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From costumes to characters – here’s a beginner’s guide to role play

metro illustrations
Who do you want to be? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

When we think of role-playing in the bedroom, we automatically jump to Carry On-style sexy nurses, dirty doctors, or naughty teachers.

There’s so much more to explore though, and you really don’t have to feel embarrassed about it.

BDSM for beginners – a former dominatrix guides you and your partner through S&M

For a day, a night or just an hour, you can be whoever you want to be.

You can suspend your disbelief and explore a sexual side of you that maybe you’ve just been a little too shy to show to… Read the full story

You need to try shakshuka now and here’s where to find the Middle Eastern dish in London

Fried eggs with tomato and pepper sauce served for two in individual cast iron pan viewed from above. Shakshuka, popular Middle Eastern one-pot brunch or lunch dish
It’s perfect for brunch (Picture: Getty)

Shakshuka is a middle Eastern dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce that’s been around for years, but it’s only just receiving those well-deserved kudos within the British food scene.

About time we say!

Halal foodstragrammers you need to be following right now

Not only are food bloggers and fashionistas alike going on about it, but it’s also the easiest yet heartiest dish to make.

If that wasn’t enough, brunches all over London and beyond… Read the full story

Someone’s made a thrusting dildo attached to a vibrating fake gun

(Picture: Juicy Berry/Getty)

Whatever you’re into, there’s probably a sex toy for it.

Fancy putting your dick in the mouth of a vampire? Grab a fleshlight decked out with fangs.

Always wanted a tiny windmill to lap at your clit? Try the Sqweel.

And now, for all those people who’ve desperately wished their dildos were available in a gun format, there’s the AK Orgy Heaven.

The AK Orgy Heaven is a thrusting dildo attached to a fake gun. It’s currently in the IndieGoGo stages, where its creator, a man named Jon, is hoping it’ll be able to raise $100,000 to get the product funded.

Right then.

Before we get on to the dildo gun, some more key information… Read the full story

Some dude hid Pennywise in all his sister’s engagement photos

(Picture: Twitter/McJesse)

Engagement photos are, on the whole, pretty lame.

They’re often saccharine and smug and generally make everyone else feel a bit sick.

Which is why Jesse McLaren is an absolute hero.

He couldn’t stand by while his sister had a load of ultra sweet photos taken with her husband-to-be. So he decided to hide Pennywise, the child-killing clown into every snap.

Pennywise hid behind trees and bushes, under logs and creeping in clearings.

Imagine the time spent… Read the full story

Five-year-old dresses up as superhero to look after stray cats

(Picture: Kolony Kats)

This is five-year-old Shon Griffin, AKA Cat Man.

He goes around helping homeless cats at his Auntie Kris’ house.

Kris has a rescued a load of cats from shelters, and has various names for her brood – including the Kolony Kats, Backyard Boys, Stray Kitty Crew, Meow Squad, Gas Station KItties and Indoor Kitties (sure, why not?).

When Shon first showed an interest in helping out, he was just three and Kris and her fiance were a little hesitant in letting him get involved with feral felines.

But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

One day, she took in a new kittie, Bug, who just wouldn’t cooperate when it came to being vaccinated and neutered.

They… Read the full story

Have you been pronouncing the name of Nice biscuits wrong your entire life?

(Picture: Rex)

We’ve all got words that we pronounce incorrectly, and we all know the red-hot shame of having been called out for it. 

Until I was 16 I thought clitoris was pronounced ‘clit-OR-us’.

There are some words or names that seem to just be designed to trick you.

Apparently the name of this beloved biscuit could also be on that list. Because the nice biscuit, which I for one always thought rhymed with mice, should actually be pronounced like ‘niece’.

Yeah, us neither.

Basically, it’s named after the town in France rather than just called ‘nice’ because it’s an accurate description of it.

Legend has it that the biccie… Read the full story

Clothing company is calling out hipster bullsh*t, one t-shirt at a time

(Picture: Hipster Bullshit)

Hipsters and peak millennials are among the most annoying people on the planet.

We’re not talking about dudes who ride fixes and wear beanie caps, we’re talking about people who insist on writing ‘thicc’ when they mean ‘thick’, dab (non-ironically) and who use the flame emoji every second word.

