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Cheap holidays in Europe and north Africa: Countries where you’ll spend the least

Budget-friendly Bulgaria is calling you (Picture: Holiday Gems)

Money, money, money: so often one of the deciding factors when it comes to booking a holiday – unless, of course, you have the sort of ‘blow it all’ mentality that sees you spend your life savings on a trip to Magaluf.

Let’s make sure you don’t do that.

In one way or another, you are going to fork out a sizeable chunk to get out of the country and enjoy some sun for a week.

However, there are some locations where your pounds will go a lot further.

Designer creates home in the desert made out of… Read the full story

Policewoman has rescued and rehomed more than 60 cats and kittens

policewoman has rescued more than 60 cats
(Picture: SWNS)

Can we take a moment to applaud Gretchen Byrne?

policewoman rescues 60 cats and kittensPolicewoman has rescued and rehomed more than 60 cats and kittens

When she’s not fighting crime, policewoman Gretchen fills her time with rescuing cats. She’s saved more than 60 cats and kittens so far.

‘Everyone knows me as the cop that loves cats,’ says Gretchen. ‘If I’m not working, this is what I’m doing.’

Gretchen started out her cat-saving mission two years ago, when she began feeding stray cats while she was out on patrol.

She’d spotted cats scavenging for scraps in the back… Read the full story

Scarred not scared – This campaign shows that a scar is not something that defines you

You are more than your scars (Picture: Michelle Elman)

In 2015, I launched my campaign Scarred Not Scared with a bikini photo, putting my scars on show for the first time.

My history of self-harm has left me with scars – but I see them as a mark of my survival

Throughout my life, I’ve been in and out of hospital starting at the age of one and last being hospitalised last year for an obstructed bowel.

Altogether I’ve had 15 surgeries, a brain tumour, a punctured intestine, an obstructed bowel, a cyst in my brain and a condition called Hydrocephalus and I have the… Read the full story

Ice cream parlour’s record-breaking dessert is 3,800 calories of deliciousness

(Picture: CoCo Gelato)

Those of you with a sweet tooth, brace yourselves.

That monstrosity/magnificence (delete according to how sweet your tooth is) pictured above is the Roman Empire – a mountain of gluttonous, sugar-packed delight, available only at Cardiff’s Coco Gelato ice-cream parlour – which was named Dessert Outlet of the Year at the Welsh Food Awards.

sofie hagans response to dealing with body-shaming comments will change how you deal with trolls foreverComedian's response to abusive comments will change the way you deal with trolls

Not only is it a mound of saccharine delight, it’s also a record breaker, clocking in as… Read the full story

Depression has been proven to be bad for your physical health

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

By now, we should know that depression is more than just a head-based thing.

It can lead to some very physical symptoms, from fatigue and nausea to migraines and insomnia.

Clumpy eyelashes are making a comeback and our eyes are itching already

One new study, though, has proven that the impact our mental health has on our physical self is more drastic than previously thought – in some cases, it can even be fatal.

Researchers at the University of Grenada have proven that depression affects the entire body.

Analysing 29 previous studies, they found depression severely altered the body’s detoxifying functions –… Read the full story

10 new bars, pop-ups and events in London this October

Your social life is about to get better (Picture: MNKY LNGE/Cocktail Village/Holborn Dining Room)

As the nights get longer, the need for a good night out becomes more and more urgent.

9 new London restaurants and pop ups to try this October

Luckily, London always has some new bars, pop-ups and events to keep you away from the siren call of Netflix and the sofa.

Whether you’re a gin fiend, you like to enjoy a nice glass of Rioja with cheese, you love a glam cocktail or you’re more of a beer and pizza sort of person, then London has you covered.

Here are the hot… Read the full story

Comedian Sofie Hagen’s response to abusive comments will change the way you deal with trolls

(Picture: Facebook/Sofie Hagen)

When you’re a woman doing anything on the internet, it’s a sad fact that you’re going to get some nasty comments.

Messages detailing exactly what a man named Jeffrey would like to do to your body, whether it’s sexual or violent or both.

