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Harvester is now selling its own special sauces so you no longer have to share with other guests

(Picture: Harvester)

Harvester has started selling its own signature sauces and we’re pretty happy about it.

10 sure signs you simply don't trust your partner

The cheap and cheerful family restaurant is somewhat of a national treasure. The meals are mostly under a tenner, there’s a great salad bar – and of course the sauce bar is fairly impressive.

So obviously we were very excited when we found out that we can now recreate the sauce bar in our own kitchens – without having to queue up before the bottles are empty.

The family pub has finally decided to market their sauces after receiving an increasing… Read the full story

New study reveals what your sleeping position says about you… apparently

Well, this looks cosy (Picture: Getty)

A new study has revealed some interesting info about how you sleep.

Harvester is selling its own sauces so you no longer have to share with other guests

Apparently, your chosen sleeping position says a lot about you, including your age, profession and vices.

Yes, really.

Data from the 2016/17 Sealy World Sleep Census, commissioned in conjunction with Loughborough University’s Clinical Sleep
Research Unit questioned over 15,000 people from around the world (5,000 from the UK), and the results were…interesting.

Are you ready to be bemused by a bunch of data?

Here are the results from the UK respondents.

Left-side sleepers are more likely to have… Read the full story

Would you trust this machine to make you a cup of tea?

(Picture: Kickstarter/TEAMOSA)

Not everyone can make a cup of tea.

Sure, they try, but they often fail. Whether they’re a criminal layabout who allows the teabag fester for more than the ordained two minutes of brewing time, or they’re one of those offensive cowards who’ll remove the tea leaf pyramid before the cuppa’s contents have managed to look like anything more than semi-skimmed milk.

10 sure signs you simply don't trust your partner

Either way, tea-making skills among the chosen few should be protected as a patented art-form and honoured as such.

But of course, someone had to let a robot have a go. Cue the… Read the full story

Should we add our parents on our social media accounts?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Our relationship with our parents can be a very complex thing.

metro illustrationsApparently this is what your sleeping position says about you

As we jostle with addressing our pals, exes and parents on one all-encompassing platform, for the vast majority of us, negotiating whether or not to accept a parental friend request is the million pound question.

As someone who has accepted my parents’ social media presence on every single platform I use, I am a frustrated negotiator of making a space my own without offending my parents.

After being reminded to pick up prescriptions, swear less, and pay proper… Read the full story

Winter is coming: Boost your mood and strength

The 10 weird and wonderful ways you will make friends at baby and toddler groups

‘We bonded over our love of black jeggings’ (Picture: vgajic/Getty)

It can take a lot of courage to step into a community centre or church hall for your first baby group.

Making friends as an adult is nothing like making friends when you were a child.

Then, you could go up to other children and just say ‘Can I play with you?’ and that meant you were BFFs.

Now, you would definitely raise a few eyebrows if you asked that at music time.

Move over fidget spinners, the latest craze is painting rocks

But if you’ve been putting off going because you’re worried about being sat on your own or find it difficult to… Read the full story

11 top tips for enjoying anal sex

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Anal sex is one sex act plenty of people want – but, despite this, it’s still rarely discussed or understood.

12 ways porn will improve your sex life

Highly pleasurable when done properly, a bit of backdoor action shouldn’t be overlooked as a great addition to a couple’s sex life.

Thinking of giving it a go? Here are 11 tips that will ensure your anal sex experience is a good one.

1. Communicate

Anal sex is an acquired taste and definitely not for everyone. So, when it comes to bum fun, a no definitely means no.

Rebecca Dawkins, sex expert and author… Read the full story

The cheap McFlurry trick that will get you extra toppings on your ice cream

(Picture: Metro.co.uk/MylesGoode)

Nowadays, you don’t go to McDonald’s expecting big things from the McFlurry machine – because the bottom line is, it’s rarely ever working.

blind cat hugs phone whenever his favourite pianist playsBlind cat hugging a phone whenever his favourite pianist is playing may make you weep

It’s a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless, and one that leaves us with a large, McFlurry-filled hole in our hearts.

But when it is working, things can go one of two ways.

You can be given the sauciest, most topping-filled McFlurry, if the person serving you is feeling generous.

Or, you can be given a sad, little… Read the full story

Going to a wedding fair? Here are some insider tips for getting the best suppliers, inspiration and discounts

A wedding fair will help you find your perfect wedding cake (Picture: Getty)

Tis the season for wedding fairs, apparently.

Wedding cake15 people tell us what they wish they had done differently on their wedding day

The schedule is jam-packed with them in September and October, now that the summer wedding season is over.

If you’re recently engaged and looking forward to your first wedding fair, the mere thought of them can be quite overwhelming.

You’ll be bombarded with information and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

When it comes to surviving a wedding fair – and getting useful information/suppliers from it – I’m not much use at… Read the full story

High school lets students dress up for their ID photos and the results are hilarious

(Picture: Twitter/kelc314)

Most students hate having their ID photos taken – mainly because you only get one chance at it, and even if you don’t like the photo, you’re stuck with it for at least a year.

The cheap McFlurry hack that will get you extra toppings on your ice cream

And so, picture day usually means getting up extra early to fix your hair and makeup.

But at one school, students weren’t just combing their hair or applying mascara ready for their photos – they were dressing up as their favourite characters.

For as long as students at North Farmington High School, Michigan, can remember,… Read the full story

More people than ever are accessing abortion pills in the UK

(Picture: Getty)

A study by leading health academics has revealed that more British women than ever are accessing abortion pills in the UK.

In the four month research period, academics writing for journal sexual health journal Contraception found that 519 women attempted to access the pills in Britain, even in areas where abortion is lawful and funded.

