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‘I make all my own baby food’: The mum brags that all new mothers will recognise

‘Don’t all children form a pop group with their mothers and get signed by a record label by the age of one?’ (Picture: Getty)

There’s always one: the new mum who arrives at coffee morning with a blow-dry and a manicure.

6 women reveal what it’s really like to go into labour

The mum who is never late.

The mum who never smells of sick, or wears leggings she found on the floor, and who never misses a chance to boast about how brilliant/strong/smiley her baby is.

Ladies and gents, I give you: The Mum Brag.

Don’t be fooled by the Mum Bragger’s insouciant air, her causally delivery; don’t… Read the full story

When love breaks down: Practical advice on separating from your partner

what it?s like to go through a separation/practical advice
Let’s be practical (Picture: Monika Muffin for Metro.co.uk)

Sometimes, things just don’t work out and you find yourself separating from your partner or spouse.

It’s tough – even the most amicable separation hurts – but there’s a big difference between what your inner voices want you to do and what you really ought to do.

Divorce isn’t all bad – sometimes it can help you better understand yourself

Instead of posting their embarrassing sex secrets online or cutting up their clothes, you should be focusing on separating your finances and organising alternative living arrangements.

Think practically.

Here’s our… Read the full story

Woman tries to get rid of her ‘a***hole rooster’ with a hilarious Facebook post

(Picture: Facebook/Denell McCaul)

If you’ve ever fancied homing a rooster, you’re in luck – because a woman named Denell McCaul is pretty fed up of hers. 

Woman's scalp 'came away' after she tried to get unicorn hair

On 26th July, Denell took to Facebook to tell of how her ‘inconsiderate jerk’ of a rooster had won the status of ‘Asshole Rooster’ – and that he was totally free to a good home. Though she added ‘any home’ will do.

Hoping to really sell her pet to other Facebook users, Denell wrote: ‘He’s the perfect rooster if your alarm is broken and you need to be… Read the full story

People think this plus-size Dutch model looks just like Gigi Hadid

izzy gigi hadid
(Picture: Instagram/izaijzerman)

Meet Iza IJzerman.

She’s a 22-year-old plus-size model living and working in the Netherlands. She’s fronted a bunch of ads and campaigns for everything from swimwear to sunglasses. She’s starting to get some success in London.

Oh, and people think she looks a lot like Gigi Hadid.

Chihuahua who lost his best friend gets a toy that looks just like her

You know Gigi Hadid. The model of the moment who’s making a tonne of cash from her massive social media following and general modeling skills.

The one who’s best mates with Kendall Jenner. The one who’s dating Zayn Malik. The one… Read the full story

5 ways to be a backpacker and not be a total dick

Ah travelling (Picture: Getty)

Backpackers are never going to win any prizes for popularity.

There are too many things working against them.

The 13 types of men you meet when you go travelling

Lack of shoes, disregard for soap, and the daily lie-ins, just to name a few.

The happiness is written all over their tanned faces and it makes people furious.

If you’re a backpacker and you want to return home still having friends to share a pint with, you need to tone it down.

Follow these steps and maybe you won’t make everyone completely apoplectic at the mere thought that you exist.

1. Stop banging on about it

Your worn-out Havaianas,… Read the full story

Deeply satisfying video of a peach being peeled is giving people mixed feelings

Peach peeling video (Picture: @HOOOOJICHA/Twitter)

Well, this is a bit strange.

A video of someone’s hands peeling a peach in one graceful motion has been shared more than 52,000 times on Twitter.

We got our bodies scanned to see how fat we really are

Why, you may ask, are people sharing a video of a peach getting its skin peeled off?

The explanation is complex.

To some, the video is deeply satisfying. Almost sexually so. The peel is so smooth, the peach underneath is perfect. It’s glorious.

To others, it’s unsettling. A peeled peach is wrong.

And to others, it’s mindblowing. Seriously, who knew peaches could… Read the full story

You can now buy pink gin that’s made from rosé wine

(Picture: Wolffer Estate)

Still sipping regular G&Ts without a hint of on-trend millennial pink?

We’re so sorry.

izzy gigi hadidPeople think this plus-size Dutch model looks just like Gigi Hadid

These days, gin must be pink. Whether it’s magic blue gin that turns pink with the addition of tonic water, or a snazzy bottle of Gordon’s, your gin needs to be rose-tinted to remain cool and current.