Comments pointing out the tiniest flaw, or just shouting out someone’s opinion on your appearance, because apparently that’s a reasonable thing to do.

Depression has been proven to be bad for your physical health

When you’ve been on the internet for long enough, you develop your own way of dealing with the awfulness. Maybe you’re speedy with the block button.… Read the full story

Here’s what you need to know if you have been dumped by ‘The One’

(Picture: martin-dm/Getty)

Coming out of a serious relationship can leave you feeling a little shell shocked.

You may be struggling to find your feet, to rediscover who you are and perhaps unsure of what the future holds for you now.

Five sex and relationship counsellors, from clickfortherapy.com, have offered their advice on how to move on from ‘The One’.

Andrea Lindsay

Andrea Lindsay (Picture: Clickfortherapy.com)

It has all come crashing down.

A heart wrenching… Read the full story

I went to the world’s biggest Wetherspoon’s and it was an absolute bloody delight

The Royal Victoria Pavilion in Ramsgate (Picture: Phil Haigh)

Wetherspoon’s is a bizarrely polarizing brand – loved by plenty, looked down on by many and grudgingly tolerated by others.

Few are apathetic to the ever-growing chain of pubs; Spoons has its haters, its apologists, its regulars and its fans. I consider myself a fan, bordering on, but not quite, a super-fan.

Please don't blind yourself with cheap contact lenses this Halloween

I am not at the levels of mega-fandom of the legendary Mags Thomson, who has been to every single Spoons in the UK, but in a world of political and economic uncertainty, in… Read the full story

Getty is banning images of heavily Photoshopped models

(Picture: Getty)

The so-called ‘perfect’, Photoshopped imagery we’re bombarded with every day has long been a source of ire for body positive campaigners.

Living with a stoma bag isn't miserable - it gives you a new lease of life

Touching up the odd spot or line here or there is one thing, but as image technologies have progressed, so too have the liberties taken with the bodies of photography models.

Completely reworking an image to portray a wildly different body shape is a common practice – worse still, half the time these body shapes are entirely unrealistic, or anatomically impossible.

Last month, a study found that looking at… Read the full story

Clumpy eyelashes are making a comeback and our eyes are itching already

(Picture: Maybelline)

Clumpy eyelashes are back in fashion, and it’s already making our eyes itch.

I went to the world's biggest Wetherspoon's and it was an absolute bloody delight

Thanks to Dior’s SS18 show, people are feeling inspired to coat their lashes in several layers of mascara, after makeup artist Peter Philips showcased ‘sixties inspired spider lashes’.

To create the mascara-heavy look, Peter used Diorshow Lash Maximizer and ‘a few’ coats of Diorshow Pump and Volume Mascara.

But let’s be honest, you can get the same look from any year-old, cheap mascara. Nobody wants that. And that’s way it should… Read the full story

Please don’t blind yourself with cheap contact lenses this Halloween

Spooky (Picture: Getty)

To be totally honest, I don’t get the Halloween thing. 

Once you’re old enough to buy sweets as and when you deem it necessary, the excitement of a holiday which is entirely centered around getting E numbers seems a bit juvenile.

vibrator dave andersonAll women deserve access to sex toys - even in poverty

But I appreciate that I was born looking like a baby but with the soul of an angry old man, most comparable to Jack Whitehall’s dad, and other people like to go out on Halloween, and they like to dress up.

A few years ago it was Black Swan (you couldn’t… Read the full story

Mum has a great response to her daughter’s gay friend asking to attend a sleepover

(Picture: Twitter/maymaybarclay)

19-year-old Mason Brian Barclay has left Twitter in stitches after sharing his attempt to persuade his friend’s mum to let him attend her daughter’s sleepover.

Can a sex toy actually replicate the feeling of a blow job?

Mason, who’s from Evansville, southern Indiana, had been told that all of his friends were attending a sleepover at the weekend, and that they desperately wanted him to come along.

Due to the fact all of his friends are girls, Mason thought he’d double check with the mother of his friend Houston, who’d be hosting the sleepover, to see if it was okay – explaining that… Read the full story

There’s still a long way to go when it comes to public understanding of mental health

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Awareness may have risen, and we may be having more conversations about mental health than ever before, but there’s still a long way to go.

