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Is the Foreo Luna Play worth the faff?

(Picture: ASOS/Foreo Luna Play)

I’ve been taken in by a lot of trendy beauty gadgets over the years.

I’m still debating whether or not to drop £100 or more on a Clarisonic, and I’ve made do with strange cheap knockoffs (there was one that had little cleanser-soaked pads you attached to a mini vibrator. Anyone remember that?) in the years of deliberation.

The pattern is nearly always the same.

I see some adverts and glowing reviews, become CONVINCED that this magical gadget is how I’ll finally get smooth, glowing skin, buy it, use it religiously for a few weeks, then get bored and give up thanks to the lack of dramatic results.

I can now recognise… Read the full story

Calvin Klein is using some quite traumatic memories to sell pants


Calvin Klein have made a really, really weird choice. 

And no, I’m not talking about the choice to not make bras for anyone above a DD cup.

They’ve used Kirsten Dunst telling a really depressing story about her first kiss in an ad campaign.

In the advert, which is directed by Sophia Coppella, with whom Kirsten works often, she shares the story of her first kiss.

You can see how the concept got approved. Beautiful women in black and white, telling stories about memories while wearing Calvin Klein lingerie. It’s nice.

Only, the story that Dunst tells really isn’t nice. It’s pretty sad.


‘We were in the Washington monument, and it’s dark in the elevator apart from these little tiny shafts of light, and this guy who was basically my friend’s love interest just laid one on me, and it was my first kiss, and I was so shocked – I… Read the full story

London Literature Festival dates, venues and talks not to miss

(Picture: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank /Getty)

London Literature Festival will kick off today Friday, October 13 and will run for the next two weeks featuring talks from Hilary Rodham Clinton and Tom Hanks.

The London Literature Festival will feature some of the most anticipated literary events of the year with the likes of Philip Pullman and Claudia Rankine also appearing.

This year the festival will be bigger and better than ever as they promise an expanded edition for the fans, that opens with the 50th anniversary of Poetry International, we will see the return of Young Adult Literature Weekender and plenty of events for the half term.

The festival this year has attracted some of the… Read the full story

You can now buy a pink Swarovski-encrusted water bottle

Are you feeling extra? (Credit: S’well)

Reusable water bottles really are the future.

They save you money, look cute, and more importantly, theyre good for the planet.

Scientists predict there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, and it doesn’t take a science bod to work out that that’s not okay.

There are so many great designs around at the moment, meaning there’s no excuse not to ditch your single-use plastic water bottle habit.

Although this does often mean that you’ll get major bottle envy and find yourself asking randoms on the tube where they got their vessel from.

If you’re sick of being the one doing the asking, and… Read the full story

Heist tights advert banned from the tube because a woman’s back is ‘overtly sexual’

Credit: Heist/Edina van der Wyck

A tights company have had their advert censored because, as far as TFL are concerned, a woman’s naked back is ‘overtly sexual’. 

The advert which features a woman dancing in a pair of Heist tights (those ones you see adverts for on Facebook). But TFL told Heist that they needed to apply a boob-tube (or similar) to the woman’s body, because the nakedness of her back has potentially offensive.

We spoke to Ellie Howard, one of Heist’s co-founders, who told us ‘We don’t believe that the advert is offensive in any way. We were asked to darken the image around the dancer’s bottom for more coverage, which we were… Read the full story

10 thoughts everybody has when they’re diagnosed with IBD

10 thoughts everybody has when diagnosed with IBD
So many questions (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

I write a lot about Inflammatory Bowel Disease, from my hospital trips to socialising.

However, sometimes I forget just how scary it was to be diagnosed back in 2012.

10 pieces of advice for a newly diagnosed IBD patient

In fact, I often get messages from those who have just been diagnosed and the narrative is always the same – a sense of confusion, frustration and despair.

So, today I wanted to take a step back and talk about what it’s like to be diagnosed with IBD and the… Read the full story

Autumn recipe: Easy pumpkin and pomegranate pakore

So easy to make (Picture: Vicky Bhogal)

When I was very young, I always imagined that pakores would be quite complicated to make, but they couldn’t be simpler.

