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Why you should head to Hastings for fishy, family fun

Hastings has its own quirky charm (Picture: Getty)

There’s an eccentric and maverick quality to Hastings.

12 reasons to sail off to Portsmouth this summer

It’s all pirates, smugglers and what my maiden aunt called ‘alternative types’.

Hastings is a name that all British schoolchildren know; think of 1066, William the Conqueror and Harold getting an arrow in his eye.

Hastings is partly seaside resort with fish and chips, amusement arcades and a pier, and partly old curiosity shop with antiques, artisan bread, rustic pubs, half-timbered houses, and eccentric locals.

It’s also pretty alternative.

Meet the woman with the world’s biggest Barbie collection in the world

(Picture: Christina Czybik / Caters)

This is Bettina Dorfman.

She’s a 58-year-old Barbie super-fan from Germany who owns over 17,000 dolls – officially the world’s largest Barbie collection, according to the Guinness World Records.

What it's like to be one of the fastest men in the world, according to Colin Jackson

Her obsession began when she was given a Barbie as a present during a stay in hospital, aged 10.

And since then, she’s acquired a collection that’s said to be worth more than £200,000.

Her precious hoard lives in the basement and living room but Bettina also has a room called ‘Barbie’s Kingdom’, for her most… Read the full story

Are Tinder likes racially prejudice? Yes, obviously

(Picture: The Study of Attraction/Instagram)

Any person of colour who has used Tinder will tell you that there’s a bias on the platform.

Black and mixed women in particular get fewer likes than white women.

Are Tinder likes racially prejudice? Yes, obviously

According to a 2014 study by OKCupid, 82% of their non-black male users show some bias against black women – while Asian men’s dating profiles are consistently rated the lowest by single women on the site.

We find certain races attractive or matchable – maybe that’s just natural.

And, of course, it’s not something that exclusively occurs online.

Read the full story

7 of London’s best al fresco restaurants and bars to try this summer

al fresco dining
So many good places to visit (Picture: Metro/various)

After a fortnight of classic English summer weather, ie pissing rain, the occasional thunderstorm and decidedly ‘meh’ temperatures, the warm weather is back with a vengeance. Sort of.

And where better to enjoy (or endure) it than at one of London’s top al fresco bars and restaurants?

Winter is on its way, so seize this opportunity to enjoy one last glass of chilled rosé on some lovely terrace…

Just remember to bring yourself a cardigan. It is London, after all.


Instagram Photo

Canary Wharf’s Bokan restaurant boasts one of London’s most panoramic terraces, 37 floors above ground.

Enjoy the… Read the full story

Sex around the world: A museum of heartache in Croatia

CROATIA The Museum of Broken Relationships
Everyday items, given a story (Picture: Getty Images)

Relationships mean stuff. The progress of your relationship can be measured by what you buy: the first pot plant, the first sofa cushions, first bed, first home etc.

When relationships end, however, the stuff becomes a curse.

15 signs you’re no longer in love (and it’s probably time to move on)

It all has to be divvied up and shared, and it soon starts to pile up.

You won’t comprehend how much stuff you have accrued until you see it piled up on the floor of your (hastily rented) new place –… Read the full story

‘There’s no standard definition of a bikini body,’ says BBG founder Kayla Itsines

(Picture: Kayla Itsines/Instagram)

You’d think that the founder of a series calling itself Bikini Body Guides might have some idea of what constitutes a ‘bikini body’.

But BBG queen and fitness guru, Kayla Itsines, insists that there’s no one standard definition of one.

What it's like to be one of the fastest men in the world, according to Colin Jackson

To her, a bikini body is simply one you have confidence in.

Writing in Teen Vogue, Kayla says that she’s always made it her personal mission to ‘make good health feel achievable for people of all ages and fitness levels’.

Her work motto is fitter,… Read the full story

Finally, Ladurée is debuting a macaron ice cream sandwich

(Picture: Ladureeus/Instagram)

Perhaps the greatest thing about Gossip Girl, aside from Chuck Bass, was Blair Waldorf’s love of macarons.

There she’d lie in her bath like a millennial Elizabeth Taylor, eating pistachio macaron after pistachio macaron.

