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What is Baobab powder and where to buy it?

Baobab tree fruit growing in Mali  (Picture: Getty)

Baobab is a fruit that has come into popular use since 2008 and is now used in many of our favourite foods.

The fruit is a superfood that comes from the Adansonia trees in Africa and Australia.

metro illustrationsThe relationship between depression and anxiety

It is pronounced Bey-Oh-Bab and has health benefits for the skin and hair, and it is just generally good for you all over.

It is a strong source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, thamin, fibre and vitamin B6.

It has one of the highest antioxidant capacities in the world – more than blueberries and pomegranates combined.

It… Read the full story

Tinder launches new Reactions feature that lets you respond when you can’t be bothered to type

(Picture: Myles Goode)

So, you know when you’re on Tinder and encounter a massive tosser?

You’d quite like to call them out on their trashy behaviour, for the sake of other swipers and your own satisfaction, but they don’t really deserve the time it’d take for you to type out a rant or calmly explain to them why they’re awful.

You end up just hitting unmatch. But if you fancy an alternative, a way to react to your match’s dreadfulness without having to take the time to type out a lecture, rejoice – Tinder’s just launched a new feature they reckon will help out.

Tinder Reactions is essentially Tinder’s versions of emoji. They’re animated, full-screen… Read the full story

Is it ok to photoshop people’s images without their consent?

(Picture: fattyonce/Instagram)

The internet has enabled us to access a load of material we otherwise would never have been able to.

We no longer have to wait for OK to publish official pictures of weddings and babies – Instagram allows us to follow our favourite celebs from breakfast to supper.

No images are off limits.

We can pin their photos as inspo, crop them as screen savers and retweet them to show our appreciation.

But what are the ethics behind editing these pictures?

Instagram Photo

We’re all sick of seeing photos of celebrities which have been photoshopped down a size of four; some celebrities are even sick of it themselves.

Zendaya had… Read the full story

The Diner’s new vegetarian and vegan menu launches today

Vegan pancakes are what dairy-free dreams are made of (Picture: The Diner)

Tell you what, it’s been a great week for vegans and vegetarians.

Today we announced that Wagamama have launched a completely separate vegan/veggie menu and guess what? The Diner have just done the same!

To celebrate world vegetarian week (that’s this week, fact fans), American comfort food extraordinaires The Diner have launched an all vegan/vegetarian menu – today!

To launch the menu, The Strand site of The Diner has gone totally vegan/veggie for today (October 4) and tomorrow (October 5) only.

The menu will then debut exclusively at the Islington site from October 10.

The vegan/veggie menu is a completely separate menu and… Read the full story

NUNdos – a chicken soup pop-up run by nuns – is coming to Shoreditch

(Picture: Nundos)

You know what there aren’t enough of?

Nun-run eateries.

In fact, there generally isn’t enough mingling between the Holy Orders and the general public (I guess because they have higher fish to fry).

Well, that’s all about to change, because a pop-up restaurant is about to set up shop in Shoreditch…and it’s going to be manned by nuns.

Nundos (classic) is going to be run by the Daughters of Divine Charity and will be open for three days as part of a new Channel 5 series Bad Habits: Holy Orders.

Nundos: when, where and how

Where is it? White Rabbit, Dereham Pl, London EC2A 3HJ

When does it open?Read the full story

Woman takes selfies with her catcallers to show how dumb they are

(Picture: dearcatcallers/Instagram)

This is 20-year-old Noa Jansma.

And the creep in the photo with her isn’t her dad or mate…it’s some random dude who catcalled her in the street.

Look how happy he is at being asked to have his picture taken with the object of his sexual harassment! What a guy! Keep smiling, man!

That’s what Noa does: she takes selfies with her catcallers to show how oblivious they are.

Like a lot of women, she’s a frequent victim of street harassment – but unlike a lot of us, she’s decided to take direct action against men whistling or accosting her.

Instagram Photo

After being filmed and harassed on… Read the full story

Is this what the perfect home looks like?

Credit: GoCompare

Is this what your dream home looks like?

If you’re a perfect amalgamation of a bunch of different people looking for a house, then yes, it is, apparently.

