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11 reasons why your mum needs to quit Facebook immediately

Shot of a happy older woman relaxing on the sofa with her digital tablet at home
Oh mother (Picture: Getty)

Our darling mothers have many excellent qualities.

Being social media savvy, alas, isn’t one of them.

11 reasons your dad needs to quit Facebook immediately

And sure, nobody’s perfect when it comes to online etiquette.

But admit it – there’s a special kind of cringe that knots your stomach when you see the old dear sign into Facebook. Again.

Like when she starts commenting on everything you’re doing.

Mums really, really need to log off all social channels for everyone’s sake, and here are just a few basic reasons why:

1. Sharing… Read the full story

Here’s what you need to know about the six seasons of Bangladesh and its food

Food in Six Seasons (Dina Begum)
So many different flavours in a year (Picture: Getty)

Fresh and seasonal eating is crucial to Bangladeshi cuisine, as the nation has not four, but six seasons.

Each two-month season brings its own distinct flavours and festivals.

How to cook like a Bangladeshi at home

Mango and jackfruit season in summer, also known as Aam Katli, ushers in an abundance of these fruits, as well as watermelon, pineapple, lychee and Jaam (deep, damson-purple stone fruits that stain the hands as you eat them).

In the Sylhet region, mango, jackfruit and sweetmeats are gifted to married women by their brothers, fathers… Read the full story

7 guaranteed ways to escape the friendzone

Hey there (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

We’ve all had good mates banished to the friendzone – whether or not you believe it.

And it can happen to the best of us.

metro illustrationsWhy you need to ditch the ‘friend’ who has friend zoned you

Certain stuck-up wenches, for whatever reason, think it’s acceptable to ‘Netflix’ without ‘chill’.

Don’t blame yourself – you’re perfect.

But there’s more than one way to fingerbang fair maiden.

From bribery to flattery, every woman has her price. Try these and you’ll see that the friendzone is but an illusion.

Or you know, go straight to number seven.

1. Bribery

Read the full story

You can now terrify your friends by dressing up as the horror of fake news this Halloween

(Picture: Yandy/metro.co.uk)

Clowns, ghosts, vampires, monsters – none of that’s scary anymore. Not when the real-life world is so bloody terrifying.

When the US president is, well, Donald f***ing Trump, there’s no dystopian world that can be stranger and more concerning than the one we’re in.

So, naturally, this year’s Halloween costumes will need to be a bit more grounded.

People are still asking Jeeves gloriously strange questions

No more fantasy figures. If you really want to be scary (as you should, on Halloween), you’ll need to embrace something that’s causing real-life horror.

Think the snatching away of reproductive rights, an overwhelming sense that the world is going… Read the full story

People are still asking Jeeves gloriously strange questions

(Picture: Ask.com)

Whatever happened to poor old Jeeves?

You remember Ask Jeeves – the OG search engine that helped you kill hours of ICT classes through the delicate art of asking questions ranging from ‘what human food can cats eat?’ to ‘why does [insert friend’s name here]’s butt smell?’ (we were HILARIOUS).

Sadly, after Google rose up and consumed the internet whole, poor old Jeeves was slowly nudged out of a job.

Ask Jeeves was rebranded as Ask.com, without a mention of Jeeves in sight.

But he lives on.

metro illustrationsMissionary is the second most dangerous sexual position, according to a new study

Over on Facebook, an… Read the full story

Why trying to get revenge on your cheating ex is always a bad idea

(Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

When someone you’re dating commits a massive act of betrayal (we’re talking having sex with someone else, or continuing an emotional relationship for months behind your back, rather than skipping ahead on a show you’re watching together), it’s natural to swing from self-loathing and despair to seething rage.

You miss them. You just want them to love you.

But also, you hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. They are garbage.

Why trying to get revenge on your cheating ex is always a bad idea

While you’re miserable, it seems like they’re going about their lives feeling totally… Read the full story

3 things you should never share with your children

Mid adult father and his little boy lying down on the carpet at home talking to each other.
You don’t need to tell them everything (Picture: Getty)

A couple of years ago I was a guest on a radio show. The subject was parenting and honesty – how much do you need to tell your children about your past?