But if you really want to get ahead of the booze trends (don’t we all?), your pink gin will also need to be made with rosé.

Yes, rosé wine.

Hamptons-based vineyard Wölffer Estate have just… Read the full story

Sports Illustrated has been accused of photoshopping Ashley Graham’s bum

(Picture: Ashley Graham/Instagram)

Another day, another magazine accused of photoshopping a plus-size model.

izzy gigi hadidPeople think this plus-size Dutch model looks just like Gigi Hadid

Because while having the plus-size label on a cover (and the praise that comes with it) is acceptable, plus-size women’s actual bodies – complete with stretchmarks, cellulite, and areas that aren’t entirely smooth, is not, apparently.

After Vogue was accused of photoshopping Gigi Hadid’s hand as a way of sculpting Ashley’s waist, Sports Illustrated has been called out for their swimsuit edition, which was released in February.

Ashley Graham shared a photo of herself from… Read the full story

10 words and phrases you didn’t know existed until you had a baby

What words will your baby teach you? (Picture: Getty)

One thing you cannot deny about having a baby… it improves your vocabulary.

If you thought the only person to learn new words was your child, think again.

In the months before and immediately after your little bundle of joy pops into the world (yeah, I’m sugarcoating a bit; no baby just ‘pops’ along), you are going to be uttering phrases you previously didn’t know existed.

‘I make all my own baby food’: The mum brags that all new mothers will recognise

And I’m not talking about swear words, although you can expect a few of those too.

Your friends and… Read the full story

This woman’s boyfriend keeps getting mistaken for her dad

Lucy and John together (Picture: Hotspot media)

Having a big age gap with your partner comes with a few pitfalls.

You can’t reminisce about childhood music and TV shows, you might well have a different attitude to staying out all night partying and sometimes, people might think that your other half is in fact your parent.

You can now buy pink gin that's made from rosé wine


This misunderstanding is one that Lucy Gloster, 32, and her fiancé John Wright, 65, of Skegness have got used to.

In fact Lucy and John are apparently so used to this happening that at this point, they just find it… Read the full story

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ latest eyeshadow palette is here

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette (Picture: Instagram @anastasiabeverlyhills)

Don’t freak out… but Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette has arrived.

Following the sell-out success of summer 2016’s Modern Renaissance palette, much-loved US beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills is back with a new product – the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette.

Tbh, we’re stoked for its release and it’s finally here and available to buy online at Cult Beauty (£41) – and it’s still in stock.

Like Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette, Subculture has 14 square pans of eyeshadow and is packaged in chic deep-blue encasing with yellow writing and includes a (decent) dual-ended brush.

Read the full story

We don’t know how to feel about these crayons which will make your children massage you

‘On Mummy, not the floor’ (Picture: Groupon)

In response to the news that by the third week of the summer holidays, parents have run out of ways to entertain their kids, Groupon have created massage crayons.

Sports Illustrated has been accused of photoshopping Ashley Graham's bum

The idea of the massage crayon is that your child draws all over you with it. The child is distracted by novelty of getting to colour on a person. You get a massage.

We at the Metro.co.uk office have a lot of feelings about this.

As a group of childless people, the idea of having so little time or cash… Read the full story

10 phone hacks that will save you money when you’re travelling abroad

girl on phone
Don’t stand out like a tourist (Picture: Getty)

When you’re travelling, your phone becomes the travel buddy of dreams, providing you with directions, translations and useful tips on the local area.

Looking for a quiet beach away from the tourists? Just Google It.

5 ways to be a backpacker and not be a total dick

But walking around while glued to your phone is one the biggest giveaways that you are a tourist and can actually gain you a lot of unwanted attention, not to mention costing you a small fortune if your phone provider still charges extortionate overseas tariffs.

Here are 10 hacks to keep… Read the full story

Makeup lovers are putting highlighter on their ears

(Picture: Instagram/theboldbre)

Ready for a fresh new standard of beauty to keep you on your toes?

The new body part to consider is your ears.

izzy gigi hadidPeople think this plus-size Dutch model looks just like Gigi Hadid

And your boobs, as they’re ‘back in a big way’. But that’s a concern for a different day.