GoCompare Mortgages did some research into what British people look for in a home, broke down people’s desires into easy categories and averages, then worked with Marc Sawan, an architect from eye-kon, to create a home that met all the most common requirements of a home.

He didn’t actually build it, to be clear. That’d be a bold move.

Instead Marc mocked up the ‘perfect’ home using computer generated imagery.

So behold, your dream home.

Amazon is being slammed for selling a hoodie that trivialises anorexia

(Picture: Amazon)

I’m so tired of seeing clothing that tries to make mental illness into a ‘fun’ fashion statement.

I’m tired of those ‘OCD – obsessive cat disorder’ shirts, the T-shirts that spin schizophrenia as having a hilarious split personality, those ‘bipolar alert’ tote bags.

They all send a very clear message: Your mental illness is a joke.

That’s incredibly damaging. And it’s bloody miserable that this is a message that’s been repeated so many times that seeing it has become so normal it just warrants an eye roll.

The latest item of clothing that’s getting attention for trivialising a very serious condition is a hoodie that’s being sold on Amazon.

‘Anorexia,’ reads the… Read the full story

Planned Parenthood’s new campaign teaches us all about the vagina and vulva with cats

Picture: Planned Parenthood)

If there are two things left in this world that are inherently wonderful, it’s cats and vaginas.

Don’t argue. It’s true.

Both deliver joy, both are self-cleaning, both are strokeable, and if angry people played with them more, they’d be less likely to leave awful comments all over the internet.

It makes sense, then, that Planned Parenthood has decided to combine the two to create a truly splendid video series.

Taking Care Of Your Pussy is a new video series from Planned Parenthood that’s all about the wonders of the vagina, explained with cats.

It’s delightful for many reasons.

Black models are sick and tired of backstage racism – so why isn’t anything being done to tackle it?

(Picture: Londone Myers//INstagram)

Fashion, undoubtedly, is becoming more diverse and open to people of colour.

While the vast majority of models are white, there have been recent improvements in the numbers of black, Asian and mixed women walking at runway shows and appearing in campaigns.

But that doesn’t mean that racism in the industry is over.

The Caucasian beauty standard is still very much in place.

Take black model Londone Myers, for example.

She’s been working at Paris Fashion Week, during the course of which she decided to show exactly what it’s like being an ethnic minority backstage at one of the industry’s biggest events.

Behind her, a group of white models get their hair done immediately…while Londone waits, being overlooked by… Read the full story

Bakery company tries to list ‘love’ as a granola ingredient and the FDA isn’t having it

(Picture: Getty)

America has some odd rules about what is and isn’t allowed – particularly when it comes to food.

Wonderfully innocent things like Kinder Eggs, haggis, ackee fruit and Mirabelle plums are verboten stateside.

What the hell did a plum ever do to be banned from an entire continent?

The FDA don’t care – they ban what they like.

Which is why they’re trying to stop a bakery company from listing ‘love’ as an ingredient in their granola.

Nashoba Brook Bakery, based in Massachusetts, has been taken to task by the US Food and Drug Administration for saying that love is a key part of their cereal mix.

Praise Cheesus: Asda is set to launch a cheese advent calendar

(Picture: Asda)

Remember our excitement over one woman’s makeshift advent calendar?

It was wonderful; a glorious advent alternative to the standard chocolate options.

At first it was only available if you made it yourself, then creator Annem announced plans to start selling ’em.

And now a big brand has hopped on board to help Annem bring her creation to the masses, so we’ll be able to get our greedy paws on a cheesy treat for every day leading up to Christmas by popping to the shops.

Yep, Asda is launching Annem’s cheese advent calendar. Exciting, no?

The calendar will include 24 individually wrapped cheese of five different varieties, picked by… Read the full story

Exploring the UK’s top 10 most popular fetishes

(Picture: Ella BYworth for MEtro.co.uk)

Lovehoney, the UK’s most enormous online sex toy retailer have compiled a list of the UK’s most popular sexual fetishes, based on their insight as purveyors of all things kinky.

So, what are the good people of the UK getting up to between the sheets?

(Or on top of them. Or no-where near them. We don’t judge).

Filming it

According to Lovehoney, filming yourself having sex is now incredibly popular. Maybe it’s because porn is so endemic, or maybe it’s because having smartphones means you can film yourself without having to use the family video camera.