I was arguing that while you don’t need to lie to your kids, you shouldn’t feel compelled to tell them every gory detail from your own youth.

5 fun things to do in half-an-hour while your child naps

You’re the parent after all, you need to maintain some kind of… Read the full story

These £518 jeans are perfect for anyone who really loves waistbands

(Picture: Natasha Zinko/ShopBop)

Jeans! They’re good, right? The kids like ’em. They tend to have pockets and they allow you to wear giant chunky jumpers, which can only be a good thing.

And surely, if you love jeans, you must want more of them. Can’t get enough jeans, amiright?

Why trying to get revenge on your cheating ex is always a bad idea

Enter High Waist Double Jeans.

They’re jeans, but jeans-ier.

They’re a pair of jeans, but with added jeans on top. Well, some added jeans.

Look, basically, they’re a pair of jeans with two waistbands and two sets of pockets. They’re also half light blue and… Read the full story

I’m an atheist who goes to church – here’s why you should too

Andy and his son visiting a church (Illustration: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)
You don’t have to believe in god to visit a church (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

About a year ago, I started going to church on Sundays.

My friends and family were totally gobsmacked.

Why gender-neutral parenting is a load of old toshWhy gender-neutral parenting is a load of old tosh

I’d always been such a militant atheist, ever eager to argue the epistemological toss with any hapless god-botherer unlucky enough to sit near me after a few pints.

If you’d told me, back then, that less than half of… Read the full story

ATTENTION: Vegan Baileys is arriving in the UK this week

(Picture: loveyoumoretoo/Instagram)

Being a vegan at Christmas comes with its own unique set of challenges.

You’re used to not getting meat, eggs, regular chocolate. All that day-to-day living becomes natural after a while.

These £518 jeans are perfect for anyone who really loves waistbands

But the festive season is one which requires you spend time with elderly relatives who don’t understand vegetarianism, let alone veganism, and often try and force all kinds of animal products on you.

Take Baileys for example.

All your non-vegan life, you chugged that stuff like Jesus suckling on the Virgin Mary, but the moment you chose plant life, it became off-limits.

Read the full story

Sex around the world: Here’s what you can expect from Prague’s Sex Machines Museum

Sex Machine Museum
The Sex Machine Museum is quite an eye full (Picture: Flickr)

Two minutes’ walk from Prague’s Old Town Square, down a cobbled alleyway, situated opposite a high-end shop selling porcelain and jewellery, is the world’s one and only Sex Machines Museum.

And why not?

Sex around the world: Here’s what happens at America’s Air Sex Championships

As its name pithily suggests, this Czech Republic attraction is dedicated to the mechanics of rumpy pumpy.

This is where you will find the great and the good of humanity’s coitus contraptions – from porcelain dildos to saucy walking sticks and a steam pump vibrator (but… Read the full story

Your poo might show why you’re not losing any weight

(Picture: Getty)

Many of us spend half our lives trying new diets in the hope that each new one will be the key to keeping trim, fit and healthy.

Few of them work.

Plus size model absolutely kills Kim Kardashian's swimsuit photo

There you are, fastidiously maintaining a ridiculous calorie deficit, missing out on all kinds of good, delicious foods…and the scales aren’t moving.

Why? Well, there are other things at play besides calories.

Like gut bacteria, for example.

How forgiving my dad helped me move on from my ‘daddy issues’

metro illustrations
I’d like to think I came out the other side relatively unscathed (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It took me a very long time to forgive my dad; 28 years to be exact.

I grew up with a hardworking single mum who struggled to put food on the table each day. I have never lived with my dad, nor has he contributed one penny to my upbringing.

Here’s what someone approaching her 30s would like people in their 20s to know

Before the age of 14, I reckon I saw him twice.

It made me sick that my mum, a qualified… Read the full story

Boys With Plants is the most inspiration gardening Instagram account ever

(Picture: Boys With Plants/Instagram)

Once associated with retirees with nothing better to do, gardening has become chic.

Everyone’s got a cactus or succulent on their desk. Everyone’s turned their bathroom into some kind of green house. We’re all trying to buy up allotments like we’re living The Good Life.

