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So, how do we feel about this ‘Getting Deported by Trump’ Halloween costume?

(Picture: Reddit)

It’s Halloween and therefore Inappropriate Fancy Dress season.

Some outfits are truly bad, some are sickeningly good.

Apparently, Harvey Weinstein in a bathrobe is set to be one of the most popular bad outfits this year…and I guess that’s pretty offensive and wrong…

But one Reddit user has uploaded an idea that is actually sort of genius in its dark humour.

They’ve dressed up as ‘Getting Deported by Trump’ and it’s pretty bloody clever.

It looks like it took the person involved quite a lot of time but essentially, all you’ve got to do is make yourself a papier-mache Trump head, dress in a suit from the bottom down, then glue a box to your waist and make some… Read the full story

Dad fulfills his dying wish to walk all seven daughters down the aisle

(Picture: Taylor Elchert Photography)

When US army veteran Willie Shelton found out that he had terminal cancer, there was just one thing he really wanted to do before he died.

‘The constant was always, “I want to see my girls grow up, and I want to walk them down the aisle”,’ his wife Cheryl told Fox News.

Less than two weeks before he passed away, his wish came true.

One of his daughters, Emily, was already married but she’s just had a low-key ceremony which had meant that Willie hadn’t been able to give her away with any kind of grandeur.

So she decided to renew her vows so he could do it… Read the full story

5 guys quit masturbating for three months. Here’s what they learned

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s no secret most gents bash the bishop on a startlingly regular basis.

Forget motorsports, fishing or golf – jerking off is the unassailable all-time champion of male hobbies.

Plus, with the rise and spread of internet porn, masturbation has tightened its grip still further on the male psyche.

Enter the so-called ‘nofap’ movement – ‘fap’ being charmingly onomatopoeic slang for masturbating – an online network of guys who extol the alleged wellbeing benefits of a self-pleasure hiatus.

So what actually are the benefits, and what happens when guys follow through and lay off the dolphin-flogging for a prolonged period of time?

Metro.co.uk chaired a roundtable discussion with five members of… Read the full story

How to make a pumpkin keg for Halloween

You’ll need a really big pumpkin (Picture: Captain’s Rum)

Halloween parties are all about awesome costumes, creepy tunes, and the best damn punch in the neighbourhood.

19 sausage dog outfits for Halloween

This year someone’s gone and worked out how to turn a pumpkin into a keg.

Surprisingly it turns out it is pretty simple to recreate – all you need is a really big pumpkin or two, a keg tap (more if you make more than one keg), a knife and a load of booze.

How to make your own Pumpkin keg

Route 66 – Chicago, Illinois: Where to eat, what to see and what to do


Some journeys are considered bucket list adventures, trip of a lifetime. 

For some, it’s travelling around New Zealand in a camper van; for others, it’s spotting polar bears in the arctic circle.

Wynwood, Downtown, Little Havana and South Beach: The best places to visit in Miami

Driving Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica has long been one of mine.

Along the way, I was frequently asked by the locals I met, ‘What is the European obsession with Route 66?’

I don’t have the answer to that – I just know that it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 16.

Something about the open road, the Americana and the unknown fills me with a sense of wonder and an appetite for adventure.

I know – America isn’t exactly unknown. But outside of popular destinations like New York or Florida, how often do tourists get to visit the small towns and see the remote landscapes?

Well, this… Read the full story

Cocker spaniel Rudi crowned UK’s cutest pub dog

(Picture: SWNS)

If you thought your dog hitting triple figures on the ‘gram was worthy of applause, he or she may have stiff competition.

A show-type spaniel has been given the accolade of cutest pub dog in Britain by new book Great British Pub Dogs. Not only that, Rudi has also been nominated for a second honour, ‘top pub dog’.

He’s apparently the biggest attraction at the gastropub where he lives with Chris and Gillian French and their 10-year-old daughter Mia. Fancy traipsing yourself down there to see the star attraction? Head to the Mitre pub in Richmond-upon-Thames, south west London.

The adorable 18-month-old puppy was an ‘instant hit’ with the locals and according to Chris,… Read the full story

Why we shouldn’t pity the ‘wronged’ woman

(Illustration: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

It happened to Doctor Foster. Your friends have probably been dubbed it. Hell, even Jennifer Aniston went through it. The ‘wronged woman’ is a label as old as time itself.