New research shows that public understanding of what constitutes a mental illness may not be as great as we think, with many participants in a new study unable to identify symptoms and situations which are worthy of psychiatric help.

Living with a stoma bag isn't miserable - it gives you a new lease of life

The survey, conducted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, found that while 86% of people believe they should see a… Read the full story

All women deserve access to sex toys – even in poverty

vibrator dave anderson
(Picture: Dave Anderson)

Perhaps the idea that women who are living on low-incomes, even in poverty, need vibrators might seem ridiculous to you. 

I’m very much hoping that you’ll allow me to try and change your mind.

policewoman rescues 60 cats and kittensPolicewoman has rescued and rehomed more than 60 cats and kittens

As we told you yesterday, Poundland is releasing a range of sex toys which, as you can probably imagine, cost £1. The news hasn’t exactly been elevated to breaking status. It’s a funny story. A light story. It’s no big deal.

Only, the thing is, accessible sex toys actually are… Read the full story

Is Real Skin Patch, the stuff that makes your foundation peel off, worth the faff?

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

You may not have heard of Real Skin Patch, but you’ll have seen it in use all over Instagram.

It’s that stuff that’s meant to magically make your foundation peel off, that got loads of attention after Raye Boyce horrified us all by peeling off her makeup like a scary witch.*

*That’s not an insult to Raye – peeling off skin is a bit creepy whoever’s doing it.

On Instagram it’s shown as a magical way to keep all the damaging bits of makeup out of your pores, working as a smooth primer for acne-prone skin and easily peeling off at the end of the day.

But is it really as incredible as the videos on… Read the full story

Student sends brilliant CV to girl looking for a skydiving date on Tinder

(Picture: Emma Vowell)

When 19-year-old Emma Vowell, from Indianopolis, broke up with her long-term boyfriend, she was heartbroken.

sofie hagans response to dealing with body-shaming comments will change how you deal with trolls foreverComedian's response to abusive comments will change the way you deal with trolls

Not just because the relationship had ended – but because she had purchased tickets for herself and her now-ex-boyfriend to go skydiving for his birthday.

Emma’s ex’s birthday was 15 September, and he broke up with her on the 10th. She never did get to surprise him with the tickets – and she sure as hell wasn’t going… Read the full story

International Coffee Day events across the UK this weekend

(Picture: John S Lander/LightRocket/Getty)

Not that you needed an excuse, but this Sunday 1 October is International Coffee Day.

Show your appreciation for your brew by using the hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay or pop along to one of the events running across the weekend.

There will be events held all over the world beginning on Friday 29 September right through the weekend until International Coffee Day for those who love the smell of their warm cup of energy.

About 2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day across the world, so if you’re a coffee fiend, you’re not in the minority.

In the UK those who want to celebrate the history and culture of coffee can attend events… Read the full story

Stuffed ice cream bouquets hold up to 21 scoops and we need one immediately

(Picture: Instagram/stuffedicecreamnyc)

Stuffed Ice Cream NYC, an ice cream store making magic happen over in the big apple, has introduced a ‘stuffed bouquet’, which stuffs up to 21 scoops of your favourite ice creams into one big wafer cone.

A giant jungle terrarium has popped up on Southbank

The stuffed bouquet was debuted on the ice cream company’s Instagram account five days ago in celebration of National Ice Cream Cone Day, which took place in the US on 22 September.

But the company didn’t only release it for the day. Oh no, they’ve added it to their menu so that all of their customers get… Read the full story

No, mental illness does NOT make you a creative genius – but creativity can help your mental health

Mental illness does not equal creative genius (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

The link between mental illness and creativity is one of the most silly and yet most often-repeated misunderstandings about people with mental health conditions.

As a quick online search will attest, there has indeed been a long history of creatively gifted people with mental health conditions.

schizophreniaYou should never be afraid to ask stupid questions about mental health

However, there are many more millions of us who lead ordinary lives who also live with a mental health condition and may not feel they have a creative life.

Creative output has been vital… Read the full story

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