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Here’s how to best embarrass your kids

I wish I was dead. (Picture: Getty)

Parenthood is difficult.

All the stress, sleepless nights, and wasted time and effort that comes with raising a small human of your own is enough to send anyone loopy. Rewarding? Yeah, yeah, sure. But difficult.

Divorcee Miranda Kerr says that wearing a nice dress is the key to a successful marriage

Amongst all that, though – amidst the nappy changing, the tantrums, the stomping and attitudes and mess (oh god, the mess) – there’s a tiny shred of light. And that shred is getting to embarrass your kids.

Embarrassing your kids is a parent’s dream. It makes every sacrifice worth it.

Most of us… Read the full story

Subway store prints pro-marriage equality message on its receipts

(Photo: George Rose/Getty Images)

Over in Australia, the marriage equality debate is hitting fever pitch.

With the country set to vote on equal marriage rights in the coming weeks, messages encouraging people to vote ‘yes’ to marriage equality are popping up all over the place. In one area in Melbourne, even your Meatball Marinara comes with a message.

People, start your engines: A Drag Race-themed brunch is happening this weekend

A Subway franchise in the city’s Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre has been printing pro-equality messages on its receipts, encouraging all its customers to vote ‘yes’ in the upcoming postal vote.

‘We believe in EQUALITY for ALL Australians,’ the message reads.… Read the full story

Vanity Fair’s best dressed snubs Melania Trump and people are not happy

Imagine wearing stilettos to an area of natural disaster and still not getting on the best dressed list. (Picture: Getty)

You can say a lot of things about Melania Trump. 

Trust me. I’ve said most of them. But one thing that you can’t contest is that the woman can wear clothes. The former model has an enviable wardrobe of designer clothes, including items which cost more than I earn in a month.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is offering free milkshakes in celebration of their new brunch menu

Possibly a year if we’re talking about handbags.

Combine that with her conventional beauty and general thinness, it’s a bit of a shock… Read the full story

Hotel will let you rent a fish if you get lonely in your room at night

(Picture: Twitter/Mich_Cooke)

Staying in a hotel on your own can get lonely, but sadly, many of us have to do it when it comes to work trips and the likes. 

Here's how to best embarrass your kids

But if you’re ever travelling to Belgium, one hotel will ensure you don’t have to spend the night alone – and no, they’re not suggesting you spend the night with a total stranger.

They’re offering you a chance to rent a little goldfish (bowl included, of course), to keep you company throughout the night.

Yep, for just €3.50 (£3.20) per night, you can stay up and chat to your… Read the full story

Cheesecake Kit Kat Chunky is all of our wildest dessert dreams come true

(Picture: Instagram)

If you’re a dessert person who can never decide between the cheesecake or the chocolate pudding, you’ll be happy to know that the perfect sweet treat has been created for you.

Divorcee Miranda Kerr says that wearing a nice dress is the key to a successful marriage

The brand, home to the various range of KitKats, has another addition with a New York Cheesecake KitKat Chunky.

Alongside the signature milk chocolate and crispy wafer, the Chunky will feature a ‘creamy-tasting layer of New York Cheesecake filling’.

The chocolate bars are set to be launching from 18 September, and will cost 65p, just like all… Read the full story

Meet the stars of the Guinness World Records 2018

John with his giant ball. (Picture: Kevin Scott Ramos/GWR/PA Wire)

Given how dreadful and different the world is now, compared to when we were kids,it’s nice to know some silliness can remain.

Cheesecake KitKat Chunky is all of our wildest dessert dreams come true

Perhaps the most perfect example is the Guinness Book Of Records – a frankly barmy addition to almost every Christmas stocking which.

You might have been worried that the GBOR would be relegated to our childhoods alongside tapioca pudding and heavily distressed, obnoxiously baggy jeans.

Not so. In fact, the folks over at Guinness World Records are still going strong, and gearing… Read the full story

This baby dam will make bath time a million times easier


If you’ve ever bathed an infant, you’ll know that it’s quite a stressful experience.

