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How to know if it’s time to change or increase your mental health medication


Last week, I went to my GP and admitted I was struggling… again.

I’ve been on antidepressants since January – the lowest dose, 20mg of Fluoxetine a day – and at first, they felt like they were working.

But in the last few months, I’ve felt myself slipping back down.

Mum got kicked out of church for breastfeeding so she's now staging a 'nurse-in'

I never expected antidepressants to make me skip down the streets of London and greet every pigeon with a smile on the way, but I did have hopes that they’d lift me enough to feel motivated to do things I know will help me feel better.

I wanted by base level of mood to be lifted just enough so I could start exercising again. So I wouldn’t want to spend my entire weekend in bed. So I’d start making decent meals instead of buying McDonald’s on the way home then… Read the full story

There’s a reason crisp packets are so irritatingly loud to open

(Picture: metro.co.uk/Getty)

You’re in a quiet place. Maybe a meeting. Maybe the cinema.

You’re hungry, and the only thing you have is a packet of crisps.

Do you try to muffle the rustling of the packet under your chair? Do you move your hands oh so slowly on the packet, hoping it won’t make a sound? Or do you go for the ‘ripping it off like a plaster’ technique, open the packet swiftly, and deal with any fallout that ensues?

Meet Wellness Ted - the 'knowledge-free nutritionist' taking Instagram by storm

It’s a struggle.

In the irritating food stakes, crisps are pretty high up there. Even… Read the full story

There’s now a tattoo vending machine to help indecisive people get inked

tattoo vending machine
(Picture: Instagram/elmstreettattoo)

It’s no secret that getting tattoos can be a teensy bit addictive.

The adrenaline rush that comes after sitting through needly pain for an hour. The thrill of having a design you love permanently inked on your skin.

But when you’re horribly indecisive, diving into that rush can be tricky.

metro illustrationsHow to know if it's time to change or increase your mental health medication

You want something cool – but what? Do you want a tiger? A nice floral design? An inspiring quote on your foot?

Personally, my rule is that I have to want something for two years before… Read the full story

A third of women are having nightmares about their partners cheating on them, says study

(Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

What keeps you up at night?

Your housemates having sex? Worries about work tomorrow? The horrible looming dread that comes from not checking your bank account for a few months?

metro illustrationsHow to know if it's time to change or increase your mental health medication

According to a new survey of 1,000 people, for a lot of us, it’s cheating.

Well, thinking about cheating.

The survey, from Amerisleep, found that a third of women have had a nightmare about their partners cheating on them in the past year. Gotta love that relationship insecurity, amiright?

Don’t stress, though. Having… Read the full story

The vanilla ice cream shortage has hit the UK

(Picture: Getty)

We’ve been warning you all about a looming vanilla shortage for a while now.

But did you listen?

Did anyone listen?

Why we should all be working in pubs instead of the office

Nah, because we all just thought ‘meh, I don’t even like vanilla ice cream. I’ll just have chocolate instead.’

But now, the time has come. The vanilla shortage has caught up with us, and has officially started wreaking havoc in the UK.

The horror, oh the horror.

To recap, the shortage and increased prices of vanilla are down to poor harvests earlier this year in Madagascar, caused by the Enwao… Read the full story

How can work places be more menopause friendly?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The menopause is a bit of a grey area for many of us. A dim and distant future occurrence that makes you feel hot a lot. 

There's a reason crisp packets are so irritatingly loud to open

But when it happens, it happens, and it can make everything from sleeping to working incredibly difficult. And even if it doesn’t feel relevant to you personally, the chances are that it’s happen around you. The average age for a woman to go through the menopause is 51, but around 1 in 100 women in the UK will experience it before the… Read the full story

Man proves why you shouldn’t use flavoured water to iron your clothes

I hope that’s not Volvic Touch of Fruit in that iron (Picture: Getty)

Ironing was hit with a real curveball when ironing water first hit the laundry scene.

tattoo vending machineThere's now a tattoo vending machine to help indecisive people get inked

Not only did we have steam irons to really get at those creases, but we could now replace boring old tap water with deliciously scented de-ionised ironing water.