In Hollywood it’s no different – just this week, Ewan McGregor was pictured smooching his Fargo co-star Mary Elisabeth Winstead  while his wife was reportedly sans wedding ring.

And while Ewan and his new lover were enjoying their brand new relationship, his estranged wife has been portrayed as ‘humiliated’. The pictures even ‘prove it’, with her looking downcast, sunglasses-clad and exhausted.

It’s hard not to see these pictures (which conveniently make her seem not a patch… Read the full story

An underwater restaurant is opening on Norway’s coastline

(Picture: Snohetta)

Fancy dining under the sea?

Of course you do. You can blame watching The Little Mermaid on repeat for that.

Previously our dreams of eating underwater had to remain, well, dreams. Or we could eat a snack in the bath, but it’s not quite the same.

Soon there’ll be another option: an underwater restaurant where you can enjoy dinner surrounded by fish.

Now, this isn’t the first underwater restaurant in the world – but it will be the first one in Europe. Called Under (great name), the restaurant is planned to be on the southernmost point of Norway’s coastline, and has been designed by Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta.

The concept designs look pretty snazzy.

Read the full story

You can now go rollerskating on the highest rooftop in Paris

(Picture: Getty)

As popups go, this one’s pretty sweet.

From 20 October to 5 November, anyone who happens to be visiting Paris (feel free to plan a trip now) will be able to roller skate around the highest rooftop in Paris.

Yes, that’s the terrace of the Panoramic Observatory at the top of the Montparnasse Tower – the one famous for providing incredible views over Paris.

To be clear, you’re not suddenly allowed to strap on your skates and roll around a rooftop as tourists mill around. That could be dangerous.

Instead, for two weeks only, there’ll be a rollerskating track installed on the rooftop, available free of charge to anyone who gets a ticket for… Read the full story

Dog with teeth that look like vampire fangs finds a forever home just in time for Halloween

(Picture: SWNS)

Please send congrats to terrier cross Marley. Not only does he not have to bother with dressing up for Halloween, but he’s also finally found a forever home.

Marley had been overlooked by potential owners for more than six months thanks to his slightly creepy teeth that look like vampire fangs.

He first arrived at the Dogs Trust Glasgow shelter with his best buddy Murphy, also a terrier cross.

At ten years old, Marley’s not bothered by his unusual appearance, but it has been a bit of a deterrent when it comes to finding him a loving home.

But this week, Marley finally found the right family.

Read the full story

Get excited, vegans: Temple of Seitan is opening a second location in Camden with indoor seating

Picture: Instagram/Temple of Seitan)

Since the vegan fried chicken shop first opened, Temple of Seitan has had a cult following.

The problem with restaurants with cult followings? It’s next to impossible to actually have a try of their food, because each and every day, queues are out of the door. Agh.

For months, hungry vegans have wanted to visit, strolled by the Hackney shop, then kept on walking the moment they saw a bunch of other hungry vegans waiting to get their hands on some crispy fried seitan.

Well, no more.

Temple of Seitan has officially confirmed the opening of a second London branch.

Instagram Photo

That’s… Read the full story

Miniature versions of furniture let you match with your cat

(Picture: Okawa Kagu)

There are few things cat lovers enjoy more than buying ridiculous gifts for their beloved pet.

Tiny teepees for your kitty to lounge in. The fanciest of toys. A different flavour of treat to bring some excitement to their days.

We know these things are silly, we know our cats really aren’t that impressed, but we can’t help it. We just want to show those little furballs how much we love them.

Which is why we are very excited about the existence of a shop that makes miniature versions of human furniture for your cat.

My tattoos do not give you permission to touch me

metro illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I’m buying lunch when it happens. Again.

‘That’s a cool,’ says the waiter, as he leans in and caresses the design on my forearm.

I don’t want to be rude, so I don’t say anything. I just slide my arm out of his hand and ask if I can have a menu.

This isn’t a rare occurence.

I’ve got tattoos on my forearm, wrist, and finger (I know, I’m so ~edgy~). Because these are out in the open, people often comment on them – and that’s totally fine. It’s welcomed, actually. Go ahead and tell me you like my tattoo. I love approval.

