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Aldi has released five luxurious Christmas hampers

(Picture: Aldi)

Aldi’s luxury Christmas hampers are back and they’re already available for pre-order online.

Cut-out squiggle brows are here and look away now if you have a weak stomach

The super cheap supermarket has launched five premium hampers, with prices ranging from £19.99 – £99.99.

Sure, nearly £100 for an Aldi hamper seems a bit silly – but hear us out, there’s a lot on offer.

The hampers are said to be ‘back and better than ever before’, with the store having increased availability of last year’s most sought-after festive gifts to ensure nobody goes home with a hamper partly filled with stuff they don’t… Read the full story

Disney is searching for wannabe princes and princesses to travel the world on a boat

(Credit: Disney)

If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner Disney princess for a living, now’s your chance.

Aldi has released five luxurious Christmas hampers

Oh, and you can do it while travelling the world, too.

Disney is currently hiring people to travel around the world on a cruise ship while spreading the magic of the beloved brand.

The company is on the lookout for Disney lovers to work with them on their ships, where people will be able to live the lifestyles of Princess Ariel and Prince Eric all on a salary.

According to the Disney Careers page, there’s lots of different openings available, including entertainment… Read the full story

People who skip breakfast could have an increased risk of heart disease

(Picture: Getty)

Oi, you. It doesn’t matter how much of a rush you’re in every morning, you need to bloody well make sure you have some breakfast.

No, this isn’t coming from your mum. It’s coming from science.

New research has added weight to the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, by noting a link between skipping breakfast and poor cardiovascular health.

Sorry, cereal-skippers.

Researchers analysed the health and diets of 4,052 middle-aged men and women working in banks, all with no previous history of cardiovascular disease.

At the start of the study, participants were asked to detail what they’d eaten, and the times they’d eaten it, over the previous 15 days.

Alongside… Read the full story

Man causes outrage by eating McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets with a fork

(Picture: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

There are many things in this world to be angry about.

Gun control laws for example. Poverty. People telling you you look tired.

But today, the rage of the internet has been directly squarely at this man, for the grave crime of eating McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets with a fork.

A video posted on Brown Cardigan shows a mysterious man sitting in McDonald’s while wearing a blue suit. He uses a fork to pick up his chicken nuggets and dunk them into his sauce.

He does the same thing with his fries.

Aldi is selling a Yorkshire pudding burrito

(Picture: Shutterstock)

Ah, the Yorkshire pudding burrito.

The freakish/delicious combination of some of our favourite things first popped up on everyone’s radar last year, when a restaurant started serving roast beef wrapped lovingly in a large, flattened Yorkshire pudding, served with a side of gravy.

We were unsettled at the time. It sounded delicous, but also… wrong.

We forgot about the Yorkshire pudding burrito for a while, pushing it to the back of our minds as other food trends came and went. Honestly, we blame the unicorn trend for letting us forget about something so wonderful.

Then it came back.

A sandwich shop in York began serving their own take on… Read the full story

Shoe designer Patrick Cox sells house with a ‘disco loo’ and a walk-in shoe den for £2.7 million

(Picture: Aston Chase/SWNS)

Let’s say you’re looking to buy a house, and that house needs to meet a certain set of guidelines to fit your lavish lifestyle.

You’ve got hundreds of pairs of shoes that require their own storage space.

You’d like to be able to host an intimate get-together in your bathroom.

You only want two bedrooms, but they’ll need to be massive.

A quick nose around SpareRoom might not deliver quite what you’re after, but don’t worry: there is a house in existence that meets all your requirements. Unfortunately, it’s just been sold for £2.75 million. Sorry.

The super posh London home previously belonged to shoe designer Patrick Cox, who managed to sell his house for more than… Read the full story

Model slams Balenciaga for cutting her out of their show after they asked her to cut her hair

(Picture: Instagram/louiseparker)

For a long time, awful treatment was just considered part of the modeling deal.

