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This new dating app doesn’t show you your match’s face straight away

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

With Tinder now ruling the dating app roost, we’ve grown accustomed to a face-first style of dating.

This new dating app doesn't show you your match's face straight away

Quickfire swiping often becomes the name of the game, as snap decision after snap decision often falls down to your potential future soulmate’s profile pic of choice.

One new dating app is hoping to change all that though, by simply not showing you the profile pic of your potential matches.

Taffy users will see their matches as a blurred photo at first, with a one-liner headline superimposed over the top.

‘Looking for a… Read the full story

You can now enjoy the bubbliest of baths with this prosecco bathing gel

(Picture: PrezzyBox)

If you’ve ever wanted to immerse yourself in a prosecco-filled tub, now’s your chance – because prosecco bubble bath is here, and it looks super fancy. 

There's now a calendar that's dedicated to celebrating plus-size women

Online gift company Prezzybox has launched a range of bathing products all inspired by our favourite booze.

They’re selling bubble bath that smells just like vodka and coke, and there’s also a G&T for anyone a little more sophisticated (we all know a G&T is a pretty fancy drink).

But classiest of all is the prosecco bubble bath – and we can’t think of anything better than laying… Read the full story

A woman who’s made £50,000 from selling her period pads and toenail clippings is urging others to do the same

(Picture: Caters News)

Keen for a way to get some extra cash?

If you can’t be bothered ebay-ing all your old clothes and your mum’s teapots, there is another route you could go down.

Learn from Yasmin Night (that’s not her real name, just the one she uses on the internet), who’s made more than £50,000 from selling her used underwear, hair, and toenail clippings to men who get turned on by being exploited.

Woman hasn't urinated in three years after being diagnosed with rare condition

Sweet deal, no?

Having used her methods to get out of debt and earn a bunch of extra money in the… Read the full story

11 things no one admits about being a dad

(Picture: Getty)

Being a dad. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Actually, it totally is – and then some. But parenthood was never supposed to be easy, was it?

And there are times when you’re so fired up with putting on a positive, social media-tinged front you’re reluctant to admit the inconvenient truths – the little things about your kids, and the act of raising them, that drive you bonkers.

(And just for the record, gents: the more of these you deny, the more we know they’re true.)

MORE: Dad creates hilariously relatable parenting scenarios out of Lego

1. You’re far more competitive than you’re willing to let on

Not necessarily with the kids, although… Read the full story

Why is yawning contagious?

A novice monk yawns as he attends teachings by Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama (Picture: Reuters/Anuwar Hazarika)

Did you yawn when you read that?

Yawn is an involuntary reflex to having less oxygen in our body than we require.

If you are bored or tired your breathing will slow down which will cause you to take in less oxygen and so your body will trigger a yawn to help breathe in more.

It has also been suggested that yawn is a way of cooling your brain, to avoid the brain overheating.

In short, more people yawn in summer than in winter.

It is a way of increasing your heart rate blood flow and the use… Read the full story

Your hair extensions might be goat hair, or they might be the product of abuse

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We totally get the attraction of extensions. 

Not everyone can have long, full, glossy hair. A lot of us can only manage a ponytail the length and width of a generous prawn, which can be a bit depressing.

We want to marry the guy who fed his girlfriend chicken nuggets while she got a manicure

Hence the attraction of clip-in stennies. They give the illusion of Serena van der Woodsen hair, without having to spend hours in the salon for those of us who aren’t folically blessed.

What’s not to love?

Quite a lot, actually.

How many of us have ever stopped… Read the full story

Is using a weird face sculpting mask contraption worth the faff?

Death, take me. (Picture: Ellen Scott/Metro.co.uk)

In this week’s Is It Worth The Faff (which I’m considering renaming ‘we do stupid stuff to our faces for content’), I’m buying into the unfair definitions of beauty that declare you can only be attractive if you are permanently frozen at age 20. FUN.

