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Let’s take a look round San Francisco’s Antique Vibrator Museum

Yes, they are what you think they are (Picture: Antique Vibrator Museum)

If Ann Summers had existed in 1882, I’m pretty sure it would have looked something like the Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum.

Located in San Francisco, the museum is an offshoot of Good Vibrations, a sex toy store founded by Joani Blank in 1977.

Everything you need to know about Taiwan’s funeral strippers

Today, Blank is a philanthropist, writer, grandmother and self-professed ‘sex-positive guru’, but, back in the 80s, Blank was leading sex educational courses for women and despairing at the lack of availability of vibrators.

An avid vibrator collector herself, the… Read the full story

Two plus-size influencers asked to be photoshopped to make a powerful point

(Picture: dianasirokai/Instagram)

This is Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe.

They’re two pretty huge figures in the body positivity movement.

They regularly speak out against society’s beauty standards and sizeist attitudes…so it gave people a bit of a shock when Diana uploaded a heavily Photoshopped picture of them both to Instagram.

Turns out, they actually got their portraits photoshopped to prove a point.

‘(We) asked our photographer to use photoshop on us,’ says Diana.

‘I have to say we look amazing both ways. The purpose of this was to show you all how magazines and the media takes editing to a different level.

‘Models and celebrities do not even look like themselves. We… Read the full story

Artist covers his pregnant partner in flowers because, art

(Picture: Monsieur Plant/Cover Images)

Baby bumps are great things.

You can grow actual humans in them. You can rest sandwiches on them. You can turn them into pieces of art.

Just look at Monsieur Plant’s latest collection.

The Paris-born artist who’s real name is Christophe Guinet has been covering his pregnant partner in flowers for a collection of magical images.

He’s named the series ‘LÃON’ after his recently born son.

‘In this personal project, I wish to sublimate these weeks of patience and put the beauty of the woman in these magical moments where Nature and Love make perfect allies,’ the 39-year-old says.

‘The selection of landscapes found in the series such as the forest, the mountains or… Read the full story

Extroverts are more likely to have good nights’ sleep

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you suffer from insomnia or generally poor sleep, then you’ve probably tried every trick in the book to try and cure yourself.

Warm milk. Hot baths. Sleep aids. Audio books. Nothing works.

And that could be because your crappy sleep might be caused by who you are.

A new study, carried out by Best Mattress Brand, has suggested that how easy you find drifting off to sleep could be linked to personality types.

Researchers looked at 1,000 Americans and found that introverts had much worse sleep that extroverts.

After each person took the Myers Briggs Test (which determines whether you’re an intro- or extrovert), they were then asked… Read the full story

Photographer waits for gallery visitors to match artworks and the results are brilliant

(Picture: Stefan Draschan)

Even the most devoted art lover can get a little bored sometimes in an art gallery.

You set yourself a monumental challenge of getting round the whole place in a day and within an hour, you feel your trotters aching and your concentration waining.

Well, here’s a good game to play the next time you’re in that situation: People Matching Art Works.

It’s what French photographer Stefan Draschan’s been doing for his new project.

He just loiters in different galleries around Paris, Vienna and Berlin in the hope that someone will match one of the works on the wall.

And the results are brilliant.

Usually its the outfits that match the art… Read the full story

50% of women get acne in their 20s, so you’re not alone

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

When you left school, you might have thought your acne days were over.

Now in your 20s, you have a good job, an expensive skin care regime and…you’re going through the nightmare all over again.

But if you think you’re the only one struggling with acne at this stage, think again.

Because it turns out that loads of women get acne in their 20s and 30s even if they never had it as teenagers.

In fact, one study has found that 50% of women aged 20 to 29-years-old and 35% of women in their 30s have reported having acne.

But why?

Well Dr Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai… Read the full story

Cheese and salami are apparently the best foods for your teeth

Yep, we’re surprised too (Picture: Getty)

Salami isn’t known as a health food.

In fact, more and more people are coming round to the idea that smoked meats are actually pretty awful for us.

But apparently, salami – along with butter and soft cheeses – might be good for our oral hygiene.

According to dentist Dr Steven Lin, good dental nutrition is more important than toothpaste.

He says that ‘teeth are living organs and require proper nutrition to regenerate and maintain healthy levels of enamel and dentin.