If you love Hawaiian pizza, you'll lose your head over 'Swineapple'

It was enough to get anyone hot under the collar.

Which presumably is why Ladurée has been debuting a macaron ice cream sandwich.

That’s right – those perfectly crumbly, sweet morsels have been combined with a deliciously cold centre just perfect for summer.

Maison Ladurée is quintessentially Parisian, having been founded in the… Read the full story

Wearing your shoes indoors is one of the grossest things you could do

(Picture: Getty)

Many of us have been brought up to take our shoes off the second we get home and to either don a pair of slippers or flip flops.

As you grow older, you go to uni, you start to see how other people live, that habit can start disintegrate a bit.

metro illustrationsWhy do boys never have adequate bedding?

You start to wear your shoes in the kitchen. You start to leave them on a bit longer in case you need to head out soon. You don’t want to put your feet on a carpet that hasn’t been vacuumed since you moved in six months ago.

But, you… Read the full story

12 things you only know if you babysit your grandchildren

A photo of a playful grandfather and granddaughter. They are casually dressed and playing in the park. They exercise together. A grandfather is exercising while granddaughters are sitting on his back.
Oh those little darlings (Picture: Getty)

You hear the bell ring and, after greeting the sea of sticky faces and mucky hands, you enter the arena with the enthusiasm of a gladiator.

You are full of energy and you know you’ve got the next few hours planned to the last second with military precision.

12 places kids can eat for free in London this summer

It’s been a while since you saw your beautiful little darlings and… Read the full story

We tried Larry King’s curly hair remedy to see if you can resurrect dead curls

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Curly hair can be a total b***ch to look after.

People tell you not to brush it and you end up with one big dreadlock. Or they tell you only to condition and not to shampoo and you end up with hair that is some how both greasy and dry.

Good news Sunday: new study finds that nearly 70% of teenage girls identify as feminists

And then the curls start to fall out.

Random patches of hair become limp and flat so that amidst your dready curls are strange straight strands.

My own hair looks more like a matted sheepdog’s than… Read the full story

Good news Sunday: new study finds that nearly 70% of teenage girls identify as feminists

(Picture: Ella Byworth fro metro.co.uk)

We bring you good news on this sunny Sunday.

News that will make the cockles of your heart glow with satisfaction, and will temporarily disperse the despair you feel about many elements of 21st century life.

metro illustrationsWe tried Larry King's curly hair remedy to see if you can resurrect dead curls

Because a new study has found that almost 70% of teenage girls in the UK now identify as feminist.

Media agency UM London found that although only 46% of British women over all identify with the term, 69% of young women do.

They surveyed 2,000 Brits aged 13 and… Read the full story

New clothing brand wants to bring back the swastika as a fashion logo

(Picture: Teespring.com/ KA Design/ Facebook)

There are somethings that you just can’t do – even in the name of artistic freedom.

You can’t go around kicking dogs. You can’t abuse kids. And you can’t go around plastering symbols of racism and genocide on t-shirts.

metro illustrationsWe tried Larry King's curly hair remedy to see if you can resurrect dead curls

Which is why it’s baffling that one fashion brand has just been set up with mission of repurposing the swastika.

It’s unclear exactly where they’re based but KA Design wants to help people get back to the symbol’s Indian routes some 5,000 years ago.

So to… Read the full story

Systemic psychotherapy: What is it? And what is it like to do it?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)e

This blog is the last in a series about different psychological therapies.

Fortunately for me, this one has a happy ending.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: What is it? And what is it like to get DBT?

After my time in a therapeutic community, it was decided that I needed to have more intense treatment aimed solely at my eating disorder.

I was referred to a specialised unit and started attending day care. I attended the unit every day, and had support with a meal plan and had two therapy groups each day.

I found this really tough as the main… Read the full story

The mental health crisis team is invaluable and it needs more funding to make it work

metro illustrations
It can be a source of support for when people need it the most (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

I have been under the care of the mental health crisis team many times.

The purpose of the team is to help support people in the community who are experiencing a mental health crisis, and part of that is to prevent someone from needing to go into hospital.