Young models would be put on restrictive diets, ordered to lose weight in absurdly short amounts of time, and have their ‘flaws’ pointed out to their face with no consideration of how it might affect their mental state.

Add in constant travel, little sleep, and being ordered to walk in shoes that no human should be able to walk in, and being a model hasn’t been quite as fun as non-models assume it must be. And designers have got away with it, because poor treatment of models is just part and parcel of the industry.

Now, models are starting… Read the full story

11 reasons to book a glamorous Sicilian yacht holiday

Woman seriously regrets applying fake tan before hitting the gym

(Picture: @evemallonxx/Twitter)

We’re all busy people and often our gym sessions end up being squeezed between finishing work and socialising.

After all, a cheeky 20 minute HIIT session is just what you need to liven up your body before hitting the town.

Often that can mean having to do your hair, nails and tan before working out.

But my tangoed friends, beware.

Because applying tan before a workout can lead to some disastrous results – as Eve from Falkirk found out.

She smothered tan all over her legs before donning… Read the full story

Tiny London sushi place which can only seat nine diners wins three Michelin stars

(Picture: aeongjoemrith/Instagram)

Michelin stars are hard to come by.

Often they get awarded to incredibly high profile restaurants with celebrity chefs and complicated menus.

But, occasionally, the hallowed three stars are given to a hidden gem.

And this year, one of the smallest restaurants in London has just joined the ranks of Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck and Restaurant Gordon Ramsey in being awarded all three Michelin stars.

The Araki in Mayfair has just one set eleven-course menu and chef Mitsuhiro Araki refuses to make any alterations to any of the dishes to accommodate for picky eaters.

Instagram Photo

Oh, and it only has space for nine diners.

The Sushi ‘Omakase’ Chef’s Set Menu… Read the full story

Prepare your livers: A four day prosecco festival is coming to London

Prosecco Springs is back for its second year (Picture: Getty)

Last year, the London was lucky enough to be #blessed with its very first prosecco festival.

It was a glorious, three day celebration of all things fizzy, and guess what, pals? It’s coming back bigger and better than before.

Fizz fest Prosecco Springs is heading back to its home at Oval Space in Hackney, East London, after a sell-out first year, and will be popping bottles like no-one’s business from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 April 2018.

(That’s a day longer than last year, fact fans.)

There will even more prosecco producers, even more masterclasses, and even more Italian food.

Alrighty, then!

Read the full story

Losing single sex schools would be a tragedy for girls

st trinians all girls school
(Picture: Entertainment Films)

A study claims that Australia could be totally devoid of single sex schools in the next 20 years. Which, as far as I’m concerned, would be a tragedy. 

Especially for women.

Now, I realise that we don’t live in Australia so it’s not a direct problem for us, but still, a reflection on why single sex education is so brilliant feels timely.

There’s a whole lot of contradictory research about the effects of different type of schooling.

One recent study, conducted by ACER, claims that children who are co-educated achieve much the same results as pupils in single sex schools.

However there’s still a school of thought from many education… Read the full story

50-year-old ‘incurable’ breast cancer survivor poses for lingerie shoot

(Picture: Lonely Lingerie/ Harriet Were/ Sweet Louise)

This is Maggie Prentice.

10 years ago, she was told that she had a 10% chance of surviving an ‘incurable’ breast cancer.

But here she is, posing for a lingerie shoot alongside fellow survivors.

‘I wake up and think about it every day but I don’t dwell on it, I haven’t given up work – I just carry on as normal as possible,’ she tells Daily Mail Australia.

The aim of the shoot is to raise awareness of breast cancer and how it affects those who live with it.

She became part of the shoot for Lonely Lingerie thanks to a Facebook post by Sweet Louise, an… Read the full story

Powerful photo series shares women embracing their mastectomy scars


In case you didn’t know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

While it’s important for us to use this time to talk about prevention, to learn about the symptoms, and encourage everyone to do regular breast checks, it’s also incredibly important to talk about what happens after diagnosis, and to celebrate those who survive the illness.

