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Meet the sustainable designers turning cigarette butts into furniture

(Picture: Pentatonic; Getty)

There’s a lot of crap in the world.

We try to recycle what we can and yet our lives are still full of junk.

metro illustrationsIf your partner has a mental illness, take the time to learn about it

Our streets are still littered with all sorts of debris.

But one design duo has found that one man’s trash is another man’s gold.

They’re making all sorts of cool-looking furniture out of rubbish, from cigarette butts to smartphones.

Pentatonic aims to ‘lead the world into the circular economy’.

Partners Jamie Hall… Read the full story

7 women share the agony of trying to conceive

Getting pregnant can be an agonising process (Picture: Irene Palacio for Metro.co.uk)

At the age of 21 and 23, when my first babies were born, it seemed like my husband only had to glance in my direction and I’d find myself in the family way.

Fast forward to the not so ripe age of 31 and our attempts to create the third baby we had decided would complete our family were not so productive.

Do third children really destroy marriages? How you can stay strong after three children

It took four long years to conceive. Every single month that went by, it seemed some new… Read the full story

25% of us have stopped drinking with mates because they’re all drunken messes

7,000,000 of us aren’t up for holding hair during a vomcano anymore (Picture: Getty)

If you met most of your mates at uni, you’ll have spent most of your friendship off your tits.

The lure of triples for singles during freshers week in Leeds might have brought you together, but it’s a weekly routine of overpriced pints down in London that have kept the relationship going.

How to start cycling to work without dying in the process

But according to Macmillan Cancer Support, more and more of us are starting to swerve these heady encounters with our mates because of their drunken behaviour.

While drinking as much as possible… Read the full story

This confusing condom packaging wasn’t really thought through

Wait, what? (Picture: Say It With A Condom)

Well-intentioned, but not quite right.

That just about sums up this condom packaging from Say It With A Condom.

The personalised condom brand released a condom wrapped that uses wordplay to tell people how consent is an essential part of sex.

A nice idea, except it didn’t quite work out. Maybe consent isn’t a topic where wordplay really works.

You can now bathe in the soothing scent of memes

The condom wrapper featured a doodle of a doughnut, followed by the words ‘go further without consent’.

The doughnut doodle was meant to be read as ‘do not’. Get it? Because… Read the full story

Oktoberfest in London: Five events to celebrate the German beer festival

Oktoberfest in London (Picture: Oktoberfest)

The Bavarian Beer festival Oktoberfest will kick off this Saturday, September 16 in Munich but how can you celebrate the iconic German festival in London?

Someone really didn't think this confusing condom packaging through

London will be saying a grand wilkommen to all beer lovers this Oktoberfest as the city gears up for some pretzels, bratwurst, schnitzel, lederhosen, oompah bands and lots and lots of beer – obviously.

Women are more likely to get bored of sex with a long-term partner, suggests new study

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Thrust, thrust, thrust, sexy moan, butt grab, heavy breathing, thrust, wriggle, ahh.

Bored yet?

How morning sickness can damage your teeth

According to new research, if you’re a woman, you’re more likely to be entirely uninterested in the prospect of sex – if you’re in a long-term, monogamous relationship, that is.

Researchers from the University of Southampton and University College London studied 4,839 men and 6,669 women, and found that women are four times as likely as men to lack an interest in sex after living with a partner for a year.

While both men and women were found to lose some… Read the full story

You can now buy meme themed bath bombs

(Picture: Danktank/Getty)

Fidget spinner bath bombs not quite zeitgeist-y enough for you?

Your antidepressants might be messing with your skin

Never fear. You can now bathe in the murky waters of the internet without diving into the sewage system of Reddit, for some kind souls are creating bath bombs inspired by memes and ~popular internet culture~ (that’s what the kids are calling stuff on the webs, right?).

Jason Wong and Jonathan Ge are the creators of The Dank Tank, an online store that makes meme inspired products.

The latest product to land on the site? Bath bombs. Meme themed bath bombs.

10 pieces of advice every student should know before starting university

metro illustrations
Sage advice here (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As a recent uni graduate, it can be both rewarding and frustrating to look back at my time as a student and reflect on what I have learned and could have done differently, especially at the beginning of my studies.

Starting life as a student is a very exciting time of life, but it can also be very intimidating.

10 problems all new university students will understand

In hindsight, I wish I had gotten some advice prior to going into this new environment.

With that in mind, here are some helpful pieces of advice I wish I’d known… Read the full story

I disagree with Angelina Jolie – we shouldn’t be best friends with our kids

Children are not there to be our best friends (Picture: Getty)

Angelina Jolie was in the news yesterday, following an interview with the New York Times. She discussed being on ‘lockdown’ over the last year with her children, after her split with Brad Pitt in 2016.

I agree with much of what Jolie says – she only cares about the opinions of her family and not of other people.

Stop asking me if I’m trying for a girl – I love my three sons

And then she goes on to say that her children have helped and ‘stood by her’, and are the ‘best friends’ she’s ever… Read the full story

These are your dating sins according to your zodiac sign

metro illustration
What’s your sin? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We all have dating sins, because contrary to what many of us think about ourselves, none of us are perfect.

Cheese tea exists and it's threatening to come to the UK

(No, not even you, ‘entrepeneur’ on Tinder, flexing for his life in his profile pic, not even you.)

Apparently though, our dating sins change according to which zodiac sign we are, if this latest study is to be believed.