Lush is discontinuing some of your favourite products

Not satisfied with making us buy endless serums and La Mer in an attempt to stop our skin from sagging a millimetre, the beauty industry has also come up with all kinds of delightful anti-ageing gadgets that you can use on your… Read the full story

What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

A known curator of the game Philipp Budeikin has been arrested (Picture: East2West News)

The sinister internet game The Blue Whale Challenge emerged in 2013 and is believed to be linked to the deaths of around 130 young people.

Can you be vegan and eat your placenta?

The Blue Whale Challenge is a game that exists online and sees curators of the game seeking out impressionable teens through social media before subjecting them to a 50-day challenge.

At the end of the challenge, the person is ‘challenged’ to commit suicide.

The person subjected to the challenge must complete each of the disturbing tasks that help the… Read the full story

Genius girl made a fake penis out of socks and defined friendship goals

(Picture: Twitter/@bethbxxxx)

When 19-year-old Beth Baston was accidentally sent a photo of the boy she was seeing in bed with another girl, she understandably felt pretty hurt.

Woman hasn't urinated in three years after being diagnosed with rare condition

The photo had been sent via Snapchat by the boy’s friend who had quite clearly forgotten that he had Beth on there as a contact.

As their relationship was fairly new, Beth didn’t stay upset for too long – and once she’d come around, she decided to take her revenge with the help of her friend Alicia Carley.

Beth decided that in order to get back at… Read the full story

We want to marry the guy who fed his girlfriend chicken nuggets while she got a manicure

(Picture: @leaadame)

One doting boyfriend has exceeded the expectations of #RelationshipGoals after he was pictured feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets while she was getting a manicure. 

There's £100 up for grabs if you can beat this McDonald's Big Mac challenge

When 19-year-old Lea Adame, from Orange County in California, was treating herself to getting her nails done at a local salon, she spotted a couple sitting just in front of her.

A boyfriend was sat next to his girlfriend as she had her nails treated, and instead of keeping himself busy with social media or reading a magazine, he decided to make sure his girlfriend… Read the full story

There’s £100 up for grabs if you can beat this McDonald’s Big Mac challenge

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

There’s a McDonald’s Big Mac challenge that could see one lucky burger-fanatic winning £100.

All they have to do is fill themselves up on a meal big enough to feed a family of four – which seems pretty impossible.

metro illustrationsYour hair extensions might be goat hair, or they might be the product of abuse

The challenge, which is in no way actually affiliated with McDonald’s, was created by a bunch of Facebook users who decided it’d be fun to challenge only the most dedicated of McDonald’s customers.

Their goal, according to their Facebook page, is to ‘find the person that can… Read the full story

Why do cats ‘have nine lives’? What we know behind the myth

Do cats really have nine lives? (Picture: Getty Images)

Do cats really have nine lives? If so, why do they have exactly nine lives? And where does this come from?

Cats are one of the nation’s favourite pets with more than seven million cats residing in homes across the UK.

Before your mind starts to do jumping jacks, let us be real here: we (and science) can say without a doubt that cats have but one life to live, just like the rest of us.

The popular belief is just a myth that has been around for hundreds of years.

Why do we say cats have nine lives?

Nobody really knows why… Read the full story

10 gluten-free restaurants in Birmingham you need to try

Spoiled for choice in Birmingham (Picture: Getty/Instagram)

Gluten-free restaurants are popping up everywhere.

10 hospital moments only IBD patients will understand

While we used to only be able to get our gluten-free fix in the capital, many of the UK’s cities are giving London a run for their money.

As a gluten-free Brummie, I am loving all the new ‘free from’ menus popping up at restaurants in my hometown.

So whether you are local or in the city for a weekend of shopping, here are the best spots for gluten-free dining in Birmingham.

1. Cherry Reds, Kings Heath/John Bright Street

This trendy cafe has two locations and… Read the full story

Drinking coffee may actually prevent you from losing weight

(Picture: Getty)

It’s an old wives’ tale as old and wife-y as they come – coffee, supposedly, suppresses your appetite.

Passed down from generation to generation, the widely-accepted tidbit of info is a haven for weight-watching caffeine obsessives.

Now, though, it seems science might have debunked its dieting value.