These little clusters are similar in concept to tempura, but with a spicy batter, and are perfect for when unexpected guests turn up and you have nothing but a couple of potatoes and an onion.

(Picture: Nicola Millbank)Winter warmer recipe: Pumpkin pearl barley risotto with sage butter

With a trusty packet of gram flour and a few spices in the cupboard, you can use whatever you have lying around to make these.

This version, made with the… Read the full story

Guys, it’s really mean to delete Facebook friends on their birthday


Guys. We need to talk about birthday Facebook deletion. 

We’ve all got those people lingering on our list of friends who we don’t really need anymore.

Maybe you met on a night out and decided to stay in touch forever. Perhaps you were on the same holiday and under the influence of sun and booze thought that you had stuff in common. And of course we can’t forget about the people you went to school with and only added to try to prove that your life has turned out better than theirs.

I’m not saying you should stay friends with these people.

I’m saying that their birthday is NOT… Read the full story

Uni students open a book of condolence after the death of their cat president

Susu has lived through 15 freshers weeks #lad (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

Students at the University of Southampton are in mourning after the death of a stray cat that they took in and made their president.

Susu (named after the initials of Southampton University Student’s Union) became an unofficial campus masot after being first let into the building in 2002.

The cat had lived there ever since, sleeping in the union, and even having a food bowl there.

When the cat was attacked in 2009, Southampton students raised £400 to pay her vet bills.

They loved the cat so much that they even made her honorary president at their AGM, in recognition of her… Read the full story

5 things I won’t miss when my teenager leaves home

It might be nice to say goodbye? (Picture: Getty)

My eldest daughter left home a few years ago and now, at 15, my youngest will quite possibly be heading the same way soon. (Although she is still just about at the stage where she is convinced she is never going to want to leave me.)

I’ve been a parent since I was 17, so part of me is pretty daunted by the idea of suddenly not being responsible for at least one other human being on a day-to-day basis.

11 tweets that parents of teenagers will totally get

Since the age of four, my life has been shaped… Read the full story

Glossier beauty brand available in the UK – shipping costs and 5 best products

Glossier beauty brand available in the UK
(Picture: Glossier)

Glossier is finally here.

Yep, beauty brand Glossier.com started shipping to the UK this month and we’re delighted.

If ‘no makeup makeup’ and glowy, dewy skin is your thing, you’ll love Glossier as the skincare and makeup range is simple, straightforward and fun.

Glossier founder Emily Weiss from super successful beauty blog Into The Gloss launched Glossier back in 2010 and the brand has since gained legions of fans due to its Instagrammable, cruelty-free and relevant, highly reviewed beauty products.

Instagram Photo

The products created by beauty editors cost £10 – £60 and include skincare basics… Read the full story

How to make a homemade Wonder Woman costume and where to buy one if you can’t be bothered

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Stun the Halloween party crowd this year with your rendition of Wonder Woman, but to dress like the Amazonian guardian you’re going to have to put the work in.

metro illustrationsWhy do we go for f***boys?

Gal Gadot’s version of the superhero character propelled Wonder Woman into the 21st Century and her armoured dress is equally futuristic.

The armoured dress is by far the hardest thing you will have to make for the costume, with a number of materials you will need and effort you will have to put in, many will decide to just buy the costume instead.

There is… Read the full story

15 things all curry lovers know to be true

This is your idea of heaven (Picture: Getty)

Being a curry lover is the easiest thing in the world, because it just tastes so wonderful.

Let's talk about the Facebook friend birthday deletion

When it comes to food types, forget about popular foods like pizza, kale and sushi because curry comes out on top every single time.

It can be found almost anywhere, it is full of flavour, spice and best of all there are oodles of different varieties to get stuck into.

Here are some things that all curry lovers out there know to be true.