Suddenly, we were all smelling like ‘spring petals’, ‘fresh sky’ and ‘French linen’, wafting these fragrances everywhere we went.

Plus, our irons were limescale-free. It was a golden time.

But with every golden time, there comes… Read the full story

What is a cervical orgasm?

(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

Anyone who’s ever had their cervix scraped for a smear test will probably see their cervix as a less than erotic part of the body. 

But there’s more to a cervix than just dilation during childbirth and undignified medical procedures.

Man proves why you shouldn't use flavoured water to iron your clothes

The cervix can actually be a source of sexual pleasure. So much so that it’s actually possible to have a cervical orgasm.

Because we’re so good to you here at Metro.co.uk, and we think that great sex is a right rather than a privilege, we’ve looked into how you can go… Read the full story

These bath bombs are perfect if you like a soak that’s more scary than soothing

(Picture: Loquita Bath and Body)

Look, we can all appreciate the joy of a warm bath.

metro illustrationsWhat people with depression want their doctors to know about sex

But not all of us are the type who likes the flowery scents and glitter associated with standard bath products.

That doesn’t mean we should be barred from the joy of a fizzing bath bomb and pampering essential oils, right?

One independent seller is providing an alternative option.

Alongside nineties and Jurassic Park themed bath bombs, Loquita Bath and Body is now selling a glorious range of bath bombs inspired by scary movies – perfect for anyone who… Read the full story

Study shows that women prefer the scent of men who eat lots of vegetables

She’s waiting patiently for his watermelon-scented sweat to appear (Picture Getty)

We all know we should be eating more fruit and vegetables.

metro illustrationsThe problem with weight training

When the news came that we should actually be aiming for 10 portions, not five, we were shook.

And the world felt like we needed an incentive to ingest more goodness, coming up with ideas like…giving fruit and veg seductive names to lure us closer to the salad crisper. Ooh la la.

But now, there’s another reason to eat more fruit and veg – if you’re a man who’s attracted to women, anyway, because… Read the full story

36 quotes, wishes, messages, greetings and poems to write in a wedding card

What to write in a wedding card? (Picture: Getty Images)

Knowing what to write in a wedding card can be trickier than you might think.

84% of brides use social media on their wedding day

Okay, so you’re overjoyed that your friend or family member is getting hitched but how to put that into words?

Sometimes a thought-provoking quote, message or poem can work perfectly – giving them a little encouragement while also adding a celebratory touch.

Here are 36 quotes, messages, wishes, greetings and poems that might fit nicely in a wedding card.

11 quotes about marriage to write in a wedding card

Read the full story

‘Like having the top layer of your emotional skin taken off’: We talk Borderline Personality Disorder on our mental health podcast, Mentally Yours


‘The best way I can explain it is like having the top layer of your emotional skin taken off.

‘So something that for you might be a little bit frustrating, for me feels like the end of the world,’ Beth Allan tells us.

Beth chats about living with Borderline Personality Disorder on the latest episode of Metro.co.uk’s mental health podcast, Mentally Yours.

She says that, despite the name, for her BPD is more about moods than personality.

‘It’s just all the feelings, all the time, everything.

‘I do feel like people with BPD sometimes struggle with anger issues a bit more than other people but I think that’s because you don’t just like something, you love it, you’re passionate about it.

‘So say something that you are quite interested in – that’s my life. I’m so passionate, so that’s why people get more angry I think,’ Beth said.

She added: ‘I think one of the biggest things with BPD… Read the full story

Why we should all be working in pubs instead of the office

(Picture: Shutterstock/Getty)

There are few finer things in life than the rare days where you work from home.

metro illustrationsHow to know if it's time to change or increase your mental health medication

You don’t have to get dressed, or even shower. You can turn the TV on, take as many lunches as you like, and sort out your laundry all while staying on top of you career.

With mass disruption across the Greater London rail network this August, and railway improvements causing chaos at Waterloo station, thousands of commuters will be unable to get to work.

But most workers say they don’t have… Read the full story

Dog who was dumped over a fence and left to die has been nursed back to health thanks to a crowdfunding page that raised £8,000 in a week

(Picture: GoFundMe)

When Wanda was found abandoned in a garden, the dog was close to death.

