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How do we stop our Whatsapp blue tick obsession?

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Ban WhatsApp blue ticks.

You heard me. Get them out of our faces.

There is absolutely no benefit in knowing when someone has read your message, and the potential gulf of time it will take for them to reply.

You can now buy marshmallows injected with gin and Prosecco

A simple ‘delivered’ notification will do. Even the grey ticks managed to convey that. But there is absolutely no pleasurable rhyme or reasoning in having an anxiety dine-out on whether someone enjoyed your monologue, and whether they thought it worthy enough to warrant a reply.

It’s almost like the notification system encourages you to check your… Read the full story

How to boss moving to a new city as an adult

(Picture: Getty)

Moving city as a young adult can be terrible. There, someone said it.

How to boss moving to a new city as an adult

Changing location and feeling at home in a new city takes time, friends, and a great deal of logistical expertise.

Tackling all of that at once can just be a little bit rubbish.

So what do you do when you have to take the plunge, with no-one around you for support and only the glistening hope of new friends on the horizon?

We spoke to a legion of experts about bossing the move and how to help you on that journey of getting settled.

Finding… Read the full story

Here’s what someone approaching her 30s would like people in their 20s to know

Me at 28 (Picture: Funmi Olutoye)

How on earth did I get here? The last full year of being a 20-something.

I’m finding that I’m desperately scouring the internet for any schemes or initiatives that include the phrase ‘age 18-30’ that I can take advantage of before I clock the big three-oh.

metro illustrationsNobody should use the N-word – not even black people

I look back to my late teens with amusement now.

I actually said to myself that by 26 I would be married, 27/28 I’d have my first child, and then 30 my second child.

Oh yeah, don’t… Read the full story

Please don’t tell my child off – that’s my job and my job only

I’ll do the parenting, thank you (Picture: Kate Starkey)

All little angels have off days and my kids are no exception.

Kids have super powers that mean they can sense when you really, really want/need them to behave, and of course on those days you can guarantee their behaviour will be appalling.

couple child8 reasons why it’s normal to have the libido of a slug when you have small children

That’s just the way the mothering cookie crumbles.

Good friends of course will sympathise and know when to subtly excuse themselves from the room so you can give your… Read the full story

13 reasons why a day spent binge watching is the best thing ever

Classic binge watching scenario (Picture: Andrea Reyes/ Giphy)

When it comes to a TV boxset or movie collection, why bother watching it in measured amounts when you could instead watch it all in one go?

How do we stop our Whatsapp blue tick obsession?

Thanks to technology it is now easier than ever to spend a whole day lounging around, watching several episodes of your new favourite obsession, and only moving when you need to use the loo.

These precious days known as binge watching days and they are just truly magical, because there is no better way to relax, eat a lot of snacks and… Read the full story

Billabong ran these two surf adverts and people got angry

(Picture: Billabong)

Billabong actually had the nerve to run these two adverts side by side.

One depicts a die-hard surfer in an impressive leap over a gigantic wave – the other shows a set of legs bronzing on the sand.

Serena Williams praises Andy Murray for challenging casual sexism at Wimbledon

Sadly, the die-hard surfer wasn’t advertising the surf brand’s female range. And yes, it was the legs.

Understandably this has got a lot of people rather hot under the collar with thousands taking to social media to express their anger.

The problem? Well, it would appear that Billabong seems to think that women who surf only… Read the full story

Are you addicted to social media? Answer these questions to find out

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When it comes to social media are you obsessed with your timeline, or do you hardly ever check it?

How do we stop our Whatsapp blue tick obsession?

Social media is a great way to meet new people, keep in touch with old friends and document a carefully filtered version of your life, but are you obsessed?

Do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through for hours? Do you check it as soon as you wake up? Do you find yourself checking in everywhere you go?

Take our quiz and discover just how addicted to social media you really are.

Read the full story

Are you using turmeric all wrong? And is it any good for you anyway?

It’s seen as having many beneficial properties (Picture: Getty)

Have you jumped on the turmeric latte train? Or maybe you call it golden milk, or even golden mylk (the ‘y’ being a virtue signal for a nut, seed or grain-based milk substitute). 

This very Instagram-friendly drink, drunk in various forms for thousands of years on the Indian subcontinent, is on our supermarket shelves, on cafe menus and even in our kitchen. Many of us are drinking it for its supposed restorative and health-promoting properties.

How to live forever*, according to a Japanese longevity chef

But are we drinking it right? And, is it doing us any good?

Turmeric shows… Read the full story

10 types of wedding guests that are the absolute worst

Avoid the recently single person ranting about the evils of love and marriage (Picture: Deirdre Spain)

It’s meant to be the happiest day of your life, but there will definitely be some wayward guests intent on ruining it for you.

How do we stop our Whatsapp blue tick obsession?

Although weddings are meant to be all about love, they ultimately turn into drunken gatherings, filled with cake, emotions and a wide range of personalities that don’t always get on well together.

Now the majority of these guests are respectful, calm and behave in a manner that is fitting of the wedding, but then of course… Read the full story

13 weird things only Brits have for dessert


It’s not really a get together until someone brings out the trifle (Picture: Getty)

Us Brits have some very peculiar ways of enjoying food, and this is apparent when it comes to dessert choices.

How do we stop our Whatsapp blue tick obsession?

After every meal we decide to indulge ourselves in the likes of trifle, rice pudding or quite simply a big dollop of custard.

School dinners weren’t complete without a hearty serving of jam roly poly and if your childhood birthday party didn’t end with jelly and ice cream, well then it was a total failure.

Here are some desserts that only us Brits… Read the full story

4 things we really need to stop saying (and believing) about depression and sex

metro illustrations
It’s time to change your mind (Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

I always say that sex and depression is the intersection of two taboo topics.