1. Choices galore

Do you go for a cheeky chicken tikka masala, or a… Read the full story

Great news ladies, you’ve lost most of your eggs before you’re even born

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Did you know that you (if you’re a woman) are born with every single egg you’re ever going to have? 

You can’t make new ones or anything.

So, ipso facto, when you’re being cooked inside your mother, your eggs are not just inside you, but also inside your mum. Like a Russian doll. So if you go on to have a daughter, the egg that makes up half of her has not only lived inside you for your entire life, but at one point lived inside Granny.

So weird.

We digress.

You release an egg every month that you ovulate (duh) and as you get older the quality of the eggs… Read the full story

How to do Day of the Dead costume makeup for Halloween

(Picture: Hector Vivas/LatinContent/Getty)

Halloween this year is bound to be filled with Pennywise, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman costumes, with the best ones being the most authentic – but you need a costume you can really make your own.

Let's talk about the Facebook friend birthday deletion

Mexican sugar skulls called, traditionally called Calaveras, have become a popular addition to the Halloween makeup trend since you can be as creative and as individual as you like with it.

Also, the explosion of the contouring craze has made it very easy for makeup gurus to recreate a classical skeleton look for a Halloween… Read the full story

The pork crackling-filled Christmas advent calendar is a pub-lover’s dream

(Picture: Snaffling Pig/Getty)

If chocolate isn’t your chosen way to bring in the festive season, you’ll be pleased to know that the pork crackling-filled advent calendar is available once again, so we can enjoy the (unfortunately non-guilt free) snack every day throughout December.

The calendar, which has been re-released after its first launch last Christmas, comes courtesy of The Snaffling Pig Co., and features 24 windows with mini bags of pork crackling hiding behind each.

Elderly penguin who fell in love with a cardboard cutout dies with his ‘girlfriend’ by his side

The late Grape-kun and his 2D lover (Credit: Twitter – Tobu Zoo)

We’re devastated to report the death of Grape-kun, an elderly penguin in Japan who became quite the celeb after falling in love with a cardboard cutout.

The 20-year-old penguin passed away at his home of Tobu Zoo after a brief illness, but thankfully his 2D girlfriend was there with him until the bitter end.

American and British Halloween candy ranked from best to worst

Crazy Americans and their candy (Picture: Getty/Metro)

America is scary and confusing, but we can all agree on one thing: They sure do know how to make candy. And pizza. And fried food. Basically any substance overwhelmingly bad for you. But let’s just focus on candy today.

With Halloween fast approaching, everyone’s stocking up on their trick or treat stash (with extra in case there’s an influx of kids this year AKA enough left over for yourself).

Let's talk about the Facebook friend birthday deletion

But did you ever wonder how much the candy stash varies across the pond? It doesn’t matter if you never… Read the full story

9 tweets about kittens that are better than eating raw cookie dough

tweets about kittens that are better than eating raw cookie dough
Too cute (Picture: Getty, Twitter)

Is it one of those days?

It’s OK, we’re all friends here. Come on in, have a sit down, have a bowl of ice cream.

Black cats are the best cats ever and you’re wrong if you think any different

Except no – because I’ve got something even better than ice cream. Something that will lift your spirits more than a huge glass of Prosecco or making up a batch of cookie dough and eating the whole lot raw.


Who can fail to be cheered by kittens doing adorable things?

Here are… Read the full story

Sustainable fashion brand Reformation launches a more affordable sister line

(Credit: Reformation/Metro.co.uk)

Reformation are a brand known for their chic, sustainable fashion.

(They’re also known for a pair of jeans that zip from bum to crotch but let’s not talk about that.)

Created in 2009, they design and manufacture the majority of their limited edition collections in their factory HQ, in downtown Los Angeles.

They produce all garments using responsible manufacturers with sustainable methods and materials, in order to minimise their impact on the environment.

Reformation calculate how much carbon dioxide, water and waste is saved in the making of each garment compared to regular industry practices and crucially – unlike many sustainable fashion brands – their clothes are actually seriously covetable.

Up until now,… Read the full story

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