The study was conducted by What’s Your Price, which is a date auction site, where – I sh*t you not – you bid for… Read the full story

This wombat having an oatmeal bath will brighten your morning

YouTube / ACT Wildlife Australia
Soak it up, baby (Picture: ACT Wildlife Australia/YouTube)

Urgh, Thursday, amirite?

Munroe Bergdorf explains why being chosen as the face of Illamasqua is such a big deal

Today, I was late to work because I got lost on a commute I have done manys time because I cycled down the wrong path in Hyde Park as I was staring at a dog.

Then I had to rush my makeup and it’s currently peeling off my face. Then my computer wouldn’t start.


Do you know what salvaged my morning though? Finding this video of a wombat having a bath.

Watch it, it will soothe… Read the full story

Chugging beetroot after a workout helps your muscles recover faster

(Picture: Shutterstock/Metro.co.uk)

Beetroot is about as close to a genuine ‘superfood’ as you’re going to get.

You can pickle it. Juice it. Use it as lipstick.

Flight attendant's desperate plea to bring the cat she saved from Hurricane Irma home

It’s full of antioxidants, folate, magnesium, potassium, copper, vitamin C, iron…the list goes on.

But scientists have just worked out that it’s got yet another benefit: it speeds up muscle recovery.

Having just one portion of the purple beauty (that’s the equivalent of one of the balls you get in Tesco) within 90 minutes of exercising can help your muscles recover faster.

Read the full story

Clarks has announced plans to release gender neutral school shoes for kids

(Picture: Clarks)

Remember when loads of us got very irritated at Clarks, makers of shoes, after they were accused of sexism when it came to creating children’s school shoes?

Attention, you filthy animals: A Home Alone-themed bar is opening in Liverpool

First the brand named girls’ shoes ‘Dolly Babe’ shoes, while shoes for boys were called the ‘Leader’. Then a mother noted how boys’ shoes at Clarks tend to be sturdier and designed for running around, while girls’ shoes ‘have inferior soles’.

Clarks found themselves at the centre of a massive sexism debate that went on for days.

So it makes sense that… Read the full story

Why self-harm isn’t ‘something just teenagers do’

Grown ups struggle with this too (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

What picture does your mind conjure up if I say the words ‘self-harm?’

I’d put money on it being the stereotypical image of a morose teenager with a penchant for emo music and too much black eyeliner.

lonely12 ways you can try to stop self-harming

Not for a minute would you imagine that it’s something that I, a late 30s mum of two, a professional writer and active member of a church community, still struggle with.

But I do. And my mental health problems are evident whenever I roll up my sleeves… Read the full story

This is what a fitness expert would order at your favourite fast food chains

(Picture: McDonald’s/Subway)

When you’re on a fitness hype, it’s tempting to think that life as you know it is over.

You can’t go out on the lash anymore. You can’t spend your evenings watching First Dates on the sofa. You can’t eat out.

metro illustrationThese are your dating sins according to your zodiac sign, apparently

Which is why so many of us fail to stick to our healthy resolutions.

You can still live life and be fit – it’s just a matter of readjusting old habits.

And if you’re a sucker for fast(ish) food, or you’ve forgotten to meal prep the night before, then you can… Read the full story

Meet the pet pygmy goat who accompanies his human on dinner dates

It’s ridiculous to say single women shouldn’t get in cars with married men

(Picture: Getty/ Ella Byworth)

Holly Willoughby thinks there’s something deeply, morally wrong about a woman getting into a moving vehicle with a man who happens to be married.

‘You’re in a car together with a man that’s married,’ Holly admonished Laura Simpson, the woman who was pictured in a car with Wayne Rooney the night he was arrested for drink-driving, on today’s This Morning. ‘I wouldn’t get in a car with a married man.’

Banning single women from hanging out with married men is absolutely ridiculous

According to Holly and Phil, the act of climbing into a car with a married man is… Read the full story

10 reasons why Leeds is the best place to go to university in the UK

Leeds is home to four higher education institutions (Picture: Getty)

For many of us going to university is one of life’s milestone moments and choosing the right place to carry out your studies can make or break your experience as a student.

If you’re looking for world-class education in a thriving city location then look no further than Leeds, a university hot spot; the University of Leeds alone has a student population of more than 33,000.

metro illustrations10 pieces of advice every student should know before starting university

Leeds is more than capable of providing students from all around the world the very best university… Read the full story

Flight attendant’s desperate plea to bring the cat she saved from Hurricane Irma back to the UK

(Picture: Liverpool Echo)

Hurricane Irma has left loads of animals without homes or owners.

But one little Orlando-based stray is fortunate enough to have an entire cabin crew fighting for her to be re-housed – here in the UK.

Munroe Bergdorf explains why being chosen as the face of Illamasqua is such a big deal

Flight attendant Emily Mawdsley says that her colleagues have been feeding a kitten who was living close to their hotel for around three months prior to the hurricane hitting Florida, even naming her and paying for vaccinations.

Crew members have taken it in turns to look after Gabrielle Coco, but on… Read the full story

Japan’s vending machines are now dispensing coffee-flavoured Coca-Cola

(Picture: Shin-Shouhin)

We love coffee, and we love cola. But we’re not so sure about mixing the two together.

ac_tinder_swipeTinder has now been sucking the life out of online dating for five years

Japan, however, were more than happy to give it a go – and now they have vending machines all over releasing the stuff.

According to Japanese news site Shin-Shouhin, the 190ml Coca-Cola Coffee Plus soft drink is said to be ‘somewhat like cola, but with a coffee aftertaste’.

While the coffee cola is nothing new, with the Adversus Coffee Cola drink already being sold in Russia and abroad, the Coffee… Read the full story

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