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35 dog-friendly hotels around the UK to take your four-legged pal

Dog hotels
Those dogs have never had it so good (Picture: Various)

When it comes to holidays, dogs around the UK have never had it so good.

There are hotels, inns, guest houses and more rolling out the red (and other coloured) carpets for pampered pooches travelling with their owners.

16 signs you love your dog more than your friends (and maybe family?)

Many allow four-legged friends to stay with their owners for free, while others charge a small fee.

But with comfy dog beds, fluffy towels and gourmet dog menus on offer, our canine friends are certainly not complaining.

So dog lovers, if you’re planning to take… Read the full story

Women’s Equality Day 2017: What is it and why is it important?

Today is about celebrating equality (Picture: Getty)

Each year 26th August marks Women’s Equality Day in the USA and it is a celebration of women being granted the right to vote.

Everything you need to see from the World Air Guitar championships

Today events are taking place to commemorate the 47th Women’s Equality Day, which marked a key achievement of the women’s suffragette movement in America.

Although the right to vote was granted in 1920, it wasn’t until 1971 that 26th August was officially declared as a day of women’s suffrage.

Here is an explainer outlining the history of this day, why it is important and how it is… Read the full story

Lush has released a new bath bomb and customers are going crazy for it

(Picture: Instagram/lushkitchen)

There’s not much we don’t love about Lush.

How cyberloafing is wrecking your career

The fact their products are completely cruelty free, that they’re handmade to the point each person behind each product actually has their name stamped on them like a badge of honour – and that you can’t walk past a store without getting a glorious whiff of what’s inside.

Their bath bombs are beautiful, they smell wonderful and they’re the key to giving us only the most luxurious of baths.

And now, the store has released a bath bomb that’s almost too cute to use.

Staff have been working hard in the… Read the full story

Aloe App is a new self-care app that will totally change your life

Aloe App will remind you to do the little things in life that make you feel better (Picture: Aloe App)

Life really is all about the little things.

Just think about all those tiny occurrences in your day that have put a big smile on your face, whether it’s your favourite song coming up on shuffle, a stranger complimenting your hair or running for a bus and actually making it.

Nude blogger fires back at Instagram after they finally reactivate her account

Aloe App is all about reminding you to do little things that make a big difference to your wellbeing – like drinking… Read the full story

Nude blogger fires back at Instagram after they reactivate her account

(Picture: Instagram/thenudeblogger)

Jessa O’Brien won’t take censorship of her body lying down.

She will do it naked, though.

Aloe App is a new self-care app that will totally change your life

Jessa is the creator of The Nude Blogger, an Instagram account that celebrates body positivity and the naked form, free of shame, self-criticism, or judgement.

The account has racked up more than 47,000 followers, all eager to back the idea that the naked body is worth celebrating.

On 1 August, The Nude Blogger Instagram was, Jessa claims, deactivated without any warning.

‘Yep, this happened last night…abruptly and without any warning or notice whatsoever,’ she wrote on Read the full story

The glitter tongue trend probably isn’t a good idea

(Picture: Laurengottmakeup)

In truly shocking news, today’s ‘yeah, don’t do that’ advice has nothing to do with vaginas.

***FEE FOR REUSE*** Metro IllustrationsDisliking another woman doesn't make you a bad feminist

Nope. Today we are not advising you not to put glitter, wasp’s nests, or balls of herbs in your vagina.*

*But seriously don’t do any of those things.

Today, we’re advising you against the glitter tongue trend.

Yup. The hot new trend is dunking your tongue in glitter and letting it sparkle. PopSugar reports that one makeup artist, Jacinta Vukovic stumbled upon the ~look~… Read the full story

Disliking another woman doesn’t make you a bad feminist

(Picture: Ella Byworth for metro.co.uk)

You get asked quite a few dumb questions when you’re a feminist.

‘Who pays for dinner on dates?’

‘Why do you wear makeup or revealing clothes?’

‘Do you hate men?’

