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The best novelty and unusual Advent Calendars for 2017

Ready to splurge on some unnecessary Christmas paraphernalia (Picture: Getty)

Christmas is coming and you need to make the decision soon: will you be a grinch lambasting the Christmas period and pretending you hate every twinkly light you pass or will you be doing that with a tipple of booze in your each morning.

The run-up to Christmas can drive us all a little bit crazy and we tend to splash the cash on the most random of items, whether it’s for a present, a gift to yourself or because, ‘it’s Christmas’.

The ultimate roundup and review of 2017's best beauty advent calendars

Christmas is not… Read the full story

Someone’s created diet avocados

(Picture: Isla Bonita)

Having an avocado addiction can be hard.

You’ve got war wounds from slitting your hand open. You’re broke. And you’re worried that all that avo toast is going straight on your hips.

I mean sure, you’d have to eat A LOT OF AVOCADOS to put on weight from eating them, but they are pretty high in (good) fats nonetheless.

Which is why someone’s come up with ‘diet’ avocados.

Yep, a fruit company in Spain has developed a variant which has 30% less fat than a regular avo.

Isla Bonita’s Avocado Light is apparently juicier than the regular thing and, crucially, goes bad slower.

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Temple of Seitan is doing a vegan version of the KFC Double Down RIGHT NOW

(Picture: templeofseitan/Instagram)

When KFC announced that they were bringing their infamous Double Down to the UK, chicken lovers went wild.

They couldn’t wait to get their chops around the bunless meat feast.

It really seemed like Christmas had come early for carnivores.


Because the fried chicken-ish kings at Temple of Seitan have just added their own cruelty-free version of the Double Down to their secret menu.

Instagram Photo

Yep, you can now get vegan cheese and bacon sandwiched between two succulent, crispy seitan fillets, smothered in buffalo sauce.

Holy mother of plant-based dining.

And if we know Temple of Seitain (we do),… Read the full story

Tile company installs confusing optical illusion floor

(Picture: Twitter/DuncanCook10)

Looking at this makes us feel a bit funny.

Even now we know the floor is flat, we can’t stop feeling like it’d be unsteady to walk on. We’d probably have to jump over the bit that looks like it dips, just for safety.

The ‘wavy’ floor was installed twelve months ago at tile company Casa Ceramica’s showroom in Manchester.

They fancied having an entrance that played with all the different ways tiles can be used, themed around optical illusions.

And yeah, they nailed it.

The floor is made from porcelain tiles, specially Aquacut to a custom design to create a dipped effect.

‘The floor was cut and sent… Read the full story

This man’s masculinity was so fragile that he spent his whole life pooing without a loo seat

Credit: Shutterstock

Sometimes you read something so astonishing that you question how humans have managed to survive so many thousands of years. 

This, my friends, is one of those stories. And it comes courtesy of Reddit (where else?)

It’s an old post, from way back in 2014, but it’s resurfaced and we just cannot get our heads around it.

The poster writes:

‘So I’m hoping a load of people are going to come out in support of me here but I’ve got that sinking feeling I may be alone in this.

‘Our toilet broke so I was in shopping for new ones and the sales person joked (no doubt for the millionth time) that I’ll want one… Read the full story

Percy Pig has had a Halloween makeover

(Picture: Marks & Spencer/Getty)

Percy Pig has had a Halloween makeover, taking inspiration from the popular Halloween staple – the pumpkin.

Ditching the usual smiley-faced pigs for something a little spookier (well, at least as spooky as soft gums can get), Marks & Spencer has released some limited edition bags which each contain a mixture of pink, green and orange Percys complete with a ghoulish grin.

Forget the prosecco, Oreo beer is a thing and we need to try it immediately

Nike eyebrows are a thing and they’re taking us back to 2012

(Picture: slayagebyjess/Instagram)

Remember back in 2012 where people had big, bold eyebrows that looked a bit like Nike ticks?

Well, they’re back. Except this time they’ve been taken up a notch. As in, they really look like Nike ticks.

Gone are the days where we left our eyebrows alone, as after squiggly brows, negative space brows, and more, people have been taking to Instagram to debut a Nike eyebrow look.

While some have been hiding their own eyebrows under makeup before drawing the ticks on, others have been lining their own eyebrows in black and then adding the curve of the tick in afterwards.

Instagram… <a href=Read the full story

Boozy ring pops are here to take you back to the 90s

(Picture: Sweet Saba X Campari)

90s kids, rejoice: Ring pops are back, and they’ve been given a boozy makeover.

Sweet Saba, an online sweet shop with stores in the US, has recently partnered with Campari to bring us an adult-version of the childhood classic.

This isn’t the store’s first grownup sweet treat, as they also sell candy shot glasses and rosé crystal candy.

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with this shimmery Prosecco advent calendar

(Picture: Lakeland)

Forget chocolate, gin, or beauty advent calendars, because we’ve found one that encourages you to get creative – and it’s totally worth it for a Prosecco reward.

The 12 Days of Prosecco advent calendar is here to give you 12 days of seriously sophisticated fizzmass.

From 25 December to 5 January, the glitzy calendar gives you a daily gift to jazz up your glass of Prosecco – and to make it as Instagram-worthy as possible.

Let’s just get one thing straight: Sadly, you will have to purchase your own Prosecco for this calendar – or alternative fizz should you not want any booze.

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Louise Thompson on breakfast, takeaways and weird pre-bedtime rules

(Picture: Louise Thompson/Instagram)

Louise Thompson needs little introduction.

She’s Louise off of Made in Chelsea – you know, Sam’s sister…the one who used to cry a lot…the one who suddenly hooked up with her PT and became everyone’s fitspiration.