Give peas a chance: why 2017 is the year of the pea

And Instagram is a veritable hotbed of urban gardening inspo.

#plantgang, #urbanjungle, #houseplantclub are just a few of the plant hashtags available – each boasting hundreds of thousands of posts.

Whether it’s an act of mindfulness or a way of having some control over our miserable… Read the full story

Empty Photo Project highlights the pain of losing a child

(Picture: Empty Photo Project/Instagram)

A photographer has been capturing the agony of losing a child via a series of mirrored photos.

The Empty Photo Project features mums of all ages and backgrounds who have experienced child loss – each holding a mirror in front of their stomachs.

People are still asking Jeeves gloriously strange questions

Susana Butterworth’s first son, Walter, was stillborn earlier this year and she began the project as a means of commemorating him.

She’s hoping that the Empty Photo Project might widen the conversation around child loss, and everything that goes with it.

‘As a photographer and artist, I naturally wanted to make something… Read the full story

Plus size model absolutely kills Kim Kardashian’s swimsuit photo

(Picture: dianasirokai/Instagram)

This is Diana Sirokai. And this is also Kim Kardashian.

Kim K might be incredibly curvy but she’s also sculpted in a way that many women can only dream of being.

These £518 jeans are perfect for anyone who really loves waistbands

Diana, on the other hand, is curvy but attainable.

And here the plus size model is, taking inspo from Kim’s swimsuit photo to do her own version, working with Photo Karizza.

‘We are both women with different bodies,’ writes Diana.

Instagram Photo

She’s been using her swimsuit pics in a series of posts to help other women find… Read the full story

Why immersive theatre is the break from reality you need right now

Intrigued? (Picture: Qin Xie)

I’m sitting in the corridor of a pub, giggling like a school girl with a woman dressed like a school girl.

‘Do you want to know a secret?’ She asks me.

Flash Pack’s Kayak to a Brewery in London - flashpack.comWhy kayaking in London is the perfect mini-break you’ve been looking for

I giggle some more, I don’t know why, and I reply ‘yes’.

Someone walks past behind me, curious about the exchange between us – me in a red, sequined masquerade mask and her with her glittery backpack.

‘It’s a private party. For two,’ the ‘girl’ throws out before whispering the… Read the full story

Give peas a chance: why 2017 is the year of the pea

(Picture: leithscooking/Instagram)

Ah, the humble pea.

So small. So sweet. So green.

Plus size model absolutely kills Kim Kardashian's swimsuit photo

Whether it’s having them crushed on toast, ordering a side plate of mushed green goodness in Nando’s, or steaming a bag of frozen goods from Tesco for dinner, peas are amazing.

And in recent times, we’ve seen an explosion in pea marketing.

This may sound ridiculous to those of you not knees deep in the wellness world, but peas are bloody everywhere.

Instagram Photo

Emily Veg Crisps and Yushoi Baked Pea Snaps are enabling plant-based and healthy eaters the chance… Read the full story

Money-saving tips that won’t suck the joy from your life

(Picture: Getty)

People these days are apparently skint because we keep buying avocado toast, organic juice, and turmeric lattes.

Obviously, it has nothing to do with lower wages and higher prices for everything from food to homes…

Give peas a chance: why 2017 is the year of the pea

Regardless of the reason, though, we still need to tighten our belts so we don’t, you know, die of starvation.

Some money-saving guides give advice that takes up so much time (no I don’t want to spend three hours a night cutting out coupons) and suggest that you stop doing anything fun.

You might end up with a bit more cash… Read the full story

Why Taipei not Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur should be your next Asia holiday

Taipei is easy to navigate around (Picture: Getty)

When it comes to Asian cities, the likes of Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur take all the glory.

Taipei is often ignored as a must-see travel destination – perhaps because there are no direct flights from London.

But Taiwan’s vibrant capital has enough charm, glamour and history to make it worth seeking out.

9 reasons to make Buckinghamshire your next weekend break

Not to mention the food.

Oh God, the food. The city is a street food lover’s dream – it’s packed full of lively night markets with tasty, cheap treats to keep you going as you bargain at… Read the full story

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