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These intricate tights will give you the mermaid legs you always dreamed of

These will jazz up your boring dresses a treat (Picture: Etsy)

Human beings love a bit of escapism.

Is masculinity really so fragile that we need kids to pee in frog mouths?

Some female human beings in particular love to pretend that they’re mermaids, floating about the sea, looking sparkly, without a care in the world.

You can have mermaid makeup for your mermaid maternity shoot while sipping on a Starbucks mermaid frappuccino.

If you’re of a daring disposition you can even get yourself some wonderfully colourful mermaid hair.

And now, sweet children of the sea,… Read the full story

The top 10 sexual fantasies women have (but probably won’t admit to)

You’re not alone in this (Picture: Getty)

While the physical side of sex is obviously an important one, fantasy and imagination are often overlooked but can be equally as beneficial to a healthy sex life.

12 reasons why doggy style is the best sexual position there is

Female fantasies, especially, are often kept private and even now, when people are increasingly more open about sex, some are considered too risque to share.

Crave sex with a stranger or being tied up? You are not alone – here are the top 10 sexual fantasies women have but probably won’t admit to.

1. Being dominated

Everything you need to know about what’s going to be at Lush this Christmas

Hold onto your Santa hats people – Lush Christmas is here!(Picture: Miranda Larbi)

Stop what you’re doing and get prepared to spend some serious wedge, because Lush has unveiled what they have in store for us this Christmas.

And yep, it all looks pretty bloody awesome – as per.

Uni students organise a movie-night date with nothing but post-its and a window

We’re talking jelly bombs. Mustard-flavoured fizzers. Solid liquid soap.

As well as creating a host of innovative flavours, shapes and textures to test our every sense, Lush is increasingly pushing us to go packaging-free, and their Christmas collection is your chance to get on board.

There’s… Read the full story

3-year-old dresses up as Pennywise the Clown for terrifying photoshoot

(Picture: Eagan Tilghman)

The remake film of Stephen King’s IT is fast approaching and to get us even more excited for it, 17-year-old Eagan Tilghman has created the most incredible Pennywise-inspired photoshoot featuring his 3-year-old brother, Louie.

Stop taking the p*** out of men for wanting to be taller

Eagan, who says photography is currently just a hobby but he hopes to ‘use it in some way as a profession’ in the future, is a huge fan of IT and is super excited for the new movie – which is exactly why he was so happy to incorporate it into his own photo series.

Read the full story

Pack your tent: Chester Zoo is holding its first ever sleepover

(Picture: Chester Zoo)

Chester Zoo is hosting its first ever sleepover in support of the Wildlife Connections project, which was set up with an aim to create safe spaces for our ‘most precious local wildlife’.

Pick Your Poison is the board game you and your horrible friends need

Yep, you and your loved ones are being given the chance to join the zoo in sleeping amongst the most beautiful of wildlife, with the sanctuary opening its gates to guests who want to ‘get closer to nature’.

Of course, you won’t just be pitching a tent and falling asleep to the sound of crickets. The popular… Read the full story

Starbucks is offering 50% off food in 100 branches and here’s when you can get it

(Picture: Martin Divisek/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

If you’re often peckish on your way home from work or simply can’t decide what to make for dinner, then we have great news.

Because Starbucks is now offering 50% off food in 100 branches in the hour before closing.

For the love of God, stop taking photos of complete strangers you weirdos

In a bid to tackle food waste and poverty, they’re going to be slashing the price of their sandwiches, cakes and hot boxes – ‘offering food which would otherwise be thrown out at half price’.

And all the money raised through these discounted products will be donated… Read the full story

M&S launches the first ever RSPCA assured milk

The moo-ve is a step in the right direction for animal welfare (Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Marks and Spencer have become the first major retailer to source all of its fresh milk from RSPCA Assured dairy farms.

Scientists have come up with a fourth type of chocolate...and it's naturally pink

The store is supplied by 37 farms, and each has achieved the RSPCA Assured certification, which covers all aspects of bovine welfare associated with milk production, including calf rearing, accommodation, health planning, transport, feed and grazing.