Writing on his website, he says that ‘without proper nutrition, your teeth will struggle to stay intact.’

‘I can’t emphasize this enough, you must get the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals… Read the full story

Smacking children should be banned in the rest of the UK too

Smacking should be banned in the rest of the UK too (Picture: Peter Dazeley/Getty)

‘It never did me any harm’ – that’s the typical justification from people who don’t want to see smacking banned.

And this week they’ve been going into overdrive after it was announced Scotland will become the first part of the UK to ban the smacking of children.

It didn’t do you any harm – but did it stop you misbehaving?

I would hazard a guess at not.

Crime hasn’t been eradicated because previous generations suffered a slap around the head, a belt or a slipper across the bare bottom.

If anything, studies seem to suggest that people who were smacked are more likely to… Read the full story

Meet the guy who’s set up a website to find his Ideal Woman


Alan is looking for love.

But he doesn’t want just any girlfriend – he wants to find the Ideal Woman.

And to do so, he’s set up a website.

He’s a 37-year-old computer science grad who says that after facing certain ‘substantial lifestyle changes’, he is ‘slowly trying to find my way out of the rat-race and I would like to find a partner who I can share the rest of my existence with’.

Alan tells Metro.co.uk: ‘In my early 30s, after having had some negative experiences in relationships and still not knowing what I wanted in life, I told myself to start from scratch – listing the things I didn’t want’.

‘So, I drafted a short list which I kept updating every year or so until it became an essay.’

And that essay forms the basis of what Alan is looking for in his Ideal Woman, some of which is here:


Read the full story

The world’s only wedding magazine for lesbian brides is here and it’s beautiful

(Picture: Dancing With Her/Instagram)

Dancing With Her is the world’s first modern wedding magazine for lesbians.

That sounds mad, considering it’s 2017.

But hey, better late than never. And considering that a little over 100 years ago, Queen Victoria pronounced that lesbians didn’t actually exist, progress has been made.

What’s even better is that this magazine is based in Australia – a country on the verge of voting for gay marriage (the latest poll has shown that nearly 60% of the population want it legalised).

Dancing With Her is the brain child of Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell, an Aussie couple who celebrated their engagement last year.

When they tried to plan their nuptials,… Read the full story

Toddler recreates his model uncle’s photos and he’s actually doing them better

(Picture: babyandthebody/Instagram)

This is professional model Aristotle Polites and his 18-month-old nephew, Augie.

Augie’s mum, Katina, is Aristotle’s older sister and she’s been rinsing him and his model ways by getting her baby to mimic his poses.

It all started a few months ago when Katina couldn’t get Augie into a shirt.

‘The image of him with the shirt undone and his bare chest exposed made me laugh because he looked like he belonged on the cover of a romance novel,’ she tells The Huffington Post.

‘I took a picture and then realised I bet my brother Aris has a picture just like this on his Instagram page which is filled with… Read the full story

Pandan leaves – all you need to know about ‘the next big food trend’

Pandan sweet pudding (Picture: Getty)

Nigella Lawson has proclaimed that pandan leaves are the new matcha – except that’s like saying cocoa shell tea is the new coffee.

She made her comment because she noticed ‘more and more people in America baking with pandan essence‘.

But is this simply because of the proliferation of Asian food bloggers in America?

What is Hawaiian poke? Here’s everything you need to know about the street food dish

Matcha is a highly prized, meticulously grown green tea with a multitude of health benefits due to its high antioxidant levels.

Pandan, on the other hand, grows like a weed in South East Asia, can’t be… Read the full story

Is breastfeeding shaming a form of sexual abuse?

(Picture: Getty)

We hear stories of mothers being shamed for breastfeeding on a semi-regular basis.

They might be in Ikea. They might be in church.

Wherever they are, it’s a deeply humiliating experience which can leave both mother and baby hungry and embarrassed.

But one mum thinks that breastfeeding shaming is more than a low-key misogynistic throwback.

Diana Channing believes that it’s a form of sexual harassment.

She used the viral #MeToo hashtag – which saw more than 12 million people sharing their experiences of sexual abuse – to draw attention to the fact on Instagram.

‘Speaking of sexual violence, how is telling a woman and child to cover up not sexual… Read the full story

9 great independent gluten-free brands to try

(Picture: Borough 22/Venice Bakery/Bellfield Brewery)

The number of gluten-free foods on the market has rocketed.