9 reasons your partner isn't initiating sex

Answer to all of the above: Eye roll. I’m pretty sure Simone De Beauvoir wasn’t too pre-occupied over who picks up the bill when there’s a glass ceiling to smash (although that’s not to say smaller issues don’t deserve questioning and thought).

One of the most infuriating ones, though, is when people expect you to be BFFs with every single woman ever, simply because they’re a… Read the full story

How to recognise the signs of alcoholism in young people

(Picture: Pexels)

This week, American model Chrissy Teigen revealed in a candid interview why she’s cutting down on her drinking.

She told the magazine that she ‘can’t have just one drink’ and that she had to ‘fix’ herself.

Please enjoy this delightful dudeoir calendar

It might be easy to dismiss her issues, thinking that they don’t count because she’s in Hollywood, with an endless list of parties and unlimited supply of champagne.

But ONS statistics show that over half of 16-to-24-year-olds are exceeding their advised alcohol intake at least once a week, with 11% admitting to drinking over 12 units in a night.

We think… Read the full story

How to keep the children entertained on a budget for the last of the summer holidays

Little boys with their toy ship near a lake in spring
Don’t break the piggy bank (Picture: Getty)

It’s almost the end of August.

Hopefully you’ve had a great summer with the family; maybe you were lucky enough to even get away for a bit.

10 ways to feed your family on a tiny budget

Now, with only days of summer left, you’re probably hitting that time of year where the best adventures have been had, plans have run out, and wallets are depleted.

To keep the fun going right up until back-to-school day, here are eight free, or under-a-tenner ideas to pack every last bit of fun into the… Read the full story

10 reasons all southerners should visit the north of England

If you don’t go up north, you’ll miss these treasures (Picture: Getty/Rex)

It’s easy for southerners to get stuck in a London-centric bubble and it’s easy to understand why.

10 things southerners won’t understand about the north

London, like other southern locations, has a lot to celebrate, but that’s no excuse for the north of England sometimes being seen as ‘second best’ by those who hail from down south.

Due to the overwhelming amount of attributes the north has to offer, including our beautiful landscape, thriving cities and creative influence, it’s a great shame that this region would be ignored by anyone – especially those… Read the full story

Cafe introduces ‘Guy Tea’ for men whose masculinity is too fragile for macarons

(Picture: The Stables of Como)

Afternoon tea is a bloody delight, no matter what my scone-hating, deeply incorrect coworker says.

The glitter tongue trend probably isn't a good idea

A fancy, in-between meals treat. An excuse to pretend to hold tiny macarons and pretend your posh. The perfect food opportunity for casual dates or hanging out with your nan.

The combination of tiny sandwiches, hot tea, cakes, and scones is brilliant. and I won’t hear anything to the contrary.

But please, spare a thought for the men.

While some men are comfortable getting their clotted cream and teacups on, there are some men whose… Read the full story

Please enjoy this delightful dudeoir calendar


Hey, remember that photoshoot that awakened the lumbersexuality tucked deep inside your soul?

That was the creation of Chad Castigliano of Chronicker Photography, who’s pretty much become to go-to guy for dudeoir photoshoots.

All the bra alternatives you'll need for Notting Hill Carnival

Dudeoir, FYI, is a take on traditional sexy boudoir photoshoots, but with dudes. Get it? Dudeoir.

This time around Chad has created a full-on dudeoir calendar, called the Whimsical Woodsman & Friends calendar.

It’s inspired by that lumbersexual shoot, and features photos of bearded models of Tim alongise other men posing up a storm.

The resulting calendar is raising… Read the full story

Everything you need to see from the World Air Guitar championships


Air guitar is about so much more than windmilling your arm.

9 reasons your partner isn't initiating sex

It’s about your passion. Your drive. Getting shirtless and making faces that express physical exertion.

It’s ridiculous, but that’s kind of the point. Air guitar is done at home, in private, so you can pretend you’re a rock star.

Or, if you’re really into air guitar, it’s done on stage, in front of hundreds of people, at the Air Guitar World Championship.

Yesterday saw the 22nd (yep, there have been 22 of these) Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu, Finland.