From today, all fresh milk at M&S will carry the RSPCA Assured logo on its label.

The move covers all milk products… Read the full story

11 people reveal the worst thing that’s happened to them during sex

Some of the below can be a bit unsavoury… (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Given how relentlessly most of us pursue it – you’d think that sex was always top-notch.

Sure it can be bloody great – if you’re lucky.

12 people reveal their most embarrassing sexual moment

However, in the real world, where you’re sneaking in quickies, and trialling out complete strangers as lovers, there’s a lot of scope for things to go very wrong.

Often it’s embarrassing. Or disgusting. Or downright traumatic.

Today 11 people reveal the worst thing that’s ever happened to them during sex.

1. Mum’s the word


I was in the middle of… Read the full story

Blogger shares dangers of telling poor mental health sufferers that they don’t look ill

(Picture: Self Love Club/Instagram)

This is Milly Smith.

She runs the Instagram account Self Love Club – a platform dedicated to mental and chronic illness awareness.

You can now get a Yorkshire pudding-based pizza and it looks incredible

And in a recent post, Milly has been highlighting what being suicidal looks like.

She says that when she was struggling with her own mental health, people – including her doctor – failed to understand what she was going through because of the way she presented herself.

‘”You don’t look suicidal”… I remember these words coming from the Dr’s mouth right after I’d just told him that I was… Read the full story

Behold! There’s now a cake equivalent of KerPlunk and it might be better than what you’ve seen on Bake Off

crash cake
So much fun ahead (Picture: Asda/Metro)

Remember when Colin the Caterpillar (and probably his wife as well) was the cake that everyone wanted for their birthday?

And when the pinata cake came along and stole all our hearts?

Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free ice cream for vegans is finally here in the UK

Well, there’s now a cake equivalent of KerPlunk and it’s basically going to change all your parties forever.

I mean, why just bring a cake when you can bring the game as well?

The Crash Cake from Asda comes in two different flavours – a chocolate sponge covered in chocolate buttercream frosting and… Read the full story

You can now get a Yorkshire pudding-based pizza and it looks incredible

(Picture: SWNS)

You can finally enjoy a pizza on 25th December without insulting your mum’s Christmas dinner – because you can now get your favourite cheesy dish served in a Yorkshire pudding.

Everything you need to know about what's going to be at Lush this Christmas

Rebels Smokehouse, a BBQ restaurant in Beverley, East Yorks, created the combo, that mixes Italian cuisine with the traditional northern side, to create a pizza-pie style dish.

The pizza-filled Yorkshire pudding will take 1500 calories from your daily intake and features a sausage base, topped with tomato and lashings of cheese, and comes in Yorkshire’s favourite export.

Read the full story

You can now get the authentic Kentucky barbecue experience in London and it’s pretty epic


If you’ve ever wanted to try Kentucky barbeque, without flying all the way to the US, you can now do it in East London.

Spitalfields-based smokehouse Hot Box has recently launched a Wild Turkey menu, where classic Kentucky dishes are paired with bourbon cocktails for the authentic Southern experience.

We went to satisfy our soul food urges at Chicken Society and we weren’t disappointed

Now, I love barbecue and soul food – it’s simple, comforting and extremely tasty – so obviously I had to try it out.

I also brought along one of my best friends – a chef originally from Wisconsin and a connoisseur of authentic American barbecue – to have his say.

And, well, Hot Box have done their version extremely well.

We started off with smoked brisket buns, which were absolutely delicious.

The meat was slow-cooked… Read the full story

This café will turn your dog into woof-tastic latte art

We like it a latte (Picture: My Cofi)

We’re a world of coffee lovers and Instagrammers so it makes sense that latte art has really taken off in the past few years.

Blogger shares dangers of telling poor mental health sufferers that they don't look ill

Floral latte art is all the rage in Singapore, ‘cremart‘ has taken off in South Korea, while magical rainbow coffee is a thing in Las Vegas.

There’s even a nifty gadget that prints your photos onto your foam.

But it’s better when it’s made by person, no? By… Read the full story

It’s unacceptable for restaurants to still be offering crap vegetarian options in 2017

(Picture: veggiesushiandthecity/Instagram)

These days, everyone seems to be becoming more plant-based.