Meet the stars of the Guinness World Records 2018

If you haven’t, let me set the scene. You’ve got a small and very precious blob, which can’t take responsibility for itself on any level in a vat of liquid which could drown it. Plus you’ve added soap so said blob is slippery.

The whole thing is mighty stressful. In order to mitigate any potential slipping/dropping issues, you’re either going to have to bend over the bath, which is an awkward angle and gives you a back ache, or get in the bath which is nice when you’ve got ages, but not exactly practical.

Enter: the baby dam.

Yes, children need to wear school uniforms but do they have to be so expensive?

New school year, new uniforms (Picture: SolStock/Getty)

Summer holidays are over and, like me, you are probably busy counting up the cost.

Days out, children needing to eat something every five minutes and possibly one of the most expensive parts of the six week break – the uniform shop.

Shoes, school shirts, blazers, PE kit, bags; it all begins to add up.

In September, the news is always swamped with stories about upset parents whose children have fallen foul of strict uniform rules.

Some of these are harsh but probably fair such as the high school in Newcastle who put about 150 children into isolation for wearing the wrong uniform and the 15-year-old who was allegedly sent home for having dip-dyed hair and patent leather loafers.

Then there is the… Read the full story

Skateboards are the hot new educational tool

‘Right, any of you called Ollie?’ (Photo: Essex News and Pictures)

How do you do, fellow kids?

Forget pencils, paper, rubbers and rulers: the hot new educational tool is a skateboard. 

Yes, really.

Hotel will let you rent a fish if you get lonely in your room at night

The FAR Academy in Kent is cracking down on the daily grind of traditional education, by offering the ‘board as a mean to earn some vital qualifications.

Odd as it might sound, the Academy teaches its students maths, woodworking, business skills, physics and design, all through the medium of skating.

12 times your family members were really embarrassing

No-one knows how to be embarrassing like your own family (Pic: Getty)

No-one knows how to embarrass you like members of your own family. Dads are particular culprits for knowing exactly how to make you blush.

9 grooms share their happiest wedding memories

But they’ve got nothing on toddlers. Once I was stuck in a traffic jam with the windows open. Walking towards us was a man with an eye patch. My four-year-old son pointed at him and shouted at full volume ‘It’s a pirate. Oooooh Arhhhhh’.”

I said a silent prayer for the traffic lights to change pronto.

Here are 12 more times that people have been put… Read the full story

You can now hire fake friends to star in your Instagram photos

Is nothing sacred? (Photo: Getty)

I’m sure most of us could list a few fake friends.

Whether they turned out to be untrustworthy, or purported to like or believe things that were in fact a great big fib, it’s a sad fact of life that not everyone we get close to is worth keeping around.

Meet the stars of the Guinness World Records 2018

But what if those friends were literally fake?

Japan (as usual) has the answer, with a number of new services popping up that allow you to literally hire a cast of fake friends, to make your Facebook and Instagram photos look more impressive.

Millions of us leave our STI’s untreated because we’re ’embarrassed’

Please use these. (Picture: Getty)

No-one likes getting an STI test. 

It’s a bit embarrassing, nerve wracking and quite often time consuming. But it’s also a very necessary thing to do.

Cheesecake KitKat Chunky is all of our wildest dessert dreams come true

You don’t need a lecture about why. We’re all perfectly aware that STI testing means not passing infections on to partners and not letting symptoms get worse when they could have been easily and quickly got rid of.

Yet according to research from PharmacyOutlet.co.uk 11% of over 55 will leave an identified STI untreated, compared to 33% of 18-34 year olds.

There’s also a gender divide when it… Read the full story

World Childless Week: When is it, what is it about and why it is important

(Picture: World Childless Week)

Over the years there have been several campaigns to raise awareness of infertility.

Most are geared towards how to cure infertility, IVF, any other ways to attempt to solve any problems.

Artificial sperm could bypass fertility laws

But what if there isn’t a solution? What about the thousands of couples around the world who have no way of ever conceiving?

For the first time a campaign has started to actually deal with the impact of being told you are unable to have children.

The campaign named World Childess Week looks at the mental health side of those with fertility problems.