Anyone above the age of 25 has been alienated by the incessant streams of Snapchat shite online. We’re irrelevant, and thank God.

And we’re not the only one whose eyes are permanently stuck in a side roll these days.

Hipster Bullshit, a retailer specialising in t-shirts and hoodies, is also sick of all this nonsense.

And they’re taking down every fleek slay queen, one shirt at… Read the full story

How to make the easiest and most delicious pumpkin soup in the world

(Picture: Miranda Larbi)

Halloween is a bit of a bore but you know the one good thing about this season?

Pumpkins. Pumpkins everywhere.

Pumpkins are truly delicious vegetables which deserve to be loved for months at a time and yet are only really consumed during October. And even then, loads of people carve them and then bin them without even considering giving them a little nibble.

And that’s so dumb because not only do they make incredibly tasty alternatives to roast potatoes, blend into delicious soup, make the best pies, but they’re also spectacularly good for you.

Health benefits of pumpkin

Everything you need to know about post-sex anxiety

(Picture: Getty Images/Charles Bigeast/metro.co.uk)

Approximately four minutes after an orgasm, in a blissful post-sex haze, my mind started to wonder.

I remembered how I hadn’t seen a cat that lives on our street, Bernie, for a while.

What if he’d been hit by a car? What if he were dead?

Wait. I hadn’t heard from my brother for a while either. Was he dead? My friends, my family, everyone at work – were they all just dead?

Soon I was hyperventilating into my boyfriend’s chest.

That’s when I noticed a pattern.

Crying after sex isn’t uncommon for me. Neither is a sudden feeling of overwhelming panic and dread.

I have anxiety, depression, and obsessive thoughts, so suddenly worrying that everyone I… Read the full story

Inflatable dinosaur gatecrashes wedding photos

(Picture: D2 Pictures)

If you’ve ever dreamt of your wedding day, chances are wedding crashers don’t exactly feature high on the list of things you’d love to make an appearance.

But for one couple, a wedding crasher in the form of a T-Rex was a guest they were glad to welcome.

While many wouldn’t be happy at being disturbed on such a momentous occasion, Erin Williams and her new husband, Rob Cole described being chased by the dinosaur as their ‘favourite part of the day’.

It’s not entirely coincidental though. Erin said her husband’s favourite film is Jurassic Park and decided to have the theme song playing as the grand entrance into the reception.

But they… Read the full story

Refusing to make pole dancing an Olympic event shows how sexist sport really is

Pole-dancing is now officially a sport (Picture: Getty)

If you’re good at something, and you’re ambitious, you want to be the best of it. 

When it comes to sport, being the best means (broadly speaking) the Olympics.

Which is why it matters that there is currently a debate over whether or not pole-dancing should be considered to become an Olymipic sport.

The main objection to this idea?

As if you even need to ask.

Everyone knows that pole dancing is more than a form of stripping. Yes, it is a form of stripping and it does happen in strip clubs. It also happens in gyms and fitness studios and homes all over the world. And yet it… Read the full story

Operation Night-Out: What it’s really like to organise a night with the lads when you’re a parent

Metro illustrations
So much work goes into a night out (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

When did a night out with your mates become a military operation?

When did we all grow up and have responsibility thrust upon us, meaning lads night out is now an annual holiday rather than a regular occurrence?

Having my son made me realise that dads crying is a good thing

I have four close friends that I’ve grown up with and have known forever. We used to get our dancing shoes on at the drop of a hat, and only an hour’s notice was required.

Nowadays, the below is a… Read the full story

Having mixed race kids doesn’t mean you’re woke

(Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Plenty of people have mixed race kids these days, and it’s fair to say that many have them by design.

They’re really cute – it’s a fact. My baby niece (Spanish-Ghanaian-English) is possibly one of the most beautiful children alive.

But you know, having mixed race kids doesn’t mean that you are especially woke to racial issues.

I’ve known biracial teenagers to bleach and permanently straighten their hair, use skin whitening products and insist on being called more anglicised names because they hate being associated with their black side. And while that is largely society’s fault, there has to be some blame put on parents for allowing that feeling to… Read the full story

How to deal with life’s most common period emergencies


You’d think that by your twenties, when you’ve had a lot of years of experience of menstruation, periods wouldn’t come as a surprise. 