Many of us have been so freaked out by Cowspiracy that even if we love chowing down on chops, we’re cutting down, having Meat-free Mondays, drinking nut milks.

It's unacceptable for restaurants to still be offering crap vegetarian options in 2017

But increasing numbers of us are going the whole hog, either as vegetarians or vegans.

In fact, there are some 3,000,000 meat-free diners in the UK.

And yet we’re still treated like some kind of bizarre margin group by restaurants and food outlets – despite the growth in interest in plant-based and meat-free living.

There seems… Read the full story

More red-headed dudes are getting laid thanks to ‘the Ed Sheeran effect’

(Picture: Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images)

Red-headed guys are finally getting their chance to bask in glory, thanks to a little help from their celebrity counterparts.

A new study has revealed that ginger guys have been getting laid way more recently, thanks to ‘the Ed Sheeran effect’.

It's unacceptable for restaurants to still be offering crap vegetarian options in 2017

They may have had a tough time at school, but a poll of red-headed British blokes has found that since Ed rose to fame, one in five 25 to 34-year-olds are getting more female attention.

Those surveyed even claimed that they get far fewer jokes about their hair… Read the full story

Dr Pimple Popper reveals her 5-step guide to perfectly popping spots

Dr Sandra Lee actually warns us not to do it at all but knows we won’t listen (Picture: Metro/Getty)

If you haven’t heard of Dr Pimple Popper by now then you obviously have no lust for watching streams of puss explode from giant zits, which would make you a normal human-being tbf.

But for the rest of us weirdos, Sandra Lee’s YouTube channel is the holy grail of spot porn.

It's unacceptable for restaurants to still be offering crap vegetarian options in 2017

And now she’s revealed her secret step-by-step guide to popping pimples so you can enjoy your very own show… Read the full story

Vegan Ben & Jerry’s review: Is the dairy-free treat as tasty as normal Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

(Picture: Yvette Caster/Metro.co.uk)

Vegan Ben & Jerry’s is now available in the UK.

Which is all very well for those who can’t or prefer not to eat dairy.

But does vegan Ben & Jerry’s taste as good as the regular Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

I headed down to a special preview to stuff my face find out.

Chunky Monkey

(Picture: Yvette Caster/Metro.co.uk)

Good news – everyone, vegan or… Read the full story

Godiva is inviting you to a free chocolate banquet and you won’t want to miss it

godiva chocolates
It’s going to be chocolate galore (Picture: Godiva)

Everyone loves an invite to a good dinner party (if you don’t, I don’t think we can be friends).

There’s food, drink and hopefully some good conversation to boot.

Need a new way to get your coconut rum fix? Try making this rainbow Malibu chocolate fudge

But those invitations are a bit like gold dust – because who has the time or the space to host dinner parties anymore?

If you’ve been pining after these good old-fashioned soirees (hurrah for nostalgia), you’re in luck.

Between September 26 and 29, Godiva are hosting a chocolate banquet and you’re invited… Read the full story

No, I’m not going to wear my PJs on the school run

Make an effort in the morning (Picture: Getty)

Hands up who’s seen that bizarre Vauxhall ad about the mums that won’t be told they can’t wear their pyjamas to school?

Don’t get me wrong I am the kind of mum that loves nothing more, particularly as the evenings draw in, than putting their PJs on and snuggling in for some sofa time with the family.

How to handle a teacher who has it in for your kid

There’s one thing you won’t ever see me doing in my PJs though, even if they are the comfiest clothes I own.

That’s the school run.


Well, I actually really… Read the full story

How to tell when your child is lying

Watch out for those tell-tale signs (Picture: Getty)

Anyone else’s blood boil when they go to grab some milk for their tea and find an empty bottle in the fridge?

Please don’t tell my child off – that’s my job and my job only

‘Was this you?’, I will bellow at one of the small people.

They all look at me innocently and reply ‘no’ in horror that I would suggest they could ever be capable of such a thing.

I know one of them must be lying, but how the hell do I figure out which one when they are all so good at it?

When my children… Read the full story

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