It’s especially hard to talk about the two together because, frankly, it can be hard to talk about either topic separately.

Meds causing sexual side effects? These products could help

Today, we’re going to look at some commonly held (and oft-repeated) beliefs that really need to be retired in the name of destroying the stigma around these important topics.

Also, they are just not true.

Depression is hard enough to cope with on its own. Don’t make it worse by piling… Read the full story

What it’s really like to be a patient in a mental health unit

hat it's really like to be a patient at a psychiatric hospital
It was like being in limbo (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been a patient in a psychiatric ward of a hospital.

That got your attention, didn’t it.

Why is no one talking about post-graduate depression?

You have probably sat next to me on the train, smiled at me as I stood behind you in the line for your morning coffee.

You may even have worked out next to me at the gym, or swiped right on my dating profile.

I walk among you as do others but… Read the full story

Full English breakfast items ranked from worst to best

What a beautiful sight (Picture: Metro)

We all love a nice fry up, but not all full English breakfast items are equal when it comes to where they rank on the essential tastiness scale.

metro illustrationsHow much sex people in your age group are having

There are of course some items that make the breakfast famous, but there are also some items that if they disappeared from the plate, no one would really miss. Looking at you in particular black pudding.

Here is a definitive ranking of the range of items found in the famous full English brekkie, ranked from absolutely disgusting, to what… Read the full story

Now that I’ve finished my course of therapy, I’m scared of what happens next


Is it supposed to feel this anticlimactic?

I spent months waiting for therapy on the NHS, went for online therapy to speed up the process, then finally, finally managed to get my first appointment – which happened on a laptop, upstairs in a villa in Spain, while everyone drank and had fun downstairs, because I was told that if I couldn’t take that appointment, I’d get therapy snatched out of my hands forever.

Billabong ran these two surf adverts and people got angry

That first session didn’t go to plan. The wifi was so terrible that I only spoke to my therapist for seven minutes – just enough time to explain how therapy works and have a brief check that I wasn’t going to off myself – before my poor laptop gave up entirely.

Ten weeks later, I’m done.

That’s 10 sessions of 50 minutes. That’s just over eight hours in total.

Apparently,… Read the full story

What it’s like to go to A&E when you’re having a mental health crisis

Metro Illustration
A&E can often be the worst places to be during a mental health crisis (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

When your mental or emotional well-being rapidly worsens, this is often called a ‘mental health crisis’. And if you find yourself in the situation, it may be important to get medical help quickly.

There are some options provided by the NHS – this ranges from emergency GP appointments to calling 999.

The mental health crisis team is invaluable and it needs more funding to make it work

The NHS says ‘a mental health emergency should be taken as seriously as a medical… Read the full story

Rainbow unicorn Minnie Mouse ears are here, just in case you need some more magic

(Picture: Instagram/lizzyzboutique)

Alright, so you’re at Disneyland, having a grand old time, when it hits you: These plain old Minnie Mouse ears just aren’t glorious enough.

Now that I've finished my course of therapy, I'm scared of what happens next

Rose gold ones don’t do the trick. You need more.

Enter rainbow unicorn Minnie Mouse ears.

Yes, these exist, and yes, they are just as sparkly and wonderful as their name would suggest.

They’re not official Disney merch, to be clear, and you won’t find them on the grounds of Disneyland.

Instead, they’re only available through LizzyZBoutique on Etsy. That’s an online store… Read the full story

Brand makes plus-size scrubs for doctors and nurses

plus size nurse scrubs
(Picture: Jaanuubydrneela)

Imagine if you had to wear a uniform for work, but you simply couldn’t get one in your size.

Frustrating, right?

metro illustrationsHow much sex people in your age group are having

That’s what loads of plus-size nurses and doctors have to deal with when it comes to getting scrubs.

Scrubs are rarely available in larger sizes, and when they are, nurses and doctors often have to pay more to access them.

They don’t tend to be flattering or comfortable, and they’re definitely not designed to make the wearer feel good.

One brand is trying to change that.

Jaanuu is a medical clothing… Read the full story

This man built an entire bedroom under the stairs for his dog

Sleep tight, little pupper (Picture: @AI_Chris16/Twitter)

If you think you treat your beloved hound like a king/kween, then think again, pal.

Billabong ran these two surf adverts and people got angry

A fluffy bed, premium dog food and twice-daily walks don’t mean sh*t if you haven’t built your pooch its very own canine-sized bedroom in your home.

Isn’t that right, Al from California?

Yes, Al’s brother went to great lengths to build his furry bezzie its very own room under the stairs, and his bro was – understandably – quite keen to share it with the world.

You can now jazz up your bathtime with Game of Thrones themed bath bombs

(Picture: Soaprise Me)

The best way to watch Game of Thrones?

plus size nurse scrubsBrand makes plus-size scrubs for doctors and nurses

A glass of wine you can sip in a dark room, with something to snuggle when seeing your favourite character killed off gets a bit much, emotionally.

Second best option? In the bath.

Think about it. What could be more soothing than luxuriating in a tub while you watch attractive people fight and f***?

Helping you along on this bubbly mission to snoozetown is Soaprise Me, a bath bomb and soap brand that’s come out with a range of Game of… Read the full story

What not to say to someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

metro illustration
Those with BPD may experience severe mood swings (Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) at 21, but I’ve been known as a ‘drama queen’ for as long as I’ve been big enough to throw a proper tantrum.

There was one birthday with my ex boyfriend that ended in a blazing row in the middle of Oxford Street, and more recently, my boss watched me have a full-scale melt-down about not being able to find the right key to the office in the morning.

Things you only know if you have Borderline Personality Disorder

Maybe I’ve quite… Read the full story

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