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been menstruating, or how organised you are, it’s entirely possible for your period to sneak up on you and stab you in the back. Or uterus. This metaphor has gone to a weird place.

Any way, here’s how to handle it if you wake up in a pool of your own menstrual blood and start freaking out.


Here’s a shameful story. As a teenager I was staying with a family I didn’t know. I got my period over night, freaked out and decided that the best way to deal would be to say absolutely nothing. It wasn’t a lot of blood, but it also wasn’t no blood, which is the ideal amount to leave on someone else’s bedding.

If you’re not sharing a bed, strip the sheet off,… Read the full story

Halloween quiz: Will you be able to conquer our spooky quiz?

How good is your Halloween knowledge? (Picture: Getty)

Halloween is nearly upon us and it is time to get the fancy dress costumes, pumpkins and sweets out.

How to make the easiest and most delicious pumpkin soup in the world

Halloween has become traditionally known as a holiday where children and adults partake in activities such as such as dressing up, trick-or-treating and going to Halloween parties. However, there is interesting facts and knowledge surrounding this festival.

We’ll be giving you all the best trivia in our Halloween quiz below; this may come in handy for any Halloween get-togethers.

Read the full story

ATTENTION: The world is about to run out of wine

(Picture: Getty)

Reach for your panic buttons because the world is about to be plunged into a massive wine shortage.

Bad weather in wine-producing countries has completely screwed everything up, reducing output from old world producers.

Italy is expected to produce 23% less wine, while France’s vino output is set to be down by 19% and Spain by 15%, according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).

It’s all thanks to the spring frosts and summer heatwaves which hit Europe.

And now we’re faced with a 36-year grape harvest low. That means that output globally could reach its lowest level for more than half a century.

GLobal production is likely to fall by 246.7m hectolitres this year. To… Read the full story

14 patisserie recipes that anyone can try at home

Yes you can make your own patisserie treats to enjoy at home (Picture: Getty)

Tonight is patisserie night! That’s right, it’s the Great British Bake Off semi final and the bakers will be challenged on their patisserie know how.

Patisserie is a French word, commonly used to describe pastries and cakes of a French origin. It can also be used to describe the shop in which these items are sold. What actually counts as patisserie is a bit of a grey area but seeing as it originates from France, you’re unlikely to find treacle sponge cake or cherry bakewells in one. We’re going to stick to treats of a French origin here. Okay?

Many… Read the full story

World Pasta Day: Why you should be eating pasta for breakfast

8am? Pasta please (Picture: Shutterstock; Jacob Lindner/Getty)

When I started working from home a year ago, I started eating strange things at strange hours.

Mostly free from the judgmental stares of co-workers and local coffee shop staff, I’ve found myself slowly eschewing ‘traditional meal-times’ in favour of eating what my body tells me it’s in the mood for, or – more importantly – what happens to be in the fridge at any given time.

12 people share their worst restaurant experiences

As a result, I regularly (or at least more often than most people would care to admit) found myself eating pasta for breakfast.

For the… Read the full story

Men don’t like wearing condoms because condoms aren’t good enough

Phwoar (Picture: Getty)

We all had a jolly good chuckle the other day, didn’t we?

About that study? You know the one, saying how guys don’t like condoms because our penises are too small?

metro illustrationsYour relationship is failing because you don’t put out enough

Hehe. Daft bloody men and their diddly little winkles.

Apparently 83% of todgers are shorter than your typical over-the-counter condom.

Well, duh, if 83% of penises were bigger than the typical condom they’d all split.

Anyway, something in the subtext of that story really stuck in my craw.

This notion, apparently a given, that men don’t wear condoms because we’re not good enough… Read the full story

A two day cheese festival is coming to London

(Picture: Getty)

Finally, some gouda news.

While we may be facing a wine shortage, the other part of the wine and cheese equation is going strong.

There’s a cheese advent calendar. Cheese has been found to be good for your teeth. A halloumi-themed popup is on its way. It’s a good time for cheese.

Next month things are still looking up for our melty pal – there’s going to be a massive cheese festival in London, and we reckon it’ll be brie-lliant.

Matthew Carver, the cheesy genius behind The Cheese Bar and the London Cheese Project, is planning to take over the Geffrye Museum in November for… Read the full story

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