My history of self-harm has left me with scars – but I see them as a mark of my survival

Being in a mental health crisis means that you’re finding it difficult to think rationally.

Quite often, I’ve been… Read the full story

Sometimes you’ll dread therapy


There will come a day, after months of waiting, desperate for some kind of help, that you won’t want to do therapy.

This might coincide with the time you decide to stop taking your meds, out of some mixture of not feeling that they’re working anymore, the return of your self-destructive impulses, and your self-reassurance that actually you’re fine.

metro illustrationsWe tried Larry King's curly hair remedy to see if you can resurrect dead curls

You will consider not showing up in your counsellor’s office or in the online waiting room.

You’ll try to come up with excuse beyond ‘I don’t have the energy’, ‘I just don’t want to’, and ‘I don’t want to be told that what I’m doing isn’t healthy, because right now I don’t want to be healthy.’

You’ll want to avoid your therapist for all kinds of reasons that you don’t entirely understand.

There will be days when you’re tired of admitting that you’re… Read the full story

What is SNS dip powder?

painted lady shoreditch nails new year's eve nail art ideas
(Picture: Instagram/shoreditchnails)

The relationship between you and your nail tech can be a very strong one.

I see my nail girls every two weeks or so, which is more than I even see any of my family.

Meet the woman with the world's biggest Barbie collection

So, when they suggested that I start getting SNS dip powder instead of my regular acrylic, I put my faith in them and let them do their thing.

The results are amazing, and I haven’t really shut up about the technique since I got it. So, I thought I’d enlighten you… Read the full story

Male make-up counters might be a reality in five years, says L’Oreal boss

(Picture: Getty)

The last couple of weeks have been a real boon for male makeup fans.

First, ASOS started selling makeup for men, stocking MMUK Man foundations, brushes, eyebrow fillers and ‘manscara’.

Sometimes you'll dread therapy

And now the UK boss of L’Oreal has come out saying that male makeup counters could be a reality within the next five-to-seven years.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Vismay Sharma says that makeup has become more accepted for men who are part of the ‘selfie generation’.

‘Today you have a very small proportion of men who want to use makeup products but that proportion is… Read the full story

How to get rid of an outbreak of blackheads, according to experts

Peel-off masks can actually make things worse (Picture: glamlifeguru/YouTube)

Unorthodox beauty tips that claim to clear your skin in bizarre ways are – surprise, surprise – not always a good idea.

Vloggers and influencers have come up with trendy DIY methods of removing blackheads, and their tips are sometimes seen by thousands of teenagers and young people.

What it's like to be one of the fastest men in the world, according to Colin Jackson

Tips include seemingly inventive ways of clearing your skin – for instance, using peel-off masks, using tweezers and even rubbing the acne with dental floss.

They are also not expert-approved – in… Read the full story

Fitness blogger illustrates how big a role posture plays in transformation photos

(Picture: laurenfitness/Instagram)

We’re all used to seeing those annoying transformation photos all over our Instagram feeds.

In a matter of months, people have transformed themselves from having a ‘normal’ body to looking like Wonder Woman – all while claiming that they’ve been eating the same but just been doing more weights.

Male make-up counters might be a reality in five years, says L'Oreal boss

It’s obviously nonsense and yet…it’s easy to get sucked in, to ignore the smoke and mirrors that play such a huge role in online #fitspo.

Which is why one fitness vlogger, Lauren Tickner, is calling out other influencers who… Read the full story

ATTENTION: Lush is definitely launching a bath bomb subscription in the UK

(Picture: Alice Sholl)

There are few things in life worth subscribing to.

Beauty boxes are great until they start sending you samples of hair oils you’d never use, all while burning quite a substantial hole in your bank balance.

ATTENTION: Lush is definitely launching a bath bomb subscription in the UK

Magazines are awesome until you fall behind and end up having to be cut out of your Vogue-infested house by a Channel 4 hoarders show.

But bath bombs? Lush bath bombs? Coming through your door every month? SIGN US UP.

That’s right, Lush has just announced that they will be bringing their bath bomb subscription to the… Read the full story

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