Not content with turning our Instagram feeds into a MyProtein ad, she’s now released her own edit of athleisure with Fabletics – Kate Hudson’s brand. We’re talking velour tracksuits. Disco-sheen vests. Pastel matching crops and leggings.

It wouldn’t be too hyperbolic to say that Louise is becoming something of a fitness brand herself.

So we caught up with her at the launch to see just how she’s done it:


On working out

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Aldi is set to launch gin-filled mince pies and we’re so ready for Christmas

(Picture: Getty – Aldi)

If you thought stores had finally given up on adding some gin and tonic twists to festive treats, you were wrong.

Previously, we wrote about some teacakes that had been given the G&T revamp. Now Aldi has one-upped them with some gin and tonic flavoured mince pies.

The super cheap supermarket is set to launch some Specially Selected Sloe Gin Mince Tarts next month.

The mince pies have been dubbed a ‘very sophisticated alternative to the traditional mince pie’.

While your standard mince pie is filled with mincemeat – a festive selection of fruits and spices – these mince pies have sloe gin added into the mix, making them one hell… Read the full story

Man edits himself into childhood memories in heartwarming photo series

(Picture: Conor Nickerson)

Conor Nickerson is a photographer from Montreal who has recently created an amazing photo series in which he edits his adult-self into his childhood photos.

The series, entitled ‘Childhood’, was inspired after Conor spent some time looking through his old family photos, and wondered what it would look like if he tried to Photoshop his current self into them.

To get started, Conor searched for 90s clothing to help make the photos look more authentic.

We cannot hold women responsible for their husband’s actions

(Picture: Getty Images)

When Hilary Clinton was running for president, there was this tendency for men on the internet to make reference to things that Bill Clinton had done. 

Now obviously we should ignore anonymous men on the internet, but the thing is, however ridiculous it is to equate a woman with the actions of her husband, it happens.

It happens a lot. And it seems to be happening to Georgina Chapman.

‘No-one is going to be wearing Marchessa any time soon’ a friend remarked yesterday. It’s a sentiment I’ve heard repeated several times over the last few days, since Harvey Weinstein’s appealing behaviour was revealed.

In case you weren’t aware, Marchessa is the design company… Read the full story

Carluccio’s is launching their first ever exclusively vegan and vegetarian pop-up

(Picture: Carluccio’s)

Over the past few weeks, a spate of high street chains has jumped aboard the plant-based train.

We’ve had McDonald’s launching a vegan burger. Wagamama announcing a new vegan menu. The Diner offering greasy American plant-based grub.

What a time for non-meat eaters to be alive!

And Carluccio’s is now the latest eatery to recognise the power of the green pound.

They’ve just announced that they’re opening their first ever exclusively vegetarian pop-up, with plenty of vegan options, in collaboration with food blogger Anna Barnett.

Instagram Photo

From 23 October, the Covent Garden branch will be transforming their first… Read the full story

15 reasons why Leeds should be named the European Capital of Culture 2023

Leeds should be awarded the 2023 European Capital Of Culture
Leeds is a winner in so many ways (Picture: Rex/Shutterstock, Getty)

The European Capital of Culture award was created to celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures in cities across Europe.

Previous winners have been selected thanks to their outstanding cultural sites, history and local attractions.

13 reasons Leeds is the best place to live in the UK

The UK is home to many cities that meet the criteria of this prestigious title, and some are currently doing their best to showcase why they should be declared the winner.

However, there is only one current competitor who stands out… Read the full story

It’s Friday the 13th… but why is today meant to be unlucky?

Hopefully a black cat won’t cross your path today (picture: Getty)

The superstitious among us might be best off staying in bed today.

Yes, that’s because today is Friday the 13th – a day considered by many to be one of the unluckiest days in the calendar.

I’m an atheist who goes to church – here’s why you should too

In fact, it is believed that as many as 49 million Brits fear the date.

But while many of us will spend the day dodging ladders, black cats and the cracks in the pavement, the day isn’t always  considered the unluckiest.

In different countries, different dates are… Read the full story

Why do we go for f***boys?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The term ‘f*ckboys’ has become commonplace in millennial vernacular over recent years.

I sort of wish I could come up with a more suitable term – one which I didn’t feel I had to censor when talking to my parents.

But the noughties favourite ‘bad boy’ just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

It fails to convey the true extent of manipulative nonsense f*ckboys will put you through. ‘Bad boys’ were guys like Jay from 5ive with his swagger and *gasp* eyebrow piercing.

You knew he was a ‘bad boy’ because it was such a transparent identity that guys used to portray. Whether… Read the full story

If you like gin and tea then we’re about to make your day

(Picture: Getty – Fortnum and Mason)

Gin and tonic teabags exist and they might just be the best hair of the dog ever. 

Well, sort of, as these tea bags don’t actually contain any alcohol.

But despite their non-existent boozy content, we can’t think of anything better than waking up to the taste of G&T – and it’s the perfect, guilt-free stress reliever on a cold evening.

The teabags are made by combining green tea with real juniper berries and handpicked botanicals including coriander, fennel and lemon balm.

Whisky sales have dropped by a million bottles in half a year

(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

RED ALERT: Our whisky is in trouble and feeling a bit unloved.

We don’t know whether to blame the gin hype, the new focus on sobriety, or horrible shot experiences in university putting us off whisky for life, but here’s the deal: Whisky sales in the UK have fallen by one million bottles in the past six months.

And that, frankly, is unacceptable.

HMRC figures show 36.7million bottles were released for sale in the first half of 2017, down from 37.7million in the same period last year.


Are our palates too muddied to appreciate the joy of whisky? Is whisky seen as an old man’s drink in need of some rebranding? Are we all… Read the full story

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