As part of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, fourteen women who were diagnosed with cancer, including some who are still receiving treatment, have posed topless to showcase their mastectomy scars without shame or embarrassment.

The photo series, called Mastectomy, is intended to show that having a mastectomy does not have to put a stop to a woman’s happiness, her love for her body, and her sex appeal.

York-based photographer Ami Barwell, who photographed the campaign, says she was inspired by her mum, Sue, who was disagnosed with breast cancer in 1993.

Sue underwent a mastectomy, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but in 2011 her cancer returned in… Read the full story

A pop-up Fluffytorium is coming to London where you can cuddle extremely fluffy animals

Wana cuddle a Chow Chow? (Picture: Getty)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Londoners are deprived.

We’re deprived of green space, friendly faces and clean air.

But most importantly – we’re deprived of animals. For when you live in a shoebox that you pay £1,000 a month for, it doesn’t leave you much space or money to welcome a furry friend into your home.

Which is why we positively die when things like pug pop-up bars come to town.

And the latest in animal bothering events is the Amazing Animals Fluffytorium, which is coming to Soho, London between Friday 27 October to Saturday 28 October.

Diners can eat for free if they finish this restaurant’s 6lb steak challenge

(Picture: The Ashville Steakhouse)

A UK restaurant is challenging its customers to demolish a 96oz steak in its new Man vs Food inspired challenge.

The Ashville Steakhouse, Bristol, is following in last year’s footsteps – which saw them release a 72oz steak challenge – to bring to the table a steak that’s bigger and better than ever.

According to the restaurant, the steak costs £110 – however, this is only to be paid if you don’t complete the challenge.

If you manage to clean your plate, you’ll be leaving full for a week for absolutely nothing.

Vivienne Westwood only washes once a week and says that’s the secret to staying young

Andreas and Vivienne (Picture: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

We all want to know the secret to staying young – that’s why we waste our salaries on serums and creams and painful treatments.

After all, no one looks forward to resembling a shrivelled brown paper bag in middle age.

But if you’re keen on staying young well into your 70s, then you might want to pay attention to Vivienne Westwood.

Because the 76-year-old designer says that she only washes once a week – and she credits her youthful appearance to that fact.

14 things all gluten-free people think during The Great British Bake Off

Yeah, sorry, you can’t have any (Picture: Getty)

If you’re gluten-free, watching The Great British Bake Off can only mean two things: Food envy, quickly followed by frantically Googling whatever it is they’re baking, preceded by the phrase ‘gluten-free’.

But just because we can’t eat anything, that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying it, right?

Well, of course not, it’s fun to watch.

But you have to admit, it is a little strange to sit down once a week and remind yourself of all the things you can’t eat.

So here are 14 things all gluten-free people think during The Great British Bake Off…

1. When is it going to be free-from week?

A luxury Odeon cinema with leather recliners and fancy food is set to open in October

odeon luxury cinema
(Picture: Odeon)

If the rooftop cinema popups and films shown on boats haven’t given the game away, people are asking for a little more than just popcorn when they ponder seeing a movie.

We want luxurious experiences. A reason to actually pay and go to a cinema rather than just rewatching Hilary Duff films on Netflix.

That’s why there are so many film-themed popups around at the moment, and why they sell out so bloody quickly.

It’s also why chain cinemas such as Odeon are trying to get in on the fancy film-watching experience trend.

Odeon is set to launch Europe’s first luxury Odeon cinema in East Kilbride, Glasgow, on 12 October.

Read the full story

Guys, please stay out of your girlfriend’s arguments

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When you’re at primary school and someone pushes you over in the playground, it’s quite right to go and tell an adult. 

Similarly, if you’re being bullied at secondary school the sensible thing to do is to inform a teacher.

But by the time you reach adulthood, the idea of telling tales on another adult should be outside the realm of possibility. Being a grown-up means (outside of anything illegal or abusive) handling your own problems.

So why is it that so many people still seem to think it’s legit to get their romantic partner involved when they’re in an argument?

How many of us have had the experience of having… Read the full story

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