This time around, ears are not being covered in graphic gold lines or decorated with cuffs. Instead, they’re being highlighted.

Yep, highlighted, just as you’d add a shimmer to your cheekbones.

Refinery29 calls it the lobe strobe, and explains that the… Read the full story

You can buy Instagram’s hottest bag on Amazon for £1.50

(Picture: alyssa.lenore; martiartiblog/Instagram)

Forget your leather, your denim and your suede, because the most popular bag on Instagram right now is probably the most simply-styled yet, made using just thin strings of cotton. 

Makeup lovers are putting highlighter on their ears

It seems fashion bloggers have had enough of splashing out on their bags – especially if they’re only there to carry a purse and a little bit of makeup.

And so they’ve switched things up by purchasing a cotton-stringed shopping tote bag, inspired by a French-style net shopping bag, and it’s proving to be pretty stylish.

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

Meat-eaters are being put off going veggie because of certain aggressive vegans, says survey

(Picture: Getty)

Let’s just get this out of the way from the get-go.

The stereotype of the shouty vegan isn’t true to all vegans.

Clean Eating Alice reveals she's got polycystic ovarian syndrome

There are loads of vegans and vegetarians who aren’t at all preachy or judgmental, and will happily be buddies with meat-eaters and cheese-addicts alike.

But there are some vegans and vegetarians who give vegans a bad name… just as there are some meat-eaters who give omnivores a bad name.

They do this by making the world of veganism feel exclusionary and harsh, scolding people for dipping their toe in through flexitarianism, or lecturing… Read the full story

Clean Eating Alice reveals she’s got polycystic ovarian syndrome

(Picture: Alice Liveing/Instagram)

We all know Alice Liveing – AKA Clean Living Alice – for her delicious-looking meals and easy to follow training videos.

Her Instagram is the original wellness inspiration board.

Aggressive vegans are putting meat-eaters off going veggie, says survey

If you want to know how good a few poached eggs could really be, she’s your woman.

But she’s recently used her account to address an altogether more serious issue.

Yesterday, she took to Instagram to reveal that she suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome.

‘In January I had the worst abdominal cramps I’ve ever suffered, to the point that at 1 am, I took myself… Read the full story

Get Smokin’: How to BBQ like a baller

Chef Simon Rimmer gives his 12 tips for a better barbecue (Picture: Weber)
(Picture: Weber)

Nothing says summer more than a flawless barbecue. But there are pros at this game and there are amateurs.

We are not here for your burnt sausages, burgers or chicken drumsticks. This is about getting the kit – and the skills – that will raise your barbecue game.

Massage crayons will make your children massage you

Barbecuing 2017 style is about slow-cooking, indirect heat, big joints, chargrilled fish and light marinades.

With the right prep you too can BBQ like a baller. Here’s a rundown of what you need for the perfect… Read the full story

Mum with Hyper Lactation Syndrome donates stacks of breast milk to babies in need

(Picture: Elisabeth Keturah Anderson-Sierra/Facebook)

This is Elisabeth.

She’s a mum-of-two with hyper lactation syndrome, which means that she produces well over the necessary amount of breastmilk for her children.

Clean Eating Alice reveals she's got polycystic ovarian syndrome

So, she donates it to babies in need.

In a post uploaded to the Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, she describes how much milk she produces – and at what cost.

‘When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I started researching milk donation and pumping. I had no idea how my body would produce and zero experience on anything. I just knew it was something I wanted to do,’ she… Read the full story

Bowl cancer survivor wants you not to ignore potential symptoms


A woman who survived a late diagnosis bowl cancer had shared her story in the hope that other people won’t ignore their symptoms. 

Telling her story on News.co.au, Sherrie Hagar writes:

‘I tried everything I possibly could to help ease the bloating. Peppermint tea, hot water bottles on my stomach, I even stopped eating gluten and dairy to see whether that would help, but nothing worked.’

Aggressive vegans are putting meat-eaters off going veggie, says survey

Eating was also a constant challenge to Sherrie.

She says ‘I also suffered with diarrhea. Everything I ate and drank went straight through me within an hour. I couldn’t even drink plain water without feeling bloated and sick.’

The issue with these symptoms is that they can be confused with other health issues, which is exactly what happenedto Sherrie.

‘I had already been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was 15 years old. I was… Read the full story

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