She had an extremely high temperature, an ear infection, pus-filled eyes, and a severe case of mange (a skin disease caused by parasitic mites).

Man proves why you shouldn't use flavoured water to iron your clothes

Wanda had been thrown over a fence and left to die. If she hadn’t have been found in time, she would have died alone, scared, and in pain, shortly after she had given birth to puppies.

But Wanda was lucky.

She was found and handed over to Ravenswood Pet Rescue, who quickly took her… Read the full story

Vaping 101: Why do I get a burnt taste from my e cig? When and how to change your coil

(Picture: Getty)

So you’ve just got your new vape and you’ve been happily puffing away, blowing out massive clouds of vapour and generally loving life.

However, you soon start to notice that the clouds are becoming less impressive, there’s a weird gurgling noise when you take a puff – and your custard-flavoured e-liquid is starting to taste…well, burnt.

Vaping 101: Common mistakes vapers make and how to avoid them

There’s a reason behind this – you need to change the coil. Yes, your e cig requires regular maintenance, and one of them is seeing to the internal mechanics when a wire coil… Read the full story

Bespoke cock ring, anyone?

Were not quite suer what to say about this picture. Picture: Esculpta)

Men’s jewelers Esculpta have launched a new range cock ring add-ons, so you can make your penis look and feel extra special.

Why we should all be working in pubs instead of the office

The designers claim to ‘extend’ the functionality of their standard cock rings, and offer personalized sensations.

Apparently Esculpta have made it their mission to change up the reputation of cock rings. Moving away from the ‘one size fits all’ cock ring, the brand are now proud to have announced a range of cock ring add-ons.

So you buy one… Read the full story

Man celebrates his first bath in 20 years after losing an incredible 14 stone

(Picture: Fortitude Press)

Let’s take a moment to congratulate 37-year-old Charles Plask – who gave himself a goal, stuck to it, and lost an incredible amount of weight in a healthy way.

Charles has celebrated his accomplishment by taking a bath. That’s his first bath in 20 years, as he’d previously struggled to fit in his tub, so it’s more of a joy than it might sound.

Abandoned dog Wanda has been nursed back to health thanks to £8,000 of donations

At 33 stones and 7.5lbs, and with a BMI almost three times over what it should be, Charles wasn’t happy.

He’d been offered weight loss… Read the full story

Seething anger and hatred can actually make you happy, says study

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Don’t stress, you grumpy, rage-filled mess. You can still be happy, even with anger coursing through your veins.

A new study suggests that the key to happiness is being able to feel the emotions you want, even if those emotions aren’t particularly pleasant.

Why we should all be working in pubs instead of the office

It’s holding our feelings back that makes us miserable – not the bad feelings themselves.

A recent study analysed 2,300 university students from the U.S., Brazil, China, Germany, Israel, Ghana, Poland, and Singapore, asking them what emotions they desired and felt, as well as how… Read the full story

Afternoon Tea Week: 11 of London’s quirkiest afternoon teas

A fancy Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea isn’t the only option (Picture: Getty)

It’s Afternoon Tea Week, in which we celebrate the notoriously hangry Anna, Seventh Duchess of Bedford, who many years ago decided she simply COULD NOT deal with the long, long stretch of day between lunch and dinner.

Hen dos: 8 afternoon teas in London that are perfect for every kind of bride-to-be

In a moment of genius, she instructed her lackeys to bring her sandwiches and scones around about 4pm, and thus afternoon tea was born.

But what if scones just aren’t your jam?

Fortunately, there are plenty of… Read the full story

15 types of awful people we encounter at work

Are you one of these terrible people? (Picture: Deirdre Spain/ Metro)

Not everyone in the world of work is fun and interesting, in fact you are bound to meet some absolutely awful people.

Let's be honest, afternoon tea is trash

Your job is pretty cool, so naturally you thought that everyone in the office would be nice as well, oh how wrong you were.

In reality, every single work environment is filled with some truly terrible folks.

From those who constantly gossip, to those who cannot but help stink out the tiny communal kitchen with their leftovers from the night before, and that one sneaky individual… Read the full story

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