Here is everything you… Read the full story

You can now buy tubs of Nando’s Peri-Peri houmous in Tesco

(Picture: Nando’s)

Despite the horrifying number of calories it holds, everyone knows Peri-Peri houmous at Nando’s is very tempting.

This baby dam will make bath time a million times easier

But now you don’t even have to go down to your local restaurant to dip your bread into the spicy dish, as Nando’s has announced it’ll now be sold in Tesco.

While there’s no beating the Nando’s experience, at least you’ll be able to recreate it in the closest way possible – and best of all it’ll cost you less.

Instagram Photo

When ordering in-house, the houmous dip,… Read the full story

Branston Pickle now has its own cocktail and we’re not sure what to make of it

(Picture: Shutterstock)

Whether you’re a fan of Branston Pickle or not, most of us know it’s best paired with savoury foods, mainly cheese – and not much else.

Cheesecake KitKat Chunky is all of our wildest dessert dreams come true

Which is why we were pretty confused when the condiment company announced they were launching a Branston Pickle cocktail. Yep, pickle in a cocktail. We’re not sold on it either.

The limited edition cocktail, which has been dubbed the Pickle Me Cheesy, has been created to celebrate Branston’s 95th Birthday.

The company has partnered with London Cocktail Club to create the cocktail, which will be on… Read the full story

Mum who battled breast cancer gets beautiful optical illusion bra tattoo

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A mother-of-three who lost both breasts to cancer has had an amazing optical illusion tattoo inked across her chest, so that it looks as though she’s wearing a beautiful bra at all times.

Meet the stars of the Guinness World Records 2018

42-year-old Michelle Cole, from Leeds, had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after discovering she had breast cancer back in January 2012.

Both Michelle’s mother and sister had sadly previously passed away to breast cancer, with her sister carrying the mutated BRCA1 gene, which significantly increases the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

Michelle was later told that it was… Read the full story

Why we need to celebrate ordinary women of colour’s successes

metro illustrations
Women of colour are worth celebrating (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Growing up in Manchester in the 1980s, I knew what I was going to do when I became an adult: I was going to launch a magazine that celebrated women of colour.

Why? Because as a child, I was utterly obsessed with magazines; Just 17, Jackie – these were my bibles.

metro illustrationsBlack women are the least valued people in society

Yet, I never saw any women who looked like me within the pages. It was as if girls like me were invisible.

I went on to launch the magazine. I named it PRECIOUS and… Read the full story

9 reasons you should move to Brighton immediately

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside (Picture: Getty)

Famously tolerant of everything (except gluten), the lovely hippy city by the seaside is the coolest place to live in Britain.

Magnificent seaside vistas, miles of beaches, handy countryside and oodles of chunky housing stock are only the start of it.

9 reasons to make Buckinghamshire your next weekend break

But beyond being a charming place for a day trip, what makes Brighton perfect for starting a new life?

Here’s my nine reasons

1. Booze

Letting your pets snooze on your bed can help you get a better night’s sleep

(Picture: Getty)

Oi, stop banning your pets from the bedroom or ordering them downstairs to their little beds in the kitchens when it’s time to snooze.

It turns out that letting your pets sleep in your bedroom isn’t just a nice treat for them – it’s good for you, too.

Hotel will let you rent a fish if you get lonely in your room at night

New research from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona has found that letting dogs sleep in the bedroom helps people get a better night’s sleep. And considering we’re all tired, sleep-deprived wrecks, we reckon it’s worth letting little Crumble up… Read the full story

Why Lost Village Festival is the place to detox – and then retox

Detox, then retox (Picture: Andrew Whitton Photography; Kraken)

At Lost Village Festival, hidden away in the woods of Lincolnshire, people come from all over to do two things: detox from the stresses of every day life, and then party the night away with delicious food, cracking cocktails, and more banging beats than you could ask for.

At the heart of the festival is the idea that all those who enter suspend disbelief to discover a world of mystical tales and odd characters.

But let’s be honest, at a festival none of us are planning on following a storyline set out by organisers.

We just want to forget about the world for three days and drink… Read the full story

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