Please note that while filming yourself having sex can be super fun, watching… Read the full story

Scientists say that English breakfast tea can help you lose weight…if you ditch the milk

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Since time immemorial, we’ve been seeking low-effort methods of losing weight.

Wrapping yourself in clingfilm? Yep. Downing a glass of Epsom Salts every day? Done that. Slim Fast? Obviously.

But it turns out that the answer to all our slimmest dreams might have been lurking in a kitchen cupboard all this time.

A new study is claiming that drinking black tea might promote weight loss and speed up metabolism.

Researchers from the University of California say they’ve found that English Breakfast tea stimulates the production of good bacteria in the gut and enhances our metabolism in the liver.

The study involved dividing mice into four… Read the full story

Amazon’s new office in Cambridge is pretty dreamy

(Picture: Cambridge News / BPM Media)

If you’re reading this sitting in a dingy cubicle, longing for office snacks or perhaps just a chair that has both its arms, you may want to take a deep, calming breath before you scroll onwards.

There are offices in this world that are not miserable places, and they shall fill you with envy.

One such office is Amazon’s new spot in Cambridge. It’s dreamy.

The new Amazon office sits in a 60,000sq ft development in Cambridge’s business district, right near Cambridge railway. It’s expected to open any day now, and will support more than 400 workers.

And it’s decked out to be your dream office.

Read the full story

5 problems all vegan parents will understand

Every time you throw a birthday party, you know all the other parents are wondering whether you’ll feed their kids anything other than lentils (Picture: Getty)

The number of vegans aged 15 or over in the UK has grown by 350% over the past decade, and the number of mini-vegans will surely have also increased as more and more vegan parents like me are choosing to raise their kids on a plant-based diet.

Exploring the UK's top 10 most popular fetishes

Thanks to media coverage and vegan education, there’s plenty of information out there to help vegan parents feel confident that they’re providing a nutritionally beneficial diet… Read the full story

Slutty women don’t end up single and alone, actually

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I am a respectable married lady. 

And before I was a respectable married lady, I was a bit of a slut.

The use of the word ‘slut’ is a controversial one.

Obviously we don’t support the use of language which judges a woman who has sex. It’s a ridiculous thing to do. But in this context, the word slut feels important. Like a kind of reclaiming. After decades of being called a slut, being told not to be a slut, being warned of the dangers of being a slut, we’re finally taking the word back.

In a essay published in the Wall Street Journal last week, a male academic went on… Read the full story

Asda has renamed their tiger bread after 85-year-old customer Audrey

(Picture: Asda)

Like many of us, 85-year-old Audrey Bond bloody loves bread.

But as a true bread lover, Audrey’s standards for carbs are high.

She’s been giving tips to her local baker, Gary, at her Asda in Barking, for the last few years, advising him on how to make sure his tiger bread is top notch

Gary listened, and now his tiger bread is superb.

So naturally, Asda needed to thank Audrey for her input, which they did by renaming her favourite tiger bread in her honour.

Audrey’s been a loyal Asda customer for years. She spotted that some of the tiger breads coming out of the oven were shaped like ‘big kidney beans’,… Read the full story

Boohoo’s Halloween costume collection is frightfully fashionable

Boohoo's Halloween collection is frightfully fashionable
(Picture: Boohoo)

Halloween is right around the corner (26 days to precise – not that we’re counting) which means its time to start thinking about costumes.

We’ve already been decorating Halloween trees, buying Halloween-themed mugs, phone cases, socks and everything that’s covered in pumpkin print.

But one thing we haven’t quite nailed (yet) is a Halloween costume.

(Picture: Giphy)

Some of us… Read the full story

Dear dudes: Catcalling and talking to women are not the same thing

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Dear men: catcalling and talking to women are two different things.

You probably know a number of women with whom you shoot the breeze on occasion, who you’d never dream of beeping at on a Friday night.

You might talk to Rachel from your team about what she had for dinner. You might tell the woman next door about the holiday you’ve just come back from. You might ask your female barista how her day’s going.

Those are not incidents of catcalling.

Talking to women is not harassment. Talking to the opposite sex is a necessary part of societal living which can be an enriching experience on both sides.

On the whole,… Read the full story

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