Slow walkers are more likely to die young, suggests study

A new study, published in the Journal Of Food Science under the incredibly catchy title ‘Caffeine May Reduce Perceived Sweet Taste in Humans, Supporting Evidence That Adenosine Receptors Modulate Taste’, has debunked the theory, claiming instead that drinking coffee can actually trigger that pesky… Read the full story

15 reasons why September birthdays are the best

Happy Birthday September babies (Picture: Getty)

September is the best month to be born in. Fact.

Woman hasn't urinated in three years after being diagnosed with rare condition

Birthdays are a highlight of the year for us all because it is the one day of the year when everyone has to be nice to us. We get to eat as much as possible, people sometimes sing a little jingle and fancy presents are involved.

In fact, birthdays are even better than Christmas.

But the only way to make a birthday even better is by having it in September.

1. Perfect weather 

September babies don’t need to fret over the implications of the… Read the full story

There’s a Beauty and the Beast makeup collection and it all looks beautiful

(Picture: Lorac Cosmetics)

There’s a new Beauty and the Beast makeup collection, and for once it doesn’t come courtesy of Primark

There's £100 up for grabs if you can beat this McDonald's Big Mac challenge

US-based beauty retailer Lorac Cosmetics has released a line of Beauty and the Beast-inspired cosmetics, and the entire range is inspired by colour themes of the Disney classic, meaning the collection features a lot of warm, golden colours.

Currently, the Disney Beauty and the Beast Collection features four products – an eye shadow palette, a cheek palette, a lipstick collection and a lip gloss collection.

They all come in fancy… Read the full story

Meet Bear: The mountain-climbing, desert-hiking adventure dog

(Pictures: Nicole Handel / mediadrumworld.com)

Anyone who’s been travelling or exploring alone will tell you how isolated it can make you feel.

metro illustrationsYour hair extensions might be goat hair, or they might be the product of abuse

Worse yet, taking a few pals along can often be just as bad – being in such confined space with only one or two people can lead to some big fall outs, or even going a little bit loopy.

Ideally, of course, we’d all like to take our pets along for the ride. Never complaining, always just happy to be there, an endless source of entertainment… Read the full story

This house hasn’t changed since the 90s and it looks like all your childhood TV memories

(Picture: MARK Z Real Estate Experts)

Garish colours, shiny plastic everywhere and dodgy architecture to boot – 90s interior design was a hell of a thing.

Drinking coffee may actually prevent you from losing weight

If, for some unbeknownst reason, you’re desperately missing such Saved By The Bell-esque eyesores and atrocities, then have we got the place for you.

A house has been put up on the market in Waterford, Michigan, which might just be every 90s kid’s dream – or, indeed, worst recurring nightmare.

Check it out! All your favourite teal and pink, Nickelodeon-inspired interior design!

Like your bottomless brunch with a twist? Here are 5 badass breakfasts to try this weekend

*Drools* (Picture: David Griffen)

Eggs, with a side of kara(y)oke? We’re listening…

8 new London restaurants to try in September

First there was breakfast; standard fry-up.

Then there was brunch; avocado on toast– tres posh.

Then came – cue big inhale – the bottomless brunch.

Yep, a year or two ago brunch got well and truly pimped, with unlimited extras such as bottomless bubbles, cocktails and rounds of hash browns becoming the #SundayFunday norm, especially among groups of mates that made it their mission to smash the absolute arse out of a two-hour time slot.

A 6pm hangover? Pfft, this was a trend we millennials 100% backed because it… Read the full story

There’s a secret cabin hidden inside this rooftop air vent

(Picture: PUP Architects/Cover Images)

When it comes to finding a decent place to live, you have to make some compromises.

You find a place with a huge bedroom, but a bathroom with just enough room to turn around in.

You take a flat that’s a little smaller than you’d like for an amazing location.

So yes, this cabin may be a little smaller than the one bedroom loft you had your heart set on, but you might still be keen. After all, it’s cosy, it’s private, and it’s got amazing rooftop views.

Because, well, it’s on a rooftop.

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