram, and now it’s time to welcome the mermaid ice cream.

Think blueberry and raspberry puree folded into super-smooth coconut ice cream, then topped with a colourful mermaid tail, mini starfish meringues, mermaid pearls, coconut flakes and a tonne (not literally) of edible glitter.

Well, the pictures speak for themselves.

Read the full story

Woman’s mission to get unicorn hair leaves her partially bald with chemical burns

Kirsty’s attempt at at-home bleaching went horribly wrong. (Picture: Collect/PA Real Life)

Unicorn hair is big right now.

As are pastel locks, mermaid lengths, and basically dyeing your hair every colour under the sun (or of the sun, in the case of the sunset hair trend).

Your kitchen sponge is absolutely filthy, and cleaning it won't fix things

If you want to take your ‘Gram to new heights, you either find some new colourful walls or you dye your hair a new shade. That’s what’s in right now.

But no trend is worth risking your health.… Read the full story

How can we ask for healthy role models when we’re still bashing celebrities’ bodies?

(Picture: REUTERS/Charles Platiau)

Despite being a brilliantly talented and consistently chart-topping artist, recently, people have been more concerned with Rihanna’s weight than her voice. 

metro illustrationsGreat news, everyone: Your boobs are back in fashion

It first started when writer Chris Spags asked whether Rihanna being ‘fat’ was going to become a ‘hot new trend’, which, of course, protective fans were quick to slam him for.

Oh, and he was quick to be suspended from his blogging post, so that’s some kind of revelation.

But that didn’t end the nasty comments. Most recently, a photo of Rihanna stood next to the equally stunning Cara Delevingne has… Read the full story

Restaurant comes up with the perfect way make ordering for kids much easier

(Picture: Reddit)

Dining out with your children can be tough. Not just because some restaurants don’t supply crayons and a colouring pad, but because when it comes to ordering food, kids often have no clue what they want. 

The largest no-kill shelter, which is home to 800 dogs, urgently needs your help

It doesn’t matter how many times you go through the menu with them, ‘I don’t know’ will always be a response.

But one American restaurant has made it so that you can now order your child’s meal with that exact phrase – alongside some very well-known others.

Fager’s Island, in Maryland, has recently updated… Read the full story

Chihuahua who lost his best friend gets a toy that looks just like her

Lily and Paddy were best friends. (Picture: For the Love of Lily, the Lambikin)

It might not seem like it, but Paddy the chihuahua and Lily the lamb had a lot in common.

They were both tiny, both had a tough start to life, and were both rescued by Janell Jenson.

What I learned from giving up Instagram for two weeks

Paddy was rescued after he was found in the middle of a road. He was thin, poorly, and struggled to balance thanks to a misaligned disc in his neck.

Lily was born the smallest out of her siblings. She hadn’t had space in the… Read the full story

A ball pit for adults event is coming to Birmingham – and it involves lots of prosecco

(Picture: Shameful Indulgence)

An adult ball pit is coming to Birmingham, and it sounds super exciting.

Watch these grandmas performing 'All the Bowling Ladies' like the dons they are

While adult ball pits aren’t anything new, with one already having taken place in London, this one comes with prosecco.

Which means that basically, you can release your inner child while still being super fancy. We know, it sounds like a dream.

The ball pit comes courtesy of a company called Shameful Indulgence, which is coming to the Rainbow Venues Warehouse in Birmingham in September, to give adults hours of fun.

For three days only, from 21… Read the full story

There’s going to be a quiet hour in shopping centres across the UK to help people with autism

(Picture: Daniella Birtley/metro.co.uk)

Well, this is lovely.

After a bunch of shops have successfully introduced quiet hours to help those with autism and anxiety to shop in peace, the UK will get its first nationwide quiet hour across a bunch of shopping centres from 2 October.

A ball pit for adults event is coming to Birmingham - and it involves lots of prosecco

The National Autistic Society has asked shops, services, and shopping centres to provide a quiet hour in the week starting 2 October, to give those with autism a break from the sensory overload that’s typical of a usual… Read the full story

Guy made a PowerPoint of date ideas for his Tinder match, but it didn’t end well

(Picture: Ben Velzian)

When 23-year-old Ben Velzian, from London, landed a date with a guy named Tom, who he’d met on Tinder, he just knew he had to come up with something spectacular to make sure they really hit it off upon their first meeting.

How can we ask for healthy role models when we're still bashing celebrities' bodies?

Tom had asked Ben whether he could come up with any suggestions for where the pair could enjoy their first date.

Instead of mentioning a bar or two, Ben went all out – designing a PowerPoint complete with several ideas and brief explanations for each date… Read the full story

Yep, a black ice cream burger made with ash is coming to London this August

black ice cream burger
Black is in, they say (Picture: Jude’s)

Are you bored of that juicy beef patty or had one too many Mr Whippy? 

Have you tasted your way through all the best London burger joints and sampled all the ice cream toppings you can handle?

Mermaid ice creamThis mermaid meringue ice cream is coming to London and it looks magical

And is black food firmly on your inner, anti-rainbow food radar?

Well, if that describes you down to a T, then you might be excited to find out that there’s a new black burger in London town, and it’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever… Read the full story

Can you eat prawns when you’re pregnant?


Have your cravings kicked up a notch and now you’re unsure if the prawn cocktail you want to stuff in your mouth is safe to eat?

Well, luckily prawns are safe to eat during pregnancy if they are fully cooked first.

What I learned from giving up Instagram for two weeks

Prawns are fully cooked when they turn a pinky-red colour and the flesh is opaque.

As a rule of thumb, never eat raw prawns, or other raw shellfish when pregnant.

Griddled prawns in garlic with wild rice (Picture: Oli Jones)
Griddled prawns in garlic with wild rice (Picture:… Read the full story

Vlogger explains why she’s fed up of people asking her what’s ‘wrong’ with her eye

(Picture: Instagram/sonialeslie)

Meet Sonia Leslie. She’s a beauty vlogger with more than 48,000 followers on Instagram, and a loyal following who tune in to watch her makeup reviews and tutorials.

Shopping centres across the UK will have a quiet hour to help people with autism

She also has a birthmark in her eye, which makes the iris of her right eye look larger and less defined than her right eye.

Sonia is really, really fed up of people asking her what’s ‘wrong’ with her eye. Because there’s nothing wrong.

‘There’s nothing “wrong” with my eye,’ Sonia wrote on her Instagram, in response to countless comments questioning… Read the full story

We got our bodies scanned to see how fat we really are

(Picture:Myles Goode)

If you’re trying to get in shape, it’s often useful to know exactly what you’re dealing with.

You weigh yourself, work out your BMI and decide how much you need to lose in order to look how you want.

But as you start to exercise more and eat better, that number doesn’t budge. In fact, it seems to go up.

It’s enough to make you throw your kettlebells across the room and head to the nearest KFC.

How can we ask for healthy role models when we're still bashing celebrities' bodies?

Which is why I went with George off of the Sports desk to Read the full story

A pizza and prosecco festival is coming to London and we are so ready for it

(Picture: Getty – Metro.co.uk)

If you love pizza, and you love prosecco (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then we’re excited to tell you that your dream festival is taking place this August.

We got our bodies scanned to see how fat we really are

The Pizza & Prosecco Festival is what dreams are made of.

Filling our mouths with melted cheese and bubbly, it’ll start in Cardiff on Sunday 27 August before heading over to 15 other towns and cities, including Liverpool, Manchester, Reading and Brisol.

It’ll then hit London on 25 November before finishing up in both Southampton and Birmingham in December – though… Read the full story

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