Couple spends more than £200,000 creating a treehouse for people to go glamping in

In a bid to access the pills, the British women contacted Woman on Web, a self-described digital community of women who have had abortions, medical doctors, researchers, and individuals and organizations that support abortion rights.

And although… Read the full story

What is a millennial?

Millennials may not be able to buy a house but do they Avocado? (PIcture: Getty)

You may not want to admit it, but if you were born between the early 1980’s to the mid-1990’s, you, my friend, are a millennial.

This group of people was named ‘millennials’ as people realised they would be the first graduating class of 2000 – the new millennium.

10 sure signs you simply don't trust your partner

Millennial, like other cultural generations, are people are of the same age group, who have similar ideas, problems, and attitudes.

The generation before this is called generation X, meaning millennials should have been called Generation Y, but most… Read the full story

This Harry Potter colour-changing glass is the most magical way to drink Prosecco

(Picture: YouTube/Paladone Products Ltd)

If you’re an avid Harry Potter fan, you’ll already be gearing up to enjoy the most magical Christmas ever – despite it still being a few months away. 

High school lets students dress up for their ID photos and the results are hilarious

And if you’re struggling for a bit of inspiration, don’t worry, as we’ve got your back.

We’ve recently written about some lovely Harry Potter baubles, a Harry Potter quill eyeliner which makes for a great stocking present, and of course the Harry Potter couple mugs are perfect for those who just want to snuggle down… Read the full story

Where can you spend love to shop vouchers?

(Picture: High Street Vouchers)

Do you have a Love2shop Voucher that is burning a hole in your pocket?

Spanx arm tights exist and we don't quite understand why

As any voucher normally does, it makes us eager to spend it – oh you marketing geniuses – and if you have your eye on something in particular, you may want to read this list before heading out the shops.

Love2shop vouchers are always a great gift idea as they are redeemable in over 20,000 stores, restaurants and attractions across the UK.

A Love2shop voucher can be redeemed at all the UK stores and attractions listed… Read the full story

Couple spends more than £200,000 making a treehouse for people to go glamping in

(Picture: Solent)

We don’t know why (blame watching too much TV filled with kids having adventures with their treehouse as a base), but we can’t help getting excited about the idea of staying in a treehouse.

Should we add our parents on social media?

Pop a tiny cottage on to some branches and we’re on board – no matter how chilly or cramped it may be.

So when luxury treehouses pop up on our radar, we pretty much add them to our ‘yep, need to go there’ list immediately.

Like this one, called Piggledy (adorable, we know).

Piggledy is a fancy treehouse created by Eva and Tim… Read the full story

Disney’s new Mickey Mouse doughnuts are almost too pretty to eat

(Picture: instagram/michaellskyes)

Disneyland is the most magical place in the world.

Speed-skating movesWinter is coming: Boost your mood and strength with this workout

But it’s not just the rides, the entertainment and the costumes that make you never, ever want to leave the resorts – it’s the food, too.

In the past, various Disneylands have bought us the likes of Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets, wine slushies, glowing candyfloss and even a Matterhorn macaroon dessert.

And now, Shanghai’s resort is offering Mickey Mouse doughnuts to all its guests.

Before you start imagining two little ear blobs of doughnut attached to a face-shaped doughnut, let… Read the full story

Ikea is bringing a pop-up vertical farm to London

(Credit: SPACE10/Cover Images)

If you’re into the future of food, then everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture lords have a treat for you.

This Harry Potter colour-changing glass is the most magical way to drink Prosecco

Ikea are bringing a pop-up vertical farm to Shoreditch, as part of the London Design Festival.

Researchers from the SPACE10 lab at the Lokal pop-up want to show the general public that delicious, fresh food can be grown right in your home, using a hydroponics farming system.

It’s basically soil-less farming – crops are grown indoors using artificial lights and computerised automation that grows food optimised for freshness, nutrients, and taste.

They say it… Read the full story

If you’ve ever wondered what your pores look like under a microscope, here’s your answer

(Picture: Myles Goode)

Any skincare obsessive will know the anguish of looking in a magnifying mirror.

Your pores… they’re so much bigger than you thought. And they’re so full of gunk.

High school lets students dress up for their ID photos and the results are hilarious

Magnifying anything is bound to make it look a bit gross, and skin is no different.

And yet we can’t help looking. We’re a nation of porexics, obsessed with the size of our pores, the smoothness of our skin, and the grim satisfaction of squeezing out a blackhead.

So naturally, we needed to see what pores look like under a microscope.… Read the full story

Spanx arm tights exist and we don’t quite understand why

(Picture: Spanx)

I’ve got to admit it, as someone who’s a little bit insecure about their body, I’m a massive fan of Spanx support underwear and tights. 

Ikea is bringing a pop-up vertical farm to London

They hold me in in all the right places and I never have to worry about a little bit of bloating in a tight dress. Quite frankly, they’re a lifesaver when your drink’s a rum and coke.

What I’m not so sure about however, is Spanx’s newest release. Arm tights.

Yes, you read that right: Arm tights. They’re exactly what they sound like – tights for your arms.

Now, don’t get… Read the full story

Blind cat hugging a phone whenever his favourite pianist is playing may make you weep

blind cat hugs phone whenever his favourite pianist plays
(Picture: Instagram/sarperduman)

Take a seat. Maybe make yourself a cup of tea. Do whatever you need to prepare yourself for some intense emotions.

Should we add our parents on social media?

What we have here is a video of a blind cat hugging a phone close to him.

Not because he’s got a really good game of Neko Atsume going, or because he’s trying to text sans opposable thumbs.

No, little Namik the cat likes to hug a phone close whenever that phone is playing the sweet sounds of his favourite pianist, Sarper Duman.

We thought we were the biggest fans… Read the full story

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