Although it’s great we can grab gluten-free sushi in Boots, free-from bread in Tesco or have a menu of our own in most chain restaurants, it’s often worth recognising the huge number of smaller, independent brands flying the flag too.

10 thoughts everybody has when they’re diagnosed with IBD

There’s a huge number of gluten-free startups, often set up by those with coeliac disease or food intolerances themselves.

Here’s my round-up of the best independent gluten-free brands you need to try.

Venice Bakery

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

Halloween 2017: 8 classic costume ideas to break out this All Hallows’ Eve

Which one will you be going for this year? (Picture: Instagram/Wordpress/ Reddit)

Halloween is almost here – which means only a few weeks to go to decide on the perfect fancy dress outfit.

Aldi is selling a £6.99 bottle of pumpkin spice cream liqueur

While there are dozens of awesome costume ideas specific to this year sometimes the classics are a better bet.

Why? Well, because you can just bash out the same outfit next year or swap with your mates and you’ll save a few pennies in the long run.

But classic doesn’t have to mean turning up as an unimaginative witch, wizard, ghost, ghoul… Read the full story

Great news, everyone: The white chocolate Twix is permanently returning to our shelves

White chocolate Twix is coming back permanently

The humble Twix bar is an absolute delight.

Halfway between a biscuit and a chocolate bar, it’s been there for us in all kinds of crises, from sh*t days at work to just really, desperately needing to shove chocolate and caramel in our mouths.

The launch of a white chocolate version was an extra special treat, because white chocolate on anything is exciting.

We rejoiced at its launch, then inwardly wept at the realisation that it was only a limited edition product.

We’ll admit, when we stopped spotting it on our shelves, we were upset for a moment. But then we just bought a regular chocolate bar and felt okay again.

But… Read the full story

All the cutest photos from the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

(Picture: Pacific Press / Barcroft Images)

Halloween can get a little tedious.

Decent sweets get ruined by having bright green colouring added to them. Every club has Triller on loop. Humble pumpkins suddenly cost more than a double gin and tonic.

The only bright side of the ghoulish season is the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade – ‘the largest dog costume parade in the world’.

Tompkins Square used to be a pretty dodgy part of NYC, plagued with drug use and crime until 1990 when the city’s first dog run was opened in order to give dogs a safe place to play.

The community raised the money to open it and in 2008, managed to raise… Read the full story

Glossier launches its first ever fragrance

(Picture: Instagram/Glossier)

It’s been two weeks since cult beauty brand Glossier launched in the UK and irrevocably altered our bathroom shelves.

Not content with massively shaking up our makeup and skincare routines, now Glossier’s coming for our fragrance, too.

Do not be alarmed if every beauty product you own is now a shade of millennial pink. This was always going to happen.

For the first time ever, Glossier is now doing perfume.

Their debut scent, You, is supposed to be the ‘ultimate personal fragrance’, working with your skin’s natural scent instead of smothering it with anything too heavy.

Instagram Photo

We got hold of… Read the full story

Family had no idea their dog was a hero – until they found a note on his collar

(Picture: Marolyn Diver)

This is Louis.

He lives with Marolyn Diver’s parents in New Zealand and although his family have always known that he’s an exceptionally good boy, they’ve only just found out how brave and noble he truly is.

At 12-years-old, he’s getting a bit old and slow so when he disappeared one day, his owners were a bit freaked out.

What they didn’t know was that he was out being a hero.

Eventually, he returned and his family found a note that had been tied onto his collar.

‘He looked so exhausted and had basically just collapsed,’ Marolyn told The Dodo.

Survey reveals the biggest turn-offs you can commit during sex

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Ever secretly wonder whether you’re doing a bunch of weird stuff in bed, but everyone’s been too polite to say anything?

No? Just me? Alright then.

If you’re entirely confident in your sexual skills, then, the results of this survey won’t bother you at all.

Forktip surveyed 5,000 adults on all things sex-related, including the things they hate a sexual partner to do in bed. The results are a handy list of what not to do when you’re getting sensual, but reading them may make you get all in your head and turn you into a stiff, robotic love-maker, newly aware of every movement and sound you make. Be… Read the full story

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