The finals saw 16 contestants from countries… Read the full story

All the bra alternatives you’ll need for Notting Hill Carnival

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Most of London (and plenty of people outside the city) will be descending on Notting Hill Carnival over the next couple of days.

It looks set to be a celebration of diversity, colour, and good times. For many people, though, the crowning glory is the outfits worn by carnival-goers.

Please enjoy this delightful dudeoir calendar

Those in the parade will be donning sequins, feathers, jewels, and every colour of the rainbow. But, even us revellers will be just as keen to get our glad rags on and look the part.

The festival clothes in shops right now are amazing, with every… Read the full story

Who needs a trendy swan pool float when you can have a ridiculous inflatable swan-thing?

ridiculousw swan thing
(Picture: Third Drawer Down)

In case you’ve missed it, pool floats are the big trend of the summer.

ridiculousw swan thingWho needs a trendy swan pool float when you can have a ridiculous inflatable swan-thing?

Blame Taylor Swift and her inflatable swan, Kim Kardashian’s kimoji floats, or the brands coming out with every possible iteration of ‘thing to float on’, from avocado to mermaid tails.

But the swan remains the biggie. If you want a sweet pool pic for the ‘Gram, you’ll want to be casually sitting atop a swan.

If you’re not quite… Read the full story

10 brides share the happiest moments of their wedding day

(Picture: Getty)

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life.

***FEE FOR REUSE*** Metro IllustrationsDisliking another woman doesn't make you a bad feminist

Despite all the planning, stress and disagreements over centrepieces there are still some really heart warming moments that happen during the big day.

Whether that is seeing each other for the first time, the first dance to soppy long song, or even just realising you are now married, there are plenty of moments that people look back on fondly.

Some brides have opened up about their happiness highlights.

1. The special photographs

By @llavelle88

I had a destination wedding in Santorini, Greece.

My… Read the full story

How cyberloafing is wrecking your career

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Reading this at your desk, one tab on ASOS, one on RightMove, and one forgotten tab that’s actually relevant to your work?

Easily done. We get it.

9 reasons your partner isn't initiating sex

When you’re sitting at a computer with access to all the wonderful things the internet has to offer, it’s tough to resist the lure of opening multiple tabs and sneakily doing some stuff unrelated to your day job during working hours.

That act – using your working day to aimlessly browse the internet and do all other not-essential-for-work based things – is called cyberloafing, and it could… Read the full story

Bridal hair inspiration for the bride with gorgeous Afro-Caribbean hair

These hairstyles will give you some serious hair envy (Picture: Giphy)

Let’s face it. Wedding planning can come with a ton of stress, even for the non-Bridezilla. From little nuggets of details like what colour table mats you’re going to have, to bigger things like wedding venues and guest numbers.

11 surprising challenges of booking a wedding venue

And of course, for many a bride (and groom), looking the part is well up there on the things to nail list, because who doesn’t want to slay all day at their wedding? It’s your one day to milk all the attention from friends and family and… Read the full story

9 reasons your partner isn’t initiating sex

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When you’re in a longterm relationship, it’s incredibly important to feel desired.

You want to know your partner thinks you’re hot. You’d quite like it if they constantly wanted to rip your clothes off.

DrinkingHow to recognise the signs of alcoholism in young people

You know they love you and all that important stuff, but there’s a special confidence boost that comes with your partner being really, really keen to get naked.

And so there are few things that can put a dent in your confidence quite like your partner not initiating sex.

As months go by and it feels like it’s always,… Read the full story

Unsurprisingly, abstinence sex ed doesn’t work

Why sex ed needs to focus on sexual pleasure
(Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

Different generations have different memories of sex ed. I remember watching a video of some cartoon ovaries dancing across a screen, whereas my mum who went to school in a convent was simply told ‘sex is a sin, and don’t do it’.

One thing that bridges the age gap, though, is that regardless of what you’re told, you want to know more.

Why sex ed needs to focus on sexual pleasureUnsurprisingly, abstinence sex ed doesn't work

When you’re a teenager, sex is the most interesting thing in the world. Who’s done… Read the full story

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