What’s not fine, however, is coupling that comment by touching… Read the full story

A cafe is searching for someone to eat avocados all day

(Picture: Getty)

If you’ve ever dreamt of swapping your commute to become a professional avocado taster down under, you could be in luck.

The humble avocado is set to be the main attraction at the world’s first avocado café opening in Sydney on 2 November. For one month only, Sydney residents will get to sample 20 avocado dishes on the menu before it opens its doors to the public.

The Head of Avo Control (yes, that is a real job,.Mum) will have the (really hard) task of taste-testing 20 avocado options on the menu.

Love them or loathe them, the humble fruit is a firm millennial favourite, popularised by the likes of fitness and lifestyle bloggers, with… Read the full story

The fight for abortion rights is still not over…

It should be a choice (Picture: Irene Palacio for Metro.co.uk)

…Because I have to write this.

Because women are routinely denigrated for being ‘irresponsible’ enough to have babies without financial or familial stability, both things which are largely out of their control in the first place in a society where women are devalued in almost every way possible.

***FEE FOR REUSE***9 things nobody tells you about having an abortion

Because they’re also demonised for being responsible enough to take the action needed to not have those babies if they decide it’s not what they want or can cope with at that moment in time.

Because… Read the full story

Photo series shows what Disney princesses would look like as queens

(Picture: Tony Ross)

In an era of unashamed girl power (think #MeToo and calling out sexual harassers), it’s no surprise that a photographer has decided to take the celebrated Disney princess and transformed her into a queen.

Tony Ross has created a series which shows what he reckons Disney princesses would look like once they grew up and took over the thrown.

And don’t think the princesses are still waiting for their Princes either – they’ve now evolved into bad-ass queens. Cinderella no longer stares into a mirror and Princess Mulan has turned into a sword-carrying empress.


Here’s Cinderella as a princess

Teaching kids about sex positions is part of responsible sex education

(Picture: CEN)

Remember Sex Education? 

You’re separated by your gender, herded into a room and told exclusively about the parts which pertain to your genitals. There’s always giggling, there’s always one poor child whose horrible parents wouldn’t sign the consent form, and it’s, broadly speaking, pretty useless.

The Mean Girls lesson plan titled ‘Don’t have sex, you will get pregnant and die’ might have been a joke, but it’s representative of a truth. Your school want you to not have sex until you’re no longer their problem. The only real message of sex education is that you shouldn’t be having it.

I get it, really I do. No-one wants to think that their little darling… Read the full story

Ten most expensive addresses in London, in case you were thinking of buying

Wilton Crescent – one of London’s priciest streets (Picture: In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)

While the vast majority of us are struggling to cobble together a deposit to rent a rodent-infested dive in Hackney, there are some who have their eyes set on a property at one of London’s most exclusive addresses.

And the tycoons among you will be chomping at the bit to find out which areas are the capital’s most expensive this year.

According to estate agent Aston Chase, 50 homes worth over £10 million have been sold in London between October 2016 and today – generating an astonishing total of £727 million.

And there have been 15 mega sales of properties which have sold… Read the full story

10 things you’ll understand if you have nomophobia

10 things you’ll understand if you have phone anxiety
Feel lost without your phone? (Picture: Getty)

A study commissioned by The Post Office in 2008 found that nearly 53% of mobile phone users in Britain admitted to being anxious when they lose their mobile phone, run out of battery or credit, or have no network coverage.

Sound familiar?

Why I refuse to tell new employers about my mental illness

That might be because around 13 million Brits are said to be suffering from this anxiety and the feeling has been coined nomophobia – or no mobile phobia.

If you suffer from phone-related anxiety too, you’ll understand these… Read the full story

What really happens on a lads’ holiday? 5 guys look back on their summer

There goes the deposit (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

The lads holiday is a key rite of passage that marks the transition from grotty young man to grotty slightly-older man.

Three or more blokes hop on a cheap flight to a Mediterranean resort in search of sun, sea, sand and possibly STDs.

5 men share their cringe-inducing best man howlers

But when the hangovers have faded what, if anything, can we learn from it?

Metro.co.uk assembled a panel of five young chaps to debrief after their summer adventures, now the skies are darkening and their next mad mission is but a speck on the horizon.

NSFW, need… Read the full story

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